Chavda, Mahesh & Bonnie - Wakey Wakey! Awakenings from Coma source South Carolina
Eillis, Keith + Zadai, Kevin - 4/3/2017 - + - Keith: The Lord was calling me to speak & preach, & prophesy, & I had been given my 1st major prophecy... Jesus appeared to me when my son was in a coma.
He said go & prophesy TO the doctors he'd be raised from the dead, & he was totally healed.
Ferrell, Ana Mendez - Sid Roth radio broadcast 7/23-25/2008   
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Friday the 25th program shares that Jesus recommended to Ana that her friend play
her The Power of His Blood CD to the patient in a coma who was about to die. 
The patient subsequently woke up healed and wanted Jesus to be her Lord.
Fluitt, Clarice - Chapter 1 @ - Chapter 9 Moving Your Boundaries - "I boldly announced, 'I'm going to pray for this woman & she's going to get up & walk.'  I clapped my hands & said, 'You soul spirit of death, you foul spirit of heart attack, you  foul lying spirit, get off this woman.' 
I said, 'Ms. Thomas, come back here and life your life.'  Then ehe awoke from her coma, her eyes opened up,
& her body supernaturally came out of that bed, & lived for another 32 years."
Kennedy, Sandra - - Testimony of mom's coma reversal.  The Lord instructed both her & her sister to pray the Lord's prayer over mom, which they did for 5 hours, until the mom awoke out of coma.
Kennedy, Sandra - -
9/23-27/2013 - inspiring & mentoring -
"I heard the word of the Lord say, 'Tell your mama,' &
He quoted the 1st part of the Lord's Prayer, 'Our Father which art in Heaven hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is Heaven
.  And tell her there is NO sickness in Heaven.'"
Radio - 9/2-6/2013
Kennedy, Sandra - 4/23/2017
Kennedy, Sandra - 4/23/2017
SANDRA: The man was in a coma, had very little time to live at all...3-4 people went in there...
Remember, we do NOT speak TO the flesh, we speak TO the spirit... You're a spirit.
You have a body that you live in, that's what's sick.  You have a soul (your mind, will & emotions). 
It's your thinking that's messing up your body. So you've got to get your thinking right.
So they go in & talk to the man, as if he were not in a coma. They begin to say what the Word says over him.
SID: By the way, your spirit can hear no matter what's going on in the physical.
SANDRA: No matter what.  So you talk (mainly) TO the spirit.  You go & talk to him...
"Hello ____ . I'm so & so. The Bible the stripes of Jesus you are healed.
God sent His Word into you, took all your sickness & all your diseases (out)."
You begin to speak TO that spirit, "Spirit, come on, come out of that coma.
Come on, bring yourself & let the healing power of God push out the sickness"...
Sid, when you got born again (got to invite Jesus to forgive & move inside of you + got to invite Jesus to baptize you with His Holy Spirit with) the healing power of God... Holy Spirit, moved inside of you, so you have inside of you right now all the healing power of God already in When you got born again (& got Holy Spirit baptized) all of God came into you, which means all of His healing power came in.
But I've got to get it (healing/health/RX) from the inside (my spirit man, out) to my body.
My body is sick, my spirit is not.
SANDRA: The man came out of the coma...Later...showed up at the healing center.
Madison, Richard  has a ministry including bringing people out of comas by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Richard Madison was raised from the dead by God and set free from drugs and alcohol.  7/9-13/2007 - Radio show 1547
LISTEN especially to the 9th by clicking onto Sid Roth's Messianic Vision radio archives on the internet. 
#1105 autobiography Raised from the Dead 
Madison, Richard L  Raised from the Dead 
"God knew ahead of time that I would go into another coma at age 24. 
My family was able to look  back and say, 'God did it once before; He can do it again.'"
"God had a purpose in allowing 2 comas in my life. 
I have now prayed for 9 people in comas, & 8 of the 9 have regained consciousness." 
"When you have been delivered from something, God will often use you to help others in the same situation."
McPherson, Retha - 1/14-20/2008 - It's Supernatural TV - radio archives on web.
A "car accident left Retha McPherson's son, Aldo, in a coma. During that time, Aldo visited heaven & returned."
video #DIS446 + DVD #DVD446 + book #1126 A Message from God -
Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL)  Why? Tragedy, Trauma, Triumph 
Chapter 3 The Final Good-bye shares healing of coma as Daisy Osborn spoke, "Daughter, open your eyes.  You are healed."
LaDonna Taylor @ 2012 - Testimony of coma reversal.

Bern Zumpano, M.D.- -

I had occasion to Evangelist from India. He had told me a story of a study that he had done with a medical school professor who was a cardiologist or heart specialist. They had evaluated a series of, I believe, 39 patients who had heart problems and who were being resuscitated for cardiac arrest. During resuscitation, the Evangelist would lean over & call the person’s name, whispering and speaking in a low voice into the person’s ear on the belief that the person’s soul & spirit could still hear even though the body was unconscious due to brain coma. He told them to call upon the Name of Jesus, letting go of all unforgiveness toward those who hurt them & to repent of sin, & to keep calling the Name of Jesus. Surprisingly, some 19 patients were successfully resuscitated...
Later they were interviewed by the Cardiologist & the Evangelist. They were asked if they could recall what was going on during the resuscitation. All but 4 could recall separating from their body during the death experience and being pulled down into the ground. They said that they could not help themselves, nor could they resist.  They were able to hear the Evangelist’s voice commanding them to call the Name of Christ Jesus and to repent of sin and unforgiveness. Every person who did this reported that upon immediately cooperating, they felt an immediate pull in the upward direction, which continued in the upward direction. They, thereafter, found themselves in their physical bodies. The scripture says that all that call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved. Since that time, I have made it a practice to pray over unconscious people no matter what the source of their problem is. Simply lean over the person’s ear and speak something like this in a normal voice:
'Satan, I bind you, the ruler spirits, & all spirits not of the Holy Spirit from (name of person) in the Name of Christ Jesus. I bind, and loose (disconnect) from (name of person) all of your opposition, hindrance, interference, & obstructions.
I curse & destroy your works in (name of person) & render them of no effect...all in Christ Jesus’ Name.'
'(Person's Name), in Christ Jesus’ Name I ask you to call the Name of Christ Jesus, right now in your thoughts and in your spirit, & tell Him that you are sorry for all of your sins & ask Him to forgive you.
Let go of any unforgiveness towards anyone & ask Jesus to forgive you for it. Ask Jesus to save you & He will, for the asking. Call the Name of Christ Jesus. Call the Name of Christ Jesus. Call the Name of Christ Jesus.
Tell Him that you are sorry for all of your sins. Call the Name of Christ Jesus to save you.'
When we stand-in-the-gap for a person in a coma, believing that we have received for him, we believe that someday, at home in glory with the Lord, we will meet that person face-to-face.
This is the kind of faith God asks of us.’’  (This last sentence is often prayed from a Catholic perspective.)


#199) Kat Kerr - Tell My People I Have Keys  source -
Shouts of Grace Church 4-24-2011 AM - -
Alive_Again Dec 23, 2012
“There are too many testimonies, where people were dying & descending into Hell, & Christ caught them & said, ‘This person is praying for you. I have to give you a chance.’  He said, ‘Tell My people. I have keys.
I go into Hell when I want to, beyond the grave when I want to, & even at death if I want to.
My Word if you make a stand & you stand there for.  It says, If you abide in Me & My Words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, & it shall be done unto you
You make a stand in faith for your family members salvation.  The Word says, Your & your household MIGHT be saved? (NO.)  It says, Will be saved!  So if you’re standing for your family members salvation, guess what happens? God said there will be many people you’d thought would never make it to Heaven.
Even if they
’re in comas, their spirit is awake.
He can go in the spirit to them, while they’re in a coma & speak to them.
If you’re with somebody in the hospital & they’re in that
(coma), you preach the gospel to them. Their spirit can hear it. Because He has the keys.
He said, ‘
They’re not hanging on some pretty hook in Heaven.’
He said, ‘
I have them. They’re Mine. I paid a price, & I use them when I want to.’

So that’s some new revelation for you.
Why do you think He got the keys? He uses them, BUT He needs your words.
Your words produce power & weapons for Him to use against the enemy.

But He walked over to Satan after defeating all of the hierarchy. He stripped everything off of him, & 1 by 1, plucked those gemstones off of his being.  He (Satan) laid there in absolute, utter defeat.
Then He ascended back up through the tomb.  The stone was rolled away (from all our hindrances)."
Revealing Heaven on TN Radio (Kat Kerr) 1/2/2015 @
The human spirit and the soul are awake 24/7 & can choose/receive Jesus as saviour/healer when the body is in a coma.  (Thus, one can play hymns, read scripture, etc. & spirit/soul will hear that.)
Kerr, Kat - Throne Room Declarations - 2009 -
If any 1 person is standing the gap, God will honor His spoken word & not let it fall to the ground.
The individual (even if he is in a coma) is allowed a 2nd chance to choose Jesus as saviour. -
God can save a loved one while he is in a coma.


Moorjani, Anita - - secular testimony -
Moorjani, Anita -
Moorjani, Anita -

Hoffer, Abram - 2009 by Eva Edelman -
In 1952 a young farm boy, a diagnosed schizophrenic, had been steadily deteriorating, despite all conventional medical efforts. He became catatonic & unable to speak or use the bathroom. Eventually, he lapsed into a coma. His doctors believed he was dying due to his schizophrenia, & placed him on a terminal care list.  
In the same hospital, Doctors Abram Hoffer & Humphrey Osmond were developing a new type of treatment for schizophrenia. The dying boy became 1 of its 1st recipients. On day #1, he was given 10 grams of niacin (vitamin B3) & 5 grams of vitamin C, in divided doses. By the 2nd day he was no longer in a coma, & after 2 weeks on the nutrients, he was pronounced normal. After 12 years he remained well & was an active member of his community."  [Most do better on non-flushing B3 (niacinamide).]