Dropsy or Edema

Alternative Medicine
Burroughs, Stanley - The Master Cleanser - Utilizing his lemonade drink (with a dash of cayenne pepper & sweetened with organic maple syrup) throughout the healing time, + wrapping patient in sheet & burying in coarse rock salt, such as in a bath tub, every other day for 1 hour, can contribute to healing.
(Do NOT confuse with toxic salt used for melting snow.  Must be edible feed for animals.) 
Same patient can reuse/recycle salt.  It may benefit patient to do this treatment twice a day.
Orris root may induce vomiting.  Use 5-15 GRAINS.  http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/i/irises08.html 
Orris root (iris germanica var.florentina) may be found powdered at www.frontiercoop.com