Infertility or Sterility

Alternative Medicine

Apple cider vinegar is recommended by Dr. D.C. Jarvis in his Folk Medicine.  His treatment of both sterile dairy cows and women helped them conceive!  Burtis, C. Edward  Nature's Miracle Medicine Chest  Arco publishing
Baby Hunger
Breakthroughs in Science, Technology and Medicine 3/1996  Discover   
The 6 days of fertility precede ovulation.
B12 or xobaline help increase sperm count.
Budwig, Dr Johanna,  Europe's 7 time Nobel prize nominee
Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and  Other Diseases  booklet 6/17/1966 lecture Biological Prevention and Healing of Cancer + The Bio-chemical Reaction of Unsaturated Fats +
Electron Biology and Resonance Absorption of Solar Electrons
+ book Cosmic Powers against Cancer (Kosmische Krafte gegen Krebs)  Pesticides/insecticides (including trinitrophenolin, Cresolin, DDT, calcium compounds containing arsenic) are stored in body fat and cause death to both insect/bird/animal and man.  Overheated fish oils
are added to feed cakes for fattening up animals to be sold for food.  Some of these livestock turn blue and die on route to the slaughter house; some become infertile.  Our ingesting such meat reaps the same diseases the cattle/pigs have. Budwig eats no meat.  Both animals and men may acquire cancer by breathing in the benzopyrin from cigarettes; consuming seeds or raw seed oil, especially flax, may prevent/reverse this.  Narcosis research reveals that toxins are stored in body fat, interfering with fat and protein association process.   Hydrogen-ated or partially hydrogen-ated fats, like solidified peanut butter, short circuit our electrical system, clog up our arteries, encircle our hearts, and trigger many diseases.  Cottage cheese (with live Acidophilus & Bifidus cultures) plus freshly ground flax seed (containing beneficial unsaturated/linoleic oils with essential fatty acids, having electrons with vibrant electrical charges) will prevent/reverse cancer/tumors, unclog arteries, help reverse infertility, arteriosclerosis, liver and gall bladder disease!   "The male spermatozoa contain over a 1,000 times more sulphurated protein than any other cell.  The female ova are, due to their lecithin content level, high in highly unsaturated fats, and therefore determine the female sex."   Here again we see the significance of quality fat and protein. Budwig shares the testimony of a couple (infertile for 10 years) who immediately conceived after consulting her.
Camu Camu - - 10/8/2019 - "The scientific name of this riverside tree is Myrciaria dubia, most of the world knows its fruit as camu camu or cacari or camocamo....
Camu camu has been shown to
prevent infertility by specifically protecting the health of sexual organs and ensuring the proper functioning of those systems." Contains Valine - Wikipedia
Chasteberry (vitex), don quai, zinc, folic acid, selenium, L-arginine,  vitamin E,B6 and B12 in the formulation called Fertility Blend seems to improve conception in women per 5/18/04 Wall St
Cranesbill (Gernaium ROBERTianum) red herb tea 4oz daily taken by both partners may result in conception. 
, Rudolf  The Breuss Cancer Cure Alive books publisher
Clark, Hulda Reger attributes parasites and or pollutants to infertility. 
She advocates electronic and herbal treatment. 
(DANGER - The electronic may NOT be of God, at least sometimes. There are counterfeits. Inquire of God 1st.)
CoQ 10 may improve sperm cell count and motility per 8/04 8/2006 Life Extension magazine. 
In addition CoQ10 seems to reduce late-stage pregnancy preclampsia.
D-mannose may reduce E coli bacteria ability to stick to sperm, causing clumping together. 
may help sperm penetrate the egg.  Elkins, Rita  The New Class of Missing - Miracle Sugars.
Grape intake (daily) may increase sperm output per University of Barcelona, Spain. 4/2005 The American Society for Nutritional Sciences   Trans-Resveratrol grape ingredient modulates the estrogen response systems.
1/2 cup Geranium ROBERTianum (red cranesbill) tea taken slowly each day by both partners for at least a month will likely result in conception. 
, Rudolf  The Breuss Cancer Cure  Alive books publishers 1-604-453-1919  1-800-663-6513
Increasing Male Fertility by Dr Rosnick suggests Arginine,B,folic acid,L-Carnitine,CoQ-10,Zinc  July 2003
Erdmann in The Amino Revolution gives 2 formulas:  To increase men's sperm count: Arginine, methionine, manganese,  vitamin B6. For ovaries/ovulation: Arginine, cysteine, histidine, methionine, phenylalanine, vitamin B3, C, zinc, selenium, magnesium
Kelp - Addition of kelp (seaweed) to diet of dairy cows increases conception and also health of calves. 
Burtis, C. Edward  Nature's Miracle Medicine Chest  Arco publishing
Lee, Dr John R with Hopkins,Virginia  What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Menopause - The Breakthrough Book on Natural Progesterone.  
, John R - Natural Progesterone  Acclaimed by Dr Christiane Northrup 
Chapter 1 shares that the thick vaginal mucus (discharge) resembling uncooked egg whites helps to identify the time of ovulation, about 10-12 days after the beginning of the previous menstruation.
Len & Joe Radio 3/8/2008 broadcast  WMA RM
Breast cancer and infertility may be (for some) due to low progesterone at end of menstrual cycles.
Low thyroid may be one reason for infertility.
(Try 7 Keto DHEA and seaweed for low thyroid.)
, Karen  M  Gift of Nature - Whole Leaf Aloe Vera by Total Health Science Press 
Melatonin at bedtime - - 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2011.03.063"Melatonin protects human spermatozoa from apoptosis via melatonin receptor- and extracellular signal-regulated kinase-mediated pathways...Melatonin triggers a set of events culminating in cell death prevention in ejaculated human spermatozoa..[Fertil Steril. 2011]
M-xylo-hydro-quinone in pea oil reduces pregnancies by half and sperm production by half.  Don't eat your peas! James E O'Brien's mini magazine The Miracle of Nature's Healing Foods published by Glove Communications Corp.
Nitric oxide - -
A Natural Approach to Erectile Dysfunction that Improves Vascular Health - "Nitric oxide can’t be taken in supplement form because it is a gas."  However, French maritime pine bark, the amino acid L-arginine (asparate), and icariin (a flavonoid compound extracted from plants in the Epimedium family) are 3 supplements that may improve "endothelial nitric oxide synthase in spermatozoa and testosterone levels in blood" resulting in "improved semen volume, concentration of spermatozoa, percentage of motile spermatozoa, and percentage of spermatozoa with normal morphology."
Omega 3 oils help fertility
Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation Improves Luteal Function in Obese Women
Julie Marks - 4/4/2017 - "Dietary supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids increases progesterone and may help obese women conceive, researchers reported here at the 99th Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society (ENDO). 'This (clinical) study shows great promise that omega-3...'"
Pine bark extract or grape seeds (whole, ground or supplements) help increase sperm count.  Take 200 mg PM.
Prolapsus (collapse/dropping) of organs such as colon, create pressure on organs below.
When there is pressure on fallopian tubes or ovaries, sterility may occur, as eggs may not be able to pass down into uterus.
Sylvia Bell and Chiropractor Bernard Jensen,  Escondido, California, USA Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management
Raw "Royal Jelly (and Bee Propolis) is said to improve fertility in both men and women, in men by increasing the quality of their sperm, and in women by increasing the quality of their eggs." Take in SMALL portions on on alternate days to help reduce allergy.
Selenium and vitamin E such as found in Brazil nuts may produce hardier and more viable sperm cells. 
Vitamin C
such as from peaches help give a higher sperm count
and help prevent sperm clumping.  Try freezing fresh peach slices and adding to foods (cereal/smoothies). 
containing vitamin A and zinc may have a higher sperm
count and perform better sexually.  Each ejaculation ejects 5 mg zinc (1/3 of daily requirement). 
may help circulation important to erections. Meat protein will boost dopamine, norepinephrine, testosterone, and zinc.  Dark chocolate methyl-xanthines may increase your skin sensitivity Eggs contain B vitamins which help to reduce stress and premature ejaculations. Vanilla ice cream provides calcium and phosphorus minerals for libido energy and orgasm/muscle power.  Vanilla scent may relax one plus reduce anxiety and inhibitions.  Celery contains andro-stenone and andro-stenol (2 pheromones/perfumes that attract women).  See Dr. Alan Hirsh's Scent-sational Sex , Sarah Brewer's Increase Your Sex Drive, and 12/27/2005 Men's Health - Nutritional Secrets 2006 magazine
The OV-Watch detects a window of fertility by noting night perspiration. 10/11/05
Vitamin A is a requirement at conception, in embryo-genesis, & in infancy.  Vitamin A stimulates sperm production.  Vitamin A determines where egg will implant in uterus. Vitamin A+ carotenoids affect embryogensis & cell differentiation. Vertebrate egg yolks contain carotenoids, making the yellow color.  One such plant carotenoid beta-carotene (as from carrots) is a precursor to vitamin A.  Retinoic acid depends on retinal from carotene oxygenase, a vitamin A precursor. 2003 Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
Vitamin E is sometimes used to help reverse infertility in women.  Burtis, C. Edward  Nature's Miracle Medicine Chest  Arco publishing
Walnuts -
"75 gm of walnuts/day added to a Western-style diet improved sperm vitality, motility and morphology in healthy men ages 21–35 years...
Nuts provide a rich source of α-linolenic acid (ALA), a natural plant source of omega-3. Of popular tree nuts, walnuts are particularly rich in ALA, omega-6 fatty acids, anti-oxidants and micronutrients including folic acid...
1 (one) ounce snack packs provided by the California Walnut Commission, Folsom, California (" good professional editorial
Willett, Dr Walter & Chavarro, Dr Jorge  The Fertility Diet 
Add whole milk or whole milk products containing hormones attached to fat molecules that may modulate ovulation.
Zinc may be needed to reverse infant mortality, impaired child growth, sexual maturation delays, infertility, anemia, infections, tongue and  esophagus cancer, plus skin wounds. 12/2006


Covenant Family Resources adoption agency   Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, USA
Meyer, Joyce    1/5-6/2008  Broadcast with Dr Caroline Leaf  Who Switched Off My Brain
1/5/2009 TV Broadcast


Genesis 1:28  - Be fruitful and multiply.
Genesis 15,18,21 - Conception of Isaac   
Genesis 20:18 (CEB) Because of the incident with Abraham's wife Sarah, the LORD had kept all of the women in Abimelech's household from having children.
Genesis 20:17 (ASV) And Abraham prayed unto God. And God healed Abimelech, and his wife, and his maid-servants. And they bare children.
Genesis 30:22 KJVer Then God remembered Rachel.  He listened to her and opened her womb.  She became pregnant and gave birth to a son and said, "God has taken away my disgrace."  She named him Joseph.
Exodus 23:25-26    "You shall serve the Lord your God, and He shall bless your bread and your water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of you.  There will  be NO miscarriages NOR barrenness throughout your land.  You will live out the full quota of the days of your life."
leviticus/20.htm :20-21 -
20If a man shall lie with his uncle’s wife, he hath uncovered his uncle’s nakedness.
They shall bear their sin; they shall die childless.
21If a man shall take his brother’s wife, it is impurity:
he hath uncovered his brother’s nakedness; they shall be childless.
The Adultery TestNumbers 5:
26and the priest shall take a handful of the grain offering as its memorial offering
and offer it up in smoke on the altar; after he shall make the woman drink the water.
27When he has made her drink the water, then it shall come about, if she has defiled herself and has been unfaithful to her husband, that the water which brings a curse
will go into her and cause
bitterness, and her abdomen will swell
and her thigh will waste away (needing hip replacement), and
the woman will become a curse (rejected) among her people.
28'But if the woman has not defiled herself and is clean,
she will then be free and
conceive children.…
Deuteronomy 28:1, 4, 15, 18 NIV  
If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all His commands...
the fruit of your womb will be blessed...
If you do NOT hearken to the voice of the Lord your god to observe all His commandments and His statues...the fruit of your womb will be cursed.
Judges 13:2-7  Conception of Sampson  
Psalm 113:9   He makes the barren woman to keep house (live at home) and to be a joyful mother of children.
Psalm 127:3   Children are a heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his (her/their) reward.
Proverbs 5:8 KJV - It shall be health to thy navel
(It is the navel through which the fallopian tubes are cut and tied.)
Isaiah 54:1 KJV    "Sing, O barren, you that did not bearBreak forth into singing and cry aloud, you that did not travail with child; for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife," says the Lord.
Luke 1:26-38 discusses - Conception of Jesus and Conception of John    
1 Peter 5:7 - Cast all your cares on Him


Banks, Bill  Deliverance from Childlessness Part 4 Faith-Building Examples shares the testimony of a couple who was "medically allergic" to one another.  Her body produced anti-sperm antibodies which destroyed his sperm.  After prayer, the couple conceived and delivered.  They had 3 more children after that.  A 2nd testimony is of a woman who had blocked Fallopian tubes.  She applied prayer, rather than surgery, and conceived. 
A 3rd testimony is of a couple who conceived after prayer.  They were infertile due
to their PH balances being opposite.  4th Banks notes that spontaneous abortion, miscarriage and tilted uterus can be caused by a spirit of the same name, which can
be inherited.  Such curses can be bound and cast out, in the name of Jesus Christ.
Mel Bond - Worst Enemy - 8/16-20/2010 - Listen to Thursday's Messianic Vision radio broadcast.  excellent Discusses our need to concentrate 101% on God, even if it means taking a day off from work and speaking out loud God's word for 8 hours continuously. - Wentzville, Missouri, USA
Brooks, Steven    Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Chapter 4 Mantles Throughout the Old Testament  "The majority of the great women of the Bible were barren...Yet, God did a miracle in each of their lives and they all became pregnant and gave birth."
Chavda, Mahesh  The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer  Chapter 8 Breaking the Enemy's Grip shares that in some cases unrepented and unrenounced involvement in witchcraft will result in a curse of barrenness, needing to be broken.
Copeland, Kenneth  John G Lake  Lake testifies of the resurrection from the dead of his secretary Mrs Graham, who at a prior time has been raised from the dead after having her ovaries and womb removed.  Not only that, God had given her new ovaries and womb, and subsequently a child. Chapter 29 Science of Healing section Lake and Divine Healing Investigated shares healing of infertility of a woman who could not conceive due to an injury.

Daniel, Debo - - CHAPTER ONE - "With 72% of the earth’s surface covered by water, Satan decided in his rebellion to build his power base in the waters. His 'secretariat' is in the heavenlies where the powers and principalities supervise satanic oppression of territories, cities and nations but his 'operational base' is in the waters...
He (God) expects us to enforce His (Son's) victory by exercising the authority He has given us to defeat Satan in our lives and in our world, so that the kingdoms of this world might become the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ.
CHAPTER FOUR - Manifestation of Water Spirits 9.
Wombs can become water-spirit altars when a woman is asked to go and wash in a certain river before she can conceive. 

Dhinakaran, Paul - 7/23/2012 TV broadcast - not currently on line - Couple testifies that the Lord reversed the tying of her fallopian tubes & subsequent birth of a son. 
Fischer Uwe & Carola interview with Copeland, Ken - 5/25/2015 5 star
Hammond, Frank & Marzullo, Frank  The Tales of 2 Franks  Once witchcraft spirits were commanded out in Jesus name and the blood of Jesus was invited to come into her organs to purify them, an infertile woman was able to conceive after 8 years of marriage.  Witchcraft spirits in her female organs were destroying her husband's sperm.
Hickey, Marilyn - 4/7/2015 - Broken Be Made Whole - Part 2 infertility encouragement (1 Peter 5:7)
Hinn, Benny - 2006 healing convention in Billings, Montana - Benny prophesied that a woman (healed of another disorder) would have her requested daughter in 2 years.
Peter Horrobin 2011 - - - Radio Show 1733 1/31/2011-2/4/2011 - Trauma - PTS - Nightmares - “When the hidden roots of disease are discovered and removed, the disease must leave.” Discusses trauma in the womb.  One can pray,
“Deliver us from the evil one.”  Physical trauma can affect not only the body, but also the soul (mind/emotions).  Jesus can walk back into time (since in heaven/eternity there is no time)
and heal both memories and bodies. - England -
Jesus deputizes us to act in His power and authority NOW.  Salvation (of one’s human spirit) does NOT address root issues of broken personality/character/mind/soul NOR root issues of incurable body. - The Freedom Series - 6 CDs – L L Ministries -
Unholy Soul Ties - curses - premarital/emotional chords/access to/joining-with another’s spirit/mind/body and with demons/evil spirits – Thursday’s program – Infertility cured when soul tie severed.
Scoliosis and fear cured by forgiveness.  Kidney’s cured by forgiveness and thanks, plus praying in tongues for 20 minutes.  Body could NOT receive healing until inner healing took place.
God’s love exposes root issues that need to be healed/exterminated.  Friday’s program ends with prayer.  - Ellel 365: Personal Transformation - One day at a time. Building the Kingdom - One Life at a Time
Character defects Satin will use to undermine your destiny.
Peter Horrobin - Forgiveness - excellent 2011 video 4/25-5/1 - radio here @
Inability to conceive was reversed when mother repented of having cursed daughter while she was in womb and then prayed for infertile daughter.
How to Heal the Sick  by C Hunter pg 120
How to Pray for Your Unborn Child   Francis & Judith MacNutt
Jewish Deaf Community   "A couple who were married for many years and didn't have children. They tried various doctors and methods with no success. Finally, they were advised to write to the Rebbe of Chabad. They did, and he told them to check their Mezuzahs. They found that the word 'Rechem,' womb was missing. They replaced the Mezuzah and very soon afterwards, they had their first child."
Jewish Miracle - By Avrohom Jacobson
Just Believe  healing testimony 9/8/2009
Favour’s Story… God’s Favour! Only On Emmanuel TV - Nigeria -
God divinely unblocked her damaged tubes and gave the couple His wonderful blessing.
Kerr, Kat - If single/spinster/infertile never having had but wanting a child, you can pick 1 or more for yourself in heaven, and raise it/them.
Hank Kunneman  4/12-16/2010 - Radio Show 1690 -
A woman whose reproductive organs had been removed became pregnant
and delivered a healthy son.
The Revealer of Secrets (2010 Book) and The 2010 Prophetic Window (CD)
MacNutt, Francis & Judith - Infertility Healing Seminar - (1988) - CD
Mize, Jackie  Prayers & Promises for Supernatural Childbirth booklet chapter
Desire to Conceive
has prayers,  declarations, scripture, + speeches to our body,
in the name of Jesus.
"Bodies, we speak to you in Jesus' name.  You will come in line and agreement with
the Word of God.  You will respond to His holy word.  You will function properly and perfectly, the way God intended you to...Body conceive...Your  word says, Father,
that none shall cast their young, nor be barren among Your people,
and the number of our days You shall fulfill."
Oyedepo, David - Nigeria -  Satan Get Lost - excellent
PDF_edited_filenames/Oyedepo.Dr%20David%20!Satan%20Get%20Lost.pdf -
"For somebody who is believing God for a child - for example, he (Satan) reminds her, "What of the X-ray you  took? Don't you remember that your 2 tubes are blocked?"
He constantly uses (negative) occurrences and situations around as points of reference. That is why the Bible recommends that we walk by faith and not by sight (or reports that contradict Scripture) - 2 Corinthians 5:7."
Oyedepo, David - Nigeria - Satan Get Lost - excellent
"I once met a woman whom all X-ray reports have told doesn't have a womb. Medically, and as far as doctors were concerned, her case was already a write-off.
The day I visited them, my mind had already been sharpened by the Word of God.
I knew that the God who made man is also a manufacturer of human spare parts. 
I turned to the woman and said, 'Woman, the devil stole your womb, because when
God made all things He said they were very good. Every part was intact. The devil indeed came to steal, but Jesus came to give us back what the devil had stolen.'
At this point I could see her and her husband exploding in faith. I said to them, 'Even
if what the X-ray shows is correct, God has the answer. So, in the name of Jesus, don't take another X-ray, just have a baby.'  That settled it. I was somewhere for a meeting one day and there she was, giving the testimony, with her baby in her hands. Some time later, I made reference to this woman's baby, as one that God manufactured."
Pierce, Chuck D - Time to Defeat the Devil - -
Chapter 13 The Need for Mending -
"In the (Old Testament of the) Bible barrenness is a curse.  Many times (the cause/root of) barrenness comes from our (personal un-repented) sin or (un-repented un-renounced ancestral inherited) familial sin.  However, trauma (too) can affect us...
In the Word of God, the term translated 'the river' is the same word used for sperm that is motile, fertilizes...healing."
(Be reminded, it may do more harm than good to receive communion, without 1st repenting of own and family sins. 1st Corinthians 11:26-32)
Price, Charles S -
Prince, Derek - How To Pass From Curse to Blessing by Derek Prince complete  recommended - 11/4/2016 video with summary @ timpoiu - Deliverance to precede healing.  Generational curses are often initiated via written/spoken evil power charged words, needing to be revoked/reversed/released prior to healing prayer.
Reversal of tubal ligation, infection or other operation malady. 
(The navel is the opening from which the operation of the fallopian tubes is done.)
Proverbs 3:7-8 KJV Be not wise in thine own eyes; fear the Lord and depart from evil.  It shall be health to thy NAVEL and marrow to thy bones. 10.9.2011
Vander Lugt, Bob and Ruthie Sweet Victory editorial by Melanie Hemry from 12/2008 Believer's Voice of Victory magazine  Heartening encouraging biography for those wanting a child.
Jonathan Welton 12/13-18/2009
site/PageServer?pagename=rad_archives author of The School of the Seers Wed 16th radio program shares healing testimony of infertile couples.


Hot Water - "Sperm don't like heat and by bathing, or simply submerging the testes, in 116 degrees water (just below the pain threshold) for 45 minutes each day for 21 days, a male becomes sterile for the next 6 months. Doing this at 110 degrees reliably produces sterility for the next 4 months and either way, it can be repeated for continued effectiveness when the allotted time is up. This method dates back to the writings of Hippocrates and derives its effectiveness from the fact that sperm needs to be several degrees cooler than body temperature to be viable; this is why they hang outside the body. Actually, sperm cell death happens at 95 degrees F, while normal cell death happens at 108 degrees F - so this method effectively kills the sperm for a limited but extended period of time." (CAUTION.  Use both a thermometer and common sense, as pain tolerance varies per person.) Learn more:
(Male infertility can sometimes be due to underpants being too tight.)
Lectins - Patent US6074671 - Method of using lectins for ... - Google
Litho-spermic acid (LA)  "is the active contraceptive element found abundantly in the flowers and seeds of western stone-seed (Lithospermum ruderale). LA acts on the pituitary gland to suppress the production of hormones which stimulate the sex glands, thereby encouraging sterility. Discovered by the Nevada Shoshone in the early 1930s, stone-seed was confirmed as an effective form of contraception by the USDA in 1945."
Neem - "neem oil based vaginal creams and suppositories are extremely popular in India. Non-irritating and easy to use, they are almost 100% effective. When tested against human sperm, neem extract (sodium nimbidinate) at 1,000 mg was able to
kill all sperm in 5 minutes and required only 30 minutes at a lower, 250 mg level.
It is suggested that these creams and suppositories also prevent vaginal and sexually transmitted diseases...In creating temporary of the Indian Army consumed daily capsules of neem oil for an entire year. After 6 weeks of taking the oil, the men apparently became sterile." (Can be very strong when used alone.)
Papaya seeds - 7/3/2010 -
"Papaya seeds have been found to completely remove the sperm from a male monkey's ejaculation. Rats have also been tested with a compound from papaya seeds and found to have 'significantly reduced' sperm counts. At higher levels of ingestion, the rats became completely infertile. The rats' researchers then declared the long term, daily use of compounds from papaya seeds to be a safe and effective male contraceptive.
Rabbits have also been studied with extracts from papaya seeds. After 3 months of daily use, the rabbits were found almost completely infertile. The extract showed no effect on their libido or organs - and the contraceptive effects were completely reversible after 45 days of non-use.
Traditional cultures in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia have long eaten papaya seeds as an effective and safe contraceptive. It appears a teaspoon of the seeds per day is what traditional cultures use - and it takes 3 months of use to be fully effective. Papaya seeds have been studied more frequently on males than females as a form of contraception, but traditional cultures have used papaya seeds for both male and female contraception."  (CAUTION.  Go organic.  Most papayas are GM.) 
Learn more:
(Regarding mothers AFTER giving birth, papaya seeds may help contract the womb and improve breast feeding.
Some mothers prefer pomegranate bark/pulp.  Always take with caution and minimum dosage, perhaps as a tea.)
Papaya Seeds and other methods -


ANAMED, Action for Natural Medicine, Neem in medicine and agriculture
A neem-oil formulation called "Sensal" is sold in India for contraceptive purposes.
Bromocriptine, a derivative of rye ergot fungus may trigger lactation & weight gain in pregnancy, plus reduce weight gain and increase ovulation in non pregnant women. Toxic! Must be taken in very very SMALL amounts.  May create psychosis in people with family history of mental illness or if taken in large amounts.
Contraception - Birth Control Pills - -
Birth control pills interfere with the womb's lining PH resulting in following:
"The pill’s 3rd mechanism is to change the lining of the endometrium (the lining of the womb), which creates a hostile environment for a newly created human being. The tiny baby cannot implant and is spontaneously aborted by the body. 4,5,6,11,12
As quoted in the booklet Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? by Randy Alcorn, a representative of the Ortho-McNeil pharmaceutical company said, 'If you end up with a fertilized egg [new human being], it [the baby boy or girl] won’t implant and grow because of the less hospitable endometrium.' 1 'It seems unlikely that implantation would be possible in the altered endometrium developed under the influence of most of the suppressants [of ovulation].'" 3
[Planned Parenthood convinced the medical society to change the definition of fetus/conception from time of sperm implantation into egg to fertilized egg's implantation into womb lining, resulting (at that time) in a legal loophole of 1 week to abort babies.]
Related TV programs at such as James Sedlak 11/28/2011
FDA cites Papaya seed use (advertising as if were a prescription) can be rendered as illegal use without a medical license: Plant sources are Africa:
Insect & grazing animal sterility - Clover native to the Mediterranean region that contains the chemical formononetin can cause sterility, stillbirths, and inability to birth in sheep.  300+ plants contain estrogenic substances. "Hormone mimics lurk in parsley, sage, and garlic; in wheat, oats, rye, barley, rice and soybeans; in potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, and alfalfa sprouts; in (seeds/pits of) apples, cherries, plums, and (outer skin/peel of) pomegranates; and even in coffee and bourbon whiskey.  Like DES and DDT these plant compounds can fool the estrogen receptor...'Plants are making oral contraceptives to defend themselves (or sterilize invading insects),' says Claude Hughes." Another plant estrogen is coumestrol found in sunflower seeds and oil + alfalfa sprouts.   Colborn, Dumanoski, Meyers Our Stolen Future (Legumes and nightshades have many toxins.)  
"Phyto-oestrogens have been reported to cause fertility disorders in domestic animals (Kallela, 1964). In certain cases they improved animal production (Refsdal, 1976), or they had a prophylactic effect against some hormone related human malignancies (Adlercreutz et al., 1991). As there are few reports on the phyto-oestrogen content of white clover in Finland, the content and the biological effect of isoflavones (daidzein, formononetin, genistein, biochanin-A) and coumarine (coumestrol) was determined at different growing stages of white clover...
The chemical study showed a low content of phyto-oestrogens in white clover as reported earlier. Like red clover their content increased slightly in the autumn, when nights were getting cooler (Kallela et al., 1987)...
Daidzein and formononetin were active in ruminants, while biochanin-A and genistein were inactive (Petterson et al., 1984). The silage containing formononetin 0.56 % of dry matter in the spring caused fertility disturbances in dairy cows."
Giant fennel, silphium, help to prevent pregnancy and precipitate abortions.  Likewise, Queen Anne's lace (wild carrot weed) seeds may contain chemicals that block the hormone progesterone, necessary for establishing and maintaining pregnancy . Colborn, Dumanoski, Meyers Our Stolen Future  (Be sure to discuss any topical progesterone dosage and timing of application with druggist and/or MD).

Hofmekler, Ori -

Douglas, William Campbell - or (WARNING - paranormal experiences endanger your spiritual health!)
(Synthetics, like plastics that leech estrogenic toxins, and) “plant-produced chemicals that mimic hormones have been previously suspected of altering sexual development. Dr. William Campbell Douglass II writes that girls have become sexually mature at younger ages and that their breasts start to develop in the 1st and 2nd grade while the boys are experiencing delayed sexual development. He goes on to say that he believes that this is the reason why boys and men are becoming gay and infertile.
A scientific study at North Carolina State University (NCSU) found that exposure to phytoestrogens alters the sex-specific organization of the hypothalamus, which is the region of the brain that regulates puberty and ovulation.[1] The 2 hormone-like compounds from soy-based foods can cause irreversible changes in the structure of the brain, resulting in early-onset puberty, symptoms of advanced menopause, and reproductive health problems. The NCSU study suggests that humans might be more at risk during gestation.
In light of the available evidence, it seems reasonable that women should avoid eating soy products during pregnancy, and that young children should not be given soy products (such as soy milk/yogurt) which may alter their hormonal balance.”

(Any soy taken should be shelled and cooked twice, disposing of outer skins and water boiled in.  Best to eat soybeans that are fermented.)

TDR (total dental revision)  Huggins, Hal A & Levy, Thomas E  Uninformed Consent - The Hidden Dangers in Dental Care Chapter 7 The Results of Interference with Hormones 
Toxic metals may precipitate infertility or birth defects.  Authors recommend removal of silver/mercury/metal fillings by reputable revisionists, but encourage postponing conception awhile after TDR to eliminate any birth defects from pollutants in couple's bloodstream and tissues.
Chapter 9 Mercury and the "Silver Filling" - A Poisonous of Political Issue? 
"Silver fillings" contain "approximately 50% mercury, 30% copper, 14% each of tin and  silver, and 1% zinc...All 5 of  the metals in the silver amalgam filling are poisonous...These metals react with each other and form 16 more 'corrosion products.'  All of these corrosion products are toxic...A mercury vapor meter placed over a filling can detect toxic amounts of mercury vapor within 10 seconds.  Fillings release mercury just sitting undisturbed in the mouth...The action of chewing foods increases the vapor escape for an hour or more after we stop eating.  The action of chewing gum...heat from coffee or other hot beverages increases the vapor."
Chapter 10 A Nickel's Worth of Advice  "Nickel is one of the most durable, yet most carcinogenic, metals on this planet."
Chapter 15 Proper Detoxification after Total Dental Revision  "The same patient who responded positively to a specific intervention before a TDR will often respond negatively to the same intervention (immediately) after."  The now healing/ healthy body tissues might not be able to excrete the excessive toxins fast enough.  One sees this in severe fasting where the body breaks out in hives due to the body's shedding of pollutants.  Some herbs/vitamins recommended to promote toxin release are chlorella, spirulina, glue-green algae, B3, B12, vitamin C, especially in smaller dosages post TDR.
Huggins, Hal  It's All in Your Head
Marijuana "acts on the testicles to (adversely) reduce the synthesis of testosterone and on the brain to suppress lutenizing hormone, a key hormone that cues ovulation in females and testosterone production in males." Colborn, Dumanoski, Meyers Our Stolen Future
Irradiation - EMF book @ -
Public Brainwashed by the Wireless Industry
- Like medical x rays, wireless EMF can damage sperm and the unborn.
Parabens in cosmetics mimic estrogen.  They have broad-spectrum antibacterial properties with prefixes like methyl, ethyl, propyl or butyl.  They may lower sperm counts, decrease testosterone in men, and contribute to breast tumors.  Look for cosmetics that use natural antioxidants such as vitamin E instead of parabens. Kim Erickson Drop-Dead Gorgeous 5/5  Delicious Living magazine
Paroxetine (Paxil) antidepressant may reduce fertility in men by increasing sperm fragmentation by 17%. 3/1/2009  Bottom Line periodical 
Phthalates in cosmetics, toys, detergents, food packaging or vinyl flooring may decrease fertility and may cause birth defects, sperm abnormalities or male reproductive abnormalities. The European Union can ban chemicals if there is any suspicion of harm and has banned certain phthalates. 5/24/05 WSJ
diethyl phthalate -  Chemical Exposures
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that male reproductive problems, including undescended testicles and hypospadias, doubled between 1970 and 1993. Environmental chemicals are strongly suspected to be contributing factors. Several recent reports highlight the presence of low-level concentrations of potential reproductive or developmental toxicants, particularly phthalates, in cosmetics and personal care products.
Per three reports, makeup, shampoo, skin lotion, nail polish, and other personal care products contain chemical ingredients that lack safety data. Moreover, some of these chemicals have been linked in animal studies to male genital birth defects, decreased sperm counts, and altered pregnancy outcomes.
Phthalates, as key components in plastics, appear in many consumer products. The main phthalates in cosmetics and personal care products are dibutyl phthalate in nail polish, diethyl phthalate in perfumes and lotions, and dimethyl phthalate in hair spray. Often, their presence is not noted on labels.
Harvard School of Public Health and published in the July 2003 issue of EHP showed a correlation between urinary phthalate metabolite concentrations and DNA damage in human sperm.
“This comes down to an individual's acceptance of risk," says Sword.
Plastics, resins & pesticides - can interfere with endocrine system
Plastics - 99 minute documentary
Plastics - -
Avoid heating food in plastic containers. Heat can release chemicals so avoid heating food in plastic containers. For the same reason, only drink cold liquids from plastic containers.
Wash plastic containers in mild detergents. Harsh detergents help liberate chemical from plastics making the container much more likely to leach chemicals into food.
Avoid using plastic packaging where you can. For example, bring reusable bags when grocery shopping, and your own “to-go” containers when dining out.
Select safe plastics for food storage. Only use plastic containers with the recycling #1, #2, #4 and #5 for food storage. Consider switching to glass storage containers since plastic containers can leach chemicals into the environment and your food as they age and become used.
Plastics - -
Plastics -
Pomegranate peel tea is used by locals in Brazil to induce abortions...
In fact, we know a woman who per vegetarian protocol included a whole large pomegranate including peel/rind/skin in her fruit drink/puree blender/grinder.  When she was on her HRT she did fine when consuming the fruit blend, but when she omitted her HRT she had horrific pain in waves which felt like birthing contractions.  It felt like a hormone wash (perhaps progesterone) radiating from each ovary along the fallopian tubes and arching at the womb with an explosion of pain.
Pomegranate is touted to be a contraceptive.  It contains plant estrogens that may act like chemicals found in oral contraceptives.  Colborn, Dumanoski, Meyers Our Stolen Future
"Pomegranate hull and/or root extract usage both orally and intra-vaginally to prevent fertility (Gujral et al1960; Jochle, 1971; Razzack, 1980) and abortion (Ramirez et al 1988) and to ameliorate assorted gynecological problems (Singh et al 1980; Goh et al 1984)."
Pomegranate -
"In the Middle East, pomegranate was traditionally used primarily to expel parasites but perhaps its most interesting use was as a contraceptive. Physicians from Soranus to Avicenna wrote about pomegranate's ability prevent pregnancy. And today, pomegranate still enjoys limited use as a folk contraceptive in rural parts of Africa."
Rye grass - "Infertility in horses has been 'cured' by adding this ryegrass to their diets."
St John's wort may contribute to infertility.
"Stevia...studies...suggest (that in excess) it might be carcinogenic or reduce fertility. Stevia is a natural sweetener from the leaves of a plant in the daisy family. Its leaves are much sweeter than sugar and it has no calories. Stevia is widely used in Japan and other countries as an alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. In the U.S., stevia can't be used in foods, but it can be sold as a dietary supplement. Some manufacturers are working to get it approved for use in foods in the U.S." 2/6/2008
Tubal tying/cutting of both fallopian tubes will cause infertility and can precipitate menopause in younger women.
HPV Vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix) - How Big Pharma Plans to Fool You Into Giving Gardasil to Your Child - "The American College of Pediatricians has officially sounded the alarm about Gardasil and how it is triggering premature ovarian failure (infertility) in young girls at an alarming rate...In addition, the Japanese government suspended the HPV vaccine in 2013...Vaccine manufacturers have chosen the stealth route to get parents to comply...By bundling the HPV vaccine into a single jab with other childhood vaccines, the opt out rate declines...According to the CDC, all girls and boys should get 3 doses of the HPV vaccine starting at age 11...It’s become a part of our general procedures to encourage vaccination at every (medical office) visit...seems to help coerce more parents into allowing the HPV vaccine for their child...Rather than talking about sexually transmitted infection, the emphasis is on cancer prevention...Using the 'C' word and scaring parents rather than fully disclosing the risks versus the (miniscule to nonexistent) benefits of HPV vaccination seems to do the trick...
Bundling a vaccine with another vaccine to dupe the public is a time tested approach that has worked before.  Back in 2009 when Swine Flu (H1N1) hysteria was sweeping the nation, the public overwhelmingly rejected the H1N1 vaccine over safety concerns. Anecdotal reports of miscarriage for pregnant women receiving the H1N1 shot were rampant at that time (4). A 2012 study published in the journal Human and Experimental Toxicology later confirmed that the Swine Flu vaccine in 2009/2010 did indeed cause an increase in fetal death (5).
What did flu vaccine manufacturers and the CDC do in response? They simply bundled the H1N1 vaccine into the seasonal flu vaccine (6). What’s more, the CDC recommends that all pregnant women receive the flu vaccine despite the inclusion of H1N1 and the confirmed link to miscarriage. Most pregnant women given the flu vaccine are not informed of the link nor do they have any idea what they are getting...Vaccine manufacturers have hit on a formula that works for getting the public to comply...
Know exactly which vaccines are contained in each jab given to your child."

Zika - USA - CDC: Zika risk in sperm donation in 3 Florida counties 3/20/2017



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Fertility testing -

"This is the actual text of the Berlin Papyrus as translated into English by Dawson:6 - Another test for a woman who will bear or a woman who will not bear. Wheat and spelt: let the woman water them daily with her urine like dates and like sh'at seeds in 2 bags. If they both grow, she will bear: if the wheat grows, it will be a boy; if the spelt grows, it will be a girl. If neither grows, she will not bear.  There does not seem to be a general agreement among Egypt-ologists, however, on the rendering of the Egyptian names of the cereals. Whereas Wreszinski4 and Dawson6 translate them by wheat (Weize) for boys, and spelt for girls, Iversen5 gives wheat and barley respectively, and Grapow9 translates them by 'Gerste', barley, for boys, and 'Emmer', buckwheat, for girls."
Israel - Israelis find way to preserve fertility after chemotherapy
Page, Dr David, Director, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, MIT  Page has found that the male Y chromosome of often to blame for low sperm count when one of the Y chromosome's mirrors are cracked/missing. 4/30/2006 editorial Sex Detective
David Page describes the male-specific Y chromosomes of humans and other species, it's evolutionary dynamism and critical role in male infertility. Evolution of Sex: Rethinking the Y Chromosome
Placenta may be a source for human eggs 1/2013
Fused eggs RESEARCH - not necessarily ethical - see following web sites
Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy - 2003 successfully fused human cells with rabbit eggs
Human Skin Cells Turned Into Stem Cells - fused adult skin cells with existing human embryonic stem cells, so no human eggs were involved. Although the fused cells still contained the genetic material, or DNA
Genetic Engineering - MSPCA Angell - 277 fused eggs they began with, only 29 survived to the blastocyst stage
Foetus with three parents created - fused eggs were then fertilised with the man's sperm. In all, the scientists transferred five of the three-parent embryos into the woman. She subsequently became pregnant with triplets
Dolly The Cloned Sheep - cells were then fused with unfertilized eggs, from which genetic materials had been removed. Twenty-nine reconstructed eggs were then placed into Black Faced ewes
Lactobacilli - - 12/2012 -
"Teitelbaum earned her doctorate in microbiology and immunology at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine and moved to Israel in 1999. While working in vaccine development, she learned about sperm-fighting antibodies found in infertile women’s reproductive tracts, and that led her to arrive at the idea to develop a new platform for contraception."
Surrogate Mothers
India - - -
Made in India | Outsourcing Surrogacy to India - 5/012012 short version