Beneficial Bacteria - New Infant Formula Ingredients Boost Babies' Immunity by Feeding Their Gut Bacteria - 2/29/2012 - Adding prebiotic ingredients to infant formula helps colonize the newborn's gut with a stable population of beneficial bacteria & probiotics enhance immunity in formula-fed infants."
"5 sites divided 172 healthy 6-week-old infants into 2 formula-fed groups and a breast-fed group.
Beginning at 6 weeks of age, the formula-fed groups received either a control formula or a formula that contained the beneficial bacteria Bifido-bacterium animalis subspecies lactis (Bb12) for a 6-week period.
The infants receiving the probiotic formula had increased concentrations of secretory, anti-rotavirus & anti-poliovirus-specific immunoglobulin A (IgA)... Oligosaccharides, found in breast milk, contribute to the healthy population of bacteria found in the guts of breast-fed infants."
3/23/2008 Raw by David E Gumpert  editiorial 
Raw, especially organic, milk from cows and/or goats may be a wonderful solution to colic. 
Goat's milk, even if not raw, has a great reputation for being easily digested. 
In the USA many local farms now provide this product, not readily available/permissible in local USA stores.
Noni juice may help.
"Dr. (Ralph) Heinicke...has stated that Noni fruit contains a precursor for Xeronine, called Proxeronine.  Proxeronine is converted to Xeronine in the body. Xeronine's physiological effect is in the modification of the structure of proteins. Thus Xeronine can have a wide range of effects.
When a protein, such as an
enzyme or cellular transporter, isn't in appropriate structure, it won't work properly. Xeronine will interact with protein & cause its to fold into its proper conformation (shape).
Thus the result is a properly functioning protein. Proteins form many parts of the cell.
Whenever a problem arises in the cell due to a protein structural problem, Xeronine will be helpful."
Noni juice (Morinda citrifolia)
"Noni Juice contains 17 of the 20 known amino acids, including all 8 essential amino acids...
Proxeronase is an enzyme and Proxeronine is the molecule (available in the Noni fruit) that is cleaved by the Proxeronase (along with other enzymes) to form the alkaloid called Xeronine.  Xeronine is an essential component of the protein in our cell wall membranes.  Each & every cell in our bodies have a cell wall membrane that consists of a protein layer.  This cell wall membrane is in a large part responsible for the health of our cells.  The protein layer is made up of building blocks called peptides...needed to be held together by bonds. 
The bonds would be very weak bonds without presence of alkaloid Xeronine which strengthen these bonds...
Noni also contains Scopoletin...that it binds to serotonin (a hormone), keeping our serotonin levels elevated (& our pain levels down)." 
Burroughs, Stanley - The Master Cleanser - Cow  (even A2) goat milk can create mucous. 
(Be sure to use ORGANIC milk/formula  non GMO milk/formula.  Use raw A2 organic milk when available.)
"Where mother's (breast) milk is not available for infants, the best replacement is (organic pure 100%) coconut milk.


Banks, Bill  Deliverance for Children & Teens  "Colic can be an early manifestation of both a spirit & a condition which, if not  cast out, can open the door for stomach problems or such various digestive disorders as spastic colon, diverticulitis, or ulcers" in individuals as well as in offspring. 
Prayer for healing includes "binding, casting out & breaking the hold of the spirit causing the disease."
Stone, Perry - Children in the Devil's Playhouse - Demonic Spirits Entering the Home