Adams, Rex - Miracle Medicine Foods - Parker Publishing  Gum infection may be helped/reversed with supplements of vitamin C and zinc, fresh garlic, or with a mouthwash of epsom salt
CoQ10 capsule insides used as a daily toothpaste will help receding gums or gingivitis.
Hawkins - PH Balance "Dentist Harold was a noted dental surgeon and a former Associate Professor at the, University of Southern California. His pioneering studies in pH, acid, and alkaline balance in the late 1930s help lead to breakthroughs in explaining the real cause of gum recession. Dr. Hawkins followed the work of esteemed dentist Weston Price's who documented the impact of industrial modern food on pre-Columbian cultures, in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.
In 1933 Dr. Hawkins published studies for controlling both tooth decay and gum disease nutritionally, he wrote: 'This method of control is a satisfactory and rational method of preventing and controlling both dental caries and systemic pyorrhea.'" 2017
Hoffer MD, Abram noted that niacin (B3) cures bleeding gums.   Vitamin A is also good.  (May not be safe to exceed 10,000 mg daily.)  2003 Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine 

Maccaro, Janet - Natural Health Remedies with Dr. Janet Maccaro - Part 1 - 8/3/2017
Maccaro, Janet - #2 - 8/4/2017
Janet recommends soaking dental floss in coconut oil prior to flossing.
Bad bacteria found in gingivitis/pyorrhea is also found in heart disease, indicating a need for proactive good dental care.

MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane, organic sulfur) may build healthy gum tissue.  Take with vitamin C 3x day.  Other supplements may help - bioflavonoids, CoQ10, grape seed, flossing and home water irrigation. 2/2004
Sesame Seed oil -,use%20it%20to%20cure%20sinusitis%20and%20other%20conditions
  • Sesame Oil is extremely effective in killing bacteria causing gingivitis
  • In vitro it stopped the growth of malignant melanoma cells
  • In vitro it stopped the growth of human colon cancer cells
  • Sesame Oil contains oleic acid, an effective reducer of serum cholesterol
  • Ayurveda physicians use it to cure sinusitis (CAUTION re source due to samonella contamination)


Nicotine may trigger gum disease. 4/22/2005 @