URATE STONES (excess uric acid)
Gallbladder Disease


Alternative Medicine


Almonds & other tree nuts may contribute to elimination of gallstones.
Additionally almonds may help regulate blood sugar, heart disease & lower bad cholesterol.  5/2007

Chanca Pirdra @
1-2 fresh lemons daily can reverse urate stones per Dr. Bertrand Bibus, chief urologist, Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital, Vienna.   Nature's Miracle Medicine Chest  Arco publishing (1974)
Pears help dissolve gallstones.  Horseradish is a gallbladder cleanser per D S Khalsa MD
RAW unpasteurized A2 dairy milk substiture for pasteurized A1 dairy. @ 
Johnís Kidney Stone Pain Gone in 10 Hours | Barton Publishing Blog 6/4/2009 -
edited excerpt -
"Some of the healthiest people in the world consume zero dairy products.

1 example is the Pitcairn islanders. The only animal protein they consume is some fish. They have zero kidney stones because their diet is mostly fruits & vegetables.  Bottom line our stomach requires hydrochloric acid to digest kidney stone foods like (conventional) meat + (pasteurized) (A1) milk, cheese & eggs.  Consequently, calcium is extracted from bone & muscle to alkalize, or buffer, this acidic 'digestive mixture' when it enters the bloodstream & upsets the critical blood pH balance. 
As calcium is leached from our body, on the way out of our bone, muscle & nerve cells it can become lodged in the kidneys causing (painful) kidney stones, or even the gall-bladder causing gallstones."



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29 Science of Healing section Lake & Divine Healing Investigated shares healing of Jennie Walsh's gallbladder.