Hampsch (12/6/1925-11/9/2020) in Healing Your Family Tree cites Ripley's Believe It or Not story of the town Cervera de Buitrago, Madrid, Spain where most residents have 6 toes & 6  fingers due to intermarriage.  Hampsch also cites the Mennonites in La Crete, Canada where the Tourette Syndrome is prevalent - due to inbreeding.

Hammond, Frank & Marzullo, Frank - The Tales of 2 Franks @
Authors address/treat incest saying to (bind &) command out the root causes = Chemosh & Milcom incest spirits.


Herman, Judith Lewis & Hirschman, Lisa  Father-Daughter Incest - Harvard University Press - Preview book - Introduction - Saint Dympna  a 15 year old (along with her protector Father Gereberus) was martyred by her Irish king/father for not submitting to be his wife.  In the late 13th century, a mental hospital was named in her honor in Gheel village (near Antwerp) where she was killed/buried/canonized & where patrons claim her bones &/or prayers effectively exorcise them from insanity & demonic possession.

Possible demonic interference &/or psychiatric issues  @  #34
"Spiritual Growth - Arrested Development (a demon): attempts to stop growth in spirit, soul & body; a powerful prince who enters at the time of conception to age 13. (In Girls), This demon arranges for girls under thirteen to be molested. This opens the door for the entrance of Incest, rape & other evil spirits. He then interferes with all development beyond age thirteen. This demon influences little girlsí thinking about how they dress & pushes them to dress sloppy or mannish to move them closer to a lifestyle of lesbianism & overt acts of homosexuality. (In Boys), This spirit hinders & interferes so that it forces them into drugs, hopelessness & even signs of retardation which further adds depression & feelings of despair.
Arrested Body
(a demon): causes physical growth & development to slow down or come to a halt; retardation; bedwetting; visual & audio problems; & stunted motor skills. 
Arrested Soul
(a demon): causes learning disabilities; slow reader; slower hearing; mental block; confusion; fears & insecurities; short attention span; motor deficits resulting from child abuse and neglect; impulsive habits; dyslexia; social problems; unable to put  away childish  things; strong will; immaturity; loneliness; frustration & anger towards authority; fear of learning disabilities; over dependence on others; outcast; & memory loss.

The following partial list of demons are associated with the spirits of Arrested Development
: Pamper me; Having my own way; Spoiled Rotten; No Discipline; Control Parent by Manipulation; Getting What I want No Matter The Cost; Playing on Peopleís Sympathy; No Shape; I hate My Body; Temper Tantrums; Skin Disorders; Want To Return To The Womb; Skin Disorders; Ugliness; Eating Disorders; Lesbian spirits; Abnormal childhood; Abnormal Adolescence; Abused child; Junk Food Addiction; Sexual Impurity; Adultery; Anger; Depression; Parental Rejection; Jezebel; Ahab; Inferiority complex; Resentment; Argument; Un-forgiveness towards Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, etc; Addiction to chocolate; Addiction to Sugar; Addiction to Sodas; Addiction to Candy; Blockage in Family Relationship: Feelings, Growth, Personality, Normal Family, Normal Ministry, Normal Life; Responsibility; Abused by Father; Child Molestation; Child Condemnation; Competition, Compromise; greediness; Cursing; Discouraged life; Divorce; Disputing; Disrespect: Elders, Church, Mother, Father;  Disobedience;  Doom; Fantasy; False Friends (esp. In Ministry); Fear of Financial Ruin; Poverty; Hard Times; Block Finances; Misunderstanding; Pouting; Lack of Appreciation; Lack of Will Power; Idol Worship; Laziness; Child Dominance; Lost Communication; Lost Interest; Lying; Learning Difficulties; Bad Nerves; Overtired; Nasty Mouth; Negative Attitude; Messiness; Forbidden Sleep; Night Time Fears; Rebellion; Tormented Dreams; Nervous Breakdown; Restless Spirits; Rushed Childhood; Fatness; Gluttony; Nervous Stomach; Over Protected; Tattletale; Unclean; Ungrateful; Revenge; Worry; Satanic Discipline; Slothful; Failure; Bad Luck; Block Budget; Fear of Giving; Thief; Hate; Unstable Adult; Vain Babbling; Violence; Wounded Spirit; Loss of Appetite; Starvation; Fear of Animals; Foolish Spending; Freedom Block; Planned Disobedience; Shyness; Jealousy; Bankruptcy; Frustration; Discord; Daydreamer; Bondage; Malice; Foolishness; Slow; False love (often blocks a parentís responsibility as an adult to rear a child); Parental Rejection (causes a child to remain a little boy or a little girl forever, regardless of age); Stunted Growth, Midget.
(a demon of pride): retards spiritual growth & development; causes faulty judgment & discernment; misunderstanding of scriptures; false doctrine; error & heresy; slothfulness; inexperience; spiritual schizophrenia; unable to discern the Lordís Voice & Will; Control Freak; causes one to linger longer in a place of false loyalty to leaders; unable to discern good from evil speedily; causes competition between church members to gain favor of leadership; spiritual bondage; cause of spiritual church abuse going unnoticed due to Spiritual Blindness; works with Arrested Development (evil) spirits to further retard any possible growth or development in the following areas: social, spiritual, emotional, financial, sexual, physical & mental."
Summa Theologica New Advent contains Catholic doctrine 
Question 58. The Impediments to Marriage
Article 4. Is marriage annulled by the husband committing incest with his wife's sister?  Answer = NO. 
Also see Article 3 on madness & annulment/divorce & Article 2 on spells/demons.



SAVAGE GRACE "(movie rated C+) This drama, starring Julianne Moore ("The Hours"), is based on the factual book (Grace) by Steven M.L. Aronson and Natalie Robins about Barbara Daly (of West Roxbury, Massachusetts), who married above her class to a dashing man (Brooks Baekeland) who inherits his familyís plastics fortune.
The film, which spans from 1946 to 1972 and unfolds in six acts, follows Daly as her husband rejects her and their only son (Tony) becomes psychologically close to his lonely (ambitious) mother in a (incestuous emotional &/or physical) relationship  (especially while living in Europe) with tragic (deadly) results (murder/suicide)."
Barbara does pot and drugs with her son when not seducing his homosexual lovers, & diving into bed with both of them on occasion. Meanwhile, Dad has run off with his son's former teenage girlfriend."
"Brooks'...father...renowned inventor Leo Baekland, immigrant son of a cobbler and maid. Therefore the younger Baekland and his family would have been considered nouveau riche, & pariahs among the old money elite they aspired to join. Senior Baekland's own personal...story, included his invention of Bakelite that ushered in the age of plastics... (which) was a discovery eventually acquired from him by Kodak for the development of modern photography equipment."
recommended viewing or reading unless the goal is to do generational cleansing and/or education in depravity.
Viewing wrong materials can sometimes impart/invite demons and do the opposite of what intends!