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Leej, Arthur - http://www.arthurleej.com/Violet.pdf - BENEFICIAL IONS - "A baking soda solution has been used to treat inflammatory swelling of the hands. A half teaspoonful of sodium bicarbonate is put into a jar filled with warm water, and the positive electrode is put into it. The other hand is put into a jar with the negative electrode. The current is gradually increased from zero to 10 ma. and maintained for 10 to 20 minutes. After a few sittings, the hands are often greatly improved."  (1st time one does this requires mentoring/oversight.)

Leej, Arthur - http://www.arthurleej.com/Violet.pdf - BENEFICIAL IONS - "Taking large amounts of magnesium orally will often get rid of multiple warts. Magnesium salts could be used to treat multiple warts or erysipelas. The back of a womanís right hand covered with warts. A pad with a solution of 3% magnesium sulfate was applied (externally to the affected area), and the positive pole was connected to it. A current of 5 ma. was passed for 15 minutes. A week later, another treatment was given, and the mass of warts disappeared 2 weeks later."


Brett Castleberry was caught under the deck of a riding lawn mower resulting in horrific and life threatening injuries.
Clarice Fluitt - http://www.xpmedia.com/video/6570/supernatural-invasion - new finger -
Fluitt, Clarice - http://d3tnb2mam8l2qt.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/IS845Transcript_Fluitt.pdf 2/2016 - "I said, 'I want a new finger. I want a new fingernail and I want a new thumb,
I just want to get, if this is a God of miracles; thatís what I know. I want to know a supernatural God.
He said, 'You canít make a deal with God.'
I said, 'Just made a deal.' And so we got to the hospital.
The doctor comes in and he says, 'Whereís the finger?'
Well it never occurred to us to get the finger. So I called my dad.
I said, 'Did you find Kathyís little finger?'
He said, 'Oh honey, it was in the door.  I took it and put it in a trash can. 
It had coffee grounds and cabbage leaves and everything.'
I said, 'Get it and put it in ice and bring it to the hospital.'  Well by the time he got there,
the doctor says. 'Itís too late. You canít sew it on.'
Something came over me, and I said, 'You sew that finger on.'
He says, 'Iím not gonna sew it on.'
I said, 'Yes, youíre gonna sew it on.'
He says, 'If she moves, Iím not gonna do it. Iím not gonna give her any anesthetic.' 
He gave me all the reasons.
I said, 'Kathy, this man is going to sew your finger on. Donít cry.'
She looked up at her daddy, and said, 'Daddy, you got the prettiest eyes.' 
She went to sleep, and never moved.  The doctor sewed the finger on.
3 days later weíre taking a bath.
The doctors had said, ďItís black.  Thereís no blood. It canít possibly take.'
My mother-in-law was given her a shower, the phone rang, and she left. She said, ďKathy, donít get your little hand wet.Ē Now you tell a 3 year-old that, you know; they donít quite grasp it.
She goes; when she comes back, Kathyís tub is full, sheís swimming all over the place, and the bandage is floating in the tub. My mother-in-law picked up the bandage, and there was Kathyís finger.
She says, 'Oh honey, your little finger came off.'
She said, 'Itís all right, Grandmother. I got a new one, new bone, new finger, new fingernail.'Ē
Harbinson, Suzy - hands healed - 12/02 radio Suzy could not play violin for 15 years.  www.sidroth.org
Hunter, Frances - http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/guest-frances-hunter -12/25/2006 - A finger grew out during ministry.
Glenda Jackson - http://sidroth.org/television/tv-archives/glenda-jackson video -
transcript - http://d3tnb2mam8l2qt.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/IS775Transcript_Jackson.pdf  radio http://sidroth.org/radio/radio-archives/glenda-jackson - "
Yes, it was in the '50s. And so he was in a revival at night and he was in a lot of pain and red streaks started going up his arm. And so my mom said, 'Maybe you should have not had it (severed finger) sewn on.' And he goes, 'No, I serve God. He's the great physician and I know I'm going to get a miracle.' And my dad looked for miracles all the time. When we went to church, I was 8 years old, was going to the revival that night...His finger flew off, and immediately a brand new one appeared in its place...The finger that was, you know, just went, & hit someone in a wheelchair.  They were a paraplegic.  It hit them, & they were healed instantly."
Kennedy, Sandra @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzDshnnPjYU 5/6/2021 + 2019 - New Fingers, Toes, Lip. 

Schambach, RW  www.schambach.org  During Schambach's ministry a missing hand grew out, per Worship DVD www.nhm.cc

Welchel, Tommy - Azusa Street - They Told Me Their Stories   Chapter The Topeka Connection - shares the growing out of 2 missing fingers.