HEARTBURN & GERD gastro-esophageal reflux disease
(see irritable bowel syndrome)

Lactobacillus  www.culturelle.com   www.live-well.com
Limonene from citrus fruit oil and perillic acid from sage, peppermint, perilla, and cranberry may
reduce malignant melanoma tumor nodules. 1,000 mg/day d-limonene (from orange peel oil) also may provide relief from gastro esophageal reflux disease. 9/2006 www.lef.org
Orange peel  Heartburn & GERD by Wiess - www.ATDonline.org
The Lark Letter 8/2001 recommends (house plant) Aloe vera - www.drlark.com
Yogurt and (especially) Kefir (Both have live bacteria & yeast cultures.) - www.drweilselfhealing.com