Kidney Stones

Alternative Medicine

Alpha Lipoic Acid  Sosin, Dr Allan and Jacobs, Beth Ley - Alpha lipoic acid may help reverse Kidney failure/complications + help prevent kidney stone formation. 
Asparagus may help relieve kidney stone problems.
Citrate or citric acid may prevent kidney stone formation.  The best form of citrate is fresh lemon juice.  Drink daily. 7/2/04 10/04  Add a fresh slice of lemon to each glass of water.
Cranberries may help prevent kidney stones
per James E O'Brien in mini magazine The Miracle of Nature's Healing Foods published by Globe Communications Corp.
Hulda Regehr Clark in The Cure for HIV and Aids says that daily supplementation with B6 and magnesium can prevent oxalate stones from forming. 
Beware, conventional tea, cocoa & chocolate contain oxalic acid.  Try herb teas. 
Also, phosphate crystals may result from too much meat, bread, cereal, pasta and carbonated drinks.
"Drink about 14 cups (3.3 liters) of fluids every day and even more if you live in a hot, dry climate...
Water is best. Include a glass of lemonade every day, too. Make your own with real lemons, or use a liquid or frozen concentrate, but avoid powdered lemonade mixes. Lemonade increases the levels of citrate in your urine, and citrate helps prevent stone formation. (Add a wedge of lemon to each glass of water.  Avoid carbonated water.  Filter your water or use distilled water.  Spring water can be good too if you have investigated its claims of purity.  Finally, one can always bless the water or anything consumed by mouth!)...
If you tend to form calcium oxalate stones, your doctor may recommend restricting (reducing/omitting) foods rich in oxalates. These include rhubarb, star fruit, beets, beet greens, collards, okra, refried beans, spinach, Swiss chard, sweet potatoes, sesame seeds, almonds and soy products.
What's more, studies show that an overall diet low in (white refined table) salt and very low in (non-organic) animal protein (especially red meat) can greatly reduce your chance of developing kidney stones."
Magnesium reduces calcium oxalate formation which contributes to kidney stones per Reginald Cherry MD in God's Pathway to Healing - Vitamins and Supplements
Vitamin B6 may reduce risk of kidney stones per 2003 Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
Hall, Franklin - "The lady who fasted 23 days was hopelessly afflicted with kidney stones. The doctor could do nothing for her, and said an operation would be necessary. Well praise the Lord, she has not had an attack since her fast 2 years ago." Testimony of B. Krape, Woodhine, R.F.D. No. 1. Eldora, New Jersey


Some types of Vitamin C supplements in very very very high dosage may contribute to kidney stones (calcium oxylate) due to oxalic acid. However, this is unlikely
4th Quarter 2005   Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
Editorial Screening for Vitamin C in the Urine.  Is it Clinically Significant?
by Jackson, Wong, Krier and Riordan
[Likewise some (junk) sources of calcium may contribute to kidney stones. 
Be sure to get vitamin D3 especially during the winter (especially from sunshine or supplementation) when taking calcium from food sources or supplements. 
"Excess" (junk) calcium may cause calcification in artery walls & in kidneys as stones.]
Resolve chronic kidney stone or fibromyalgia issues once...Reduce or eliminate green smoothie intake in favor of salads and/or veggies cooked."
To smoothie "add a pinch of turmeric and ginger and a squeeze of lemon...
Add a little coconut oil to offset the dry, fibrous qualities of the veggies."
Tips for a Safer Green Smoothie Experience - CAUTION:  "hospitalization due to tissue pain or organ malfunction from oxalate crystals" may occur.