Niacin, otherwise known as B3,  is a very inexpensive way to boost the efficacy of a(n occasional) detox. You want the flush kind, not the no flush. Most doctors recommend people start with 100 mg, but up to 5,000 a day has been used for serious drug detoxification & other urgent detox needs (such as chemical poisoning).
I weigh 220 pounds and I took 1,500 mg for 3 days. (If one does NOT have psychiatric issues) don’t take niacin for too long, it can (possibly, if not medically supervised) damage the liver in high doses and it can also put your (multi) B vitamin (complex) balance out of whack.  Take it (winters, especially) in the morning & then, in about 30-45 minutes when it kicks in, get some exercise or do the sauna. Try some hot tea. Drink lots of fluid (like the cranberry lemonade) & sweat out the toxins. Niacin won’t do you much good if you aren’t flushing out the junk while you do it. It’s powerful. You’ll be itchy, hot & flush red all over. 
Most people without damaged seriously livers can easily handle 500 mg for a few days.
The (flushing) effects (of the non-niacin-amide supplements) last about an hour.
(Regardless of unwarranted safety scare, niacin or flush free niacin-amide is often prescribed as a heart attack prevention medicine/prescription.)

Regarding NON-flush-niacin version of B3 -1/2016 @
If person is not too itchy, (flush-niacin version of) B3 can keep one warm outdoors during cold winter season.