antifreeze protein gene in strawberry,”




America Revealed | The Future of Food 4/12/2012
Dr Bob - #8 on USA food label indicates toxic GMO whereas #9 on food label indicates healthy organic.
Dr Bob Optimal Health - Sugar 7/14/2015 from - 4/2012 - Food Machine -
Bananas - GMO Bananas In Uganda -
IMOThis Is Why The Children Are Dying From Nodding Syndrome - 3/14/2012
Certification -
"To receive the label,
a product has to be certified as containing ingredients with
less than 1% genetic modification
. Westgate says that's a realistic standard,
while totally GMO-free is not."
Citric Acid -
"If citric acid is non-GMO, it can cause reactions in individuals sensitive to monosodium glutamate, more popularly known as MSG. According to the Weston A. Price Foundation...Citric acid is produced by fermentation of crude sugars. During processing, the remaining protein is hydrolyzed, resulting in some processed free glutamic acid (MSG) (1)...
According to GMO Awareness, the USDA Organic certification only requires that 95% of a product’s ingredients be certified organic. The remaining 5% does not have to be organic. In fact, they might even be GMO.  Usually, USDA Organic means that everything is organic, but not always. In the case of birch water, notice the label below states that 99.9% of the product is organic birch sap. The remaining .5% is citric acid which could be GMO even though the product is USDA certified organic."
Fake DNA - Now Your Food Has Fake DNA in It + The Overlooked Plight of Factory Farm Workers
GE (Genetically Engineered) Salmon -
CommitteesMeetingMaterials/VeterinaryMedicineAdvisoryCommittee/UCM224762.pdf -
FDA regulates GE animals under the new animal drug provisions of the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA or the Act), 21 USC 321 et seq., and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Section 201(g) of FFDCA defines drugs as 'articles' (other than food)...Term GE animal can refer both to animals with a heritable rDNA construct & to an animal with a non-heritable rDNA construct (e.g., a construct intended as therapy for a disease in that animal). "
Agriculture-Article/Genetically-Modified-Crops-as-Medicine-198.html -
Transgenic tomatoes can vaccinate against Alzheimer's, while transgenic bananas can vaccinate against hepatitis B - (with patient informed consent?)
Food Fight! Genetically Modified v. Organic Crops - 
"Genetically engineered products only
hit the shelves in 1992, they now dominate up to 95%
of specific product markets. Recently, organic farmers have also been worried about the spread of genetically engineered crops to their organic product through natural germination processes. Farmers worry that genetically modified crops will squash their organic seeds and contaminate their products. Through allowing for the co-existence of genetically modified and organic crops, these rulings pit technology against tradition. However, these ideas raise larger questions, can we control the germination of seeds? Can food be truly organic?"
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GRITtv: Vandana Shiva: Understanding the Corporate Takeover
or GRITtv: April 29, 2011 - Whistle Where You Work 28: Genetically Modified Food
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GMOs -
Health Hazards of Genetically-Manipulated Foods - -
esticide "
Roundup-Ready" soybeans. Full Text of News Release and Scientists' Statement -
Is Genetically Engineered Food Safe? - Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers: Essays Compiled by Dr. Ron Epstein - Bio-Safety - Risks From Genetically Engineered Organisms (GEOs) - genetically-manipulated foods under "Global Threats"
Hidden Danger of GMO Technology - -
"The human genome contains about 21,000 protein-encoding genes, but the total number of proteins in human cells is estimated to be between 250,000 to one million. 1 gene can encode more than 1 protein (even up to 1,000) (From:
Therefore, when a gene is spliced into another organism’s DNA and activated by the promoter, several things happen. 
1) Target gene begins to produce all 1,000's of proteins it is responsible for, not just the 1 the researcher is trying to activate. 
2) Very aggressive Promoters, such as the Cauliflower Mosaic Virus, activate not only the target new gene, but many of the genes of the plant itself.
In potato, for example, only tubers are edible – and the rest of the plant is toxic to people.
If wrong protein is produced in the wrong part of the plant – plant may produce the toxin in the tubers.
3) There are many idle genes in every organism. There is no knowledge of what these genes may produce.
4) Since the Promoter is always on, the host organism is investing disproportionate percentage of resources into production of unnecessary proteins, so the nutrient content of the plant drops.
One well known example of GMO manipulation producing unexpected toxicity is 1989 outbreak of previously unknown eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome.
Amino acid supplement L-tryptophan was being manufactured by modifying the e-coli bacteria to produce it.

(From: NIH) Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome was linked to GM-bacteria produced L-tryptophan (From: NIH) -
Lactose Intolerance -
ANDERSEN: "Lactose intolerance is an enzyme issue. It has nothing to do with the immune system. 
What we’re talking about is an
immune reaction, an adverse immune reaction, to dairy as a foreign protein, an invader in the body, just like an infection. 
This is absolutely separate from the so-called lactose-intolerance factor.  What I see in my practice is that dairy, eggs, wheat and corn are the 4 most common sensitivities in the population.  Well, the dairy in this country, unless it’s organic, is going to be genetically engineered through bovine growth hormone and a majority of the cows eat genetically engineered soybean and corn - all of the chickens, unless they’re organic, are going to have genetically engineered soybean and corn that they’re eating, just as most of the corn products in this country, unless they are organic, are going to be genetically engineered.
"Many people report that their children were lactose intolerant until they switched to fresh milk, or raw milk, at which point they were no longer lactose intolerant."
L-Tryptophan 1989 GMO production - -
woman was rendered quadriplegic, unable to turn in her bed or manage the most basic of bodily functions...
Eosinophilia myalgia syndrome (EMS) was striking Americans across the country.

Some had died. The connection, it seemed, was that all of the victims had taken L-tryptophan...
The Tokyo-based petrochemical giant Showa Denko K. K. The company already controlled more than half of the American market, but in 1988 and 1989, it sought to boost the efficiency of its L-tryptophan production. Showa Denko altered its normal manufacturing procedures
by introducing a new, genetically engineered bacterium called Strain V...
Like other food supplement manufacturers, Showa Denko had routinely used a fermentation process in which large quantities of bacteria are grown in vats and the required substance is extracted and purified.
In this case, Showa Denko used Strain V in the fermentation system to convert nutrients into L-tryptophan...
According to U.S. law, the company was allowed to sell the L-tryptophan produced in gene-spliced bacteria without any safety testing because it & other
firms had been selling the supplement produced in non-genetically engineered bacteria for years without ill effects. The method of production was considered immaterial. What was important was that the new product was 'substantially equivalent' to the L-tryptophan that had been sold for years...Denko’s L-tryptophan was 99.6% pure, well within approved standards. But the tiny proportion of the compound that was considered 'impure' contained between 30 & 40 different contaminants. 1 of them, EBT, attracted particular attention from scientists because it was shown to cause some of the symptoms of EMS in rats...
By destroying all stocks of the modified bacteria, Showa Denko eliminated data and destroyed possible evidence that could have been useful in solving the puzzle and perhaps finding an answer for those suffering the toxic effects of L-tryptophan...
Under Canadian law, ingestible substances are either 'food' or 'drugs'.  There is NO provision for 'dietary supplements.' Vitamins and herbs are unregulated, but as such are NOT allowed to claim therapeutic properties. (The law governing dietary supplements is currently under review.) Because of its claims of healing benefits, L-tryptophan would have been considered a drug in Canada & would have had to meet much more stringent regulations than it did in the United States. For example, the manufacturer would have been compelled to file details on its production processes & any changes it made to them. Perhaps not surprisingly, Showa Denko & the other manufacturers never bothered to apply for drug status in Canada & so L-tryptophan was not available for sale north of the U.S. boundary line.
Editor's note: In 1989 tryptophan was available by prescription in Canada from a company named ICN Canada.
It still is. ICM's
non-genetically-engineered product: Tryptan
(which is NOT preceded with the letter 'L') has never been implicated in any cases of EMS.]"
Magic Soap -
Null, Gary - Seeds of Death - full movie -
Organic typically beats conventional unless your know the source.
5/26/2006 - Some nice plants can defend themselves against their enemies by producing toxins such as hydrogen cyanide in fiddleheads.
Smith, Jeffrey M. - - Seeds of Deception - Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating -
Smith -
Smith, Jeffrey M. - DARK act 2015 - "As of July 23, 2015, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would consolidate federal control of labeling initiatives for genetically modified foods. This underscores the importance of consumer education about the health risks of dangerous GMOs."
Smith, Jeffrey M. - GMO apple and potato - interviews Dr. Jack Heinemann.  Double stranded DNA could be dangerous to our health.  Important to say grace before eating food!
Smith, Jeffrey M. - lecture - "WHY IT’S IMPERATIVE TO AVOID GMOS (AND ROUNDUP)" 
Claire Hope Cummings, Steven Drucker, Jeffrey M. Smith panel - "GMOS: UNMASKING THE GLOBAL CHARADE"
Substantial equivalence - in chemical composition - to a genetically modified product's non-GM counterpart remains the standard used in Canada and the U.S. for approving GMOs (genetically modified organisms, including foods) for human or animal consumption. Typically, that determination is made by the manufacturer alone. If the company's lab tests show no significant difference, the government approves the GMO, even though needles could lurk in the "novel food's" complex chemical haystack, as they did in GE-derived tryptophan.  Spring 2000
11/22-28/2007  The New England Edition - Prairie Farmer Battles Corporate Giant  editorial 
"The (Canadian) court ruled if you get contaminated (crops) you no longer own your own seeds or plants, and it doesn't matter how the gene got there.  Through patent law it becomes the ownership of Monsanto,' says Schmeiser."
3/8-14/2012 - - Chinese cell researchers have found that plant microRNA from rice and other vegetables are directly absorbed into the bloodstream of mammals without being broken down by digestion. RNA, like DNA, carries genetic information. MicroRNA or miRNA is a short RNA molecule that can suppress gene activity...A certain plant miRNA from rice arrives intact to the liver cells of mammals, where it inhibits the removal of LDL from the blood. LDL is the type of cholesterol that coats the arteries.  Those mice eating the rice diet had their blood LDL rise significantly within a few hours. After 3 days of the rice diet, LDL was raised but HDL and triglyceride levels were unchanged. 
Healthy Chinese people were also part of the study. When their blood was analyzed, it also contained rice miRNA. 
10 plant miRNAs were found in the blood of Chinese subjects, mice, rats, horses, sheep & calves.
Rice miRNA was found not only in the liver, but the lungs, spleen, kidneys, stomach, & brain.
However, the effects, if any, on these other organs was not addressed...
The question arises: Could miRNAs also make a critical contribution to destroying the body’s structure & function? In the case of genetically modified plants that have only been with us since the 1990s, the effects of the new miRNAs that could attach to our organs are unknown.  According to the study’s introduction, miRNAs have the ability 'to modulate various critical biological processes, including differentiation, apoptosis, [cell destruction] proliferation, the immune response, & the maintenance of cell & tissue identity.'”  (#1 Buy organic.  #2 Pray over your food before eating it.)
3/8-14/2012 - -
"Dr. (Arpad) Pusztai chose the foreign gene in a GM potato that he had worked with before & which produces an insecticidal protein that is harmless to mammals. 
3 variations of potato were fed to 3 groups of rats: the plain potato, a potato injected with the insecticide & a GM potato injected with the gene from the insecticide. The rats given the first 2 types of potato were fine.
The rats given the GM potatoes had almost all their organs & their immune systems adversely affected after only 10 days.  Previously, rats that had been given 700 times the amount of insecticide found in the GM potatoes had not been affected, so Dr. Pustzai concluded that GM foods need more safety studies."
Mike Adams, "Health Ranger" video How GMO Foods Alter Organ Function and Pose a Very Real Health Threat to Humans -
Ingeborg Boyens - Unnatural Harvest: How Genetic Engineering is Altering Our Food -
"'Biotechnological progress is being managed now by a new corporate world order. The ability of science to move DNA from one species to another is being rushed from the hands of lab-coated researchers to those of product-oriented profiteers.' The conservative scientist's discipline of erring on the side of caution has been replaced by the eager entrepreneur's haste to throw caution to the wind. Frighteningly, institutions like universities &f governments that should be pumping the brakes are jumping to the pump, eager to cash in on the windfall."
GM ban long overdue, dozens ill & five deaths in the Philippines - 2006 - -
"Academics from all over the Philippines called for a ban on GMOs in food ... developed small holes in their stomach [15] * Chickens fed Aventis' glufosinate-tolerant GM maize were ... to die compared with controls [17] * New research demonstrated that a harmless protein in bean."
WanHo, Mae - edited excerpts
That is a major area of contention.  The companies keep saying that this genetically modified DNA is no different from natural DNA. 'DNA is DNA is DNA.' Some pro-GM scientists even say that this is the ultimate organic molecule. 
There are a lot of indications that this genetically modified DNA is completely new, it has never existed in billions of years of evolution, it’s cobbled together from different sources, a lot of viral & bacterial DNA is being used to make it. 
It is unstable & has a propensity to jump again into genomes & to overcome species barriers. 

You know, biological species don’t really tend to exchange genes with other species, 1st of all because there are natural limits to how much they can exchange, since each species has its own space & time in evolutionary history.
In the 2nd place, in the laboratory today there is no limit to what you can make. 
You can even take DNA from organisms that have been dead for 100's of 1,000's of years, from a dead fossil & join it up with organisms that exist today.  DNA is actually a very stable molecule & persist long after the organism is dead... Regulators haven’t realized & come to grips with it...These modified genetic materials were designed to overcome the natural barriers between species. What happens when we eat ordinary vegetables & animal protein is that the DNA is broken down by our enzymes.  Then, our cells also have enzymes for breaking them down further, & ultimately they will be nutrition for the cell.  Unfortunately, if you design genetically modified DNA to jump into genomes & to overcome species barriers, then there is a chance that this DNA can avoid enzymatic breakdown & get into other unrelated species. For example, 1 of the dangers of these organisms is that they are mainly made up of genetic material belonging to viruses & bacteria. So if these genetic materials meet other viruses & bacteria, they can join up to make new combinations: viruses & bacteria that cause diseases & resist medical treatment...Recombinant...recombination.  Horizontal gene transfer & recombination form the major process for generating new viruses & bacteria that cause diseases...
These DNA can also get into our cells.  The danger of rogue DNA getting into our cells, or the cells of other mammals, is that they often contain very aggressive virus promoters. It’s not easy to get a foreign gene to work in a cell. In order to do that, you really have to give it a very aggressive gene switch, called a 'promoter', that says to the cell, 'Copy this gene & make a lot of the protein that’s involved. Express this gene at a higher level.' In order to do that they use the promoter from viruses that have the ability to hijack the cell to make many copies of itself.  That is essentially the basic technology that enables many foreign genes to become aggressive. They put it next to this kind of aggressive viral promoter.  Now, if such an aggressive viral promoter gets into an alien cell.  If this promoter should work in that mammalian cell & if this cell is involved in controlling cell division, then it could make this cell multiply out of control (that’s cancer by another name)...
Gene therapy is the genetic modification of human cells, & it uses techniques & constructs very similar to those used in the genetic modification (GM) of plants & animals.
In gene therapy there are 2 major side effects that people worry about. 1 of them is cancer, because if it gets into the wrong place, it turns on the wrong genes, & you get cancer. The other concern is the regeneration of live viruses, because in order to make this foreign DNA go into the genome, very often they use what is called a 'gene carrier' or a 'vector,' which is itself a virus, a disarmed virus. Disarmed or not, a virus can still pick up genes from our genome or from the cell’s genome & turn back into a fully armed virus by recombination. Those are the 2 major acknowledged dangers, or side effects, of gene therapy.
Several years ago a group of scientists in France devised a method where they would genetically modify bone marrow cells outside the patient.  They took the patient’s own cells, genetically modified them & then selected the 'good' transformed cells, the cells that have taken up the foreign genes & then put them into the patient. It was hailed as a great success that avoids the complications I’ve just described.  Unfortunately, about a year & a half later, 2 of the 9 successes developed leukemia...another problem that we have to worry about...
Transgenic/GM food safety. Proponents will say, 'The Americans have been eating it for maybe a decade now, since 1994...You have no labeling.  You don’t even know if you have eaten GM food directly. In any case, most of the GM goes into feeding your animals (& into factory produced boxed foods), so at least you’re probably once-removed from direct GM food. However, the Centers for Disease Control’s own study, published in 1999, found that incidences of food-borne illness have risen from 2-fold to 10-fold as compared to a 1994 study. That was when the 1st GM food (a transgenic tomato - 'Flavor Saver' tomato) was grown & became available...
In Britain, we do have scientists such as Árpád Pusztai.  He was a senior food scientist in Scotland.  He & his colleagues were supported by the government to do food safety research.  They fed GM potato to some young rats & much to their surprise, because he was actually a supporter of GM foods, or at least he wasn’t hostile.  They found that this GM potato affected every organ system of these young rats. They recently released some photographs of the stomach lining & intestinal lining.  It was most dramatic because it increased the  thickness of the lining up to 2 times....
There have been reports of illnesses in some villages, up to 100 villages, in south of the Philippines that are next to fields of GM maize...So in the Philippines, a Norwegian scientist who’s actually a virologist was asked to go & investigate these illnesses. He took samples of blood from 39 of the villagers & found antibodies to the foreign gene expressed in the GM maize grown nearby & this apparently happened again this growing season. There’s another case in Essel, Germany, in which 12 dairy cows died between 2001 & 2002 after eating transgenic maize, another transgenic maize, not the type that was growing in the Philippines. That case hasn’t been investigated to this day, but this maize has since been withdrawn by Syngenta - it’s Bt176...
Animals tend to avoid GM crops if they have the choice...The experts couldn’t agree that it was safe, so the European Commission came in & said, 'Well, we will approve it anyway.' This is Syngenta’s Bt11...
We produced a report called
The Case for a GM-Free, Sustainable World 

in which we propose that there should be a global ban or withdrawal of all GM crops...published by Vital Health in the United States...
There is now a very, very strong global uprising against the introduction of GM crops that was brought to a head a couple of years ago, when Zambia refused to accept GM maize as food aid from the United States & opted instead to purchase surplus food from other parts of their country, & now it is doing so well that it is exporting food surpluses to Angola...
GM technology bypasses natural reproduction altogether. You don’t even need reproduction, you see.
So to say that this is no different from natural breeding methods is really bending science...
Science is no different from any other form of knowledge.

You have to ask, 'Is this good science, or bad science? Are you just fooling me?'” - 5/13/2012 - "US and Canadian governments do not allow manufacturers to label something 100% organic if that food has been genetically modified or been fed genetically modified feed...Also, just because something says 'organic' on it does not mean that it does not contain GMs. In fact, it can still contain up to 30% GMs, so be sure the labels say 100% organic...Eggs labeled 'free-range', 'natural', or 'cage-free' are not necessarily GE-free; look for eggs to be 100% organic.[4]...Look for meat that is 100% organic...
Recognize fruit & vegetable label numbers.  If it is a 4-digit number, the food is conventionally produced.  If it is a 5-digit number beginning with an 8, it is GM.  However, do not trust that GE foods will have a PLU identifying it as such, because PLU labeling is optional.
[5]  If it is a 5-digit number beginning with a 9, it is organic.[6] - "The 4-digit PLU codes for produce are assigned randomly within a series of numbers within either the 3,000-4,000 series. There is no intelligence built into the 4-digit code. For example, no 1 number within the 4-digit number represents anything in particular. The 4-digit codes are for conventionally grown produce. 5-digit codes are used to identify organic or genetically modified produce. The prefix of ‘8’ would be placed in front of the 4-digit code for genetically modified produce & the prefix of ‘9’ would be placed in front of the 4-digit conventionally grown code for organic produce. You will not see the 5 digit codes in the PLU codes database since they are simply prefixes added to the conventionally grown produce PLU codes.  The PLU coding system is voluntary, not mandated by any governing body. There are currently over 1400 PLU codes issued for produce & produce related items."
India - GMO Seeds of Suicide - WATCH
"Suicide by pesticide: It's an epidemic in India, where farmers try to keep up with the latest pest-resistant seeds only to find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of pesticides that don't work, drought & debt. Since 1997, more than 25,000 farmers have committed suicide, many drinking the chemical that was supposed to make their crops more, not less, productive."
India - or video @
India - Bt Cotton Farming - Agriculture in India - Cotton Subsidies and the World Trade Organization - Cotton Production and Consumption Worldwide
India - 7/12/2002
Another aspect (in addition to profiteering/monopoly/control) is that of takeover by population/reproduction/contamination/ impregnation of all non patented species in order to claim DNA ownership. Ought not farmers & buyers rise up/revolt/take back their rights to freedom from food dictatorship & deceit, before it is too late & NO legal action would be of consequence?  Ought not those who eat, expose the enemy, loud & clear?  Today.
Philippines - GM ban long overdue, dozens ill & five deaths in the Philippines - 2006 -
"Academics from all over the Philippines called for a ban on GMOs in food ... developed small holes in their stomach [15]
* Chickens fed Aventis' glufosinate-tolerant
GM maize were ... to die compared with controls [17]
* New research demonstrated that a harmless
protein in bean."
"In July 2003, a farmer living in a small village in the south of Mindanao Island of The Philippines, found himself & his entire family suddenly falling ill with fever & respiratory, intestinal and skin ailments. They were not alone; at least 51 residents of Sitio Kalyong (Barangay Landan, Polomolok, South Cotabato Province) had similar complaints at around the same time. They all lived within 100 m of a field planted with GM maize, & their illnesses coincided with the GM maize flowering time.
Another resident of Sitio Kalyong, said [1] that the GM-maize pollen made him dizzy, gave him severe headaches, chest pains & caused him to vomit. The field in Sitio Kalyong belonged to a local official who bought five bags of Monsanto's Bt maize seed (Dekalb818YG with Cry1Ab from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis ), enough to plant 5 hectares.
He paid 4,500 pesos per bag, which was more than twice as much as the non-GM variety at 2,200 pesos per bag...

In October 2003, blood samples were taken from affected villagers who still had symptoms, which were then frozen & analyzed. Antibodies to the Bt toxin Cry1Ab expressed in the GM maize were found in all the blood samples taken from the 38 individuals.  
Many if not all of the villagers exposed to GM-maize pollen in 2003 have remained ill to this day.
Furthermore, there have been 5 unexplained deaths in the village. In total, 96 people got sick.
In addition,
9 horses, 4 water buffalos, & 37 chickens died soon after feeding on GM maize...
More illnesses were reported in July 2004 when GM maize fields in 4 separate villages of Mindanao came into flower, I was told by a farmer who fell ill in 2003. 32 people in Tuka, Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat, suffered from headache, stomach-ache, dizziness, diarrhoea, vomiting & difficulty in breathing. About 30 ha were planted with Dekalb 818YG, but most of the residents affected were tenants, & hence not aware that what they planted was Bt maize, or even what Bt maize really was. Most farmers in Bagumbayan were aware of 'Bt maize' based only on what Monsanto has told them. Bagumbayan is a 'pet area' of Monsanto, after having won an award in 1999 for being the 2nd biggest user of Power herbicide in the world. In South Sepaka, Sto. Nino, South Cotabato, nine were reported sick, but 31 signed a petition circulated by a member of the Parish Social Action Center, claiming they fell ill during the flowering period of the Bt maize. Symptoms included red eyes, dizziness and weakness. Around 2 ha (acres) were planted with Pioneer 30Y 50, a Bt maize. The Bt maize belonged to a seed dealer who apparently failed to inform the village chairman that he had planted Bt maize. Most of the residents temporarily left their houses.
Around 20 children (aged 5-10 years) got sick during the flowering period of the Bt maize Dekalb 818YG planted near the elementary school in Magallon, M'lang, North Cotabato. They showed symptoms similar to those in other locations: cough, sneezing, asthma & difficulty in breathing. An authorized dealer had planted 10 ha without informing the community that it was Bt maize, but did say that the maize could not be roasted & eaten. One man ate a cob and got diarrhea; the same happened to 4 goats that ate the maize...Damning evidence against the safety of GM food & feed:
* Pregnant female rats fed GM soya gave birth to severely stunted progeny & others in the litters that died within 3 weeks (see main article)
* GM-soya affected cells in the pancreas, liver & testes of young mice (see main article)
* Rats fed a Monsanto GM maize developed serious kidney & blood abnormalities [13]
* Villagers in the south of the Philippines suffered mysterious illnesses when a Monsanto GM maize hybrid came into flower; antibodies to the Bt protein in the GM maize were found in the villagers, & there have been five unexplained deaths (see main article)
* 12 cows died after eating a Syngenta GM maize & more in the herd had to be slaughtered due to mysterious illnesses [14]
* Dr Arpad Pusztai & colleagues found young rats fed GM potatoes damaged in every organ system including an increase in thickness of the stomach lining to twice that in controls [15]
* Scientists in Egypt found similar effects in mice fed another GM potato [16]
* The US Food and Drug Administration had data dating back to early 1990s showing that rats fed GM tomatoes had developed small holes in their stomach [15]
* Chickens fed Aventis' glufosinate-tolerant GM maize were twice as likely to die compared with controls [17]
* New research demonstrated that a harmless protein in bean when transferred to pea caused inflammation in the lungs of mice & provoked reactions to other proteins in the diet (“Transgenic pea that made mice ill”, this series)."
Pusztai, Dr. Arpad - #1 + (Part 2) - "On August 10, 1998, eminent scientist Dr. Arpad Pusztai (pronounced Poos-tie) dared to speak the truth...The UK government was about to change all that, & Hungarian born chemist Dr. Arpad Pusztai was their man to do it. He beat out 27 competing scientists for a £1.6 million grant to develop a safety testing protocol; it was supposed to eventually be required for all GM food approvals in Europe...But when Dr. Pusztai fed the GM potato to rats using his new safety testing protocol, he got a shock. Nearly every system in the rats' bodies was adversely affected several in just 10 days. Their brains, livers, & testicles were smaller, while their pancreases and intestines were enlarged. The liver was partially atrophied. Organs related to the immune system, including the thymus & the spleen, showed significant changes. Their white blood cells responded to an immune challenge more slowly, indicating immune system damage...The damage to the rats, it appeared, came rather from the unintended side effects of the genetic engineering process. These effects (from gene insertion & cell cloning) may include massive collateral damage in a plant's DNA, with hundreds or thousands of mutations. Important natural genes can be inadvertently turned off, permanently turned on, deleted, reversed, scrambled, moved, fragmented, or changed in their activity level...7 months (and 1 heart attack) later, Dr. Pusztai's gag order was lifted when the Parliament invited him to testify...I describe Dr. Pusztai's story in more detail in the first chapter of Seeds of Deception; his findings are also featured among the 65 documented health risks of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in my () book Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods.
NON GMO Vitamins & Herbs USA

Legal - Legislation Genetically altered soybeans are inferior to organic.
Monsanto Lawyer Suggests New Standard For Suing Farmers 1/15/2013
USDA organic Seal -

DARK Act, a USA bill introduced in Congress earlier this year, that would preempt state GMO labeling laws?
GMO labeling laws or  DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act, introduced in Congress, would preempt state GMO labeling laws.
7/27/2015 - - transcript of video, What Now? After the DARK Act (H.R. 1599): HERE.

Science Research Genetically altered soybeans are inferior to organic.
Potatoes that glow when stressed: Scientists tap into tubers in trouble | The Times of Israel 5/27/2021 - "The genetic approach had pros & cons. 1 advantage was that the genetic encoding only has to be done once. The characteristic passes on to all future generations of the plant that was tweaked. The downside was the fear that people have of genetically modified crops."
Dr. Shiv Chopra from my interview with him in 2010 -
Chopra, Chiv - - Interview Transcript 3/14/2011 - "Dr. Shiv Chopra is a world renowned scientist, author & public speaker. As a former employee of Health Canada (Canadian equivalent of the US FDA) for 35 years, he was the Senior Scientific Advisor for the regulatory assessment of food and drugs, including new vaccines. When he changed job titles from human prescription drugs to the Bureau of Veterinary Drugs, the 1st file that landed on his desk was Eli Lilly's application to use rBGH in Canada.  In this interview he discusses subjects covered in, Corrupt to the Core, which chronicles his many decades fighting for scientific principles against profit-hungry corporations and ultimately against his own bosses & the Canadian government itself."
Chopra, Chiv - Corrupt to the Core book overview -
Chopra, Chiv - 1st Battle: Vaccines - "The companies didn't want that.
They wanted 100% or at least 80% of the children vaccinated. That was the only way they were going to make money."
Chopra, Chiv - 2nd Battle: Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) - "The recommendation was 'Just pass it.'
I said, 'you can't pass it. You have to ask questions. It's genetically modified.'
They said, 'it's the same as the cow's own'.

I said, 'It doesn't matter. Even if you took natural BST/BGH & you gave injections of it, it could harm the cow & ultimately it might come out in the milk, anything else may happen, people are going to drink that milk.'
They kept on arguing.
I said, 'Can you give insulin when it's not needed?  No, you'll kill people if you give more than what is necessary.'
I used the same argument.  They said, 'What test can we do?'
I said, 'Normal tests.' This is a growth hormone...
Veterinarians are effectively toxicologists. Unlike medical people, we learn comparative medicine. So therefore, this is a way to compare & see what species do. The law is that every drug, any product that directly or indirectly gets into the human body must be tested in at least 2 species of animals, 1 of which must be non-rodent. It must also be tested in pregnant animals.
Then it also must be tested to see whether it produces cancer by lifetime studies in rats, mice etc.
NONE of these studies have been done on the bovine growth hormone. 
Because we filed the complaints through our union, it became public. When it became public, the farmers of Canada, the public of Canada, they all were complaining about rBGH...Finally, rBGH was not approved in Canada. The U.S. approved it, where it is still approved.
The U.S. is now the ONLY major country where [rBGH] is approved...

The U.S. has passed this bill, #510. Canada has passed a similar bill. India is passing a similar bill...saying that if you criticize a government approved product without your own proof, you go to jail."
Chopra, Chiv -
interview video -

Contribution of Agrobacterium to Morgellons Disease  "Agro-bacterium is extensively exploited as a means to insert foreign genes into plants. Agrobacterium was found in people with the Morgellons condition, but not in the healthy control group...Morgellons skin fibers 'appear' to contain cellulose. This observation indicates possible involvement
of pathogenic Agrobacterium, which is known to produce cellulose fibers at infection sites within host tissues.
(We would expect that science would be able to test for presence or absence of cellulose.)

Crone, Billy @ Following links of concern:

"Killer Strawberries – A Tale of GM Foods,” @—a-tale-of-gm-foods.html

Blue Strawberries, Genetically Modified by Fish Genes – Facts Analysis,” @
“Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of modified“Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of modified “Russia Suspends American Genetically Modified Corn over Cancer Fears – Facts Analysis,” @

Quote: “A group of independent experts at the University of Caen, headed by Mr. Gilles Eric Seralini, a French microbiologist conducted an experiment of genetically modified corn consumption in rats running for their full lifespan, i.e 2 years, & the results of this study were published in a scientific journal. The study examined 180 rats, by feeding them different amounts of a strain of weedkiller-resistant GM corn (NK603); water containing (herbiside) Roundup, which is the world’s bestselling weedkiller; & a combination of these 2. After 2 years, 50-80% of all the female rats that were fed the corn or weedkiller have developed at least 1 large tumour, compared with 30% from a small control group. The study also reported that male rats in the treated groups were more likely to develop serious liver & kidney damage. In the images below, you can see pictures of couple of those rats developing cancerous tumors. The researchers think Dr. Thierry Vrain (a former research scientist for Agriculture Canada, who was designated to address public groups & reassure them that genetically engineered crops & foods were safe) has changed his position in the last 10 years. He explained that he has been paying attention to numerous studies coming from Europe, Russia & other countries, some from prestigious labs, published in prestigious scientific journals, that question the impact & safety of genetically engineered food. He says: 'I refute the claims of the biotechnology companies that their engineered crops yield more, require less pesticide applications, have no impact on the environment, & are safe to eat. The scientific literature is full of studies showing that engineered corn & soya contain toxic or allergenic proteins.'”
Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of GMO’s,”
that consumption of this GM corn can increase the chances of breast cancer, liver & kidney damage in humans as well.”

Cultured meat - 7/20/2016 - "SuperMeat requires a single biopsy (stem cells) from a living chicken to harness its starter cells...A small 'oven' would 'cook' cultured chicken on the spot from a serum, powder or capsule containing cell samples. The machine would mimic an animal’s natural physiology, 'tricking' the cells into believing they are inside a live chicken."
Genetically altered soy -
Most-Offspring-Died-When-Mother-Rats-Ate-Genetically-Engineered-Soy-October-2005 -
Most Offspring Died When Mother Rats Ate Genetically Engineered Soy

BEWARE of Infant formulas.  Read labels. -

Irina Ermakova: Influence of genetically modified soya on the birth-weight & survival of rat pups
Huff, Ethan, The Daily Sheeple via Subject:
GMOs Could Cause ?Irreversible Termination of life? on Earth, risk expert warns (GMO's act like invasive weeds.)
"When discussing the issues surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs), that is, organisms bearing the genetic traits of other species or bacteria, the focus is typically on how safe (or unsafe) these novel, food-like products are for humans.  But distinguished risk engineer & 2-time best-selling author Nassim Taleb thinks an even bigger problem with GMOs is their threat to the planet, & the statistical likelihood that they will eventually lead to the collapse of life on Earth.  In a new study, which is still in draft form, this professor of risk engineering from New York University uses statistical analysis to make the case that GMOs, by their very nature, will disrupt the ecosystems of this planet in ways that mankind is only just beginning to comprehend. Because they represent a systemic risk rather than a localized 1.
GM traits are known to spread unconstrained throughout the environment.
GMOs will eventually breach the so-called 'ecocide barrier,' leading to catastrophic ecosystem failure.

'There are mathematical limitations to predictability in a complex system, ‘in the wild,’ which is why focusing on difference between local (or isolated) & systemic threats is a central aspect of our warnings,' Taleb is quoted as saying by
www. , noting that it’s essentially impossible to contain the inevitable spread of GMO traits far & wide.
“The [precautionary principle] is not there to make life comfortable, rather to avoid a certain class of what is called in probability & insurance ‘ruin’ problems,” write Taleb & his colleagues in their paper. “For nature, the ‘ruin’ is ecocide: 
an irreversible termination of life at some scale, which could be the planet.”

GMOs are not ‘scientific,’ & nearly every argument used in their defense is flawed.
Besides using math & risk-based analysis to show that GMOs simply cannot coexist with nature as is commonly claimed.   GMOs will eventually contaminate the natural world around them.  Taleb also deconstructs many of the “arguments” used by GMO advocates to defend the commercial use of untested transgenic materials, including the oft-repeated lie that GMOs are no different than natural organisms.
'Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs fall squarely under [the precautionary principle]…because of their systemic risk on the system,” explains Taleb. “Top-down modifications to the system (through GMOs) are categorically & statistically different from bottom up ones (regular farming, progressive tinkering with crops, etc.).'
'There is no comparison between the tinkering of selective breeding & the top-down engineering of taking a gene from an organism & putting it into another. Saying that such a product is natural misses the statistical process by which things become ‘natural.'
Taleb also draws attention to the deceitful strategies of biotechnology companies in trying to legitimize the continued use of GMOs through fear. Claiming that famine, starvation & widespread crop failures will occur if we all fail to adopt GMOs is no different than playing Russian roulette in order to get out of poverty, claims Taleb, such an approach
is hardly scientific or logically sound, & yet these and other tactics are the basis of the pro-GMO agenda.
'What people miss is that the modification of crops impacts everyone & exports the error from the local to the global,' concludes Taleb & his colleagues. 'I do not wish to pay, or have my descendants pay, for errors by executives of Monsanto. We should exert
the precautionary principle
there, our non-naive version, simply because we would only discover errors after considerable & irreversible environmental damage.'”
Mercola, Joseph - video library -
Mikovitz, Judy with Wendy Meyers - Detox @ by or 8/21/2018 audio (edited) -
Wendy Meyers: 
Talk about the Roundup glyphosate, the weed killer sold by Monsanto.
Industry sprays it on all: nonorganic food, golf courses & children's parks.  Now it's in all the vaccines.
Judy Mikovits: It's also sprayed as a drying agent...which most people don't realize. So a lot of the food that is even nonGMO & organic is being dried that way.  The public don't realize it when it leaves the farm & that includes our medical marijuana. There's only 1 place that's allowed to grow medical marijuana, BUT it's dried with glyphosate. None of us can use it to do the testing, but the government knows it. So this is why they tried to destroy me. Between when I was fired, (kidnapped & illegally) jailed (by the government) September 29th to November 18th, I refused to give up or say the data was wrong, because they were NOT wrong. (Since then) we (have) learned more & more (on) how pesticides like Roundup's glyphosate (other toxins, GMO's & vaccines) destroy the gut microbiome.
Glyphosate (Roundup) & aluminum work together. Vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate.
Stephanie Seneff & I had been working the last few years to understand what the glyphosate does to the expression of the retroviruses. It's aiding in the spread or volume.  It's like this smart bomb that explodes once, hits your child, but takes a long time to latency: the time from when you get the injection to when you see the disease. (Beware of one's increasing) exposure you have to the glyphosate &/or mercury (we receive from sp-called light bulbs that are the energy-efficient). So there's a lot (of invisible) mercury in our environment. Same thing with aluminum. If you live within 5 miles of the coast, the aluminum's getting into the air. The bottled water FIJI is a great way to pull aluminum out of your system every single day. Waters like Perrier & the sulfur-containing waters, Pellegrino, are also really good for your gut health. Fulvic & humic from the soil are restorative for the gut.  Zach Bush MD out of the University of Virginia, made a fastenating product RESTORE .
Wendy Myers: It's the silica that's in the FIJI Water that caused the aluminum detoxification.
My mitochondria detox kit actually has a much, much stronger form of silica.  It's activated silica that helps to detox aluminum, arsenic, tin, thallium, & cesium, because it binds to & helps to get it out of tissues.
Judy Mikovits: Important point, because all of the metals you just mentioned are in the vaccines.
That's in that Gotti paper.
Judy Mikovits: I told you about the institute & the Whittemore's daughter being healed & getting back to her life, using natural products, as simple as vitamin C. In high dose, vitamin C can correct the methylation defects that are being caused that are amplifying the retroviruses. All of our work for the last 40 years in HIV has enabled us to develop natural products. That's what we did as therapy. Cannabis is a fabulous detox, heavy metal detox.
I was teaching doctors at Autism-One during the lead water contamination crisis at Flint, Michigan.
I said, "Just throw the cannabis in the water (to purify the water). Just don't use it after that. Purify it."
Wendy Myers: Are you talking about CBD oil?
Judy Mikovits: Yeah.  It will pull all the heavy metals out. Just don't use that plant unless you extract it & purify away the heavy metals. There are a lot of simple, cheap, effective plants & ways to detox.  Once we know what the enemy is, we can even cure these cancers. I testify around the world in courts, "Cannabis is curative for autism (along with) other things. You need to detox. You need to find some of the sources. At $20 or so, you can easily stay pain-free,  well & live a high quality of life."
Peritonitis may be caused or aggravated due to GMO diet.
Perforation of part of the gastrointestinal tract is the most common cause of peritonitis. 4/24/2013 -
"Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) were first introduced into the food supply in the 1995...'GM foods and disease is confirmed in several animal studies... Because GM foods have not been properly tested for human consumption, & because there is ample evidence of probable harm,' they call on physicians to educate the public & warn their patients to avoid GM foods...The decisions made by the FDA concerning genetically modified food (GMOs) have been based on politics & NOT science...A federal law was written in 1958 banning chemical additives in food that are known carcinogens. In 1988, Taylor wrote a paper arguing that this law can be interpreted to allow carcinogenic chemicals in food so long as they are present in low amounts presenting minimal risk. FDA policy states that GMO crops are not even considered additives, but they are 'substantially equivalent' to conventional crops and they need no separate category...
Perforation of part of the gastrointestinal tract is the most common cause (of medical problems triggered by GMO)...
The intestinal lining of livestock in the U.S. is so poor these days that meat processors import sausage casings from New Zealand. According to Dr. Huber, 'When you look at the intestine of those pigs fed the GMO feed, the lining is deteriorated & the critical microbial balance is drastically changed'...
With respect to transferred genetic material (nucleic acids), generally FDA does NOT anticipate that transferred genetic material would itself be subject to food additive regulation. Nucleic acids are present in the cells of every living organism, including every plant and animal used for food by humans or animals, & do NOT raise a safety concern as a component of food. In regulatory terms, such material is presumed to be GRAS. Although the guidance provided in section VII calls for a good understanding of the identity of the genetic material being transferred through genetic modification techniques, FDA does NOT expect that there will be any serious question about the GRAS status of transferred genetic material'...
Not only are the (inserted) bacteria genes themselves (sometimes DNA from other species) potentially toxic, but the plants can be sprayed directly with herbicides; the herbicide-resistant plants absorb the poisons & (both the livestock & we) eat them. It's difficult to understand how this can be considered 'essentially' the same as plant hybridization.”
(Citizen justice has been blindfolded/hijacked by greed & politicks, for NOW, but NOT for tomorrow.)
Pusztai (pronounced Poos-tie), Arpad - #1
GMO potato - #2
Smith, Jeffery - 8/9/2010 per -
Smith , Jeffrey -

Smith, Jeffrey - Genetic Roulette - from 2013
Traditional non-organic GMO crops include: tofu from soy, corn, cottonseed, canola, papaya, zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, alfalfa, tamari from sesame seeds, aspartame & non cane sugars such as from sugar beets, some vitamins
such as the toco-pherols (vitamin e).
Tumors - - With GMO maize fed to rats, "there was also a clear trend in increased tumor incidence, especially mammary tumors in female animals." Corresponding (original Russian research) author: Gilles-Eric Séralini
PRAYER - Grace at meals - Father God, in Jesus name, we cancel & reverse all GMO harm to our bodies & DNA.  We replace all damage with Your health & healing.  We command our DNA to come into alignment with Your DNA.  May our bodies, spirits, & souls receive Your blood transfusion, thus Your health & well being, for Your glory & purposes, on earth as it is in heaven. Thanks Lord. Amen.
Desensitization is the (ethical/moral) process esp. mainly by legislative permission/loopholes to genetically alter plants. 
It is a beginning step into the slippery slope of DNA alteration in other species: from plants to animals to humans, spiritually backwards to: era of Genesis 6:1-8 where mating occurred between some of the watcher angels & women: producing half-breed giants, + back to preceding era when tame vegetarian dinosaurs become dangerous carnivores.