Alternative Medicine

Amia Fruit @
Also good for maintaining collagin.
Epsom Salt laxative via adding (a dash of pure) Epsom Salt to one's drinking water (perhaps via salt/pepper shaker). for those not faint of heart -
(Also consider soaking feet &/or whole body via a bath daily/weekly/monthly. 

Remember, your rose bushes also love Epsom Salt as a fertilizer for the magnesium nutritional benefit.)
Magnesium orotate -
Magnesium oxide  is a salt that combines magnesium & oxygen.  It naturally forms a white, powdery substance & may be sold in powder or capsule form. Itís also the main active ingredient in milk of magnesia, a popular over-the-counter (OTC)medication for constipation relief (6).
Mineral Oil (can in SMALL portions be used as a laxative.  It is NOT organic or natural but rather a petrolium product). @
Moringa seeds - -
Add as a garnish to popcorn: "1 of the ways you can eat
moringa seeds is to pop them like popcorn.
Simply fry them with some cooking oil & watch them blow up.
You can eat a
few & be fine, but will...want to be careful about the 'cleansing' effects the seeds can produce...
Moringa seeds can also be added to other foods, like stews, casseroles, soups & sauces, to give those foods an extra crunchy texture. Drying the seeds is another option, & allows you to add them into bread or muffin mixes (in the same way that people often do with poppy seeds) or to corn bread mixes...
Moringa seeds taste sweet when you 1st put them into your mouth, but soon create a bitter taste."
1/2 cup a day of prune juice may help keep one regular.
primarily used for constipation, colon cleansing, bowel irregularity, & digestive health.
It is also used to lower some forms of cholesterol & high blood pressure


Copeland, Kenneth - John G Lake - The Lord healed Lake of a 9 year constipation problem after he consecrated 100% of his spirit, mind & body to God.
Medical Alert

Laxatives @ The Pediatric Perils of PEG: From MiraLAX to COVID Shots, FDA and CDC Ignore Safety Signals 11/3/2022 - "Laxatives containing a form of PEG called PEG 3350 caused dramatic neuropsychiatric symptoms in their children, ranging from seizures to psychosis PEG 3350 is the active ingredient in the drug MiraLAX, originally developed by Braintree Labs & now a Bayer product
The FDA in 2006 approved the switch from prescription to over-the-counter (OTC) status for MiraLAX. 
Though Braintree developed MiraLAX for short-term use in adults, the drugís OTC availability has encouraged pediatricians to frequently recommend it for constipated children, sometimes for months or years at a time.  Even knowing that children 'are likely to receive a higher dose per unit body weight than adults,' no one has ever assessed the risks to children of prolonged exposure to PEG 3350
." - Polyethylene Glycol Toxicity Symptoms -
"While itís well-known among the medical community that PEG can trigger an allergy, cause digestive upset, or lead to electrolyte imbalances, there have been more & more reports of neurological symptoms associated with polyethylene glycol. Because of this reported increase in neuropsychiatric side effects, parents & pediatric practitioners are becoming increasingly wary of administering polyethylene glycol to adolescents.
A recent study found that a large percentage of parents, caregivers, & practitioners described an explosion of neurological side effects seemingly correlated to polyethylene glycol administration.
Those side effects include:
10    Abnormal behavior, Anger, Anxiety, Mood swings, Seizures, Sensory disturbances. 
Exactly how & why (ingredient) polyethylene glycol is triggering these neurological symptoms is still not entirely clear.  PEG can be found in a variety of (personal) & industrial processes & products, such as:

Wood preservation,
Printing, Chemical mixtures, Textiles, Leather processing, Plastics, Resins, Paper, Ceramics, Glass, Rubber
When used as a laxative, polyethylene glycol is typically taken in powder form mixed with water or juice & can be found under various (generic/brand) names including:
ClearLax. GaviLAX, 
Gialax, GlycoLax, HealthyLax, MiraLax, PEG3350, Sunmark, ClearLax, Purelax."
[BEWARE of DAMAGE to oneís GI system.

It's 101% safer to use pre+pro-biotics via food &/or high end supplements.
REDUCE junk foods.  Increase organic live foods.