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Fermented vegetables help digestion. 
Try sauerkraut with each meal.     vol 7, #11
The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living
Fuller, DicQie  Digestion Remedies for Folks Over 40 Schweiz Health, 653 W Station, Kankakee, Illinois, USA "Immune cells contain large amounts of enzymes, so they can break down the foods...But if immune cells are digesting foods, they can't properly protect your body...One solution is to eat only (organic/live) raw foods complete with their own supply of digestive enzymes.  But...there are only enough enzymes contained in the raw food to digest that particular food."  Thus a good full spectrum enzyme supplement may be extremely beneficial.  For beginners, each food category needs it's own enzyme: fat enzyme, protein enzyme, and carbohydrate enzyme, plus milk enzyme. 
Probiotic supplement brands are rated by Consumer Lab.
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Coconut oil is added to some baby formulas and especially to hospital feedings for infants/elderly who have problems assimilating nutrients. 
It is best to use fresh coconut oil or unrefined/white/virgin processed coconut oil. Tap small air hole in bottom of coconut.  Then at eye of coconut shell, create larger hole from which to pour out oil.  Rod buys his coconuts from the Philippines.

Black Box Warnings

John Moody - To thwart any potential harm always sprout, ferment or cook for at least 15 minutes all lectins,
disposing of cooking water (perhaps when cool, watering your garden NOT pets).
"The more problematic lectins are found primarily in the single food group known as legumes. This food classification includes the various beans such as kidney, cannellini, black, fava, navy and so forth. It also includes chickpeas, lentils, and peas.
However, a wide variety of foods contain lectins, not just legumes. 
Some foods are moderately high in lectins, such as some cereal grains, (white)potatoes, seeds, and nuts. Peanuts contain a large amount of lectins, including peanut oil. However, peanuts are not really nuts at all; they are legumes."