Understanding - 10 potential causes: Gluten, Candida, Thyroid, Vitamin lack, SIBO & Leaky Gut, Mold Toxins, Mercury, Adrenal issues, MTHFR mutations, &/or Glutathione lack.

Alterntive Nutrition

Aloe Vera - Health News Volume5#19 on Aloe Vera  Health NewsVolume 2#3 on Coral Calcium ask for ONE newspaper Volume5#19 &/or ONE newspaper Volume 2#3
ashwagandha - to combat fatigue - - on
Bee Products @ -
Your royal jelly in honey has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my life. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in '90 & have tried many treatment options with little success. Just a few months ago I decided to give your Royal Jelly a try. What a wise decision. My life is so different - I can think clearly, I sleep well, I have more energy than I know what to do with & very seldom have any pain from the Fibromyalgia. Not only has it helped with the fibromyalgia, but I've also had a lot of problems with PMS, especially with moodiness. Now that is no longer an issue in my life & my husband sends his thanks for that."  From: F. B., Coram, MT, USA - 1/2023 - (CAUTION NOT to exceed recommended dosage. lest one trigger an allergy.)
DG News by Paula Moyer 6/20/2002  Fibromyalgia responds to Growth Hormone -
Dr Sergey Dzugan reports remission of fibromyalgia in 55 yr old woman (and eventual elimination of medications) by use of following 300 mg pregnenolone AM, 100 mg DHEA AM, 7-keto DHEA at noon, Triest gel (estriol/estraduik/estrone), progesterone gel, testosterone gel, 6 mg melatonin PM, 500 mg kava root PM, 20 mg B6 PM, probiotic containing lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, & streptococcus thermophilus AM, calcium magnesium ascorbate PM, vitamin C 3x, 2,250 glucosamine sulfate AM, 10 mg devil's claw PM, 10 mg bromelain PM, 300 mg PS in AM, 840 mg magnesium citrate PM, + other supplements.  See article for particulars.  Fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue syndrome may belong to same clinical entity and may be considered psycho-neuro-endocrinological autoimmune diseases.  Fibromyalgia, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, major depression, panic disorder display common clinical, biochemical, and pathophysiological patterns originating from the similar root causes such as stress. 7/2005 Life Extension magazine - 2
Magnesium is found in organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses.
Magnesium - Epsom Salt is magnesium and relaxes muscles when added to bath water.  Not food.  Buy at any grocery or drug store.  To take internally follow directions on bag/box.  (Roses love this added to soil as fertilizer.)
8 simple sugars (especially mannose, glucose, galactose, glucosamine, xylose, n-acetyl-neuraminic acid, n-acetyl-glucosamine, n-acetyl-galactosamine & fucose) may help prevent/reverse inflammatory disorders such as fibromyalgiaAloe vera may help.  Aloe vera contains mannose, galactose and arabinose. Other sugar nutrients may also help when combined with aloe vera.  Arabinogalactan can be obtained from the Larix decidua/larch tree, tomatoes, corn, carrots, coconut, & echinacea (which also contains galactose & arabinose). 
contains galactose, arabinose, xylse, fucose, rhamnose, galcturonic acid & proteins. 
Gum acacia
contains arabinose,  galactose, rhamnose & glucuronic acid. Gum  ghatti from Indian sumac contains  galactose, arabine, mannose, xylose & glucuronic acid. Limu moui marine plant contains galactose, mannose & xyloseMedicinal mushrooms contain glucose, galactose, mannose, & a sugar compound  lentinant  which has beta-glucansFruit pectin is of much value.  
It is the white pulp & inner skin of the fruit, especially the citrus fruit skins. 
Also deworm self, to rule out parasites: parasites.htm            
, Rita  The New Class of Missing Nutrients -Miracle Sugars
Propionyl-L-carnitine may help skeletal and cardiac muscle fatigue, low oxygen and glycogen status. 9/2006
Sinatra, Dr. Stephen T  The Sinatra Solution - Metabolic Cardiology recommends fish oil and garlic plus supplements CQ10, L-carnitine, D-Ribose (5 carbon sugar/pentose) + magnesium, multivitamin, & hawthorne berry for heart disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and syndrome x.
Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. -September 4, 2021 "This (9/4/2021) CFS/Fibromyalgia treatment lecture I gave to about 500 physicians has had over 200,000 views."
Also regarding muscle pain might be of interest:
Tryptophan - Increase hormone serotonin by eating turkey, chicken, halibut, beans &  cheddar cheese containing tryptophan a serotonin precursor per Dharma Khalsa MD in Food as Medicine -  Non-Christian practitioner.
Vitamin B complex for energy -
Wheat sprout enzymes contribute SOD (super-oxide dismutase), glutathione peroxidase, catalase to enhance  mitochondrial energy & remediate diseased joints.


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Larson, Willis - - "I suddenly came down with several serious diseases, including chronic fatigue, fibromialgia, brain fog, memory loss, hypothyroidism, depression, severe multiple chemical sensitivities, multiple food allergies, and neurological problems - resulting in total disability. After almost 17 years of living in the bubble of our protected home, I was sent by the Lord to a little church in nowhere Georgia and was healed. This is the story of my early walk in Jesus Christ, my illness and my healing." Andrew Wommack ministry
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Our own faith often releases our degree of receiving our own healing - not at all, slowly, or immediately. 
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