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Alpha Lipoic Acid has regrown livers per Dr. Burt Berkson
audio # 010503-090 at Nutritional Medicine Today conference 1-905-889-6555
Black cumin seed oil @
Camu Camu - - 10/8/2019 - "The scientific name of this riverside tree is Myrciaria dubia.  Most of the world knows its fruit as camu camu or cacari or camocamo... Research at The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Japan states that the presence of a compound called 1-methylmalate in camu camu aids in treating a liver injury.

Camu Camu -

Detoxification -
Anti-Aging Therapeutics Volume XVII:
Fish oil baby formula has been found to prevent/reverse liver disease in babies fed soy based formula during prolonged hospital stays requiring IV (intravenous) nutrition. Omega-ven (by Fresenius Kabi, Germany) is the brand being tested at Children's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  Additionally it is being tested on children (with "short bowel syndrome") who are unable to digest sufficient calories to survive.  1/11/2007 
Goat's (Gurnsey, Jersey, camel, or sheep A2) milk is superior to (A1) cow's milk & vegetable protein for a damaged liver, says Dr Gloria Gilbere in 
The Doctor's Prescription for Healthy Living
   vol.7  #1
Liver detox foods are wheat grass, beets, milk thistle, horseradish, red & daikon radish, artichokes, onions, carrots, oranges, mangoes per Dharma Khalsa MD in Food as Medicine Detox supplements = alpha lipoic acid, evening primrose oil, pycnogenol, milk thistle
Omega oils,0,w "

Premature infants-so-called “premies”-and adults with serious intestinal dysfunctions must receive liquid nutrition formulas via intravenous lines. This kind of intervention is called total parenteral nutrition or TPN. (“Parenteral” means “outside the intestines”)...
A few years back, Drs. Mark Puder & Jennifer Garza at Children's Hospital Boston (CHB) found that the fat formula used in standard TPN solutions was contributing to liver failure in babies & infants on TPN, by causing fat to accumulate in the liver.
The standard TPN fat formula, called Intralipid®, is made from soybean oil & delivers pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids & no omega-3s. Drs. Garza & Puder tested Omegaven®-made from omega-3-rich fish oil-in animals suffering fatty liver failure, in place of omega-6-rich Intralipid®. 
As hoped, the TPN formula containing Omegaven prevented fat accumulation & liver injury."

N-Acetyl Cysteine Effective for Acute Liver Failure + N-Acetyl Cysteine acute liver failure study - Researchers found that acute liver failure patients in early stages of hepatic comas, when treated with the medicine. 
N-acetylcysteine (NAC), were nearly 2.5 times more likely to survive than those treated only with a placebo.
Phosphatidyl-choline (the main ingredient in lecithin) -
Probiotics - 11/14/2014 Gut-liver axis and probiotics: Their role in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Silymarin from Milk Thistle can greatly help to improve liver health. 12/2011
Link Between Alcohol & Cancer Death
Tumeric root may help promote liver bile production.  It is a choleretic (bile stimulant). 
, CM  Parasites @ 
LaValle, James - Cracking the Metabolic Code @ -
"The liver removes toxic and metabolic waste products from the body by converting them to water soluble compounds that can be excreted in the urine through processes known as Phase 1 & Phase 2 detoxification. Substances that are not water soluble are transformed by the liver and excreted in the bile. Toxins not completely removed by either one of these processes may be eliminated through the skin or lungs. Toxins that remain in the body accumulate in the adipose (fat) tissue & nerve cells, & can contribute to a wide range of degenerative diseases & conditions, including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease & Parkinson's disease...
Glutathione, a large antioxidant molecule that is the primary detoxification substance in the liver attaches to toxic compounds & changes them, enabling the body to excrete them.
Because glutathione is a large molecule it cannot be absorbed into the body if taken orally.

So measures must be taken to help the body make its own glutathione. The following substances either help the body make glutathione or help restore the antioxidant capacity of glutathione:
Vitamin C, Selenium, SAM-e [s-adenosyl-methionine, a metabolite of the amino acid methionine is best known for its role in depression & arthritis. However, SAM-e also promotes glutathione production in the liver

& therefore enhances phase 2 detoxification.
Be sure to take a multivitamin, if taking SAM-e, as a source of the vitamins B12, B6 & folic acid to reduce the chance of forming homocysteine.], Zinc (the enzyme in the liver that detoxifies alcohols),

and N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) [a sulfur containing amino acid stimulates production of glutathione.
It is often used to help fight viruses & catalyze detoxification of heavy metals, pesticides, tobacco smoke & exhaust emissions by improving phase 2 detoxification. NAC also exerts a protective effect in kidney tissue, which is prone to heavy metal damage.]"
LaValle, James - Cracking the Metabolic Code @ -


Cirrhosis -
Death Switch - 2/2/2011 - "A protein...plays a dual role in the liver during sepsis. The protein, known as RIP1, acts both as a 'death switch' & as a pro-survival mechanism.
The ability to identify the triggers for these functions may play a key role in treating sepsis in the future."
Hepatitis B is one root cause of liver cancer.  A preventative vaccine exists that can be taken by infant at birth if mother has virus. Disease is prevalent in Chinese population. 
6/4/2010 radio broadcast @
Israelis discover gene responsible for liver disease 4/10/2013


Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Liver Damage, Studies Show 4/29/2022
Berberine vs goldenseal - 10/31/2009 -"
Europe has a ban on the import of
Brazil nuts in the shell...
There was proposed U.S. ban on
raw almonds [the plan was to require them to be irradiated b/c of the aflatoxins (fungus from the Aspergillus species) ]...
Aflatoxins are the reason peanut butter is going out of style. We choose sunflower butter...
Think about getting a few nuts and seeds a day (generally not more than an ounce a day).
Wholefoods makes a simple & delicious
sesame seed brittle...
The European Union has imposed strict regulations on the import from Brazil of Brazil nuts in their shells, as the shells have been found to contain high levels of aflatoxins, which can lead to liver cancer."
DANGER: Tylenol (acetaminophen) kills pain, but Tylenol overdosing can destroy the liver
 Aged garlic may protect the liver.1/03 Life Extension  Death by Prescription  by Ray Strand MD What Your Doctor Doesn't Know May be Killing You by Ray Strand MD 8/2004 Sid Roth
Liver failure warning from taking Tylenol & alcohol.
Double Danger of High Fructose Corn Syrup  May/June 2007 editorial 
Especially when diet is low in copper, sucrose (50% glucose + 50% fructose) or fructose alone, especially high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) may cause fatal organ abnormalities, bowel disease, insulin problems, heart & liver hypertrophy in males, infertility in females & inadequate formation of elastin & collagen. 
Read food/beverage packaging labels!  HFCS is often found in bacon, beer, bread, sodas, soups, pasta sauces & even "health" products like protein bars & "natural" sodas. - "Aflatoxin B1 is the most potent liver cancer-forming chemical known.
It is a product of a mold (fungus) called Aspergillus flavus, which is found in food that has been stored in a hot & humid environment.
This mold is found in such foods as peanuts, rice, soybeans, corn & wheat.

Aflatoxin B1 has been implicated in the development of HCC in Southern China and Sub-Saharan Africa.
It is thought to cause cancer by producing changes (mutations) in the p53 gene.
These mutations work by interfering with the gene’s important tumor suppressing (inhibiting) functions." 
A common source of this fungus is parboiled &/or reheated rice.
Licorice -
mRNA spike protein harm @ Pfizer’s mRNA Vaccine Goes Into Liver Cells and Is Converted to DNA: Study - 5/13/2022
Weed Killers @ Researchers Link Glyphosate-Based Weedkillers to Liver Disease and Endocrine Disorders in Kids  3/2/2023


Combs, Tommy was healed of hepatitis C at age 10.
TOMMY: My mother puts her hand on the TV, a little black & white TV sitting beside the bed, mother touches it, reaches her other hand to my stomach & says these words: "God, heal my boy & I'll give him to you." 
If you don't know where that is, that is 1st Samuel, Chapter 1.
TOMMY: Hannah said, "Give me a man child." Samuel was born out of that prayer.
Instantly when my mother prayed that prayer, the power of God.  My mother pleaded the blood. 
Now, I don't leave that out.  My mother prays, my grandmother prays. 
They plead the blood. Instantly, the power of God came into my hospital room. 
It rolled in like a blue mist. Like yesterday, I remember the blue mist rolling into the room.
It was so powerful it knocked my grandmother to 1 side of the bed, my mother to the other side of the bed on the floor.  I raised up & looked like this. My mother & grandmother are gone.
Jesus walked back up to the bottom of my bed, through that blue mist. I saw it. I can describe Him to you.
I see him today just as vividly as I (as a 10-year-old-sick-dying boy lying there) saw Him walk up to my bed.
I got a brand new liver in 1 second...healed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Olsteen, Dodi healed of terminal liver cancer in 1981.  Hear The Tape 
Testimony is for those too sick to read. 
Testimony includes brief autobiography of Dodi's newborn daughter healed of (CP) cerebral palsy. 
This is the tape that I (Shelli Jones Baker) have listened to since my dramatic healing of a 4 centimeter mass in the abdomen in 1994.
I took this tape to bed with me, on the road with us &  kept it playing nearly 24/7 for 9 long months."
Shelli J Baker radio archives at 4/10/2017 (edited)
DODIE: God spoke to me 1 night, "You've had Brother Roberts, Brother Osborn & Brother Hagin pray."
He said, "but it's up to you & Me. It's between you & Me." So I realized I'd better get with it.
DODIE: I put pictures up of me, of John & I at our wedding.  Then I put a picture up of me when I was 38, I think. 
Just to remind me of how I was healthy & strong & that I would be that way again someday.
You refused to talk about the suffering, the pain, that you're feeling sick & tired.
We're snared with the words of our mouth. I didn't want to be snared.
I wanted Jesus to hear good things coming out.
So when the children would say, "Mother, how are you today," I would say, "I'm blessed.
I'm so blessed." We lived where we had a long driveway out in Humble at that time.
I would take mail out or check on the mail, bring it back & say, "I trust Jesus to heal me," all the way up to (& from) the mailbox.
I just did it. Now I still (say), when I see a cemetery, "No, devil, you will not take me. You've [nothing] to steal."
I said it loud, too. There's people with me.  I don't care. Just let them know I'm a fanatic. I'm alive (because)

I stored up the Word of God in my heart, those years that we had been married. I married when we were 22.
I was 48 then. (I'm alive because) I stirred up the (stored) Word of God (& because) John learned about healing...
He used to tell us, "Store the Word of God in your heart for use when needed.
You may not need it now, but someday you will." 

Tell me a few say when you're by yourself,
out loud with the same attitude. I'd like you to do that.

I will not die, but I'll live & declare the works of the Lord.
He sent his Word and healed them, & saved them from their destruction.
I will restore health unto you and heal you of your wounds...
I have in my little i-Pad. I read them every day of the week.
I have not missed a day reading them. I don't leave the house without reading them.

SID: But you, I'm sure had many bouts with fear.
I did. In the middle of the night I would wake up...When John was asleep
right there by me...the devil would say, "You're not really healed.  You think you are, but you're not."
I would say, "No devil, you will not tempt me with that. You will not keep harassing me with those words. 
I shall not die, but I shall live & declare the works of the Lord."
The devil would say, "You'll wear that pink dress to your funeral.  I'll see to it."
  I'd say no.
I'd replace that with a good thought, with the Word of God...It was a process. 

Okay. It was a process.  She did get healed.

Todd White 2010 - 7/26-30/2010 Listen to 7/29 Thursday's radio testimony of liver healing -
"After being supernaturally rescued from a life of drug addiction, Todd White began passionately pursuing God.
Tune in as Todd gives fresh insight on healing and shares how you can experience this too."


Osteen, Dodie - - Texas Drive Through Ministry -
"Houston's Lakewood Church & Pastor Joel Osteen have changed the way a lot of people worship & now Lakewood is starting a new service designed for people too ill to come to church. It's the idea of Dodie Osteen, Joel's mother & widow of the late John Osteen who founded Lakewood. Her ministry is healing. 
She's doing it outside the church walls, literally...For Dodie, it's personal.
It goes back to 1981 when Lakewood, founded by her late husband, Pastor John Osteen, was growing into the church it is today.
She was diagnosed with terminal
liver cancer & given a few weeks to live. She says she prayed without wavering for a full recovery. There was.  She is now a vibrant 76 years old." (See above testimony.)


Capps, Charles - 6/20/2011 - God's Provision For Healing - Pt 1 -
Charles & Peggy Capps share about her
liver transplant.


Blake, John - 1/11/2013 - unique -
John had Hepatitis C + Alzheimer's + stupor/coma/sleep-apnea symptoms. @
Katie Souza
“John Blake...battled with a rare disease (causing protein & toxic ammonia buildup which his liver was unable to adequately process, but) was completely healed of it [with help of Katie Souza’s ministry.
Apply: 1st Jesus' blood, 2nd dynamos resurrection power to heal soul wound.
3rd evict any (idol) spirit that is in common with the respective disease.] 
John got delivered of an ancient (Egyptian idol God Amun) spirit in his soul.
Idols attract demons/evil-spirits which in turn attract/legalize diseases/ defects. 
These invisible (curse causing) spirits are often familial/inherited/attracted due to un-confessed sin
(such as ancestral idolatry which is idol worship).
older podcasts
Vetenarian RX
Fenbenzadole, (dog dewormer) @ Joe Tippens Cures Terminal Cancer with Pet Medicine. - YouTube 8/4/2019 -
Small cell lung cancer removed/reversed.