Genetic Diseases


40 genetic (inherited) diseases can be detected at birth with one blood sample by a technology called tandem mass spectometry at the cost of $80. 7/30/04  Wall St Journal  CARES Foundation, Millburn, NJ, USA is lobbying for all USA hospitals to test at birth.
As of 5/19/2005 there are 17 public donor cord blood banks in USA. 
They differ from for-profit banks that charge to store cord blood for possible later use by donor family.
44 enzyme conditions in a class known as lysosomal-storage disorders have a potential cure by cord blood transplants
if given immediately to newborns who have tested positive to the enzyme test at birth.  Be sure to test for any familial disease.  Do not wait until the child shows signs of the disease! See New England Journal of Medicine.  See Hunter's Hope charity. 5/19/5 Wall St Journal

Conventional Medicine

Hemangioma - Tovray, Sandy  When God Comes Knocking - Mother's story of her daughter Rayna's medical ordeal and recovery from the genetic abnormality of blood vessels in her head that did not form in the proper way and one day began to bleed.

Turner Syndrome

Jennifer Haigh - - 12-year-old daughter, Gwen, is unusually small. Gwen turns out to have Turner syndrome, a chromosomal abnormality that will keep her tiny her whole life.