Food Dangers


Irradiation. Contamination.

Genetic Modification. Pesticides



Per-chlorate dangers  Brownstein, Dr David -
Iodine - Why You Need It.  Why You Can't Live Without It.
Perchlorate is in the family of halides (iodine/bromine/chlorine) & contains toxic chlorine. Much of America's municipal water, dairy products & lettuce contain it.  2 immediate remedies are to go organic & to make sure there is sufficient dietary iodine intake (seaweed/sea vegetables/fish/Iodoral tablets).

Food Expiration Dates

Julian Date: Starting with January 1 as #1 & ending with December 31 as 365, these numbers represent the consecutive (calendar year) days of the year.
This numbering system is sometimes used on egg cartons to denote the day the eggs are packed.
Fresh shell eggs can be stored in their cartons in the refrigerator for 4-5 weeks (2 months) beyond this date with insignificant quality loss.


Food Washes - "Compounds used to wash & destain shell eggs are potential food additives.
Therefore, they are regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Unfortunately, FDA does not have any (public) published regulations dealing with shell egg cleaning & destaining compounds' (adverse side effects to humans ingesting the affected egg whites)."


Irradiation - Organic Spices  Are McCormick products irradiated?
McCormick says it does NOT irradiate its spices, but does not address imports which are required to be irradiated (sterilized).

Genetic Alteration

Genetically Engineered food in the news -
Genetically Engineered Foods: Are they safe?  You decide. 
Laura & Robin Ticciati share the generational dangers, often invisible. 
Howard Gordon, producer of X-Files says that this booklet is scarier than anything on the X-Files!

Genetic Engineering section in the Germs for Life chapter of The Secret Life of Germs by Philip M Tierno warns us that the cows are already out of the barn.  Genetic engineering began in 1971 with the Israeli break down of crude oil by bacteria. As of 2001 a 4th of US plants are genetically engineered, including half of soybeans & cotton plus a third of corn. So far sheep, mice & pigs have been cloned. 
However, clones are prone to be an unstable, defective representation.

Genetically Engineered Food - Changing the Nature of Nature - Teitel, Martin & Wilson, Kimberly -
Genetically engineered food is NOT engineered, but rather an unscientific alteration of food crossing species, doing harm not good. Unlabeled genetically altered food & food ingredients are being secretly slipped into our daily diet (groceries/ restaurants).  Currently the safest way to protect oneself is to:
(1) say grace before eating & (2) eat organic that is local & in season.
One can check these sites out for organic + rBGH free dairy food. 
Beware of baby formulas which contain genetically altered soybeans &/or rBGH milk.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Double Danger of High Fructose Corn Syrup  May/June 2007 editorial 
Especially when diet is low in copper, sucrose (50% glucose + 50% fructose) or fructose alone, especially high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) may cause fatal organ abnormalities, bowel disease, insulin problems, heart & liver hypertrophy in males, infertility in females, and inadequate formation of elastin and collagen. 
Read food/beverage
packaging labels
HGCS is often found in beer, bread, sodas, soups, pasta sauces & even "health" products like protein bars & "natural" sodas.
Let Your Food Be Your Medicine ??? - 1/2023 -
DANGER.  To date, all mRNA vaccines are toxic to one's health.


Broer, Ted - Healthmasters co, Maximum Health #1
Excess soy (estrogenic) consumption during formative years can feminize your sons, perhaps permanently.  Broer recommends goat's milk over formula (& breast milk over goat's milk).
Soybeans is an example of a food high in plant estrogen.  Over many generations very sensitive individuals can become sterile from eating estrogenic foods.  (Some men develop breast cancer...
Plant pesticides such as DDT can act like an estrogen.)  Eating animals containing synthetic hormones also can contribute to many diseases in both the parent and the offspring, from the womb up.
There are both man-made and natural compounds that act like hormones to trick/deceive/disrupt the human body. Colborn, Dumanoski, Meyers
Our Stolen Future
Soy Protein Isolate is a food ingredient to avoid because in the processing hexane, a petroleum solvent similar to gas, is often used.  This toxic chemical residue often remains and is never listed on product label.


Botulism - 1/29/2015 - - Eviscerated definition, to remove the entrails from; disembowel:
Clostridium botulinum spores are more likely to be concentrated in the viscera than any other portion of the fish.
Un-eviscerated fish have been linked to outbreaks of botulism poisoning.  Symptoms of botulism poisoning include blurred or double vision, general weakness, & poor reflexes, difficulty swallowing & respiratory paralysis."
CHD @ Was Your Food Grown in Sewage Sludge? • Children's Health Defense ( 5/31/2022
(Animal &/or human) "sewage sludge used as fertilizer on food crops may contain PCBs, dioxins, pharmaceuticals, hormones, surfactants, heavy metals, plastics & disease-causing pathogens" (needing identification & removal).
Dioxins Mike Adams on Health Ranger @ 2/2023 - Synthetic toxin reduction - Avoid animal fats. Sprout cruciferous vegetable seeds
Consider supplements/herbs: C, NAC, tumeric, chorella, milk thistle, aloe vera, reversitol.
Dumpster Diver TV: Austrians Cook Up Food Waste Reality Show 1/4/2013
Fruit Fly Nose Says Steer Clear Of Deadly Food; Human Nose Not So Reliable 12/6/2012
Hamburger - Why Is a Burger Still Unsafe? 10/7/2009  "The problem with hamburger.
A Minnesota woman is paralyzed. A burger-loving country at risk. Why is our meat still unsafe?"
(Even the "impossible" brand hamburger is NOT meat.)
Health Ranger @ - Increasingly our air, food, water, drugs, soil have become synthetic, altered, unhealthy, toxic, thus increasingly dangerous, harmful. No wonder people are increasingly sick. 4/7/2023
Infant Formula @ There’s a Lot of Money in Sick Babies’ — Toxic Baby Formula + Solutions - 5/2022
Heavy Metals
CHD @ Was Your Food Grown in Sewage Sludge? • Children's Health Defense ( 5/31/2022 - (Animal &/or human) "sewage sludge used as fertilizer on food crops may contain PCBs, dioxins, pharmaceuticals, hormones, surfactants, heavy metals, plastics & disease-causing pathogens" (needing identification & removal).
WARNING: TOXIC BABY FOOD - The Highwire video 2/2021
Wise to PRAY, say GRACE, bless food, before meals.