Lake shares in chapter 31 The Power of Divine Healing that his co-worker in S Africa prayed for days under a thorn tree for the end to a fever epidemic that had killed a quarter of the population in 1 month  in an area of 350 miles.  That man prayed until he at last needed prayer support.  They witnessed a flock of demons, which his prayer partner cursed back to where they had come from.  Immediately the epidemic stopped. 
John G Lake
 - www.kcm.org 
Wommack, Andrew - 8/12/2019 @ https://www.awmi.net/video/this-weeks-tv/?id=GGnmS5To Testimony at end of program shares healing of yellow fever.
+ 3/29/2022 @ https://www.awmi.net/download.php?id=621fb658191cc9000161defc&type=video&platform=zype Speak TO fever & NOT to God.


Dengue fever - http://www.sott.net/articles/show/187928-Within-a-few-years-the-Franken-insects-could-be-airborne
How a Tiny Bacterium Called Wolbachia Could Defeat Dengue  (breakbone fever) 6/1/2015
Wolbachia - a common (fruit fly) bacterium stops the virus from replicating inside the mosquitoes that transmit the disease.  "Although the bacterium is common among insects, it does not infect Aedes aegypti, a species of mosquito that is a major carrier of dengue. Instead researchers infect the mosquito with Wolbachia in the laboratory and then release A. aegypti into the wild...Wolbachia...appears to block the dengue virus from replicating
in the tissues of mosquitoes"
Researchers are also attempting to use Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes to slow the transmission of malaria & lymphatic filariasis, a profoundly disfiguring disease caused by worms.
GM - www.scientificamerican.com/.../how-a-tiny-bacterium-called-wolbachia-could-defeat-dengue/ Meanwhile other researchers are developing alternative approaches to mosquito control. One entails releasing male mosquitoes that have been genetically modified so that the sperm cells of males carry a lethal gene. When those mosquitoes mate with females in the wild, their offspring die. (Apparently this has NOT been sufficiently tested for safety.)
Lyme & Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - Episode 58 Transript @ https://www.drchristineschaffner.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/58-Kris-Newby_PDF.pdf - "42:18 KN: Well my turning point on that was when I interviewed Willy Burgdorfer in 2013 & he said, 'When I was analyzing the blood of Dr. Allen Steere' (this was in the late '70s, '78, '79) he says, 'I looked at the blood, & saw this unknown Rickettsia'. 
Rickettsia is a really, really small bacteria that goes inside a cell & behaves more like a virus
It goes into the cell, reproduces, explodes the cell, goes on, & does that over & over again.
The common name for that family or the most popular name is the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
That's the most deadly tickborne disease in the US & the US government had an active weaponization program for that, & were figuring out how to deploy it as an aerosol from planes. It would be very deadly."


Allen, Bruce D - http://vidsfitness.com/show/ehmf2KWl734 - Release God's Glory to prevent mosquitoes from coming near.
Copeland, Kenneth - John G Lake - www.kcm.org Chapter 36 Behold, I Give You Power shares the story of Lake's son Otto who had typhoid fever.  The 1st time he was healed in 5 minutes.  After his relapse, it took 5 days.  Neither time did Lake quit praying until the devil was defeated & the disease gone.  Lake sets an example for family to never quit praying.  
Rees Howells (ukwells.org) - "This account of Rees Howells life is taken from ‘Rees Howells Intercessor’ by Norman Grubb."

Alternative Medicine

Ginger Bath - http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/ginger-bath/?utm_source=
Guava @ https://www.draparajita.com/herbs/guava/286/ Can help those with typhoid fever.