Kidney Disease


Causes & Warnings

"Acetaminophen's deadly effects extend beyond the liver.  Regular user of acetaminophen may double their risk of kidney (damage including) cancer...The most popular acetaminophen-containing drug is Tylenol."   7/2010 - 2 narcotics that contain acetaminophen are Vicodin & Percocet.
Vioxx & Premarain also can have toxic side effects.

Some supplements that may help with pain + protect the liver & kidneys are N-acetyl cysteine, gamma linolenic acid such as from borage oil, fish oil, MSM (methylsulphonylmethane) & Korean Angelica extract.
Supplements such as coenzyme Q10 taken with satin cholesterol-lowering drugs help reduce adverse drug side effects. 
Bob, Dr. - source
shares a healing method to add caster oil as an external compress + heating pad over kidneys

Dr. Bob Balancing Female Hormones - Part 1 + Dr. Bob Balancing Female Hormones - Part 2
NEW Dr. Bob's Guide to Stop ADHD in 18 Days + NEW Dr. Bob's Drugless Guide to Detoxification
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) may be triggered/increased by (excessive - over 1 can per day) soda (carbonated drinks) consumption.  The culprit may be the high fructose corn syrup or the phosphorus. 3/22/2009 
(Remember there can also be a problem with the container.  Tin cans contain aluminum. 
Choose glass over metal or plastic.)
Calciphylaxis is a disease in which blood vessels (veins & arteries) become blocked by a build-up of calcium in the walls of the vessels, preventing blood from flowing to the skin or internal organs.  The lack of blood flow (ischemia) damages healthy tissue & causes it to die (necrosis).  The most obvious & frequent symptom of calciphylaxis is damage to the skin, as ulcers can develop & become infected easily.  Calciphylaxis can also affect fat tissue, internal organs, & skeletal muscle, causing infections, pain, & organ failure.  
These symptoms are often irreversible. 
Many individuals with calciphylaxis may not survive more than a few mo
nths after they are diagnosed due to infection that spreads throughout the body (
sepsis), or organ failure.[1]  The exact cause of calciphylaxis is unknown.[2]  Treatments may include medications to reduce pain, antibiotics to treat infections, & various approaches to preventing the development or worsening of this condition. @ -
"Some colon-preparation (sodium phosphate) drugs (Osmo Prep ad Visicol)" may cause "irreparable kidney damage."  When preparing for a colonoscopy use phosphate-fee products (like GoLytely, HalfLytely, Mirarlax or magnesium citrate). 4/1/2009 
Chelation of heavy metals - EDTA CAUTIONS @ EDTA: Uses and Risks (

Cough Syrup @  Indonesia’s Ministry of Health took a bold step in a different direction: It banned the sale & prescription of pediatric cough syrups & other liquid medications, at least temporarily.  The ministry linked the cough syrups to kidney injuries that recently killed almost 100 Indonesian children and nearly 70 children in The Gambia in West Africa.  It voiced the suspicion that those numbers could be the tip of a much larger iceberg.

Kidney dialysis patients may be requested to reduce potassium (which helps to regulate heartbeat, helps conduct nerve impulses & helps muscles contract). To retain the potassium cook vegetables (such as potatoes) with the skin on/unpeeled.  To reduce (leech out) potassium, peel & slice vegetables prior to boiling (cooking). 
This will also leech out all the water soluble vitamins. Heat (especially microwaves) also destroys nutrition. 4/1/2009

Magnesium orotate -
Possible side effect of magnesium orotate supplementation is impaired kidney function over time. Specialized cells within the kidneys work as blood filters, adjusting the levels of salt & water that remain in the body & keeping essential nutrients in the bloodstream while allowing waste products to filter into the urine.
High levels
of magnesium in the body can modify levels of chemicals called solutes dissolved in the blood-stream. This increased level of solutes places a greater demand on the filtering units of the kidneys & over time this enhanced strain may lead to diminished functioning.
The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends that you refrain from taking (excessive unbalanced) magnesium
supplements if you already have diminished kidney function or kidney disease to prevent further damage."  (Magnesium & potassium need to be balanced.)

FDA in concert with drug companies advocate the removal of natural B6 vitamin pyridoxamine which helps delay the progression of kidney disease. Pyridoxine, pyridoxal & pyridoxamine all convert to pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate in the body, slowing down protein & lipid glycation which adversely affects diabetes, retinopathy, cataracts, ischemia, kidney disease & alzheimers.  Pyridoxine is the more bioavailable vitamin supplemental form of B6.  7/2009 
Remdevsivir @ Bryan Ardis Gives Life-Saving Protocol & Insight Here ( 1/9/2022 9:20: Remdesivir causes acute kidney failure within 5 days. 
When a patient has IVs running & can’t excrete the fluids as urine because their kidneys are shutting down, their abdomen fills up, then their heart cavity, then their lungs – the
 hospitals drown our loved ones to death.
(Dr. Ardis is chiropractor & actupuncturist with wealth of knowledge.)
Remdevsivir is BAD @
Remdesivir Stopped Kidney Function in COVID Patients — So Why Did FDA Approve It for Kidney Patients? 8/2023
RX @ Blockbuster Weight-Loss Drug Linked to Serious Kidney Issues 6/14/2023
How Drinking Soda on a Hot Day Can Damage Kidneys, Leading to Diabetes, Heart Disease - 7/12/2022
When consumed after performing manual labor or exercise in 95-degree Fahrenheit weather, soda causes dehydration & raises markers for kidney disease, according to a study in the American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology...
ombining alcohol with acetaminophen raises your risk of kidney damage by 123%, compared to taking either of them individually, so mixing soda, alcohol & an analgesic when working in your yard on a hot afternoon may be 1 of the most hazardous combinations conceivable." 
Beneficial foods (esp. organic raw): Red bell peppers,
Cabbage, Cauliflower, Garlic, Onion, Apples, Berries, Cherries, Red & purple grapes, Watermelon, Lemon juice, Pumpkin seeds, Kale, Sweet potatoes
+ Organic Herbs: Ginger
, Turmeric, Dandelion, Nettle, Marshmallow root, Juniper (but AVOID juniper berry if you have a kidney infection or are pregnant. Also, don’t take continuously for more than 4 weeks.), Yarrow root
Red clover (mainly for women), Chanca piedra (in S. America to break up kidney stones.
Spanish name actually means “stone breaker”), Hydrangea root (Native American remedy for kidney stones.),
Uva ursi root, Gravel root (Joe-Pye weed + Indian remedy for urinary tract and kidney health.).
Goldenrod root
 (Native American remedy).

Alternative Medicine

Alpha Lipoic Acid  Sosin, Dr Allan & Jacobs, Beth Ley - Alpha lipoic acid may help reverse Kidney failure/complications + help prevent kidney stone formation.
B3 @ - 2023-07-24 -  

"Dr. Todd Penberthy, author of the chapter on COVID-19 in the niacin book, said he has been obsessed with niacin & its healing properties for 23 years.  'There is research that shows that niacin reverses chronic kidney disease,' Dr. Penberthy, who has his doctorate in biochemistry, told The Epoch Times. 'This doesn’t usually happen with other current approaches.' 
Niacin is converted into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) in the body. NAD is a coenzyme found in every living cell, which works with enzymes to enable chemical reactions to help produce energy.  Viral infectious diseases such as COVID-19 stimulate an immune response that depletes NAD in infected cells and is linked to severe cases of infection. 
'You can boost your NAD with high doses of niacin,' Dr. Penberthy said. 'The cell will die in 30 seconds without NAD. There are distinct pathways that deplete your NAD, & then the cells die. NAD is required for over 400 gene functions.'”

Broccoli @ Broccoli provides vitamin K2. Sprouts are even bettter. "Broccoli sprouts, contain DIM (Diindolylmethane). Dim is an indole phytochemical that is a natural metabolic of compounds found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts & cabbage."
Broccoli sprouts are "rich in sulforaphane & indole-3-carbinol. Broccoli (extract) naturally contains high amounts of indoles, which are known for their ability to deactivate certain types of estrogen that are linked to cancer."
Freshly ground flax seed with cottage cheese containing live cultures are a superior help in reversing kidney disease. 
Budwig, Dr Johanna  Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer & Other Diseases   Avoid hydrogenated oils; substitute unsaturated fats. 
consist of very thin lipoid membranes containing unsaturated fats.
Membranous glomerulo-nephritis (see below)
Health News Volume8#8 on Beta Glucan ask for ONE newspaper Volume 8#8
Juicing - Cherie Calbom - 5/12/2014 -
Deborah has suffered some neurological issues (apraxia) over the past few months, but with counsel received, along with dietary changes, those symptoms are gradually subsiding. 
 We know that the power of GOD is being made evident, because of Deborah's initial diagnoses (congestive heart failure/renal failure). 
Deborah's heart is now normal, & kidneys continue to function normally.
Her doctor was amazed at her mental alertness & continued overall progress.
I too am juicing for better health."
Kidney detox foods = watermelon, parsley, cranberry,  berries, watercress, & endive or detox herb = phyllanthus Take calcium to prevent kidney stones.  
Raw Royal Jelly 5/28/2007 - "RJ may exert an effect similar to an anti-thyroid drug for decreasing TSHR Ab levels." 
(Be careful if you are allergic to bee stings, as this is a natural honey bee product. 
Take in SMALL portions on on alternate days to help reduce allergy.)
Thiamine - vitamin B1 - can help to decrease urine albumin, an excess of which indicates potential kidney disease in diabetic patients per Diabetologia 12/5/2008 & 3/2009 magazine. 
(Remember any single/individual vitamin B intake is best utilized as or with a B complex/multi-vitamin.)
Vitamin D3 (as sunshine or supplements) may help those with renal disease, persistent nonspecific musculoskeletal pain, osteoporosis, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, or those on anticonvulsants.
Wright, Dr Jonathan in his joint venture with Bio-Tech to provide d-Mannose supplements states that a good source of d-mannose simple sugar is cranberries and pineapple (such as juice).  (When possible eat/juice raw organic foods.) However, to combat yeast and bladder infections plus kidney problems, one needs 1/2-1 tsp equivalent to l gram of d-mannose often every 3-4 hours when awake (1/4-1/2 tsp for children).  Recommendation is to take as a powder in liquids.  It is very effective in eliminating "excessive" good/friendly E (Escherichia) coli + bad mutant/unfriendly/unnormal E coli.


Bell, Stephen  No Other Gods  Booklet shares that one woman was healed of nephritis, a kidney problem, when she renounced & destroyed a piece of jewelry - a Nefertiti Egyptian queen ring.
Chavda, Mahesh -
Chavda, Benjamin - The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer - Google -
“By His stripes my son Benjamin is healed. God is sending His Word and healing my son"

Chavda, Mahesh - Edited Excerpt - "When our son Ben was just a few months old, he was dying of kidney failure. His doctors had given him up for dead.  He was in extreme pain from the many surgeries & procedures that had been done to try to keep him alive.  In the natural, neither Ben's doctors nor Bonnie & I could do anything more to help him, but we did NOT simply sit idly by. We took every Scripture about healing. 
We confessed over him the promises of God:
'I Am the Lord that healeth thee; God sent His word & healed them. By His stripes we were healed.'
These Scriptures are our inheritance & our possession as believers. 
We entered into the word, we stood in the gap for the life of our son, & the God of glory healed our son...
We rejoice & step into the word God is speaking. We take hold of it with renewed faith.
God is saying to His believing Church: 'I am sending My word. My word is alive, active, full of power. 
It's going to accomplish a mighty work. It will not return void. It will do something in your life.
It will prosper, heal, make you successful & make you victorious...
God is sending His word to us. He is sending His word to our children. He is sending His word to our homes.
He is sending His word to our finances, cities & nation. It will not return void. It will prosper. It has a purpose. He will fulfill it. When Bonnie & I could do nothing in the natural to help our son, it was the word of God that kept us. We didn't give up, but we prevailed in prayer & believed God's word until God came down & supernaturally gave our son new kidneys.
God is sending His word even now to resurrect the places in our lives, families & nation that lay dead or dying.
Begin to confess the word of God over your: self, family & nation.  Matthew 19:26 says, With God all things are possible. In 2008, all things are possible. You may not feel like it. Your circumstance might not seem like it, but that is okay. This is the word of God; believe & go toward it. Luke 18:27 says, Things that are impossible with men are possible with God. Mark 9:37 says, All things are possible to him that believes.
So we are going to believe for ourselves; we are going to believe for each other.
We are going to believe for our families; we are going to believe for our children.
We need to begin to confess and prophesy the word of God over our children.
They have an awesome destiny in God.
We need to confess & prophesy the word of God over our nation. All things are possible to those who believe.
Begin to get congruent with what He says & not with the circumstances around you. Take hold of His word & begin to go on the offensive for His promises in 2008. Study to be diligent to show yourself approved.
Rightly dividing the word of truth
. 2 Timothy 2:15...
It is like God is taking a big yellow highlighter & saying, 'I want you to become one with My word as never before. My word is your inheritance.  You can stand on My word because My word stands forever.'" 4/7/2008 -

Permission granted & encouraged to reprint. @

Colbert, Dr. Don - Monday, June 18, 2018 - God’s Diagnosis (& cure) -
Don Colbert experienced kidney failure & leg muscle deterioration due to extreme jogging in hot/humid weather, but God mercifully/miracously reversed this malady.

(Sometimes it is the GMO, food additives, pesticides that trigger problems, so just changing to mainly organic &/or non GMO diet may help reverse unwanted symptoms.)
Dvorak, Becky - -
"I prayed with a woman who suffered from kidney disease.
They were very sick and did not function properly.  I released the prayer of faith INTO her kidneys

and commanded them to be healed and to function right in the name of Jesus.
With tear-filled eyes she shared with me the next day that her kidneys were functioning. 
She was having to use the restroom all day. Glory to God.
This is a wonderful testimony of what happens when 2 or more will agree together in the name of the Lord & release the healing power of the Holy Spirit with a prayer of faith."
Harthern, Roy - "God healed me of cancer and gave me 2 new kidneys (in 2003) without a transplant." @ 
Morrow, Zona Hayes Cornelison  Avenge Me of My Adversary autobiography in Spring 2008 magazine New Life Today - Healed of kidney disease.
Morrow, Zona Hayes Cornelison -  Avenge Me of My Adversary  autobiography - Chapter 1 Avenge Me of My Adversary - Healed of anorexia and bulimia (due to insufficient potassium).
Zona Hayes-Morrow video - 8/5-9/2013 -
7/29-8/2/2013 - Zona Hayes-Morrow radio + Guest- Norvel Hayes 86 yr old dad - radio 8/5/-9/2012 interview
Dr. Jim Richards - Messianic radio broadcast 4/16-20/2012 -
Maldonado, Guillermo - God's Glory Laser Light is Christ's Resurrection Power -
7/8-12/2013 - Disconnect your head to receive your miracle, including a new kidney.
Wommack, Andrew -
10/15/2019 End of program shares healing testimony.


Yoder, Barbara - 7/22-26/2013 - /2013 -
healing of and for bipolar, detrimental mental conditions,
kidneys, & spina bifida
Autobiography 12/31/2019