Copeland, Kenneth - John G Lake - Chapter 29 Science of Healing  shares the testimony of a boy (son of O. A. Risdon) whose head God restored to normal.  The child's head had no soft spot when it was born and thus became terribly deformed and dumb.  
In chapter 44 Adventures in Religion Lake again shares the miracle healing of that boy (son of O. A. Risdon) whose head was deformed at birth, resulting in slobbering, paralysis, dumbness, walking on his ankles, and inability to go to school. 
 This particular chapter addresses some of the issues why miracles seldom happen.
Hayes, Norvel - How to Live and NOT Die - - Chapter 7 It Takes Only 1 Verse of Scripture  From birth the daughter was twisted and crippled.  "The doctors at Mayo Clinic said it was impossible for her to ever be normal."  However, "because a mother confessed and believed one (single) verse of Scripture (Mark 9:23) for 14 years and didn't give up...Jesus appeared and stepped out of the cloud.  He walked over to the wheelchair and laid His hand upon the deformed girl...The little girl was made totally normal."
Hayes, Norvel Training Camp for the Army of God The Betty Baxter Story  Betty was born as a twisted cripple who was fed intravenously for 14 years, during which her mom dared to stand on (believe) God's promise in Scripture. 
Both the Old & New Testament state that by His stripes on the cross we are/were healed. 
Sure enough, God did come through with a miraculous healing. 
Hill, Carolyn, daughter of Dr. Gary & Marie, was missing more than half a brain (the left hemisphere +) due to an intrauterine stroke. Her dad knew that, "There was NO power on earth that could give my daughter a new brain...I needed a miracle, & the only hope we had for one of those was in God...You are supposed to seek Him.  He will help you.  Your daughter's life depends on it...There was so much at stake that I decided to leave my job as an emergency department physician & spend all of my waking hours on this battle. (Marie was in her 9th month of pregnancy)...We read the Bible day and night...& listened to audiotapes about healing."  Her parents "wrote down every (Bible) verse they could find that promised healthy children...& read them all, 6 times a day...and then say out loud what the personal meaning of that verse was." 1st Peter 2:24 (He was wounded for our transgressions; He was bruised for lour iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him; and by His stripes we are healed.) was especially helpful for them when they substituted the words "baby is" for "we are".  Dr. Hill "had determined to worship God for at least 2 hours at the end of each day...& focus on his gratitude for what God was doing for his unborn child."  The heavy cloud of His presence entered Gary's room twice.  He recalled a dream in which a schizophrenic child had a brain tumor; both were healed when he placed his hand on the patient's head.  In obedience, he went to his wife, placed his hand on her head and womb and prayed.  Nothing happened.  He repeated.  Nothing again.  Again & whamo.  Both were impregnated with love & both went down to the floor. 
The baby jumped in the womb (reminiscent of Jesus in Mary's womb at the meeting of Elizabeth who was pregnant with John, the Baptist.)  They were not disappointed.  At the time of delivery, the child was perfect in every way. From chapter 10
Do Something Extra
of Linda Josef & Sid Roth's Supernatural Healing book containing great testimonies.
Hunter Ministries of Charles and Frances Hunter, Kingwood, Texas, USA 9/22/2007
Your Hands Can Be the Hands of Jesus
brochure cites testimony.  "A baby was  brought in from the hospital that had been born without a vagina.  The pastor laid hands on that area and commanded a perfect vagina to be formed...
2 days later they took her back to the hospital and they said she had a perfect vagina." 5/5/2010 e-mail - "I was a young preacher working with Brother A.A. Allen, in Birmingham, Alabama, under his tent. My role was to preach what I called a 'Faith Clinic' in the afternoon services, to prepare believers for their miracles when Bro. Allen would preach at night.
I'll never forget a little woman who brought me her baby out of such desperation-desperation I had seldom seen. 
She told me her young boy was born with 26 major diseases. He was born blind, deaf, mute and crippled.
His tongue hanged out of his mouth
and lay on his chin. His little arms were folded in toward his chest, and his little legs were folded into his stomach.  He had no feet just stubs. His mother told me he was born with no male organs.
These were just the visible problems. A host of internal diseases caused the doctors to say he wouldn't live to see his 1st birthday.  Although this little boy was severely handicapped, he had lived. When I saw him, he was 4 years old, but he didn't look older than 18 months.
I preached faith to that woman all week. Every night she waited patiently for Bro. Allen to call her prayer card. It didn't happen.  Remember, we are talking about the impossible.
On the last Friday of the meeting, she approached me, very discouraged. She said, 'Bro. Schambach, tonight is my last night. 
I drove here with my mother from Tennessee; we stayed in a hotel every night and paid for our meals at restaurants.
I have only $20 left, & that will cover my gas for the trip home & the next doctor's visit.'
(You know that was a long time ago.)
I told that dear sister, 'I can't promise you Bro. Allen will call your name tonight. He has to obey the Holy Ghost. But, if he doesn't, I will personally carry your boy to his trailer house, so he can receive prayer before you go home.'  She was so desperate.
That night, an unusual expectation was in the air. Bro. Allen bounced onto the platform & said, 'Now before I preach tonight, God told me to receive an offering of faith. When I asked God what an offering of faith was, He said, "
Tell the people to give something they cannot afford to give."'
What I saw next, I'll never forget. The woman I had preached faith to all week, was the 1st one out of her seat. I watched her walk the long aisle to the front, and saw her drop something into the bucket.  Because I'm nosey, I went to the bucket and looked in. There I saw it her last $20.
I don't mind telling you, I was so moved. Behind the platform I wept, crying out to God, 'LORD, I've tried to preach faith to that woman all week long. I ask you God, please give me faith like that woman!'
I didn't know if I would have been able to do the same thing, if I were in her position. Do you? 
Well, it's what happened next that is indelibly imprinted on my brain.
Brother Allen said, 'God's showing me something. I'm being carried away in the Spirit. I'm in the state of Tennessee in a hospital.
I hear babies crying oh, I'm in a maternity ward. I see a group of doctors standing in a circle around a little boy. I hear them talking. They are saying this baby has 12-17-22
, no, 26 major diseases.'
When I heard those words, I knew it was that baby's night!  Brother Allen continued, 'I see the mother in a car traveling across the Tennessee/Alabama state line. I see it pulling up on the parking lot of this tent. Mother, you are here tonight. Bring me your baby. God's going to give you 26 miracles.'
At that point Brother Allen told the people to stand and close their eyes in prayer. I thought to myself, 'Not me.
I'm keeping my eyes open. Tonight I'm going to be scriptural. I'm going to 'watch & pray.'
Listen dear one, don't stop reading now. After that man of God prayed, the 1st thing I saw was the tongue snap back in that little boy's mouth like a rubber band. I heard a popping noise & saw his little arms & legs begin to snap open & straighten out for the 1st time.
I saw little whirlpools begin to spin in his milky white eyeballs and when they stopped spinning I saw 2 beautiful brand new brown eyes. Oh, hallelujah I can see it as though it were yesterday.
Then, I looked at the stubs on the bottom of his little legs.  With my own eyes, I saw God create feet on that little boy, as though they were formed out of clay. I didn't see the hand of God, but I saw little toes being created right before my eyes.
Next, Brother Allen put that boy down on his brand new feet.  I saw him take his 1st steps. Do you know where he went?
He went straight to his Mama, whom he had never seen. I saw him raise his new arms to her & say for the very 1st time, 'Ma-ma'.  Don't ask me how it happened. All I know is, God is the God of the impossible.
I don't have time in this letter to detail all the miracles that took place when faith came alive in that tent.
Just believe me when I tell you, that night every sick, diseased or infirm person in that place was totally healed.
When I received a letter from the baby's mother in the next few weeks, she told me that the doctors pronounced her son 'cured' of all 26 diseases. Then she added, 'Brother Schambach, for the 1st time I can truly say I have a son. God created male organs on my child.'
She also went on to tell me that as she was leaving the tent that night, many ladies came & put offerings in her hand.
So many were coming, she just opened her purse, shook their hands & put the money inside. 'Brother Schambach,' she wrote, 'I came home with more money than I went to the services with. You just can't beat God giving, no matter how you try.'
Wow! The God of the Impossible! What do you need Him to do for you? I am telling you, if you will allow faith to arise in your spirit and seek Him diligently I mean get desperate, like this little woman I met years ago. God will give you your miracle, too.
Be sure to write me a letter of testimony when your miracle comes.  Until then, remember, our God is the God of the Impossible. 
I agree with your faith; your answer is on the way.  In Christ's powerful love, Brother Schambach
P.S. re-read this letter, so as not to miss one single point of this great miracle story.  Do it. 
(Take God at His word; believe Him; plant a financial seed into His ministry; expect God to honor your trust in Him.)
Faith will come alive in your heart. It can turn your life around, too.  God bless you."   Flint, Texas, USA


Winder, Delores with Keith, Bill - Joy Comes in the Morning - - Fellowship Foundation, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA - Delores herself was healed by the Holy Spirit of a horrendous crippling disease at a Kathryn Kuhlman convention.
Chapter 10 Deliverance "A woman...was physically misshapen.  We laid hands on the deformed, twisted woman & called out the spirit of voodoo.  The evil spirit fled and the woman was set free.  Usually the spirit of voodoo will try to choke a victim...
It is necessary to take authority over the evil spirit, call it out, & send it away" in the name of Jesus.

Scripture -
Isaiah 53:5 + 1st Peter 2:24  With His stripes we ARE healed.
Mark 9:23 TPNT    Jesus said to him, "If you would be able to believe, ALL things are possible to the one who believes."

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