Alternative Medicine

Epsom Salt laxative via adding Epsom Salt to one's drinking water - for those not faint of heart - (Also consider soaking feet &/or whole body via a bath daily/weekly/monthly. 
Remember, your rose bushes also love Epsom Salt as a fertilizer for the magnesium nutritional benefit.)
Magnesium orotate -
Moringa seeds - - Add as a garnish to popcorn: "One of the ways you can eat moringa seeds is to pop them like popcorn. Simply fry them with some cooking oil and watch them blow up. You can eat a few and be fine, but you will...want to be careful about the 'cleansing' effects the seeds can produce...
Moringa seeds can also be added to other foods, like stews, casseroles, soups and sauces, to give those foods an extra crunchy texture. Drying the seeds is another option, and allows you to add them into bread or muffin mixes (in the same way that people often do with poppy seeds) or to corn bread mixes...
Moringa seeds taste sweet when you 1st put them into your mouth, but soon create a bitter taste."
1/2 cup a day of prune juice may help keep one regular.
primarily used for constipation, colon cleansing, bowel irregularity, and digestive health.
It is also used to lower some forms of cholesterol and high blood pressure


Copeland, Kenneth - John G Lake - The Lord healed Lake of a 9 year constipation problem after he consecrated 100% of his spirit, mind, and body to God.