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Brownstein, Dr David  Iodine -Why You Need It.  Why You Can't Live Without It  
W. Bloomfield, Michigan, USA  "The World Health Organization (WHO 11/12/1998) has recognized that
iodine deficiency is the world's greatest single cause of preventable mental retardation...Iodization of salt was introduced solely to decrease the rate of  goiter and mental retardation."  In addition to regular consumption of seaweed & iodized salt, one may want to consider 2 daily drops of Lugol's Iodine (5% iodine + 10% potassium iodide in H20) or a daily Iodoral tablet form of Lugol's solution, especially if one's Armour thyroid prescription is insufficient. 
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Chavda, Mahesh  The Hidden Power of Prayer & Fasting  Read Chapter One  Awesome. 
Chavda, Mahesh  Only Love Can Make a Miracle 
Chapter 9 By Prayer & Fasting shares the healing of a Down's Syndrome/mongolism boy aged 16 with IQ of under 2.
Colbert, Dr Don  The Word of God is the Foundation for Your Health Kenneth Copeland TV broadcast 2/7/2008 - Watch by clicking onto archives.   1st half of show Ken shares testimony regarding pain. 
2nd half is Don & Mary's testimony of God healing their newborn granddaughter of down's.

Copeland, Kenneth - week of 3/20-26/2011 Healing Is Always God's Will For You or from archives - - WATCH 3/25/2011 testimony of hydrocephalus healing - aired last 7 minutes of Friday's TV broadcast

Clark, Randy - Testimony of healing of hydrocephalic fluid on brain of Tammy Ferguson per chapters 2 & 12 in Randy Clark's There Is More Reclaiming the Power of Impartation
Hammond, Frank & Ida Mae A Manual for Children's Deliverance 
Testimony is given where 2 mongoloids' (a 4 year old + a teenager) functioning immediately improved after prayer. 
Satan takes advantage of genetic disabilities, which need miracle cures.
Deliverance helps to get rid of vexing spirits, which contribute to behavioral problems.
Herzog, David - Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled - book -
Chapter 5 A Revival of Wisdom shares testimony of Renny McLean who saw Jesus heal a retarded boy.
Hunter, Charles and Francis  How to Heal the Sick book
Sid Roth radio broadcast interview  
Listen by clicking onto archives. Wednesday audio shares testimony of grandmother who placed a Hunter healing cloth (impregnated with the Holy Spirit ) which when laid on the infant's enlarged head, caused the child's head to return to normal + created missing hip sockets in the child.  Later the child's doctor insisted that the wrong child had been brought to the clinic.  He did not recognize the child.
Silva, Davi  of Londrina, Brazil healed by God of down's syndrome at 6 years old
in Argentina crusade of Carlos Annacondia or 1-315-792-4748 per 5/1998 Compas magazine, England   
Also see Rutz, James  Mega Shift  pg 29
Steve and Holly Trover - When the time came for Holly to have her 2nd ultrasound, the doctor delivered some devastating news. After careful measurement and calculation the doctor said that there were several factors that clearly indicated that the baby would be born with Down syndrome. More Info - from


Fluid buildup in the back of the fetus' neck is associated with mental retardation.  The fetus' neck can be observed by a skilled sonographer in a process called nuchal translucency testing.  The Nuchal Translucency Quality Review Program may be a 1st stop before taking an ultrasound nuchal  translucency test.  Nuchal translucency (NT) testing is best used with a blood test for 2 proteins.  Follow up tests (chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis) are invasive & carry a risk of miscarriage.  Early tests are more reliable than later tests. 5/8/2007


Kendrich, Kurt A - Cop's Daughter Chloes was diagnosed with downs syndrome & is now advocate of physicians giving parents positive alternatives to abortions.
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