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Vitamin D (especially D3) may prevent fractures  - Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine  2003
(Get a at least 15 minutes of real sunshine daily to receive one's daily dose of vitamin D3, rather than artifical vitamin D3 supplementation which is rat poison.)
11/16/2008 New York Times Highlights Necessity to Prevent Fractures

"There are several different forms of vitamin K - K1, K2 and K3. And even within these forms,
such as vitamin K2, there are different sub-forms (eg, vitamin K2 as MK-7 or MK-4)...
Understand the only form and dose shown in clinical trials to reduce fracture risk is 45 mg of vitamin K2
as MK-4. When trying to promote bone health naturally, it's crucial that people only take dietary supplements with the amount and form of nutrients shown in clinical trials to protect them....
The best evidence-based medical research points to the powerful role vitamin K2 (MK-4) can play in reducing fractures...Research now shows that the best way to reduce fracture risk is to take high doses
of vitamin K2, along with supporting nutrients such as vitamin D and calcium."  (Vitamin K is considered to be a blood clotter and is not recommended when one is on Warfarin (aka coumadin), a rat poison used to thin blood!



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Thigh bone  Saint Columba gave Lugaid "a little box made of pine, saying, 'Let the blessed gift which is contained in this little box be dipped in a vessel of water when thou comest to visit Maugina, and let the water thus blessed be poured on her thigh; then at once, by the invocation of God's name, her thigh-bone shall be jointed together and made strong.'"