Testimony of healing of incontinence per chapter 2 in Randy Clark's - There Is More - Reclaiming the Power of Impartation
Hunter's How to Heal the Sick - pg 201


Peterson, Melody - - Click Google's "contents" in it's book review to read chapters or go to - Tough read, but vital to the health of you  your family!
"The cognition of patients with Alzheimer's disease grew worse when they took either Detrol or Ditropan.  Both bladder drugs have what doctors call anti-cholinergic effects, which means they block the action of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter.  Nerve cells release neurotransmitters to send signals to neighboring cells.  The anti-cholinergic medicines block some of these signals...The brains of the patients who had taken anti-cholinergic drugs for 2 years or longer had more that twice the level of abnormal clumps of amyloid plaque & tangled bundles of fibers as those who had not taken the drugs or had taken them for a such time...Medication-induced dementia often reverses, if it is found  the patient stops taking the offending drug."