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7-Keto DHEA may increase neutrophils, the 1st white blood cells to respond to infection. 5/05 Life Extension
2 six oz cranberry juice daily provides helpful hippuric acid, which inhibits bacteria growth per Leo Galland MD and DV Moen MD. Rodale Press The Prevention Total Health System - Aging Slowly
Colostrum -  original source of item and source of ingredients not cited in ad  
Colostrum is a medicine replacement or adjunct 3/22/2012 -
Newborn calves should receive colostrum from the cow’s first milking; the quality of the colostrum halves between the 1st and the 2nd milking...Colostrum from heifers (first lactation animals) is of poorer quality than colostrum obtained from older cows (second lactation upwards). The highest quality colostrum was obtained from cows in their 5th lactation. The colostrum collected from cows that had calved more than 15 hours before milking was of poor quality. Results indicate that colostrum quality is maximized when cows are milked within 6 hours of calving...It is best practice also to feed this colostrum to the calf as soon as possible after it is born, because the older the calf gets, the fewer antibodies it absorbs. Length of the dry period also has an effect on the quality, which is lowered when the dry period is less than 8 weeks, and greater than 16 weeks. Thus, a dry period of between 8-16 weeks appears to improve quality. In general, higher yielding cows also tend to have poorer quality colostrum, due to the dilution of immuno-globulins or antibodies."
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Mercola, Dr. Joseph - 7/5/2016
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Philip M Tierno in The Secret Life of Germs - Observations and Lessons from a Microbe Hunter cites the successful genetic therapy by a French research team who fixed 3 "bubble babies" with a SCID-X1 acquired immune system defective gene. Bone marrow stem cells (carrying a defective gene) were mixed with a virus (acting as a vector + carrying a healthy gene) and transplanted back into the children. 


Joel 3:21 KNV "I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed."