Mesothelioma (Cancer due to asbestos)



An Air That Kills Subtitle -
How the asbestos poisoning of Libby, Montana, USA uncovered a national scandal by Schneider & McCumber 
Authors explain that asbestos, vermiculite and tremolite are culprits contributing to cancer and lung disease. Landscapers, insulators and building redevelopment workers are prime candidates of these airborne hazards. Older clothes, filters, and buildings (roofing, flooring, pipe and home insulation, plus siding material) may contain asbestos.
Families Moved Away From 'Cancer Village' - -
"The cause was discovered by Dr Izzettin Baris, who began studying patients in Tuzkoy & 2 other affected villages, Karaiun and Sarahidir, in the mid-1970s...
'Doctors then were diagnosing these patients with tuberculosis, which was quite common then,' he recalls.
'But they did not understand why the usual treatment for TB was not working.'  Dr Baris discovered that the patients were actually suffering from mesothelioma, a virulent form of cancer caused by exposure to (airborne) asbestos.  The rates in Tuzkoy were hundreds of times higher than anywhere else in Turkey. 
But there was no asbestos in the region.  Further research showed the cause to be a rare mineral called erionite, which has similar properties to asbestos, and is commonly found in the rock around Tuzkoy. 
As the rock is soft & powdery, it is very easy to inhale the erionite fibres.
'Women would often go into their barns and brush the dust off the walls,' says Dr Baris. 'Then they breathe in the fibres. Even if a child born in the village leaves during childhood, he cannot run away from mesothelioma.
It is a horrible disease, causing great pain.'
[Erionite Belongs to a group of minerals called zeolites, is Usually found in volcanic ash altered by weathering and ground water, has some properties similar to asbestos, & is Listed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a Group 1 Carcinogen.]"
"Zeolites are porous minerals that form naturally where volcanic rocks & ash layers react with alkaline ground water. Zeolites (used orallly) have the unique ability to adsorb (adhere to and remove toxic) molecules by particle size. Ironically, humans exposed to fine (dust) particle zeolites in their lungs may develop a form of cancer called mesothelioma."!_Ingesting_low_grade_Zeolite_can_be_fatal__Purchase_only_high_grade_Zeolite_
with_Zeolite_.-00-1159 - for ingestion by mouth - detoxing -
"Zeolite, which is a volcanic mineral that has the ability when cleaned & processed to suck out all the volatile chemicals and heavy metals from our body. Ironically, these volcanic mineral is literally full of heavy metals & volatile substances. It was discovered that by using a certain process; the mineral properties that sucked in the pollutants in the 1st place could have the reverse effect when processed using a patented method.
Literally Zeolites properties that caused it to be full of contaminants could be reversed and used to suck out the toxins from our body... Others who see a huge potential for making a quick buck on this product...bypass the (heavy metal) extraction method and mine the Zeolite without any thought of the consequences.
Zeolite without the extraction process is known as low grade Zeolite.
If the extraction method is bypassed, you can literally die from ingesting low grade Zeolite."