Diverticular Disease - large intestine ulcers

Alternative Medicine

Wheat germ is rich in vitamin B, vitamin E & protein. 
Wheat germ helps to prevent constipation,
diverticular disease, hemorrhoids, hiatal hernias & colon cancer.  One can add to cereal, baked goods, salads, or fish/chicken as a coating per James E O'Brien in mini magazine The Miracle of Nature's Healing Foods published by Globe Communications Corp.
(Consider ORGANIC fermented wheat germ &/or Organic bran, oat, or rice germ.)
Although wheat germ is rich in many essential vitamins & minerals, it may not make a beneficial dietary addition for everyone. Those with a gluten sensitivity or wheat allergy or those who suffer from celiac disease ( https://draxe.com/health/celiac-disease-symptoms/ ) should steer clear as wheat may trigger an adverse reaction.  Note that even other (wheat) varieties like defatted wheat germ also contain gluten.]
(Finally, AVOID all nuts & seeds, including flax, unless ground.  Organic sprouted seeds are preferable.)

Diverticulitis - inflammation of colon sacks (diverticuli)


Diverticulosis - colon sacks fill with intestinal waste


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