"Thank you for the article (link cited above). I'm an orthomolecular nutritionist in Israel. I was in contact with Dr. Hoffer for years, and he's one of my greatest heroes. Everyone who makes the slightest effort to study about orthomolecular practices knows they are effective. It's a shame that the medical world relates to experiences like Peter's as non-scientific and unproven. Well, at least to Peter, it's proven...
You may want to contact Frances Fuller (co-founder with Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD) of the (Canadian) Orthomolecular Vitamin Research Center. 
She worked with Abram Hoffer for 32 years."
(Biography link below includes what some may consider to be occultic modalities, so use caution in that area.) http://www.dolevgilmore.com/site/detail/detail/detailDetail.asp?detail_id=1574610