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Ginkgo Biloba often helps.  January 2004
Ginkgo Biloba, bilberry, eyebright, hawthorn, kuctzu herbs + fresh berries may help.  pg 284 Herbs/ Therapeutic use by Bach, Phyllis A & Rister, Robert  Prescription for Herbal Healing

Leej, Arthur - - BENEFICIAL IONS - "Glaucoma is a serious disorder in which the eye pressure rises far above normal. The outward curve of the eyes is maintained by pressure, and a pressure that is too high damages the optic nerve and the light receptors. Calcium iontophoresis was used to treat chronic glaucoma."

Rudin DO - Med Hypotheses. 1980 Apr;6(4):427-30.  Glaucoma, "auditory glaucoma", "articular glaucoma" and the third eye.  Scientific Paper =  Galucoma may be one of a set of "baropathic" disorders including tinnitus, Meniere's disease, arthritis and bursitis caused by transport dysfunction in the "tissue membranes" of the set of closed "tissue cells" envisioned by The Tissue Cell Theory of Metazoa and which may result, in turn, from prostaglandin disturbances induced by primary or secondary essential fatty acid deficiencies possibly coupled with immunopathic effects.
Hunter, Charles & Frances - by Dr. Burton J. Dupuy, Jr -
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"Glaucoma and cataracts...are not necessarily inherited. 
Cataracts are due to poor circulation, I believe, more than anything else. We're not really sure what causes it, but we do know that a lack of oxygen supply to the lens in the eye will cause cataracts. Some are spots, some are streaks, some are like dust on the cornea, some are just milky—there are all types. Pray that the spot in the eye will be removed. Command the spirit of inheritance to come out.
A cataract is not a growth. The lens in the eye where the cataract is formed is shaped like a magnifying lens. It is thick in the middle and thin on the edges. It is composed of layer after layer of skin, similar to an onion. What happens is these layers start drying out in different areas, and this causes a spot. So when the light comes through, when we look into the eye, we see a black spot in there. It is not a growth; it is not cancerous. It is just a change or drying out of the tissue. Pray that the tissue will be restored to normal and the blood supply to the eye will be replenished.
Glaucoma is an increase of pressure in the eye. The fluids in the eye are constantly being replaced and drained out. The canals are slim around the outer area of the iris where the fluids drain out of the eye, and if these canals become clogged, then the drainage slows down and the pressure builds up. It's like blowing air into a balloon. Command the canals to be opened, command the spirit of inheritance to come out, and command the pressure to be relieved and go down to normal, in Jesus' name.
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