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Frankincense (Boswellia
"10 years I have taken an herb called Boswellia. It is made from the bark of the Boswellia tree that grows in India & Somalia; but it actually is the 3 Kings took to the baby Jesus 2000 years ago.'
Moore, Sharon - Lupus - - In Germany phyto-medicine is plant medicine.  (Avoid toxic hypnotherapy.  Avoid Buddha, but love the person/Buddhist.)


Bressette, Susan - Healed from Lupus - Hunter Ministry & Evans Ministries brochure -
Cox, Paul - June 29, 2013 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration
"These are basic notes and prophetic words that were delivered during the session. 
We do NOT submit any of this information as doctrine. Please personally test these notes Biblically.
Paul began by telling a story about receiving a new wedding ring. His wife had wanted him to get one for a while, and then bought one for him for their 45th wedding anniversary. When Paul took off the old ring he realize that there was contamination attached to the former ring and he felt deliverance.
He felt it was attached to a word he received years ago and to words spoken over him/his marriage years ago. This is attached to the current discerning.

Reviewed:  There is a power grid (of Ley-lines).  Each point where the lines meet is a gate, a star-gate.
Gates go into dimensions (and) Doors go into places in the dimensions.
We have been pondering, 'Why are we not getting healed?'  Is it about faith? 
Donít think so because that brings guilt and shame.

Paul told story about a ministry session where he discerned (and disconnected) a connection to an ungodly star/constellation & the lady was healed from lupus.
[After this type of healing where ministry they went to the foundation of the earth when patient was a spirit before the soul had been imparted via God's breath. 
There he noticed this star constellation Lupus which appeared to be a negative influence on her. 

Although he had never ministered this way before, nor did he actually believe in such pre-natal or neo-natal ministry, he did follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, which did result in the healing of her Lupus,
(after someone had sung over her DNA). 
Additionally there are often spiritual blockages due to ancestral un-repented sins/iniquities]."
Dotson, Emily -
From Defeat to Victory, Emily Dotson's Life as Healed of Lupus
  5/22 & 2/2002 archived radio broadcasts
Hayes, Norvel - excellent -
Souza, Katie - The Awesome Power of Purpose - CD
Testimonies of Dietary Healing
Ida Kolader from Amsterdam discusses maintaining proper PH diet or alkalinity rather than acidosis
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