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B17 - - Chris Wark defeated colon cancer. (ALERT.  Potential serious side effects, so work with informed orothmolecular oversight.)
Bentonite clay (volcanic ash), carbon (activated charcoal) & glucomannan (among
many other supplement ingredients) are highly recommended to help detoxify the body. or volcanic bentonite nick named zeolite
TOXIN MAGNET: The New Zeolite-Based Detox Program 9/2/2009 Dr. Garry Gordon
Butyric acid "is made by the fermentation of fiber in the large intestine.  The lower digestibility of raw vegetables may be a blessing in disguise. Feeding the large intestine more undigested plant matter will increase butyric acid production. Butyric acid also occurs in  dairy products [(organic non GM) butter & cheese & is thought to improve] insulin sensitivity, metabolism, blood lipids, body composition & reduces stress & inflammation."
"Butyric acid fuels colonocytes (colon cells), thereby providing vital energy for your colon.
Butyrate also facilitates the absorption of electrolytes, which are vital chemical compounds that help keep you hydrated." -
Consider including in diet: organic raw cheese/cream/whole milk &/or fermented butter.
CRP or C-reactive protein, an inflammation or infection marker may be a warning for Colon cancer.  Baby aspirin, white willow or other anti-inflammatory agents may help. Eat lots of live food, avoid animal fat,  & exercise. 2/4/2004
Exercise, daily bowel movements, added vegetables & fruits, vitamin A, folic acid, + elimination of red meat & processed food may reverse colon cancer
may be revered with 5 mg folic acid, 50,000-1000,000 units - not beta carotene), cod liver oil (omega-3 oils), and 4,000 IU vitamin D each day. 5/2006 - Dr Robert Jay Rowen's 2nd Opinion
Eating yogurt, onions, bananas, cardamom, & acidophilus may help says Dharma S Khalsa MD
Grilled meat may contribute to colon cancer. 7/19/2004 WSJ
Medicinal mushrooms -  
"There are receptor sites, in the Peyer’s patches of the intestines, for the polysaccharides found in Shiitake" mushroom.
Organic Butter - NEW Dr. Bob's Guide to Stop ADHD in 18 Days -
Organic butter (in moderation) has ingredient that may help keep
colon cancer at bay.
The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy  Cichoke, Dr Anthony J with excellent foreword by Hoffer, Dr Abram
The raw food (fruit/vegetable) Hallelujah Acres diet cured George Malkmus' colon cancer.
Summer 2005 Back to the Garden
Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management by Chiropractor Bernard Jensen & Sylvia Bell - have had good success in reversing colon problems.
Ulcerative Colitis antibiotic aid is raw Manuka honey. - Orlando, Florida, USA


Henry Gruver - 4/1/2018 -
- 5 stage colon cancer healed
Hinn, Benny - deliverance from fear, bipolar, colon cancer
Johnson, Bill  "Negative thoughts and words about ourselves result in adverse consequences not only to our spirits & emotions, but to our bodies. Bill Johnson reported the following experience:
'I once ministered to a woman with Crohn's disease; her colon had been dissolving for 7 years.
I asked her if she struggled with shame. She said she did. I said, 'Your body is sending you a message. Your colon is eating itself. The harshness you have toward yourself is making you sick & our body is manifesting what you are doing to yourself emotionally.'  She repented for that sin & was instantly healed.'"
(pg 152
The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind ) courtesy of
Klein, David - Maui, Hawaii - - conventional testimony - healed self through raw diet -
MacNutt, Francis  Deliverance from Evil Spirits - Chapter 14 Freeing a Person from Spirits of Trauma  pg 191
An evil spirit "Leaves very easily. As forgiveness & inner healing happen, (an evil) spirit is easily dealt with...
On occasion I have prayed from the platform at a large, public healing service to free people from the spirits of trauma whose names came to me in prayer.  I have done this calmly & usually there is little audible response.
Afterward anywhere between 10-20 people out of a congregation of say, 200 will tell me they felt something quietly leave. The following is from a letter I received from a woman recently: 'When you prayed on Saturday night for the spirits of grief & rejection to leave in the name of Jesus, I felt something moving through my body each time and out both arms, which were raised in prayer. It was awesome. At the same time I became aware of great peace all through my body.  On Sunday morning I woke up with the worst pain from colitis I have had in a long time. You told a story about a woman troubled with the hatred of men. I have experienced that for a long time.  Just as my mother suffers from colitis, I believe I got the feeling of hatred of men generational through her. I also have a feeling she was sexually abused as I was, but she has never talked about it. When you rebuked the spirit of hatred of men, I felt that leave me too.  Right before the session, still in pain from the colitis, even though I had taken a lot more medicine than normal, I asked a friend to pray for me.  The pain went totally away. I felt a deeper peace in that part of my body than I’ve ever felt. Praise God in Jesus Christ.'" 
McTernan, John - 2/10/2014
McTernan, John -
Policastro, Merry Beth  Talk Yourself into a Miracle -
Remedios, Dr. David - Supernatural surgery -  
Mar. 28-April 3, 2005 TV broadcast
  (Real Player) | (Windows Media)
Rubin, Jordan author of many books healed self of Chron's disease through nutrition. +
Scott, Raymond  healed of colon cancer after attending Benny Hinn service in Sacramento, California, USA.
Testimony is published in 3/2007 newsletter A Word for Your Day - section Miracle Stream

LaDonna Taylor - - 5/19/2014 - transcript - colon healing -



"Some colon-preparation (sodium phosphate) drugs (Osmo Prep ad Visicol)" may cause "irreparable kidney damage."  When preparing for a colonoscopy use phosphate-free products (like GoLytely, HalfLytely, Mirarlax, or magnesium citrate). 4/1/2009 

Crohn's - - "If, as some scientists are now convinced, Crohn's disease is caused by a microorganism, the question becomes: How is it transmitted...Myco-bacterium avium subspecies para-tuberculosis, or MAP, is common in U.S. dairy herds, activists argue & it is not killed by conventional pasteurization...MAP is extremely difficult to kill & commercial pasteurization-which involves heating milk to 161 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds-is not sufficient, according to studies by Grant. Heating to higher temperatures-up to 194 degrees for the same period of time-is also not effective, she said, but increasing the pasteurization time to 25 seconds, even at 161 degrees, is."

Fantastic voyage to fight colon cancer - 5/22/2012 - "Thanks to the ingenuity of Israel’s Check-Cap, all you’ll have to do is swallow a tiny capsule containing a miniaturized X-ray source & several imaging sensors. No colonoscopy, no hospital visit."
6/12/2014 news letter from - Your Gut - Your health and your “second brain” - Have you ever heard the phrase: “I had a gut feeling about that.” Well, you might have been right on, because it turns out we all have a 2nd brain, not in our heads but located in the gut. The medical term for it is the enteric nervous system and consists of over 90 million neurons imbedded in the average of 9 feet of intestinal tract we all have. That is more than your spinal cord and your peripheral nervous system combined. This “gut brain” or the intrinsic nervous system of the bowel is connected to our formal brain by a giant nerve called the vagus nerve. Over 90% of the information flowing through it flows from the bowel to the brain with only 10% flowing from the brain the other way.
Why the gut is called your 2nd Brain? -
The gut plays a very important roll in both your physical and emotional well-being.
The intestinal tract of course is critical in terms of digestion, absorption & elimination. It also contains on average 8 lbs of organisms in the average healthy individual, mostly health promoting bacteria that perform a number of critical tasks like contributing to our ability to digest food, make certain critical nutrients and natural antimicrobials that help keep pathogenic disease causing organisms in check and help optimize elimination. These organisms also affect the function of the intestinal tract including the interaction with the enteric nervous system around the gut.
This 2nd brain in our innards also influences our emotional health because it produces more than 30 different types of neurotransmitters or chemicals, similar to the brain that carries messages throughout our nervous system. We all know that feeling of “butterflies in the stomach” when we get nervous or are under emotional stress.
We also know that when we take antidepressant or anti-anxiety meds that they can affect the function of the gut. For example when we take antidepressants that block the reabsorption of serotonin, a key neurotransmitter which has antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects and promotes healthy sleep, a very common side effect is
irritable bowel syndrome which affects millions of people. This is all the more understandable because the intestinal tract contains more than 95% of the serotonin found in the body.
How Do These 2 Differ from Each Other? -
The cranial brain and the “2nd brain” differ from each other in many respects. The cranial brain is responsible for conscious thought, memory and our ability to reason, whereas the “2nd brain” receives & processes signals from our inner environment and responds independent of the cranial brain. It also transmits those signals to the brain. It is now becoming clear that the intestinal tract neurons play a critical role in the maintenance of physical & mental health. Inflammation of the intestinal tract lining makes a major contribution to the development of a number of health problems by affecting the enteric nervous system adversely. Conditions such as Autism, ADHD, behavioral disorders, learning disorders, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are linked to dysfunction of our 2nd brain. So are a whole series of intestinal tract diseases such as irritable bowel disease, constipation, peptic ulcer disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and cancers of the intestinal tract. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression or insomnia, you may also be dealing with “2nd brain” dysfunction.  When you say you had a “gut feeling” about something, you are referring to the fact that this “brain” can also process signals from the outer environment & plays a critical role in intuition or what some call our 6th sense. Though the 2 “brains” differ in many respects, they still work hand-in-hand to promote survival. When they communicate well with each other, they operate harmoniously & promote optimal health.
Autobiography - Biography
Gilbere, Gloria @ Without a proper diet & pre/pre-biotics one's GI system may be harmed by consumption of ongoing prescription medications.