Mercury is 1 of a number of potential root causes of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). -
A 3 tier process may include
(a) an "IV (intravenous) push of glutathione, the brain's natural chelator, every other day to improve such things as speech,
(b) industrial strength oral chelation for children without gastrointestinal (DI) problems, or
(c) a transdermal chelation cream by children with GI problems.
Additionally one may want to add "vitamin supplements, fish oil, neurotransmitters & fatty acids (omega 3 + omega 6)."  
Toxic heavy metals such as mercury may often be found in farm raised fish & infant vaccines.
Methyl Mercury @ - 2023/05/03


Klinghardt, Dietrich @
Klinghardt advocates use of "Rife & scalar waves as...treatments."  CAUTION: Klinghardt "trained in Ericksonian hypnotherapy & began to include body-oriented psycho-therapeutic & counseling approaches in his work along with neurotherapy, mesotherapy, injection techniques & applied psychoneurobiology, psycho-kinesiology & mental field therapy," (so some modalities may be contaminated with non Judeo-Christian occult/demonic influence harmful to the individual.  Invite Holy Spirit to direct you.)

Candida & other yeasts & molds have the ability to store a multiple of their own body weight of metals in their cell wall. Candida always appears where thereís mercury.  Thatís been published since the 1960s.
Nobody pays attention to it. But if you have a patient with intractable Candida or keeps relapsing with it, please detox some mercury & the Candida will disappear on its own without needing any help.

Pull Mercury Out of Your Soft Tissues with Supplements  "NAC, Milk Thistle, Cilantro extract are natural chelators & the C, E & B vitamins are supporters of this chelating glutathione system."
Small &/or wild fish (light tuna, salmon, pollock & catfish) are advantageous for one's health.  Larger fish, especially from polluted areas can be deleterious, especially to pregnant women & their growing unborn infants.


"Broken compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL)...contain mercury, which can damage internal organs...
Immediately open a window and shut off central air-conditioning & forced-air-heating. 
Leave the room for at least 15 minutes. 
Then carefully place the pieces of glass in a glass jar with a metal lid or in a sealed plastic bag. 
Use duct tape to pick up smaller glass pieces & powder.  Throw away in a trash container outside. 
Check with our town to find out about any special rules for disposal of hazardous waste. 
Broer, Ted - Healthmasters co, Maximum Health #1 
warns about fluoride & mercury
Dental Mercury - -
He was only in his early 40ís but had been forced to shut down his dental practice & go on permanent disability because he was stricken with Parkinsonís disease. In addition, his wife who worked every day in his dental office where mercury vapors likely abounded from the lack of safety precautions taken when amalgams were installed, removed or replaced suffered from unexplained infertility, another symptom of mercury toxicity.
Such an incredibly tragic story & very likely completely preventable.
Mercury - -
"Although the mental & physical problems from metal toxicity have escalated in recent years, our very language tacitly acknowledges the historic toxicity of certain metals:
'Mad as a hatter' from the Civil-War-eraís crazed use of mercury sizing in hat manufacture, 'gold fever' from the murderous greed of early prospectors, 'lead poisoning' as black humor for 'getting shot,' &, more recently, 'get-the-lead-out' exhortations from trainers who would have us exercise long and hard in order to sweat out toxins & melt excess fat."
Metal Implants - @
"The problem comes when a bulb breaks. Mercury escapes as vapor that can be inhaled & as a fine powder that can settle into carpet & other textiles... Start...opening the windows & stepping outside.
'Any problems at all frequently are handled for the most part by quickly ventilating the room,' he says.
'Get all the people (including yourself) & pets out of the room for 15 minutes & let the room air out.
If you have a central heating system or an HVAC [heating, ventilating & air-conditioning] system,
you don't want it sucking the fumes around, so shut that down.' 
The important thing is not to touch the heavy metal (with your fingers/hands/skin).
After airing out the room, the larger pieces of the bulb should be scooped off hard surfaces with stiff paper or cardboard or picked up off carpeted surfaces with gloves to avoid contact.
Use sticky tape or duct tape to pick up smaller fragments.
Then, on hard surfaces, wipe down the area with a damp paper towel or a wet wipe.
All materials should be placed in a sealable plastic bag or, even better, in a glass jar with a metal lid...
Intact bulbs can be a headache to dispose of, too.  In many locales it is illegal to throw fluorescents out with regular garbage, but the closest recycling or take-back facility may be miles away. home & business methods of removal