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Inflammatory Bowel Disease  8/15/2008 
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is different than...irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 
There are 2 different forms of IBD...Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Both cause inflammation in the bowel. But they often affect different parts of the bowel...Crohn's disease can affect any part of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, from mouth to anus, but it's most common in the small intestine.
Crohn's disease also causes inflammation through the entire thickness of the intestinal wall. Ulcerative colitis usually involves only the colon and the inflammation only occurs on the inner surface layers of the intestine."

Alternative Medicine

Essential Cleansing vol 1 issue 2 suggest that probiotics, beneficial bacteria supplements, may signal digestive immune cells not to become inflamed or may block the inflammatory pathway.  Suggested is 80% good to 20% bad bacteria to prevent ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease.
Pre + Probiobics often help.  Consider trying titrating up slowly.

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Simmons, Brian - - 2/2/2015
Simmons, Brian -
BRIAN:  "I just want to pray for you and I have a prophetic word of knowledge.
The Lord has shown me that there's someone watching or perhaps even in the studio that had Crohn's disease.  If you have Crohn's disease I'm speaking to you. This is a word for you. The healing fire of God right now is coming upon you and will heal you of that disease. Father, I pray blessing upon each one watching, each one, Lord, that takes part in this program today, let the blessing of the awakening wind, let the breath, the rock of God, the awakening grace come upon every one watching today and make us the day breakers that will change this planet, in Jesus' name. Amen."


Healed from Crohns Disease  autobiography  Video by David Parkes, Irish soccer player
Jim Hockaday - transcript - "Crohn's's in the intestine. There's quite a battle with your body fighting against itself, autoimmune disease. At any rate, yeah, I had...a big abscess in my belly and it was even during those days not understanding healing the Lord caused that tumor supernaturally to begin to come out of my body. So I had some surgery and was doing really well. But 6 years ago I had a major attack on my life...
Then 170 pounds, I went down to close to 125 pounds...The pastor just kind of looked at me & asked what happened, and I told him I'm here to preach. He said, 'I'll take the services for you.' I said, 'Not unless you want to send me home in a 6-foot pine box.' I said, 'You let me preach'...I did.  As I did the stronger & stronger I became.  My body became completely well. I gained over 38 pounds in that one week." 3/2011
Rubin, Jordan S - books: The Maker's Diet Revealed + Patient Heal Thyself (autobiography)
Rubin -
Founder, The Garden of  Life, W. Palm Beach, Florida, USA + - "When Jordan was just 19, he was suffering from a list of debilitating conditions, including intestinal parasites, abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, liver problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, prostate and bladder infections, irregular heartbeat, eye inflammation, and chronic depression.  Jordan was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. "  An acquaintance recommended God's diet which revolutionized his life.  The diet on which he cured himself seems to be mostly live & Kosher food.  What Jordan discovered. + - bulk books: 1-800-959-9797 = Benny Hinn TV broadcasts - Refer to TV archives.
8/22/2005 - Diet Author Jordan Rubin Featured 
8/23/2005 - 7 Keys to Super Health with K.C. & Monica Craichy 
8/24/2005 - Spotlight on Jordan Rubinís The Makerís Diet 
8/25/2005 - Jordan Rubin Shares Bible-Based Nutrition Principles
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TV Transcript - While ministering in India with his wife and son, "the Lord spoke to me and He said, 'Jordan...I'm going to impart wisdom into your spirit that will transform the world. Every night when you're leading this crusade.' 
He said He was going to give me a message, an idea, a concept that would transform the lives of His people each and every night...He did just that."
Remedios, Dr. David - Supernatural surgery - - 3/28/2005-4/3/2005 TV broadcast
Art Thomas 7/23/2017 - - (Edited)
ART: I was struggling. I had come back from Africa, had some bleeding issues.
I was afraid, did I get a parasite or what? I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease about a year later. 
Months after that I wrote a blog post on my website and told my readers, "The only common denominator of all the miracles in the Gospels was somebody who made contact with Jesus...If you're seeking a miracle, you need to make contact with Jesus.  Here's the good news, just as we were talking (communion), we're (also) the body of Christ.  Grab the shirtsleeve of the person next to you at church this Sunday...Now I want you to know I'm not speaking from some ivory tower telling you something that I don't understand. I'm in this with you. I've got Crohn's disease right now and I'm struggling with the pain of it. Sometimes I'm laying hands on other people with my stomach twisted in knots...But I'm going after this thing, because Jesus deserves what He paid for."  People hit "Reply" on that email list.
ART:  They were writing me saying the things that I had been teaching them to do. They're typing, "Crohn's disease, leave in Jesus' name. Be healed in Jesus' name." I'm reading these emails and thinking to myself, this is the moment for me to take my own advice. These are ordinary people. Nobody has a clue who they are.
I don't know who they are, but the body of Jesus is speaking to me right now.
I said, "Jesus, I thank You for ministering to me right now." The very next day, 80% of the symptoms were gone; by the end of the month, completely healed. Now it's been over a year.
Medical Science
Consider using organic unpasteurized whole milk from Jersey cows or goats.)  Colorado residents: + + + + (edited) - "The Milk of Human Kindness Is Not Pasteurized by... physician William Campbell Douglass was one of the most influential books I have ever read...Raw & cultured dairy products from healthy grass-fed cows are one of the healthiest foods people have ever eaten...Sally would say to me, 'You know we have the wrong cows here'...
The milk solid part is composed of many different proteins which have their own names, lactose & other sugars. It is the protein part of the solid weíre interested in. One of these proteins is called casein, of which there are many different types, but the one casein we are interested is the predominant protein called beta-casein...As you may or may not know, all proteins are long chains of amino acids that have many 'branches' coming off different parts of the main chain. Beta casein is a 229 chain of amino acids with a proline at number 67.  At least the proline is there in 'old- fashioned' cows. These cows with proline at number 67 are called A2 cows & are the older breeds of cows (e.g. Jerseys, Asian & African cows)...
Some 5,000 years ago, a mutation occurred in this proline amino acid, converting it to histidine.
Cows that have this mutated beta casein are called A1
cows, and include breeds like Holstein. 
The side chain that comes off this amino acid is called BCM 7. BCM 7 is a small protein (called a peptide) that is a very powerful opiate and has some
undesirable effects on animals and humans...
Whatís important here is that proline has a strong bond to BCM 7 which helps keep it from getting into the milk, so that essentially no BCM 7 is found in the urine, blood or GI tract of old-fashioned A2 cows. On the other hand,
histidine, the mutated protein, only weakly holds on to BCM 7, so it is liberated in the GI tract of animals & humans who drink A1 cow milk.  It is found in significant quantity in the blood & urine of these animals...This opiate BCM 7 has been shown in the research outlined in the book to cause (contribute to/trigger/aggrivate) neurological impairment in animals &/or people exposed to it, especially emotional/psychiatric/mental (autistic and schizophrenic) changes. BCM 7 interferes with the immune response, and injecting BCM 7 in animal models has been shown to provoke Type 1 diabetes.
Dr. Woodford presents research showing a direct correlation between a populationís exposure to A1 cowís milk & incidence of auto-immune disease, heart disease (BCM 7 has a pro-inflammatory effect on the blood vessels), type 1 diabetes, autism, and
schizophrenia. What really caught my eye is that BCM 7 selectively binds to the epithelial cells in the mucus membranes (i.e. the nose) and stimulates mucus secretion...
For reasons which are unclear historically, once this mutation occurred many thousand years ago, the A1 beta casein gene spread rapidly in many countries in the western world. Some have speculated that the reason for this wide spread of A1 cows is that the calves drinking A1 cows milk and exposed to the
opiate BCM7 are more docile than their traditional brethren [in effect, they were stoned. (Psychiatrist Abraham Hoffer would concur. ) This is speculation...
But what is true is that] basically all American dairy cows have this mutated beta-casein and are predominantly A1 cows...

The amazing thing for me is that all these years Sally was right: itís not the fat, itís not the whey & itís not raw milk. Consider French cheese.  Most...French never accepted these A1 breeds of cow, claiming they have lousy milk. Voila, they have good milk and cheese. Our issue in America is that we have the wrong cows.
When you take A1 cow milk away, and stimulate our own endorphins instead of the toxic opiate of BCM 7, some amazing health benefits ensue...

So what are we all to do with this? Does this mean no one should drink US raw cowís milk?
1 saving grace, as expressed in
(Dr. William Campbell Douglas') The Devil in the Milk - is that the absorption of BCM 7 is much less in people with a healthy GI tract. This also parallels the ideas of GAPS theory which talks a lot about this. BCM 7 is also not found in goatís or sheepís milk, so these types of milk might be better tolerated... 

One final point: we now have one more thing to put on our activism to-do list. Dr. (Keith) Woodford

A2 herd conversion strategies on @

explains that it is fairly straightforward to switch a herd to become an all A2 herd.
No genetic engineering is needed, no fancy tests, just one simple test of the Beta-casein & it can be done. Hopefully, when this becomes widespread we will end up with a truly safe and healthy milk supply.
(ALERT: Regarding dairy milk, choose grocery brands that do NOT have added synthetic vitamin D, which is rat poison...Even more healthy is the FIRST MILK nursing cows drink, the colostrum which is powdered and sold as an antibiotic in health food stores.  Fresh raw colostrum is NOT too appealing, so perhaps could be added to a patient's  cold pudding/milkshake/custard/eggnog.  1st remove any impurities.)

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