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(This also has history of being used in the USA army to treat syphillus, per old army manuals.  Also see )

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Stevia - 7/10/2017 @ (edited excerpts) "In this study, we evaluated the effectiveness of whole leaf Stevia extract against B. burgdorferi spirochetes, persisters, & biofilm forms in vitro...The effectiveness of Stevia was compared to (medications) doxycycline, cefoperazone, daptomycin, & their combinations. Our results demonstrated that Stevia had significant effect in eliminating B. burgdorferi spirochetes & persisters...

Stevia rebaudiana which belongs to the Asteraceae family is typically referred to as honey leaf or sweet leaf, & due to its natural sweetness, it is used as a natural substitute to synthetic sweetener []. The leaf extract of Stevia possesses many phytochemicals, which include austroinullin, β-carotene, dulcoside, nilacin, rebaudi oxides, riboflavin, steviol, stevioside, & tiamin with known antimicrobial properties against many pathogens [, , ]. The role of these compounds is mainly to protect the (stevia) plant from microbial infection and adverse environmental conditions []. Stevia is also well known in traditional medicine for its use in treatment of many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight loss [, ]. In a few clinical studies, it is reported that the phytochemical stevioside reduces blood pressure in patients experiencing mild hypertension and reduces blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetic patients [, ]. It was also demonstrated that the patients did not encounter any adverse effects from the use of stevioside [, ].
Considering the effectiveness of (S. rebaudiana) Stevia (whole) leaf extract in laboratory and clinical studies, we evaluated the antimicrobial potential of Stevia (whole leaf extracts) against the Lyme disease causing pathogen, B. burgdorferi, in a goal to eliminate all the different morphological forms in vitro. To effectively evaluate the whole Stevia leaf extract, we compared the antimicrobial effect of Stevia with antibiotics (doxycycline, cefoperazone, daptomycin) & their combination, which were recently found effective against Borrelia persisters...

Findings from this study show that Stevia whole leaf extract, as an individual agent, was effective against all known morphological forms of B. burgdorferi...
The obvious question on how Stevia could affect the highly resistant Borrelia biofilm warrants further investigation.
In a study using a sugar alcohol, it was reported that xylitol acts as an antiplaque agent by disrupting the formation of biofilms in the oral cavity [
]. In another study, they showed that xylitol (a sugar also occurring in strawberries, pears, plums, or birch-wood trees) affects the production of adhesive polysaccharides of Streptococcus mutans [].
It was previously shown that sugars prime the uptake of antibiotics in
Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli []. Based on these previous findings, we hypothesize that Stevia could act as a sugar derivative, which might prime the uptake of the phytochemicals responsible for the antimicrobial effect &, thereby, disrupt the biofilm structure.
In support to our hypothesis, we also showed that the ultrastructure of Stevia A-treated biofilm has very loose morphology with large shallow pits compared to the compact structure of biofilms treated with doxycycline, cefoperazone, daptomycin, & the antibiotic combination (
Fig. 6: panels ii–vi)...
Stevia leaf extract is a widely used sugar substitute [, ]; however, recent studies show that 1 of the major glycosides, stevioside, could have antimicrobial effect against Bacillus cereus, Bacillus subtilis, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa []. These antimicrobial studies used a high concentration of purified stevioside, & in our study, we achieved similar antimicrobial effect against Borrelia by using a lower concentration of the whole leaf extract. Our data with purified Stevioside did not show any significant antimicrobial effect on Borrelia spirochetes & persisters compared to the whole leaf extracts of Stevia.
This finding suggests that other components within the Stevia whole leaf extract could have antimicrobial activity against B. burgdorferi, which are yet to be identified in future studies. In a good agreement with our findings, Stevia leaf extract has also demonstrated antimicrobial activity against pathogens such as E. coli, S. aureus, Vibrio mimicus, Salmonella typhimurium, S. mutans, Bacillus subtilis, Shigella dysenteriae, & Vibrio cholera []. The next question is whether Stevia could be safely used as a therapeutic agent. Toxicological studies have shown that Stevia does not have mutagenic, teratogenic, or carcinogenic effects [], & recent studies demonstrated its safety at high dietary intake levels []. In a study examining the mutagenicity of Stevioside & Steviol, it was noted that Stevioside at 10 mg/ml did not induce any mutation in S. typhimurium []. Apart from these studies, there are 2 important clinical studies based on the glycoproteins present in Stevia. In a randomized, double-blinded study on Chinese men & women experiencing mild hypertension, it was reported that the glycoprotein stevioside decreased the systolic & diastolic blood pressure & also improved quality of life without causing any adverse effects compared to the placebo [].
In another study, the acute effects of stevioside in type 2 diabetic patients were analyzed [].
Compared to the control group, stevioside reduces postprandial blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetic patients [].
It was noted that both these studies used an encapsulated powdered form of stevioside & whole leaf extract that had been taken orally [, ]. It was also observed that 1 of the clinical studies used a whole leaf preparation, which contained 91% stevioside, 4% rebaudioside A, and 5% of other derivatives of stevio-side []...
The patients did not encounter any adverse effects from the use of stevioside [, ]."
Stevia (organic raw green leaf) 1 source @ + +
Stevia - Green Stevia Powder is the pure & only healthy stevia. Pure dried stevia leaf is available in a fine green powder that is 30-40 times sweeter than sugar. It is raw, & has a peculiar aftertaste. (stevia plants from Paraguay, Spain & India, 100% certified organic & non-irradiated, no artificial chemicals or additives used at any stage of manufacturing.) or Stevia dried leaf is the pure stuff. Unrefined, dried leaves of the South American plant Stevia Rebaudiana are 30–45 times as sweet as table sugar. You can keep this as a potted plant, in bulk dried leaves, or as a green powder. This is a 100% safe sweetener, truly natural (& Paleo). However many people find it has a strong aftertaste. Find it as leaf particles or green powder in food coops and online. @
Rawl, Dr. - 8/27/2018European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology November of 2015 study found that whole leaf stevia extract effectively kills Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes & cyst forms…Stevia extract would NOT be expected to provide any significant systemic antimicrobial activity against Borrelia or any other microbes associated with Lyme disease (in humans/mammals). The only way it might work is if it was injected intravenously. But this would be a really bad idea, because humans (& other mammals) do not have enzymes ( + to break down stevia compounds.
The compounds would build up in tissues with disastrous results. [
Rawl, Dr. Testimony @ 2/16/2017 - “My late 40s were marked by debilitating fatigue, tremendous brain fog, aching all over, burning in my feet and tingling in my hands, skin rashes, joint pain, chest pain, heart palpitations, mood changes, & poor sleep. I know what it’s like to start and end every day feeling like you have a terrible flu…Antibiotics are not necessarily a good treatment for chronic Lyme disease…
Stephen Buhner’s book, Healing Lyme provided an explanation of Lyme disease & presented
compelling evidence for treating Lyme disease using herbs with antimicrobial properties (used with or without antibiotics).
Buhner's approach was logical & based on sound scientific evidence
” (but a challenge to maintain/accomplish).
Chapter #1 -

Stevia @ from original German Commission E @     

blog/why-can-t-i-get-better/201312/psychobiotics-the-psyche - "Lyme disease is the 'great imitator', mimicking every psychiatric diagnosis in an ICD-9 manual...2 major types of intestinal bacteria are particularly important in cytokine production: lactobacilli & bifido-bacteria. Most strains of lactobacilli are robust producers of the inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-alpha, where most strains of bifido-bacteria are weak cytokine producers. Bifido-bacteria are able to decrease the production of cytokines from lactobacilli, changing their immunological effects. It is therefore possible that by manipulating the types of intestinal bacteria, we can also affect cytokine production and change mood... Biological Psychiatry, showed that pro-biotics may offer an alternative treatment option for depression & other psychiatric conditions. The journal's editors reported that healthy volunteers who received a type of pro-biotic called Lactobacillus helveticus R0052 + B longum for 30 days reported significantly lower stress levels...
'These bacteria are capable of producing & delivering neuro-active substances such as gamma-amino-butyric acid [GABA] and serotonin, which act on the brain-gut axis.'"

Hamm, Maren -
6/9/2019 - Healing of late state Lyme disease testimony begins around 22:22

Lyme Disease

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Armstrong, Kelley - Bitten @ Prologue (x rating)
Babesiosis - Brittany Goff - -
"Babesiosis is a parasitic infection similar to malaria. The parasite infects and destroys the red blood cells which was causing the night sweats, flu like symptoms, & difficulty breathing." - "Lyme disease is caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, passed to humans through the bite of infected black-legged ticks (in the Northeast, USA these are sometimes called deer ticks), which initially get the disease from mice. The transmission of the bacteria from an infected tick to a human can take hours, often more than a day, but the ticks’ small size makes them easy to overlook on the body, allowing time for this transmission to occur unimpeded.[iv] They are typically about the size of the head of a pin, & can bite without being noticed." (from pro-vaccine author)  (Editorial notes that sometimes arthritis, neurological & Bell's Palsy symptoms may be triggered by lyme.) -

Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria - 11/1999 -
LYME DISEASE is an arthropod-borne infection that is caused by spirochetes of the
Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato group. Three genospecies have been identified as human pathogens. All 3 representatives of the B burgdorferi sensu lato group, B burgdorferi sensu stricto, Borrelia garinii, and Borrelia afzelii, have been reported in Europe,1
but only
B burgdorferi sensu stricto has been reported on the North American continent. However, the simple classification of B burgdorferi into 3 genospecies underestimates the genetic diversity of this species complex.
Each of the 3 pathogenic species can be divided into subspecies, & additional nonpathogenic species of
B burgdorferi have been isolated from ticks & other nonhuman sources in North America, Europe, & Japan.2,3 Immunological and genetic techniques used to elucidate genetic, phenotypic, & immunological heterogeneity in B burgdorferi have demonstrated a considerable degree of genetic variation4,5; in the GenBank DNA Sequence Database (National Center for Biotechnical Information, Bethesda, Md), more than 100 different strains from the USA and at least 300 worldwide are listed.

Borrella - (1) Spirochette form: Shaped like a corkscrew, this is the “active” form. Tetracyclines are often employed to be bacteriCIDAL–to kill the Borrelia bacterium–verses bacterioSTATIC, which will only stop them from replicating. Doxycyline, minocycline, & tygecycline are examples of the most commonly prescribed tetracyclines.  (2) 2nd form has no cellular wall. It is also referred to as the l-form or spheroplast.  Macrolides RX inhibit translocation of tRNA during translation (the production of proteins under the direction of DNA).  They are bacteriostatic, meaning that they inhibit bacterial growth & reproduction. However, they can be bactericidal, meaning that they actually kill the bacteria.  (3) The cystic form of Borrelia is dormant and immobile, and can remain totally hidden from the human immune system. It can survive antibiotics, starvation, pH changes, hydrogen peroxide, temperature variation, & most other adverse conditions. 

It converts back to the spirochete form when conditions are favorable (for example, when antibiotics are not in use).  Anti-protozoals & anti-parasitics are used to treat the cyst form, most commonly metronidazole & tinidazole. These work by opening the cyst & converting it to one of the other forms above. Spirochete & l-form antibiotics then take over the job. (All current conventional meds have serious potential side effects.  Know and closely monitor.)

Burgdorfer, Willie - Transcript + Radio @ +
Cook, Elena -
Drayson, Joanne @
Klinghardt, Dietrich @
(Paraphrased/edited) - Klinghardt advocates use of "Rife and scalar waves as parasite treatments."  CAUTION: Klinghardt "trained in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and began to include body-oriented psycho-therapeutic & counseling approaches in his work along with neurotherapy, mesotherapy, injection techniques and applied psychoneurobiology, psycho-kinesiology and mental field therapy," (so some modalities may be contaminated with non-Judeo Christian occult/demonic influence harmful to the individual.  Invite Holy Spirit to direct you.) Regarding Lyme:

"Many of the genetic experts that I know have shown that the genome of the Lyme disease that we have now is very different from the genome that was identified in the Iceman, Otzi, 5300 years ago that was frozen in the Australian alps. He had Lyme disease...Borrelia burgdorferi. That bug had 27 chains. 
Now we have some Lyme spirochetes that have over 600 genes that does not exist in nature. That’s very clearly a genetically-engineered bug. We don’t know where it came from...Somebody...created a very virulent type of Lyme bug that puts people into bed for decades and has created the severe illnesses that we mostly have seen since the spread of Lyme disease from Connecticut. The mother bed (main weaponized version) seems to have been there for this vicious type of Lyme infection.  We don’t see that in Germany. In Europe & Switzerland, we have milder forms of the illness. Other forms of the illness has not arrived over there....
There are reports now that Lyme exists in 3 different forms: The spirochete form, if you give antibiotics, it withdraws from this form, gives off its cell wall, it slips into biofilm & becomes a so-called L-form without the cell wall. If you further threaten it, it gets into the cystic state...nearly indestructible.  People that have investigated the persistent chemtrails...found viable non-cysts in the spray that comes down on us. I don’t think they have to look very far why the illness is spreading so fast...Some of it is natural, & some of it is not...
Lyme disease & many infections are immunosuppressive. Some of the herpes viruses, Eipstein Barr, herpes type VI, are very immunosuppressive. We call it AIDS minor because it has some of the symptoms of AIDS, it’s just weaker.  1 of the things those infections are causing is a lowered threshold for microbes (and parasites) to enter our systems... Otherwise, they woud not (successfully) make it into our system.  We 1st need a 1st strike, something that immobilizes our gatekeepers, different aspects of the immune system.  When that threshold is lowered, then a lot of microbes & larger pathogens can cross into our system that otherwise would not make it...
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt:
 I just published a book in German, The Biological Treatment of Lyme Disease. I had to review my own cases for the last 20 years...I have about 2000 doctors that follow my advice...Over the years, we refined our Lyme approach...This is the collective experience of thousands of docs & their patients.
There are 4 pillars of the treatment for Lyme disease. Pillar number one, this is where most people stop, is you have to create the basic physiology.  So, when you have Lyme for a while (the chronic Lyme disease or persistent Lyme disease as it’s called now), many things go off. Your hormones go off, your protein digestion is down, you get mineral deficient, your pH goes off, the osmolality in the tissues goes off. You have to correct those things.  Now, this is pretty much the domain of alternative medicine or a naturopathic medicine. You give people vitamins to correct perceived deficiencies, you give them minerals. Of course, you’d find in a hair analysis that they’re deficient in this and that. So that’s correcting the basic physiology.  Now, most people stop there. That’s what they do for a living. If you don’t address anything deeper than that, you can make a lot of money off the same patient. Of course, they’re going to get better, then they’re going to get worse, they’re going to get better, and they’re going to get worse. But that’s step #1.  Step #2 is detoxification. The reason for that is pretty simple. Several of the toxins produced by Lyme, by Borrelia, one’s quinolinic acid, there are several others that have been identified now. All have the property that they immobilize,
1st, overrun.  Then immobilize—our own detox system.  That means the chronic Lyme patient has often been unable for 20 years to detox aluminum, to throw out mercury or lead. You become a bio-accumulator. In order to treat Lyme disease, you need to have a lot of systems functioning well in the body...You need to free up those blocked enzyme engage in detoxification.  We use colonics, we use lymph drainage massage...after the parasite treatment (1st).  You detox of (pesticide/insecticide/weed killer) glyphosate usually via sauna therapy & oil drawing (we chew an oil for 15 minutes a day) + exercise to move the fluids through the body.  Then, you have to bring agents onboard that unblock the enzymes. Chlorella and Cilantro do a fantastic job. Curcumin, detoxes mercury (that’s published.) Many herbs are wonderful.  You don’t really need medical drugs. But for us (doctors), it’s a simpler way out.
Okay, you give them a couple of DMPS shots + DMSA at night to free up a little bit the systems or the block, so patients can cooperate with the treatment that comes (next). 
Step #3 - 1st, correct basic physiology. Step #2, detox. Step #3 is probably most important: immune modulation.
In Lyme disease...90% of symptoms &/or volume of symptoms is patient’s own immune reacting to the microbe & to the toxins. It’s not the microbe presence or activity making you sick. Microbes embed themselves into your cells. 
Lyme spirochetes live inside our neurons, brain cells, thyroid cells, pancreatic cells. Our immune system attacks the (organ) cells that are hosting the bugs. We get a whole host of autoimmune type of reactions because our immune system is attacking, slashing around every (occupied) body system. 
(Our theory is that our reaction & our attacked organ is based on prior personal trauma.) 
If you had a fear conflict that’s unresolved from your childhood, it would be the kidneys and your adrenals that are attacked. If your father was angry & violent, it would be your liver that’s attacked
To modulate the immune system, you can do that 2-fold. 1 is to use a variety of herbs that are both immune-modularity & anti-Lyme. It’s 1 of the major things that we do.  Stephen Buhner and others have published a selection of herbs that have that ability, to immune-modulate to down-regulate the overactive parts of your immune system & to wake up the sleeping parts of your system.  The new kid on the block is aldehyde, a low dose immunotherapy where you use a dilution of the same bugs that are offending you, that are making you sick. Then you take a culture, & then make a dilution in a homeopathic. There’s going to be a certain dilution that’s a pretty exact dilution that neutralizes the immune reactions you have towards the bugs.  The patient will become, sometimes overnight, asymptomatic.
It doesn’t mean they don’t have the Lyme bugs anymore, but they have no more overshooting immune reactions that will lead to the body much more effectively dealing with the microbes.  That’s step #3 immune modulation.
Homeopathy has a huge place in that. I want to mention a study that was done a couple of years ago in Cuba...
What they did in Cuba, every winter, for about 4 months, they have this huge flair of leptospirosis. It’s a very Lyme-related illness. It’s another spirochete that causes huge illness in Cuba where hundreds of thousands of people are affected every year.  Cuba did acupuncture and homeopathy in medical school. Cuban researchers gave 60,000-80,000 of the Cubans 1 single dose of homeopathic leptospirosis, (& found that) 1 single dose reduced the incidence of this illness by 80%.  This is immune modulation.
The last part of Lyme treatment should be reducing the overall body burden of the microbes. Unfortunately, most so-called Lyme doctors stop at #4. They don’t know any about the other 3.  Most people leave out 1 of these 4 (% thus) can’t really succeed in getting rid of the illness...It’s stupid to use antibiotics when you can use an herbal cocktail...BioPure is our product (protocol/brand/choice)...cocktail. The average patient starts with 5 drops 4 times a day. At that dose, many of the patients get a mild die-off effects. Then we titter the dose slowly up as people tolerate it.  That’s combined with sublingual hyaluronic acid which we use as bait that spirochetes love. They come out of their hiding places, out of their biofilm when you increase the amount of hyaluronic acid in the bloodstream.  The last 1 is a Mediterranean herb called Rock Rose (Cistus Creticus) Mediterranean rockwells. It makes a wonderful tasting tea.  It’s been found to be the best bioform breaker for Lyme disease. It has been found to prevent insect bites, especially tick bites & stinging fly bites.  It has the highest Borreliacidal kills spirochetes...
+ @ +
(Be reminded.  Hulda Clark had her patients use 3 herbs to rid parasite 3 stages/forms: black walnit, clove, wormwood.
Wormwood is NOT a daily herb, but as needed, esp. full moon when parasites may be active.)

54:06 Aysmptomatic Lyme (paraphrased/edited)

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: Allen McDonald was the original pathologist that worked with Lyme. He examined a whole host of Lyme patients...asymptomatic for many years (with)...viable spirochetes, cystic forms of Lyme
There is a new hope in the antibiotic compartment of a group that is streptomyocin & daptomycin, the 2 antimicrobials that have been shown in vitro, not in the vivo or lab setting, to be able to cure Lyme cysts in pretty high doses.
But it’s unrealistic to assume when you put an antibiotic in a person that you will achieve a high enough concentration inside the cells to kill the cystic form.  But it’s been shown you can put them straight into hydrochloric acid, put them back out, and they’ll survive it.  You can expose them to 600° temperature for quite a while, cool them down, but they’ll survive. You 'd think that a very, very diluted antibiotic could kill them.  No.  So we’re very, very happy with putting the Lyme into a dormant state in the person & have patient maintain that status for the rest of his life...Patients need to take a small amount of herb cocktail every day. Herb cocktail is also life-extending...anti-aging. It benefits the hormones. It is endoparasitic, anti-yeast & anti-cancer.  The side effect is you not only get relapse of the Lyme, but you’re preventing a whole host of other illnesses. So instead of people taking 60-80 different senseless vitamins every day, they take an herbal tincture 2x a day as a prevention of relapse.  We’re all waiting for the day when somebody says, 'We found a solution or how to kill the persistent form of Lyme. Everybody can kill the spirochetes'...
I mentioned this devastating (weaponized) form of Lyme disease that is spreading from (Connecticut on) the East Coast to the rest of the world, sometimes you have to use antibiotics as a stop-gap measure to get people out of a life-threatening situation because they’re work quicker than other things. But in terms of long-term strategy, antibiotics should be the extra. It should be the icing on the cake. It shouldn’t be the cake...Many of our Lyme patients have parasites in the brain, some of them, we can demonstrate with the MRI, some can only be demonstrated by the clinical changes with it.  For this, we use a variety of products. We have a suppository that contains artemisinin. It’s the drug that got the Nobel Prize in Medicine a year ago. It’s an extract of wormwood and freeze dried garlic.  By using suppositories, it’s picked up by the portal vein & it gets to the liver. It really cleans out the liver very deeply."
Lyme Carditis (of the heart) - "Lyme disease bacteria (can) enter the tissues of the heart. This can interfere with the normal movement of electrical signals from the heart’s upper to lower chambers, a process that coordinates the beating of the heart. The result is something physicians call 'heart block,' which can vary in degree & change rapidly." (Happy Hunters pray for electrical magnetic alignment.)
Neurological symptoms -
New Strain of Tick orne Disease Identified - 8/30/2011 - The new strain is a variant of ehrlichiosis, which is caused by bacteria from the Rickettsiae family and transmitted by tick bite.  See Footnotes.

Steere, Dr. Allen - - Boston, Massachusetts
Steere, Dr. Allen - - "Steere and his mentor, Stephen Malawista of Yale
University, are credited with discovering (identifying in the USA) & naming Lyme disease...At a ceremony in Hartford, Connecticut in 1998, Governor John G. Rowland declared September 24 to be "Allen C. Steere Day."[3] "


Alternative Medicine

Andrographis - (Andrographis paniculata also known in China as Chuan xin lian, or green chiretta) - "Used throughout China & India for its apparent anti-parasitic and antimicrobial actions to treat syphilis, malaria & worms; & for swollen lymph glands with fever, abscesses & lung & sinus infections." - Source: Chinese herb Qinghao - Pure Encapsulation brand (180 capsules in 1 container available) "Ingredient per capsule: artemisia (Artemisia annua L.) extract (whole plant) 400 mg. (standardized to contain 5% artemisinin) + vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate) 10 mg. (hypo-allergenic plant fiber added to complete capsule volume requirement) Suggested use: 1-4 capsules/day in divided doses just before meals with 6-8 oz of water for 2-3 months or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Avoid taking with antioxidants or iron as these substances may interfere with the product's effectiveness.  (Begin with 1 capsule and titer slowly up to 4, if tolerated.)  Caution: NOT to be taken by pregnant or lactating women."
Artemisia (Wormwood) - -
(This product/brand contains most relevant herb combinations to eradicate all parasite stages + eggs and worms.)
Artemisia annua l (Chinese herb wormwood) is used to combat parasites (especially giardiasis) often in conjunction with other herbs such as vitamin c, black walnut hulls, olive leaf, clove, grapefruit seed.
Artemisinin Annua - The Plant that Cures Malaria - Documentary Preview - +
Artemisinin (Annua) (or quinghaosu or sweet wormwood plant) - "China's Tu Youyou was awarded the other half of the prize for discovering (promoting/patenting) artemisinin, a drug that has slashed malaria deaths and has become the mainstay of fighting the mosquito-borne disease. She is China's first Nobel laureate in medicine."
Artemisia - - (In addition to malaria) the herb artemisia may help in the treatment of the following: cytomegalo-viruses, Hepatitis B &C, HIV, HPV, Bovine Viral Diarrhea, Bacterial &/or fungal Infections, Schistosomiasis, Leishmaniasis, Clonorchiasis, Coccidia Infections, Toxoplasmosis, and/or Trypanosoma Infections (Chagas).
Malaria: Artemisinin - -
Taking Artemisia tea at 1st symptoms (or adding to milk formula) helps symptoms.
Artemisia Warnings - If you are allergic to Artemesia, it could cause a heart attack if you take a higher dose - - 8/2003 - Regarding Lyme Disease, "Dr. (Qingcai) Zhang formulated a capsule (Artemesia Capsule) which contains a combined total of 500 mg of Artemesia annua [in the (active) form of 33 mg arteannuin], (or 6.6%) Astragalus membranaceus and Codonopsis pilosula. (Unfortunately, many people assumed that this capsule contained 500 mg of Artemesia, so are taking too much when treating themselves with other Artemesia products)...
(Take Artemisia on alternate months or on alternate weeks, NOT daily for long periods.  Always take a minimum herbal/vitamin dosage, unless a higher dosage is temporarily useful.)  Dr. Zhang’s Artemesia Capsule includes only 33 mg of the active ingredient arteannuin, to be taken 3 times a day, for a total of 99 mg/day."
"Current treatment recommendations are often profoundly flawed. IV treatments are often used without a herbal or synthetic antibiotic cyst buster (instead of monthly use of clove.) See more at:
Artemisia - - "A brother of artemisinin, called artesun-ate, which is also a derivative of the whole herb artemisia.  It is thought to be 4-5 times more active in the body than artemisinin, & just as safe, which makes it potentially more effective than its sibling."
Artemisia - excellent editorial - Forms of Artesminin - Toxicity and Side Effects - Cautions - Dosage - Product Concerns - The Use for Malaria -
Artemisia - - "

Dosage: Depends on the preparation used. Artemisia should not be taken for longer than 7 days. Potency quickly declines with extended use. The dose can be repeated after 3 weeks. Side effects: Significant risk of neurotoxicity (damage to nervous tissue) with extended use. Never use more than 1-2 months." (Take during full moon with clove.) @ Dr. Rawl's herb protocol directory
Axe, Dr. - Regime @
B-12 - By Connie Strasheim • • 6/14/2017
Barberry (Berberis vulgaris also known as pepperidge bush) - -B "Barberry is a native plant of Europe and Great Britain; it has been used for medicinal purposes in Europe since the Middle Ages. Various species can be found growing throughout the U.S. & worldwide; the plant has played a prominent role in healing for more than 2,500 years in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Berberis is a close relative of golden seal and oregon grape, all 3 of which contain berberine alkaloids that have demonstrated antimicrobial and antibiotic activity against bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, chlamydia, and intestinal parasite infections. (Berberine. Altern Med Rev. 2000;5:175-177.)" 
"Berberine’s action in inhibiting Candida, as well as pathogenic bacteria, prevents the overgrowth of yeast that is a common side effect of antibiotic use.
(Murray MT. The Healing Power of Herbs: The Enlightened Personʼs guide to the Wonders of Medicinal Plants. 2nd ed. Rocklin, CA; Prima Publishing: 1995.)"
Bee Venom - - CAUTION - Can sting + cause deadly/serious allergic reactions.  Good for arthritis in a honey cream applied externally to those who can tolerate it. @ - "This study showed that whole bee venom and melittin were effective against all B. burgdorferi morphological forms in vitro, including antibiotic resistant attached biofilms. " 1/1/2020 -
Site shares a number of potential alternative treatment modalities.
Burgdorfer, Dr. William - FROM "PENICILLIN TO "MILD SILVER PROTEIN" AN ANSWER TO LYME DISEASE "WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS - - "Controversy exists over the length of treatment using *Mild Silver Protein (MSP). Some investigators consider 21-30 days sufficient for the elimination of the spirochetes, while others believe that patients must be kept on therapy until they are completely free of symptoms...
Without treatment, the disease spreads throughout the body and may affect the muscular, skeleton, cardiac & nervous appears that the Mild Silver Protein silver colloid disables the enzyme(s) used by bacterial, fungal & viral agents for their oxygen metabolism causing them to suffocate upon contact. In vitro studies with *Mild Silver Protein and the Lyme disease spirochete, B. burgdorferi, revealed a lOO% killing effect within less than 5 minutes after exposure to the silver preparation" (in the lab).
Buhner, Stephen H - book - Healing Lyme - - 3 herbs Cat’s Claw, Japanese Knotweed & Herb Pharm Eluthero. -
Tired of Lyme's exclusive interview with Stephen Buhner. - numerous web links to left of editorial
Cloves - Freshly ground (organic) cloves are effective against several parasites and worms. 
One can used as a tea or add to fruit juices.  Grind your own cloves to ensure that they contain the active ingredient.  
ulda Clark says that
wormwood and black walnut hulls are effective against adult and maturing worms,
but only cloves are effective against their eggs

ALERT - The majority of grocery store herbs are processed/irradiated and contain little of their original value. -
Black Walnut Hulls (from the black walnut tree),
Wormwood (from the Artemisia shrub), + Common Cloves (from the clove tree)
must be used together.
Coil Machine - - 2/20/2013 from vistor says, "I...bought a Coil Machine that I began to get better. After nearly dying on antibiotics a year ago I thank God somebody told me about the Coil electro magnetic frequency machine that nothing, not even cancer, strep, etc. can hide from...Live and don't die & proclaim what the Coil Machine has done...Changed it a little from scriptures, because I proclaim what God has done too."
Colloidal Silver - - - "Scientists say colloidal silver works 3 powerful ways:
1st, it works as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that single-celled bacteria, fungi & viruses use for respiration & metabolism.
2nd, much like iron, it is a powerful carrier of oxygen. When it comes into contact with an infectious microbe, it releases an oxygen 'burst' much like hydrogen peroxide, which kills the pathogen.
3rd, brand new research has shown that in tougher cases such as viral infections, the tiny silver particles simply attach to the DNA of the virus and prevent it from replicating. No replication means no further spread of infection. Unlike antibiotics, resistant strains have never been known to develop to silver. In fact, experts say that very few disease-causing microbes tested have been able to live in the presence of even minute traces of silver for very long."
"Colloidal silver can also be used to purify drinking water. Most experts recommend adding 1-2 ounces of colloidal silver per gallon to keep drinking water germ-free. Experts also say colloidal silver used internally is one of the best antidotes for food poisoning. Some researchers suggest taking 1 ounce every 10 minutes throughout the day until symptoms subside. Don’t go on vacation without it. How Is It Used? — Colloidal silver is most often ingested orally, but it can also be sprayed externally onto cuts or burns to prevent infection & accelerate healing. Millions of Americans drink anywhere from 1 tablespoon to 1 ounce each morning as a daily mineral supplement, to help build immunity and prevent infection. Others use it only when they are sick."  [Less is always best, especially initially as one can build up or down - titer the dosage.  Too much can permanently turn the skin blue (or temporarily black).  Ouch.  Stick with reputable brands.]
Colloidal Silver - Offers New Hope for Chronic Lyme Disease - volume 5 #8
Lemon eucalyptus oil is a "natural" mosquito repellent that's now recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This one really works. It's in brand name products such as Repel Lemon Eucalyptus and Off! Botanicals Insect Repellent.  The CDC now considers it a safe and effective alternative to low-dose DEET products.
Recommend it for people who do NOT want to use DEET.
Colloidlal Silver - - The Lyme disease spirochete (Borrelia burgdorferi) is eliminated using MSP therapy. I have records of Lyme patients who have been taking various antibiotics for 3 or more years who have become asymptomatic on MSP therapy after just 3-4 weeks of treatment. The average duration to rid the body of the spirochete is 3-9 months. Systemic Candida Albicans frequently occurs in patients with Lyme; complicating the treatment and prolonging the duration of treatment.
Lyme disease is far more prevalent than is generally known. Lyme has been reported in the U.S. in 43 states, and in all of Canada. I believe that reported cases of Lyme represent only about 20% of the actual number of Lyme cases. Lyme is routinely misdiagnosed as meningitis or as a 'heat rash.' A red rash is a typical symptom of Lyme. Mild Silver Protein solutions* are proving to be 100% effective in getting rid of the Lyme spirochete when they are included in the treatment protocol.
The important thing about MSP (Mild Silver Protein) therapy is that it is non-toxic. I have never observed any side effect from using MSP therapy. I have used it in patients with all kinds of infections. In acute conditions as much as 4 tablespoons per day has been given, with no adverse reactions observed or reported." (Follow directions as excess can be toxic.)
Collodial Silver - - In Dr. Willy Burgdorfer’s Rocky Mountain Labs study, it was demonstrated that NO live spirochetes of Borrelia burgdorferi survived after 24 hours of exposure to silver in concentrations of 15 ppm and 150 ppm.” Schuan, Tom, Ph.D., Burgdorfer, Willy Ph.D. Department of Health & Human Services, National Institutes of Health, Rocky Mountain Laboratories 1/13/1995.
Collodial Silver - Micronized - - "Dr. Joseph Cardot from Colorado told me that Mild Silver Protein was helpful against (Lyme) spirochetes & suggested a regiment to follow.
I began with 2 tablespoons a day (1 AM + 1 PM) for 1st month holding it under the tongue sublingually for a minute, swishing it around the mouth for 10 seconds, then gargling & swallowing.
I did the same thing for the 2nd & 3rd month, but only 1 tablespoon per day" (& thus was cured from all symptoms). (Might want to add water or keep away from teeth, so as not to stain them?)
Collodial Silver - Dr Gary Gordon informs doctors - The Most Effective Colloidal Silver (Possible expired brand name) @
Collodial Silver PPM - + @ - "Pharmaceutical grade true colloidal silver is an earth mined elemental atomic pure colloidal silver. The silver is in its natural state, & not electrically processed (ionic & clear). It is 99.9% silver. There are no chemicals or contaminants used in the process. Pharmaceutical grade silver is combined with pharmaceutical grade deionized water, According to our proprietary formula. Testing & assays of the finished product are completed by in-house & qualified 3rd party independent laboratories for microbial, micron particle size and parts per million (ppm)."
Collodial Silver PPM - - "In (preliminary lab) tests, various concentrations of silver protein solutions were added to the culture of Borrellia spirochetes. Low concentrations of a silver protein solution [ranging from 2-10 (ppm) parts per million] slowed the growth rate of the spirochetes over a time span of 1-3 days. Higher concentrations of silver protein (between 15-75 parts per million) had a much faster deleterious effect on cell replication. Growth inhibition depended on the concentration of the silver protein and on the duration of treatment...Lab formulates MSP at 30 ppm & 40 ppm as a dietary supplement, & topical application. Types of concentrations I have access to in my practice, range from 30 ppm, 40 ppm, 50 ppm, 100 ppm, 400 ppm, 500 ppm, 1,100 ppm, 2,000 ppm, 5,000 ppm & 10,000 ppm, with 5,000 ppm 'now' being demonstrated to be the most palatable to the patient & effective."

Crozier, Dr. Gordon - IV treatment - Rice, JimmeLynn Garland testimony - By 7/9/2019 – Jimme-lynn Garland Rice: My Battle against Lyme Disease - (edited) Help came from Dr. Gordon Crozier, a physician, Lyme specialist and geneticist from (Orlando) Florida, who has himself battled Lyme disease…Jimme finally received the long-awaited diagnosis. There were 3 issues destroying her body and her health: Late-stage Lyme Disease, a parasite infection likely acquired from mission work in Argentina, arsenic poisoning and mold… Dr. Crozier said to Jimme, “If you stand any chance of recovery, you need treatment immediately. I can help you. But, you have to come to my clinic in Florida right away to begin an aggressive, 7 month IV treatment. The treatments are brutal like chemo on steroids. You will get much worse before you begin to get better” At the conclusion of treatment, Jimme came home grateful to be back...She began to enter back into life and leadership. However, the break in her symptoms was short lived. After just a few months, Jimme began to regress. It is not uncommon, specifically in late-stage Lyme Disease, for a patient to regress if further treatment is not administered. Once again, Jimme headed to Florida for additional months of aggressive treatment.  This time, the vicious disease had destroyed even more, & Jimme began fighting the deep, fierce battle for her life. Rodney, her husband, describes terrifying months, fearful that he was going to lose his wife. “Jimme was deathly sick, struggling for every breath, completely bedridden, unable to engage or participate in life, and fighting to stay alive. We were desperately praying & pleading with God to restore & bring her back to life.” 
Today, Jimme has regained quite a bit of what was lost in the time she was so ill, but says she still struggles to operate at the “old Jimme” level. Sadly, there is no (medical recognized) cure for Lyme Disease. Treatment simply works to fight the active, deadly bacterial infection to get to a place of remission. Jimme returns to Florida every 3 months for additional treatment. She has an intense daily regimen & protocol of pills, supplements, & shots to keep fighting the disease. Lifestyle and self-care are of tremendous importance while trying to live in remission. Jimme surrounds herself with positive quotes, affirmations, scripture, and attitude. When she speaks & shares her story, she doesn’t shy away from telling the truth of the devastation, despair, & hopelessness she felt, but also how her walk with God has deepened her faith, trust, devotion, & passion. 
‘God’s Not Done’ is a statement Jimme has shared countless times throughout her life to bring hope, counsel, healing & fresh trust to those she helps & encourages who are struggling; whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. - + genetic test kit

Crozier, Dr. Gordon - - Recommended Supplements: RiboCeine, to assist in the body's production of glutathione, Curcumin:from Turmeric Root, Broccoli seed, Alpha lipoic acid, Resveratrol, Grape seed, Quercetin flavonoid, Milk thistle seed  known as Silybum marianum, supports a healthy liver by supporting the removal of toxins and heavy metals stored in the liver, Vitamin C, Selenium (otherwise known as Selenomethionine), the essential catalytic component of the enzyme, glutathione peroxidase (GPx),  Glutathione peroxidase is obviously related to glutathione.  This enzyme is responsible for the detoxification of lipid peroxides. Glutathione is a co-factor of this enzyme. (Except for Milk Thistle to cleanse/protect liver, above are mainly health maintenance supplements rather than parasite removers.)

Crozier, Dr. Gordon - @ Scott Forsgren's - "Dr. Gordon suggested that if we consider the  analogy of cleaning a car, we can simonize occasionally but are unlikely to do so on a frequent basis throughout the lifetime of the car...
There is still a need for a frequent, simple, washing in order to keep layers of accumulated dirt and debris from building up. IV chelation and oral chelation are much the same story. Oral chelation allows us to get continued, daily benefits from our heavy metal removal...Immuni-T2G™ contains allicin-rich garlic, transfer factors, grape-fruit seed, & a combination of immune-supporting (medicinal) mushrooms. Immuni-T3™ contains olive leaf, oil of oregano, & andrographis in addition to transfer factors & powerful mushroom extracts. Dr. Gordon often combines these products with Samento ..Dr Gordon has had extensive & highly favorable experiences with oral Carnivora® (a specially processed extract of Venus flytrap) liquid & capsules for his cancer & Lyme patients. Carnivora® acts as an antimicrobial & virucidal, with unparalleled safety...for (helping to) overcome cancer or chronic infection...Endorsed by Dr.Gordon for lowering infection is Advanced Cellular Silver. Available under the name ACS 200™...shown to be non-toxic and lethal to any fungi, bacteria, virus, or protozoa...Dr. Gordon utilizes Wobenzym® (for joints), Nattokinase (blood/clot thinning for women), Boluoke® & Essential DailyDefense™ ...
In more difficult infections, Dr.Gordon supports the use of ultraviolet blood irradia-tion, oxidative therapies such as ozone, hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT) & hydrogen peroxide therapy...
High levels of vitamin C administered via IV dramatically increase intracellular levels of hydrogen peroxide...
To detoxify is to sweat. Using a far-infrared (FIR) sauna or going to a steam room can have profound benefits and helps the body to remove mercury and other toxins. These benefits can be further realized by supporting removal of metals from the skin through the use of a (heavy) metal chelating agent called EDTA (ethyl-ene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid).
Adding hydrogen peroxide and (magnesium) Epsom salts to a hot bath can benefit."

Crozier, Dr Gordon - - Orlando, Florida - CAUTION: Some patients are practicing occult modalities, NOT recommended & detrimental to Judeo-Christians. 
2nd, stem cell therapy may NOT be a wise choice for those who believe in the possibility of memory/transfer with blood transfusions & organ transplants.  However, some (painful/expensive/time-consuming) IV treatments &/or vitamin/herb supplement prescriptions may be helpful.
Ginkgo leaf is used for thinking disorders related to Lyme disease and depression
Gordon, Dr. Gary - - Detox with Oral Chelation Chapters 1-3
Gordon, Dr. Garry -
axOt8M&index=6 - 2nd opinion.  #6 of series. - Try
ACS 200 Colloidal Silver brand. 1 of Benny Hinn's doctors.

Gordon, Dr. Garry F @ Dr. utilizes chelation therapy. For a complete discussion of this Mercury test see Episode 13 with Chris Shade of Quicksilver.
To detoxify & for detoxification support Damien uses: (Pectin) PectaClear, Quicksilver Scientific’s IMD intestinal cleanse, Clear Way Cofactors, alpha lipoic acid, SE-methyl L-seleno-cysteine, & an FDA regulated drug, Radio-gardase.

Gordon, Dr. Garry F - His personal protocol @
Protocol includes nightly: Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS) 200 – 25 sprays at nite FIRST swish through teeth for 1-2 minutes.  Can spray more for infection @ +
Other Protocols @
Gordon, Dr. Garry F @
Grapefruit peel oil - -
"Many foods and beverages, as well as perfumes and shampoos, contain
nootkatone, an oil from grapefruit peels...Now, nootkatone may help control ticks that spread Lyme disease."
Hannelore, Helbing-Shaefe  Lyme Disease Alternative Medicine Can Help -
"Lyme disease is a bacterial disease caused by bite of a "tick" infected with bacteria known as "Borrelia burgdorferi." Book mentions
the use of herbs specific for fungal problems, Yerba Santa & colloidal silver
Herbs - -
5.) Why do I have to skip taking herbal products one day a week? -
The body needs a day to rest & recycle its energies. ‘The Day of Rest’ or doing No-Thing, Physically, Mentally or Emotionally is very important in creating the needed energies for the next 6 days. Breathing & drinking water & resting the body in indirect light help greatly.
Most people use their day of rest for a burger & ball game...Remember.
6.) What dosage should I take? - Start at the lower amount on the label.  Build up to the higher while listening to our major doctor which is the body. It’s giving us communication all the time….Listen to it.
Herbs - used by Brittany Goff -
Artemesia, Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM (great for joint pain), Wobenzym (great for joint pain), Tumeric, Cats Claw (for women), Magnesium Citrate (helped with the twitching and pins & needle feeling), Black Walnut, Alpha Lipoic
(helps with joint pain)...(As with herbs per medications...I alternated between... so I was not taking once."

- @
Japanese Knotweed - perhaps Green Dragon Botanicals rather than other brands of resveratrol which may not be a whole wild-crafted herb) per Stephen Buhner -
Lignin + Nootkatone = Dead Ticks - "Derived from essential oils of plants such as grapefruit, vetiver grass, & Alaskan yellow cedar, as well as by chemical synthesis methods, nootkatone is commonly used in foods, cosmetics, & pharmaceuticals. But scientists have also demonstrated nootkatone’s potential to kill ants, termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, & ticks, including Ixodes scapularis (blacklegged tick), whose bite can transmit bacteria that cause Lyme disease in humans & other animals."
Lumbrokinase is a group of enzymes extracted from earth worms.
Herbs - by Bill Rawl @  - Rawl recommends the following herbs:
  • Allisure AC-23 Garlic is a patented extract that has potent broad-spectrum activity against bacteria.
    Garlic may help reverse chronic fungal infection, bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, & help circulation.

    Berberine is the active component of many different medicinal herbs.
    It offers antiparasitic & antifungal properties, & may benefit liver & cardiovascular function.

    Cat’s Claw
    has long been used traditionally to treat microbial illnesses.
    It offers antiviral, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties.
    It may also provide benefit for arthritis & stomach ulcers.
  • Sarsparilla offers anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties against gram-negative bacteria.
    Sarsaparilla also binds up endotoxins produced by microbial die-off, which lessens severity of Herxheimer reactions.

Lyme Disease - - "Some herbs that may help for Lyme disease and the symptoms that arise from it have various properties. Several herbs that have shown antibacterial qualities in research are yerba santa, goldenrod, garlic, echinacea, astragalus, black walnut, burdock,
and gentian. Horseradish contains hydrogen peroxidase which has demonstrated antibacterial & antioxidant properties & has shown effectiveness against tick-born encephalitis virus. Garlic, gentian & black walnut are also traditionally known as parasiticides. An herbalist reported benefits for her Lyme disease from tobacco leaf which has shown larvicidal and pesticidal activity in scientific studies.  Traditional herbalists draw on "blood cleansing" or detoxifying herbs in parasitic infections, including such favorites as nettles, goldenrod, burdock, yellow dock, red clover, milk thistle, sarsaparilla, dandelion, kelp and alfalfa. These are used in folk herbalism in resolving rashes, arthritic complaints and lymph congestion. Yerba santa is known to folk herbalists as an excellent herb for coughs, sore throats, fevers, chills & colds that may accompany the onset of Lyme disease. Ginger has been well studied as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis, migraines & as a remedy for nausea. It has been shown to have antibacterial effects & pro-biotic properties in supporting healthy intestinal bacterial population, a plus in countering the side effects of antibiotics."
Nootkatone, a component of essential oil in grapefruit peels -
Reshi Mushroom - - "Reishi mushrooms & transfer factors turn on the part of the immune system that kill borrelia and the other infections found in Lyme disease...Chemical found in fruits, quercetin, limits the production of cytokines?  The seasonings curcumin & turmeric lower cytokines & prostaglandins. Ecklonia Cava, from brown seaweed, decreases oxidizing agents made by the immune system that trigger cytokine production...Phosholipids are fats that repair the injured mitochondria.
Many supplements including L-theanine correct poor sleep. The Ayruvedic herb, ashwaganda supports the adrenal glands & helps the body overcome the stress of chronic Lyme disease."
Dr. Unlocking Lyme - #8 Stephanie - "I started taking the protocol that helped him overcome his own struggles with Lyme disease. It includes herbs with natural antimicrobial properties (like andrographis, berberine, cat’s claw, & Japanese knotweed), as well as adaptogens like reishi mushroom and cordyceps for easing stress & immune support. That’s when I really saw drastic results." (North Carolina)
Rawls, Dr. Bill - @ Rawl's herb protocol directory.
1/1/2017 Autobiography @

Reihman, Dr. Kristin - - book

Rosner, Bryan - Freedom From Lyme Disease: New Treatment For A Complete Recovery - - (Good RX overview:Pyrantel pamoate: Available over-the-counter. Can profoundly impact Lyme disease & co-infections. Generally well tolerated. )
Mimosa Pudica. 
Although it has a very funny-sounding name, Mimosa Pudica is very powerful & has demonstrated a broad spectrum of activity against many of the parasites which accompany Lyme disease. Some research shows that this herb also targets Babesia. People who use it typically report dramatic results in many pesky and difficult symptom areas, including cognitive problems. You need to be careful of 1 thing, though: Product quality can vary vastly between different suppliers. Some versions of the products have been foul, unhelpful, & maybe even toxic, according to some of my sources. Purchasing it from a compounding pharmacy where quality is more closely regulated is a very good idea. Also, there are some data which indicate that Mimosa Pudica can have toxic side effects...
2 herbal preparations with the most convincing user testimonials for Lyme disease & co-infections are 
Humaworm ( and Parastroy (by Nature’s Secret, available from various retailers including Due to their low price & relatively limited side effects, these are worth a try...

Rowen, Robert Jay - - "The product name is Prima Uua de Gato (Samento)...a form of cat’s claw from the Peruvian jungle that’s superior to typical forms.
The beneficial effects of most cat’s claw preparations are blunted by the content of TOA (tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids), which inhibit the real active agents, called POA (pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids). The latter, more favorable compounds are known to modulate & up-regulate the immune system. Many commercially available cat’s claw preparations contain up to 80% TOA. As little as 1% TOA can reduce POA effectiveness up to 80%.  The specific species of TOA-free cat’s claw contains considerable quantities of quinovic acid glycosides. These compounds are what the latest generation of (synthetic) quinolone antibiotics (such as DANGEROUS Cipro) are based on. The natural compounds provide safe & significant direct antimicrobial effects on Lyme disease."  (AVOID Cipro drug if at all possible.)
Sarsparilla (Smilax sarsaparilla) -
"Through its immune-enhancing properties, anti-spirochete actions, and ability to bind endotoxins and purify the bloodstream, sarsaparilla is a well-rounded, beneficial herb in the treatment & prevention of Lyme disease."

- - "I have been buying this sarsaparilla powder from them for over a year. I use it for chronic Lyme. Along with the other herbs I take, it has been able to get rid of Lyme (even when years of antibiotic treatment did not). The quality of the wildcrafted Mexican version is much better than other types of sarsaparilla I have tried. You can see it when you look at the powder. The fragrance is quite pleasant. When I take it, I really feel like it does a better job than the Now brand I took before. Highly recommend this for those on the Buhner Lyme protocol. By Anna 6/25/2016 re: Mexican Wildcrafted Sarsparilla (smilax medica)." (Anantamla/hemidesmus-indicus or Indian source is purported to be superior to the American.  Organic, especially non-irradiated, would be preferable.)
Sarsaparilla, American + Sarsaparilla, Caracao + Sarsaparilla, Jamaica + Sarsaparilla, Indian + Sarsaparilla, Wild @ @

Salt and Vitamin C - A Complete Natural Protocol For Lyme Disease -
Teasel - (Dipsacus fullonum) (Dipsacus spp.) - "The active constituent is Teasel (from root)." per Philip Fritchey who recommends low dosage.

- -
Dose & Duration
- Teasel-root: 3x daily in a glass of water: starting with 1 drop and increasing every day by 1 drop up to a max. of 30 drops. If detox-reactions get too heavy (inducing itching, hives, itching), lower the Teasel-root dose or increase (titrate) it more slowly, and/or increase intake of detox-aids; check
water consumption. Drink as much Jiaogulan-tea or clear water as you comfortably can. It (water) will greatly help your kidneys.  Duration: Until the teasel ceases to mobilize toxins.
Teasel root (common name), Dipsacus asper root (botanical name), Xu Duan (Pin Yin/Chinese name), Dipsacus Japonica (Latin name) - "Teasel Root can be used to help speed up the recovery of anyone who has had an accident and suffered a broken bone, for example, or anyone who is suffering from joint stiffness (especially in the knees) & lumbago. Teasel root is also 1 of the herbs listed in the Healing Lyme Disease,
by Stephen Buhner. Those who are having problems with excessive bleeding during pregnancy may find teasel root to be helpful (when used sparingly)...It is used in traditional Chinese medicine to strengthen the bones, ligaments & tendons, as well as helping to relieve symptoms of joint & knees stiffness, & chronic lower back pain. How it works is by increasing the blood flow to the injured area to speed up recovery and help to remove soreness. It can also be used to stop any extreme uterine bleeding, either between or even during menstrual flows. It is said to help to calm & relax a restless fetus & stop (or reduce) bleeding during pregnancy. Teasel Root is also affiliated with the kidneys & liver. It can help to tonify the liver and kidneys & help to promote better blood circulation." - "Widely used to treat Lyme Disease and as a stomach aid, an analgesic for pain relief, an anti-inflamatory, and a stimulant for the nervous system. Teasel is effective for chronic inflammation of the muscles, 1 of the major symptoms caused by spirochetes associated with Lyme Disease."  herbalist Matthew Wood's Suggested Titration:
Day One: 1 single drop
Day Two: 1 drop, 1 drop
Day Three: 1 drop, 1 drop
Day Four: 2 drops, 1 drop, 1 drop
Day Five: 2 drops, 2 drops, 1 drop
Day Six: 2 drops, 2 drops, 2 drops
Day Seven: 3 drops, 2 drops, 2 drops
Day Eight: 3 drops, 3 drops, 2 drops
Day Nine: 3 drops, 3 drops, 3 drops

root - "Healing Lyme Disease Naturally" by Wolf D Storl - "I use lumbrokinase in my practice to break apart biofilms...Biofilms are layers of slime where various forms of the Lyme germ live. The slime is made up of sugary mucopoly-sacharides, Lyme germs in various forms, fibrin protein to hold the biofilm together, and other substances. They occur when the germ is placed under stress. This can occur when antibiotics or herbal antimicrobials are used to treat Lyme.
Biofilms can cause treatment resistance, failure, or relapse (see Finished?) because they can block
antibiotics and they serve as a resevoir for the germ to re-emerge when antibiotics are stopped. In theory Lumbro-kinase decreases (& may even eliminate) biofilms by breaking apart the fibrin protein that holds the slime matrix together."

, Bryon - Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, niacin, iron, potassium, protein, calcium, chromium, magnesium, Gaba, Epsilon-sitosterol, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, silicon, dietary fiber, gou teng (may increase serotonin levels in the brain, resulting in mood & cognitive improvements, as well as help in the treatment of OCD, IBS, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety), neem, grapefruit seed, poke root, licorice, garlic, clove (anti-fungal with anti-parasitic), Usnea (affects viruses, protozoa, Candida, trichamonas, Chlamydia & cysts).

, Bryon - - White uses other ingredients, too:
a) Banana Peel:
Banana Peel is an antiviral with smooth muscle relaxation ability making it helpful in the bronchi with asthma & muscle cramps.
b) Coptis:
Coptis is an anti-microbial & blood purifier that treats liver & gall bladder inflammation. 
It can affect multiple digestive system symptoms.
c) Gardenia:
This herb can be helpful in fever balancing the bodies heat & cooling properties. 
It has tonifying effects on nervous system helping irritability, restlessness, insomnia & tension headaches.
d) Lemon Peel:
Supports the vascular system, as it is a digestive aid with nutrient support.
e) Sarsaparilla officianalis:
is an anti-viral (anti-spirocete) and toxin binding agent. Traditionally it has been used to treat syphilis, psoriasis & other skin disorders. (During world war I it was used by medics to treat syphilis.)
Wormwood (also called arte-misinin and arte-sunate) - - "Dosage - If we're not doing any thing to get rid of them, they're probably going to stick around. Wormwood, black
walnut hull
& cloves are generally taken (together) in a fairly low dose for a month. After a month off, they are then taken for another month
...(Especially around full moon.) - If taking as part of Hulda Clark parasite cleanse, take 10-15 drops of tincture 3x a day.  If applying the tincture directly to the skin, try it on a small area to check for sensitivity first. DO NOT use it on sensitive areas. If taking the higher 'acute malaria' dose, take 20-30 drops 4x a day for 3-4 days. Alternatively, put a teaspoonful of dried wormwood into a cup, pour boiling water over, cover & leave for 5 minutes. Drink. Do this 3-4x a day.  If taking to treat psychosis, use as above for 'acute malaria'... ALERTS: Do NOT use if pregnant. Wormwood has long been used to cause abortions. DO NOT TAKE continually FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME. If taking low dose wormwood for the Hulda Clark parasite cleanse, it's OK to take it for 1 month. To treat malaria, Lyme or other microbial infection, take higher dose only  for 3-4 days each week (or month.  Parasites have history of being more active during full moon).  If wormwood is taken at too high a dose for too long, wormwood can cause permanent harm to the nervous system."
Sweet Wormwood (Artemisia annua also called Chinese wormwood and Qing Hao)
Wormwood - - Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium also known as common wormwood)
Wood, Matthew recommended book The Book of Herbal Wisdom


, Robert -

, Robert -
CDC -  some symptoms of untreated lyme


CDC - by Bill Rawl @

- The best (self-)treatment for Lyme disease: Doxycycline "The big danger with Doxy is that it becomes neurotoxic when it is kept for too long at a too high a temperature. Keep it in the freezer for multi-year storage & in the fridge for day-to-day use.  You can keep it much longer than the expiry date indicates. Symptoms of doxy toxicity can be very similar to neuro-Lyme symptoms. I ran into that.  It took me ages to find out. Expired Minocycline is even more dangerous but both antibiotics can cause increased intracranial pressure when they’re expired or exposed to heat."

, Steven - Borrelia organism - - Redwood City, California, USA -
"The Borrelia organism can go dormant in the body at times, especially if 1 keeps pounding away relentlessly at the infection. Whenever I see this happen in my patients, I find that heavy metals, mold, a parasite or some other problem often surfaces & temporarily becomes the main (biggest) issue for them. Such issues must then also be treated (during the dormancy of the Lyme disease)...Typical symptoms in those with (Bartonella and) Borrelia (unlike the Bartonella that results from Cat Scratch disease) include ice pick-like headaches, major photo-phobia, anxiety or psychiatric issues, and bi-polar symptoms. Neuropathy, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) or autism may also manifest, as well as significant cardiac or gut problems. The non-blanching 'streaks' that some people find on their skin may also be a telling symptom.
Some argue that plantar fascial pain is found in both Babesia and Bartonella. I think that it is more related to Bartonella. When extreme anxiety is patients’ overriding symptom & is found in conjunction with neuro-pathic symptoms, such as burning pain, then I suspect that a Bartonella-like organism is causing these symptoms."
"Symptoms usually migrate with this infection, however, &/or tend to flare for 4-7 days per month...Some of my patients have only Bb (Borrelia burgdorferi), without any other co-infections, especially those that have been sick for more than 20 years. Such patients have been living at a lower level of functionality, & may have been suffering from symptoms of generalized pain, fatigue & cognitive issues for a tremendous amount of time...

Richard Horowitz - Lyme Disease - (Medical & Military Research 
Lyme cysts - - "Why does penicillin kill Lyme? It shouldn't. Lyme is a gram negative bacteria. While certain Beta-lactam antibiotics can kill gram negative bacteria, penicillin cannot. Penicillin is only active against gram positive bacteria...
Tindamax (tinidazole) - our premier Cyst-buster, is the most effective drug overall. This 'cyst-buster' kills 90% of cysts and spirochetes: by far the best drug...Tindamax is the only drug which does a great job on biofilm colonies as well... Tindamax passes the blood brain barrier & penetrates well into most tissues. It has been effective in my patients with neuro-cognitive deficits - neuro-borreliosis...(&) intractable Lyme arthritis of...knees...
(CAUTION) Tindamax has a black box warning. It has been associated with cancer in some laboratory animals."

, Alex 7/3/2007 Lyme and tick-borne Diseases blog  "The best Lyme tests available today (via Igenix labs in California) are still only 60-70% effective...
See a Lyme-literate doctor who has experience with diagnosing & treating both the acute & chronic forms of

disease...If it is caught immediately, then a 6 week regimen of antibiotics is very successful in eradicating the disease...At least 50% of those infected with Lyme also have 1 or more co-infections present. Common co-infections are: Babesia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichea, Q Fever, Bartonella, and Mycoplasma. If you have been bitten by a tick or diagnosed with Lyme, you should also get yourself tested for co-infections. Because some co-infections, such as Babesia & Bartonella, require different antibiotic treatment than Lyme disease, you will not recover from Lyme unless you also treat the co-infections."
Lyme disease -

disease -

Disease - conventional secular film -

Mimosa pudica powder
is an Ayurvedic herb that is 30x stronger than the best medical drug.
Starting with 1/2 teaspoon twice a day 2 days a week & working up to 1 teaspoon daily for 3 months.
Sea salt & vitamin c -

Old Lyme
but new symptoms - (CAUTION. Many of modern SYNTHETIC drugs do more harm than good.  This includes CYPRO.)  [Although most American doctors dismiss vitamins/herbs for parasites/viruses/bad bacteria, many other nations (eg. China & India) prescribe them, especially artemisia/wormwood for malaria & related diseases.  This plant has been so successful, USA drug companies have attempted to buy up all overseas locations growing it, in an attempt to get a patent/control.]

Opossums: Our Best Defense Against Lyme Disease. They Kill 5,000 Ticks per Week Each, Study Finds 10/3/2019

Strasheim, Connie - INSIGHTS INTO LYME DISEASE TREATMENT - table of contents - sample chapter @ - (WARNING - IGNORE recommendation of hypnosis or non-Christian meditation.) - "I am concerned about non-frequency specific Rife machines, IV hydrogen peroxide, the salt/C protocol and colloidal silver IV’s. I think that while they have their place in healing Lyme disease. I have seen some people improve by doing them, there may be problems with such (hopefully well-intentioned) treatments (done in an un-professional/uninsured/unsanitary manner, often without proper medical oversight or scientific insight)"
"Most of my patients need treatment for anywhere from 9 months to 3 years...If they comply with their treatment regimens, then most of them should get 90% or more better." [So NOW is the time to have Dr. Jesus on our team, for a 100% cure.  Amen.)
Bacteria: (1) Bartonella, (2) babesia, and (3) ehrlichia/anaplasma are common Lyme co-infections, though they can also occur independently of Lyme disease. (4) Mycoplasma can sometimes be a player as well. (4 separate tests may be needed.]

, Connie - - I use olive leaf extract and monolaurin or lauricidin for viruses, oregano oil for yeast." 
2011/04/72-hour-remedy-salt-and-vitamin-c-never.html -
Stem Cell -

, Connie - INSIGHTS INTO LYME DISEASE TREATMENT - table of contents - sample chapter @

Dr. Thoring..has come up with a promising herb tincture, called BLT from Clinical Response Formulas, which contains red root (beets), teasel, boneset, black walnut, lomatium, smilax and stillengia.
I find this product to work really well for treatment of Borrelia and Bartonella...
Garlic is beneficial for those who don’t have trouble metabolizing sulfur-containing foods:

Tick Borne Disease Alliance - lynne - 1/1/2013 - "Visit Tick Borne Disease Alliance; they will help you find a LL MD to treat you"
Vistide [brand name/Cidofiovir (generic)] - – was effective against HCMV but...only for the patients who have not responded to the standard protocol after at least 1 year, because it can (adversely) affect the kidneys." - "Plum Island (off of Connecticut) is the site of the US Government’s Animal Disease Center located at the end of New York’s Long Island. The island is currently controlled by the Department of Homeland Security with maximum-security provisions & is only accessible by Government approved vessels. The initial purpose of the center was for the protection of America’s livestock from possible disease. During the Cold War though, the facility was used for the development of secret biological weapons. Former Nazi member Erich Traub was the main consultant for the biological weapons research after he was brought to the US through Operation Paperclip. Traub’s expertise was in insects, specifically ticks, since they had the capability of carrying disease through a large population. The US government explored all possibilities of biological weapons during the Cold War; including affecting the Soviets food supply and population with insects injected with lethal pathogens. It is still unclear if the facility still partakes in the biological weapons research but there have been speculations since the Animal Disease Facility continues its’ research in secrecy. The (island) facility on Plum Island was given a bio level 5-facility status since it was located off of the continental United States even though they generally only implement bio level 3 safety procedures for containment of biohazards. It is completely possible that pathogens or infectious diseases could escape from the island & infect animals, or even people, on the interior of the United States. Samples of polio & other diseases that affect humans are stored on the facility so an outbreak would be detrimental."  (Those that believe in healing can apply the blood of Jesus' to the spirochetes/bacteria/cysts, in Jesus' name.) - Hyde Park, N.Y.
Scientists Discover A Second Bacterium That Causes Lyme Disease (infection/reinfection) @ "Borrelia burgdorferi, which at that time was the only known cause of Lyme disease in the U.S.," says Dr. Bobbi Pritt, a microbiologist at the Mayo Clinic...It's been dubbed Borrelia mayonii, after the Mayo Clinic. News of the new species was published this month in the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases...Both species of Lyme-causing bacteria are carried by the tick Ixodes scapularis, also known as the black-legged or deer tick, which has continued to spread its range across the U.S." 2/8/2016
Instead of the telltale bull's-eye pattern associated with B. burgdorferi, rashes on these patients were diffuse or spotty.  In addition to the fever, headache, rash and neck pain...patients who had contracted the new species of bacteria also experienced nausea & vomiting...A child was nearly impossible to wake up from sleep. An adult had trouble with vision, seeing double...continued arthritis...(The medicine/drug) Doxycycline is used to kill both species of bacteria."

Warnings Below

Mental Illness
can be a symptom of Lyme or other virus infestation -
#1 - 5/4/2017
#2 Conner, David Michael - - 05/05/2017 Updated 6/1/2017
"There is a condition called 'general paresis of the insane' that is characteristic of progressive, untreated syphilis infections. Syphilis is caused by a spirochete-type bacterium, Treponema pallidum, that can infect the brain and nervous system. People who have untreated syphilis are known to become severely mentally ill as a result of this brain damage, and also suffer other neurological effects...
Another spirochete-type bacterium, Borrelia  (B. burgdorferi, B. mayonii, B. garinii, B. miyamotoi) sometimes uses its corkscrew shape to drill its way into the brain & spinal column. Like Treponema, Borrelia bacteria can cause brain lesions and inflammation. Depending on the species, Borrelia infections are commonly called Lyme disease or tickborne relapsing fever. The term 'neuro-borreliosis refers to central nervous system infection by Borrelia bacteria, both the kind that cause Lyme disease & the kind that cause relapsing fever. According to a 1998 article published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, a publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, “Some tick-borne species of relapsing fever agents, notably B. turicatae in the Southwestern United States and B. dutonnii in Africa at present, commonly invade the CNS early in the infection. Oral antibiotics for one to a few days may eliminate the spirochetes from the blood in these cases, but it is likely that the infected brain provides a reservoir for spirochetes to repopulate the blood once antibiotics have been withdrawn....
Sexually transmitted syphilis and tick-transmitted Borrelia are regarded as biological 'cousins,' both being spirochetes, an otherwise uncommon form of bacterium...It is curious, then, that medical doctors who suspect syphilis infections likely would regard mental illness-type symptoms as evidence of syphilis infection, whereas a great many medical professionals who see patients who suspect they may have Lyme disease instead regard mental illness-type symptoms as evidence that the patient has no physical illness at all. In other words, mental dysfunction is a long-accepted symptom of syphilis, which is always treated with antibiotics (except of course in the case of the *Tuskegee experiment); however, it is to the contrary common for Lyme patients who present with similar symptoms to be denied antibiotic treatment and instead prescribed antidepressants or other psychoactive medications. Of course, to deny antibiotics to a syphilis patient would be unconscionable, as the infection would persist and likely kill the patient... Countless Lyme disease patients are dismissed by medical professionals for years before they are properly diagnosed and treated. Many claim that Lyme disease tests are highly flawed, notoriously so, and if these and blood tests and other labs come back negative/normal, many doctors end the diagnostic process there and refer patients to mental health professionals. Some skip the referral and simply prescribe antidepressants & antianxiolytics themselves. In cases of psychiatric symptoms being caused by latent infections, the masking of symptoms with psychiatric medications would facilitate ongoing damage to the patient by the untreated infection...This, again, reflects the design of the 40-year-long *Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male, in which black American men were unknowingly enrolled in a study designed & administered by the United States government to track the slow degradation of their health, & in most cases their ultimate deaths, from syphilis even though a cure: penicillin, was readily available. (In what would appear to be a modern-day parallel, the federal government of Canada in 2014 passed a law whose preamble states: 'the current guidelines in Canada are based on those in the United States & are so restrictive as to severely limit the diagnosis of acute Lyme disease & deny the existence of continuing infection, thus abandoning sick people with a treatable illness.') Lyme and multiple sclerosis can be indistinguishable from a clinical perspective, and that includes both physical neurological effects and neuropsychiatric ones.
MS patients in some cases
could be described as 'loonies,' too. Sadly in some cases they too are dismissed during the diagnostic process as 'head cases,' referred for counseling or psychiatric treatment...
To the dismay and disapproval of public health officials who may read this, the honest-to-God truth is that the only medication that significantly improved my psychological problems turned out to be antibiotics...

Amy Tan wrote in the New York Times: 'I have my life back, but I am not cured. If I go off antibiotics, the symptoms march back.
I have permanent bodily damage, including epilepsy, a consequence of 16 lesions in my brain'...
After my health improved roughly 85-90% following about 6 months of combined oral antibiotic treatment, I discontinued the treatment and my symptoms indeed marched back like a vengeful army. I resumed the treatment and my symptoms retreated. This is a consistent experience of countless people...who had been previously misdiagnosed with a great number of other diseases, & treated ineffectively for them...Consistent symptoms, consistent misdiagnoses (often MS, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue) with attendant consistent treatments (immunomodulators, pain medications, etc.) failed to improve their health & in many cases made their symptoms worse...
It certainly supports a case for antibiotic treatment having some physical effect on improving severe symptoms.
Some have suggested that the improvement may be due to anti-inflammatory action of some antibiotics rather than the actual antimicrobial activity, but this, too, seems questionable when considering that many patients (including this 1) had little to no relief from anti-inflammatory painkillers but respond positively to antibiotics. To say that all of these patients, with all of their commonalities, are delusional and share a pathological bias toward imagining that antibiotics and only antibiotics improve their imagined health problems seems to me to be a highly flawed and convoluted speculation....
Oddly, the IDSA and CDC have waged NO war on the common months or years-long prescription of tetracycline antibiotics, the same used as 1st-course treatment for Lyme, to treat acne, a primarily cosmetic health problem. Why does the same treatment (for acne) pose major risks for patients who are sometimes so severely ill that they can’t work, go to school or lead productive lives...Given that doxycycline and other tetracycline-class antibiotics are the primary treatments for both Lyme and acne, it is confounding that CDC-endorsed guidelines prohibit doctors from prescribing these medications for longer than 28 days for a multi-systemic infectious disease that can cause severe neurological damage (and cardiac arrest), but doing so (prescribing the opposite) for years on end for a purely cosmetic condition is uncontested (uless these 2 drugs are a black box or 100% synthetic prescription best NOT used for either, where safer meds and/or alternative medicine is a: do NO harm best method)."

Dade, Thelma with Souza, Katie - (edited)
@ - "I found myself alone in a hospital room recovering from a procedure that very nearly killed me, still dying from Lyme disease. As I listened to some music, I heard the Lord say, 'I didn’t call you sheep as a compliment.' I looked over and saw a book someone had left on my bedside table. It was 'A Shepherds Look at Psalm 23' by W. Phillip Keller. I picked it up and my childhood memories of sheep and shepherds came back to me. You have to care for them from the cradle to the grave, or they truly are too stupid to live.  As I looked at that book, I repented for my sin. I asked God to forgive and restore my soul. I wasn’t back to where I had once been, but it was a beginning.  My cry became, 'Deliver me.' God always meets us where we are. No matter how low we have fallen, or what we have done, we can never outrun or be separated from God's love. I am so very thankful."

, Dr. Aiko (inspiration) - V.'s Mother's Prayer "Send Laser Beams" (edited) June 2010 @ - PRAYER: "Heavenly Father, I ask You to assign ministering spirits to aim the laser beams of Your Word at... _______’s brain and specify the particular frequency of the laser beam for the purpose of disintegrating (scar tissues/tumors/enemy DNA/ _______  in Jesus' name).  Your Word coming out of my mouth will be energized by the Breath of Your Holy Spirit within me.
It is written: in 1 John 3:8, 'For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil.' of the devil in the form of (brain lesions, scar tissue, _______ ) be destroyed, in the name of Jesus'.
It is written: in Hebrews 12:29,  'Our God is a consuming fire.' Therefore, God is consuming all disease-causing germs, viruses, (parasites, bacteria, ________ ) and everything else abnormal and destructive in this body.
It is written: in Romans 8:2, 'The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me [_______] free from the Law of sin and death.' Therefore...( _______ be) free from the law of sin and death and now operate in the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.
It is written: in Matthew 8:17, 'He [Jesus] Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses.'
Therefore Satan has no right to put upon ( _______ ) that which was already laid on Jesus. 
In Jesus' name, I command you, Satan and spirits of darkness, to pack up all your symptoms and diseases. 
Leave ( _______' s) body NOW.  Become part of His footstool.
It is written: in 1 Corinthians 6:19, 'Our [______'s] body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.'  Therefore I ask You, Holy Spirit, to cleanse Your temple and restore this body [temple of _______] to total normalcy, conforming to the pattern of perfection YOU originally designed for this body (of _______), in Jesus' Name.
Thank You, Heavenly Father, for Your faithfulness to Your Word, watching over Your Word to perform it...
According to Romans 4:17, 'God, You give life to the dead and call those things which do not exist as though they do.' 
I call this body (of _______ ) healed."  (Father, You alone get all the fame and glory.  Thanks.) 


, Doug - - (edited) -
: It wasn’t until I stepped into the 1 John 4:18 perfect love, and cast out the tormenter, I was able to walk in my (Lyme) healing and destiny.
Rebecca: Absolutely. Thank you, Doug. Our ministry is Christian Harvest International. Our website is
I just completed the 9th book: Glory Warfare. © Copyright 2018 Doug Addison and In Light Connection. (edited) Regarding Lyme and other often incurable diseases – (excerpt) - Right now, Let’s clear the heavens over ourselves and each other. Don’t worry about anybody else. Don’t think, “Oh, this is good for someone else.” Oh no. We need to now take some time.
Lord, if we have judged anybody or have unforgiveness in our heart, including You, Lord, we now repent and ask forgiveness. Clear this judgment from the records.
Lord, cleanse us from our sin of judgment, that log in our eye.  Help us now, through repentance. 
Relieve and remove completely the logs in our eyes of judgment & unforgiveness. 
Lord, we release Your power of forgiveness (for) Jesus said, “If you forgive those who sin against those, the Father in Heaven will forgive you.”  Of course, He forgives us, but  now we clear (erase) the records (of past but now forgiven sins, written in heaven’s books by Your scribe angels.) We are now opening the heavens right now, coming into agreement with Your perfect love. As we step into the power of forgiveness and come into agreement with Your anointing and power to move mountains, to say to each mountain in front of us right now (formerly blocked by unforgiveness), “Wither. Be removed, lifted and thrown into the sea.”  (We believe.
We receive Your miracles as they begin to come from the invisible heaven into the visible realm on earth.)
Lord, now open the heavens over us for our finances plus ability to love & to see others as You see them.
Now, we open the heavens over us, over our family & home…
We might have to do this a few times. I now live this lifestyle of agreement, no longer aligning with the negative things. Galatians 6:7, whatever we sow we shall reap. No longer do I live in a time of judgments. When I do, I stop right there, repent and offset it. I kid you not. If I find myself judging, I will find someplace to give more, 3-4 compliments or blessings, so that I am no longer locked under this curse of judgment.
In scripture, John said if you bind that spirit of fear and cast it out, the tormentors will go as well.
This is the time right now to bind and take authority over this spirit of fear. It’s not just an emotion. It can be a demon.  If it’s combined with not loving people, it can be a tormentor. So we (bind and) cast out the tormentor in Jesus’ Name.  (Then in Jesus’ name/power/blood we replace it with, thus bind to our soul: God’s) understanding and love.
Lord, allow us to walk fear-free, in: forgiveness, perfect love, and agreement on Earth as it is in Heaven, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
The 4 Keys to Change Your Life is a free e-book. + 3 audios specifically for people who read it.
© Copyright 2018 -
The 4 Keys would have saved me a lot of pain, time & money: The power of agreement, perfect love, your words & forgiveness.

, David - In his booklets he mentions that a tick bite can be reversed via consistently praying in tongues.
Liz Johnson was healed of Lyme disease. Interviewed by Thurman Scrivner - 5/27/2009 #1 #2 - #3 -
Psalm 103 - Dallas, Texas, USA

Ingram, Cass - Healing in progress @
via alternative medicine

Katie Souza 5/31-6/6/2010 - TV broadcast @ TV transcript @

"My mom had been really sick for like 25 years. She got bit by a lime tick and it releases spiral bacteria into her body. Then she got severe rheumatoid (arthritis); it started to eat the bones and the cartilage in her body. She lost her knees and they put artificial ones in. She lost her left hip and they put an artificial one in.  Then they had to take it
out because the disease ate the plastic parts of the man-made hip."
Katie Souza Demonic kings cause physical diseases, mental disorders & financial lack. 
Learn how to overcome and become a carrier of King Jesus, the King over every king.
The Healing School Part 1/3  (or
#1 of 3 - 2012 -
The Healing School Part 2/3 + The Healing School Part 3/3

, Katie 11/12/2016 TV broadcast regarding long learning curve that Katie spiritually walked with mom enduring physically horrendous ordeal of bacteria consuming both bone & plastic joint replacement.


, Katie - - Lyme Disease healing -
“My mom had been really sick for like 25 years. She got bit by a lyme tick and it releases spiral bacteria into her body, and then she got severe rheumatoid, and it started to eat the bones and the cartilage in her body. She lost her knees and they put artificial ones in. She lost her left hip.  They put an artificial 1 in.  Then they had to take it out because the disease ate the plastic parts of the man-made hip…
When I put my hands on her I felt this heat generating that I had never felt before. So I’m getting excited and I’m thinking, yeah, she’s gonna jump up & be healed. I pray and pray, & nothing happens. The next day nothing happens. 3rd day, the same thing.   But then my father who had just come back from the emergency room, they had scheduled him for 2 major surgeries on his prostate, & when he came back I laid hands on him & he was instantly healed. 2 weeks later he goes to the doctor & they cancel the surgeries…
So I’m asking God that question, like what’s going on? He said,
I want you to read that scripture in Matthew 10 about the anointing he just got and look at the order (sequence) in which Jesus talks about the anointing.’ So I looked.  It said, ‘Jesus gave them the anointing, #1, drive out demons and #2, heal the sick.’ When I saw that the Lord said, ‘Some-times you've got to 1st drive out demonic powers that are making people sick, before you can then heal the sick.’ So I’m like, all right. I’m going to do that.  So I started praying every demon off of Mom on the face of the
planet.  Nothing happens. So I’m like, okay God, what’s going on now? He said,
Well you’re fighting. You’re doing the right thing. But now it’s about order and you’re fighting the enemy in the wrong order.’ You see, the kingdom of darkness operates like an army.  It has ranks. The Lord told me, You can’t fight your way from the bottom of the ranks up. You've got to learn how to start from the top & go down.’  When He said that. He took me to that Ephesians scripture in 6:12.  In the amplified it says the order.  It shows the order in which the demonic kingdom operates. It says that, ‘We wrestle not against the flesh and blood, but against despots of the powers and master spirits.’
The Lord says, ‘
That’s the order.’  So what’s a despot, because that’s the 1st thing in the order. It’s a tyrant king. No king is a king, unless he has a kingdom underneath him.  So who’s in his kingdom? The next 2 on the list: powers & master spirits. I mean, the word ‘powers’ in Webster’s: means ‘orders of angels’.  So there’s the ranks.  When I saw that, I go, okay. God spoke & said this...‘If you’ll learn how to fight & defeat the king (1st) then the powers (2nd) & master spirits (3rd) underneath him in his kingdoms will just submit to you.’  I’m like, okay then. Where’s that in the Bible?  He said, In David & Goliath.’   So I went to the story, Sid, and I saw proof of what God was saying.
It said that the Israelites and the Philistines were lined up in battle and ready to fight, but they were fighting because they had a champion, a top dog doing the fighting for them.  Every day Goliath would come up & say this, 'Choose a man from amongst yourselves & he can come down to me & defeat me then we,' meaning me & my army, 'will submit to you.'   That’s what happened. David goes. He cuts Goliath’s head off right in the front of the Philistine army, which symbolizes the removal of his head ship of his covering.  The very next verse says, ‘When the Philistines saw their champion was dead they fled.’  They didn’t rise up & fight, Sid. When they their champion of their headship of the covering was dead they fled without a fight.  That’s the way the demonic kingdom works. If we learn how to go to the top & remove these kings from the position of power, then the powers & master spirits underneath them will just have to submit to us. It’s way easier that way…If you go to the top, I mean Jesus said it. If you take out the strong man, then you can ransack his house. So Jesus did it, too.  In Ephesians 6 it shows us the order: despots, powers and master spirits.  Despots are kings. No king is a king unless he has a kingdom underneath him. So you go to the top and then the rest will begin to just submit to you. This is 1 of the keys to mass deliverance, to be able to do things, deliverance on an accelerated manner. With Mom, she was our example.  We learned from her. 1/2016


- DANGER - - Do not use this black box med or synthetic as an antibiotic.  Request a drug with NO black-box-warning.
Request alternative.  Being allergic will help MD heed request
2005;wap2 - World War 2 - "The Borrelia genus is reported by British writer Elena Cook to have been used by World War 2 Japanese germ warfare scientists in the infamous Unit 731, which conducted live experiments on prisoners in Manchuria.[1] After the war, Japanese bio-warriors were shielded by the United States from war crimes trials in exchange for their research findings.[2]
Borreliosis had been feared during the 2nd World War as a cause of the frequently fatal disease relapsing fever. Borrelia were known for their ability to adopt different forms under conditions of stress (such as exposure to antibiotics). By shedding their outer wall (which is targeted by penicillin) and developing into a cystic state, they could evade attack and continue to exist as a reservoir of infection in the body.[3] (Cloves are used to eradicate this stage.)  According to former Justice official John Loftus, Nazi bio-warfare scientists, including
Erich Traub, were hired under the top secret U.S. government Operation Paperclip,[4] & they experimented with ticks and a variety of other common bio-weapons on (Atlantic ocean's) Plum Island, which lies a few miles directly opposite

Old Lyme, Connecticut
, and is currently under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security."
  Brittany Goff - or - 2012 - only for the courageous - Monsters Inside Me - watch-v=-3OumR6rgzY - @ Animal Planet - My struggle and recovery of Chronic Lyme disease @ or lyme-disease-and-babesia -
Facebook @ brittany.goff.90-ref=tn_tnmn + Dr J's story about me + Lisa's Story about me -
#1 REPLY from - romeodelta1178 - "I agree Lyme Disease has been around for a long time. The 'ice man' had borrilia bungdorferi bacteria. The lyme disease we are seeing today is different from the lyme of olden days. This is WEAPONIZED LYME DISEASE.  Created on Plum Island (off New York State) in Lab 257, by Erich Traub.
The US government admitted that it conducted tests on ticks by weaponizing lyme disease."
#2 REPLY from - Skiman21632 - "Ask a lyme literate Doctor.   Make sure they test for co-infections. Also make sure the Dr. uses the best med labs such as IGENEX, MDL and so forth. This is crucial for a clear diagnosis. Remember these infections can be difficult to diagnose. Just have patience & be your own advocate. There are some really good
lyme dedicated websites Such as ." - 2006 - "While it's not yet known if Plum Island experimented on Lyme-causing borrelia, the lab's directors openly admitted to Michael Carroll, author of a recently-published book which is endorsed by 2 former State Governors, that they kept 'tick colonies'. The 'hard tick' Amblyomma americanum,
a known carrier of Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), was 1 of the subjects of the Island's experiments. [viii] This tick is not the 1 most commonly associated with transmitting Borrelia burgdorferi, but it is implicated in harboring Borrelia lonestari, believed to be the cause of a 'Lyme-like illness' in the American south. [ix]",-connecticut - Lyme infested area now a military reservation? - "Stones Ranch is located in south eastern Connecticut within the towns of East Lyme, Old Lyme, and Lyme. The northern boundary of the installation abuts land owned by the Yale University School
of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Portions of the Nehantic State Forest help limit compatible use concerns on the northwest & northeast corners." 1983-1996 Lyme Disease Risk - Assessments (LDRAs) by U.S. Army at military installations.
  Herxheimer Reaction - Lyme Induced Autism   Dr. Warren Levin 1 hour in a laundry dryer (on highest heat level) typically kills lyme mites/ticks on clothes   Old Lyme -,_Connecticut -
"The 'Lyme' in Lyme disease was named after the town. It was discovered in 1975 after a mysterious outbreak of what appeared to be juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in children who lived in Lyme & Old Lyme." @ - source #1: BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOC-BROOKHAVEN LAB, BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LAB, UPTON, NY 11973, FISCAL YR 2003 - "We plan to use Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), the arthropod-borne etiologic agent of Lyme disease & Yersinia pestis, the etiologic agent of plague, as our principle test agents to work through the systems." (Other sources:)
"Many of the first outbreaks of these diseases occurred in areas adjacent to military or biological testing facilities such as Plum Island. In fact Erlichia Chaffiensis, 1 of the tick-borne coinfections, is actually named after Fort Chaffi where it was first isolated. The United States has a long history of conducting field experiments on it's own citizens without their knowledge or consent. The U.S. Code, Sec. 50 states it is legal to do so...
A Red Cross pathologist...admitted that the Red Cross does not screen it's blood supply for Lyme Disease or Mycoplamsa Fermentens...
Nichols informed Quinn around 1999 that the Lyme Disease spirochete was a PRIME COMPONENT of the materials being spewed from the aircraft spraying CHEMicalTRAILS...
Bb has been shown to pass from mother to fetus. Many feel that it can be sexually transmitted...
It has been found in semen, tears, breast milk & other insects in addition to ticks. With lyme disease there is no immunity. One can be infected & reinfected.  The disease is responsible for neuropsychiatric problems...
Many of our nation's children are being labeled with learning disabilities when the cause is often lyme disease.
I am also wondering if vaccines are contaminated with Bb & or myco-plasmas?"

LYME DISEASE Under Our Skin unedited full documentary - 10/3/2015 movie now for $. 
Sequel "Emergence" is @
Lyme disease can be sexually transmitted & can infect a fetus by crossing the placental blood barrier.
Surgery & general anesthesia can (trigger) bring Lyme out of remission per
Gordon, Dr. Garry -
axOt8M&index=6 - 2nd opinion.  #6 of series. - Try
ACS 200 Colloidal Silver. One of Benny Hinn's doctors.