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Acai (ah-SAH’-ee) berries may help reverse leukemia.1/12/2006 - + - 4/21/2006 Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham
AHCC, The Japanese Medicinal Mushroom Immune Enhancer - Dan Kenner - -
AHCC (active hexose correlated compound) results from growing mycelium of a shiitake hybrid in rice bran extract. 
It may help reverse liver, stomach, colon, breast, thyroid, ovary, testicle, tongue, kidney & pancreas cancer.
(Note - One can obtain various medicinal mushroom products grown in rice bran.  Read the product labels.)
AHCC  (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) -
AHCC  - "Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) is a proprietary compound made from mycelia (vegetative portion)
of various mushrooms in the general family of basidiomycete. The exact composition of mushrooms, as well as method
used to prepare them, are considered a trade secret. AHCC has been developed in Japan for use in cancer treatment.
For related treatments, see the articles on
Maitake , Shiitaki, and Reishi."
Alternative Medicine magazine  4/2003 issue on 6 alternative cancer therapies + 11/2001 issue -
The herb bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) blocks the formation of new blood vessels that feed a tumor 
Aloe Vera seems to have the highest concentration of oxygen of any known plant.  Add fresh home grown or grocery store
bought aloe vera to your daily juicing of raw organic carrots, garlic and apples to help reverse cancer.
(May be laxative.  For skin issues can be applied as a poultice, perhaps at bedtime.)
Aloe Vera - Read Reese Dubin's Miracle Food Cures From the Bible @
Aloe Vera - Whitaker Wellness Institute 1-714-851-1550
American Institute for Cancer Research concept the New American Plate rule of thumb is to have 2/3 plant food covering
plate and remaining 1/3 animal. 4/12/2005
Apricot Seeds (B15+B17) -
In 1938, doctor Ernst Krebs and his son
first extracted and isolated pangamic acid from the seeds of apricot fruit.
The substance is constituted of D-gluconodimethyl aminoacetic acid & was later given the name of vitamin B15
as evidence of potential health benefits from consuming the substance was found by Krebs and other researchers...

Pangamic acid, or vitamin B15, is most potently found in apricot kernels & products, but small traces of the nutrient also
exist in ( Brewer’s yeast, whole grain brown rice, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds & other plant products.
Vitamin B15 is a member of the
B vitamins category, a group of nutrients that play vital roles in our bodily functions.
Because our bodies cannot produce B vitamins on their own, it is essential that we supplement diets with B vitamins
(or eat foods with B vitamins)...
Methyl donors are important micronutrients that play a substantial role in numerous cellular functions including protein
synthesis, DNA replication & metab
olism. When our bodies lack methyl donors, we may experience disturbances in
energy metabolism, muscle disorders, fatty livers, or issues with protein synthesis in the liver. Disruptions of such essential
bodily functions can take a serious toll on our health and livelihood. 
Clinical studies conducted in Germany have shown
promising signs that pangamic acid is a methyl donor. Vitamin B15 may support and increase the efficiency of these vital
cellular functions. In effect, pangamic acid may support higher energy levels, decreased fatigue, improved metabolism &
improved muscle & liver health.
Our brains need a steady and constant flow of oxygen to perform their normal functions.
When the brains’ steady flow of oxygen is disrupted due to injury or bad health conditions, it can put our brain into a
hypoxic or anoxic state
of oxygen depletion. A hypoxic state occurs when brain partially lacks oxygen supply,
while a total lack of oxygen is called an anoxic state.
On animal subjects,
a study found that vitamin B15 may support oxidative processes and aid the body in restoring normal function
when oxygen depletion is impacting the brain.
Animal subjects were exposed to high altitudes, wherein they endured oxygen starvation. 
Pangamic acid (B15) helped restore their bodies to normal functions." 
B15 could help
cells and organs, especially liver, get rid of unwanted, toxic substances like alcohol & chlorine.
According to a
study conducted at a medical school in Seoul
, vitamin B15 may act as a detoxifier by helping to inhibit
formation & regeneration of toxic free radical substances in the body...
Pangamic acid has even been used to help
recovering alcoholics & drug addicts detox their livers and bodies from these damaging substances.

As we know, high cholesterol is a serious risk agent for coronary heart disease, heart attacks, liver and kidney disease. 

doctors in Poland showed
that vitamin B15 may decrease cholesterol levels found on the walls of various vital organs.

Apricot Seeds -
the-greatest-cover-up-in-the-history-of-cancer-treatment/ @ (edited) CAUTION
[A 1980 book by Young shares that In the 1920s Dr Ernst T Krebs Sr. a German immigrant living in San Francisco tested
an orally administered extract of
apricot kernels for medical purposes. (A natural chemotherapy in a seed.)
He found it toxic, since it contained amygdalin which is converted by intestinal bacteria to the poison cyanide.
Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, American natural chemist, in the mid 1950s figured out how to segregate a synthetic aggravate
that turned out to be a successful destroyer of malignant growth cells. It’s about nutrient B17 (Amygdalin or Laetrile).

As indicated by Dr. Ernst Krebs, it is important to enter no less than 100 mg of nutrient B17 every day.
To shield the life form from malignancy, Nutrient B17 can be imbued by devouring particular kinds of items.
The expansion contain substances that contain this fix: Organic products: apricot, cherry, apple, peach, nectarine,
plum, pear, grape; Nuts: Australian walnut (macadamia), severe almond, Indian nut; Backwoods natural products:
blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, strawberry; Seeds: flaxseed, chia, sesame; Grains: red beans, lentils, vegetables.
Wild apricot seeds are the best wellspring of nutrient B17
. That is, the most elevated grouping of nutrient B17
in these seeds. Those who eat nourishments wealthy in nutrient B17, never get malignant growth:
Such are the precedents with the Eskimos, the Hunzas, the general population of Abkhazia, and so on.
How does nutrient B17 work?  Nutrient B17 adheres to the side of the resistant framework & assaults straightforwardly
destructive cells. Nutrient B17 comprises of 1 particle benzaldehyde, 1 atom of hydro-cyanide and 2 atoms of glucose.
Benzaldehyde & cyanide are harmful components.
But in blend with glucose particles in nutrient, they become dormant & don’t have lethal impacts.
To discharge benzaldehyde & cyanide from nutrient B17, it is important to come into contact with a particular protein
beta-adjuvant. This catalyst is available wherever in the human body. Be that as it may, it is found in malignant growth
cells to a substantial degree (up to multiple times). The guideline of activity is extremely basic:
so as to develop malignancy cells need a lot of vitality, that is, glucose.
At the point when nutrient B17 is presented, malignant growth cells ingest glucose particles of nutrient B17.
Furthermore, with the chemical beta-glucosidase, they discharge benzaldehyde & cyanide, causing their own demise.
Because of the high convergence of the catalyst beta-glucosidase, nutrient B17 is very dangerous for malignancy cells.
While for other solid cells, it isn’t at all destructive. The rule of working of nutrient B17 reminiscent of a Trojan pony.
Malignancy cells cover the sugar.  When they retain it, they become annihilated. To be powerful the impact of nutrient B17,
it is essential over the span of nutrient B17 treatment to lessen the consideration of different kinds of sugar in the body.
Nutrient B17 (Laetrile) previously - In the period from 1972-1977, a 5-year investigation of the impact of nutrient B17,
ie its dynamic fixing Amygdaline, on the counteractive action of tumors & the deterioration of cancer-causing agents,
was led in the most exceptional malignancy explore focus, 'Commemoration Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.'
The man who drove the group of analysts is Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, a standout amongst the most regarded disease analyst,
known for his expert notoriety with more than 60 years of malignancy exploration.
In 1977, Dr. Sugiura said that the exploration demonstrated clear outcomes in averting tumor and malignant growth cells.
Nutrient B17 treatment has been endorsed by many top oncologists, including the Oasis of Hope Alternative Treatment
Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico
In help of the activity of nutrient B17, most amassed in seeds of wild apricot. G. Edward Griffin in the book
World Without Cancer
, cites that the Hunzas devour between 50-75 mg for every day nutrient B17 consistently.
A single apricot kernel contains about ˝ milligram of (toxic) cyanide
(poison) (Committee on Toxicity, 2006). Laetrile proponents claim that about 10 kernels per day (5 mg of cyanide) is
considered to be sufficient to prevent cancer and as many as 50 kernels (apricot seeds) is recommended to combat an
existing cancer (25 mg of cyanide) (  (Remember chemo-therapy also utilizes poisons.]
Seed oil from wild apricot – the biggest wellspring of nutrient B17 - The seeds of wild apricot seeds are really a concentrate
of the whole substance of the seeds.  Patients drink normal wild apricot oil, which is wealthy in nutrient B17,
for the avoidance and treatment of cancer-causing maladies. Wild apricot seed oil is an incredible characteristic
cancer prevention agent, which demolishes free radicals in the human body. Oil is additionally utilized against the side
effects of asthma, solid hack, bronchial fits, skin inflammation, dermatitis, skin break outs, male pattern baldness &
hair follicles. Apricot oil leaves no greasy aftermath.

Apricot Seeds - - 9/9/2020 - "Apricot Power continues to sell both California grown, bitter, raw
(non certified organic) Apricot seeds and USDA Certified Organic bitter, raw Apricot seeds sourced from Turkey.
Our California (non organic) apricot seeds are both herbicide and pesticide-free. 
Our organic apricot seeds are Certified Organic by both the USDA and the CCOF."
(iMPORTED/EXPORTED seeds/produce/food crossing country boarders are IRRIDATED.)

Apricot Seeds - (edited)
“It was 11years ago that Laetrile, vitamin B17, is the 1st & last final hope in the prophylaxes in therapy of cancer
in man & animals. The reason for this is that Laetrile is a vitamin. It is the 17th of the B vitamins.  We hear a great
deal about its use in terminal cancer, but the time to start with
vitamin B17 is now, before the disease becomes clinical.
The time to start is the same with any matter of adequate nutrition and that is right now.
You may start now by commencing to eat the seeds of all common fruits that you eat.
The apricot & peach seed
contain almost 2% of vitamin B17 by weight. The apple seed, although very small, is equally rich in vitamin B17.
So are the seeds of prunes, plums, cherries & nectarines. The only common fruit on the hemisphere that lacks
nitrilosidic seeds, are the citrus fruits
. This lack has come about by artificial cultivation, by breeding &
hybridization since the seeds of citrus fruits on the African continent still contain vitamin B17

2 more rich sources of vitamin B17 are the simple cereal millet and buckwheat. Macadamia nuts, although expensive &
exotic, are very rich in vitamin B17.  So are bamboo shoots, mung beans, lima beans, butter beans & certain strains of
garden peas. But for convenience, the simple source for your vitamin B17 are the seeds of the common fruit.
We know something about the prophylactic dose of vitamin B17.
For example, we know the Hunzas represent a population that has been cancer-free for over 900 years of its existence.
This population has a natural diet, which supplies on the average between 50-75 milligrams of vitamin B17 a day.
Hunza Land is a land that has sometimes been described as the ‘place where apricot is king.’
The Hunzakuts eat the fresh apricots for the 3 months they are in season
The remainder of the year, they eat dried apricots. They never eat a dried apricot without enclosing a seed between it.
This supplies them with better than average of 50-75 milligrams of vitamin B17 a day.
There are many of us in the Western World who don’t ingest this amount of vitamin B17 in the course of an entire year.
As a result we’re in the midst of a fulminating deficiency of vitamin B17 or nitriloside, the anti-neoplastic vitamin.
Its absence from our diets accounts for the fact that cancer in our population has reached such a pandemic. T
Cancer is a chronic, metabolic not an infectious disease caused by bacteria or viruses. A metabolic disease is a disease
linked with our utilization of food. Most metabolic diseases have as their basis specific vitamins and minerals.
No chronic or metabolic disease in the history of medicines has ever been prevented or cured except by factors normal to
the diet or normal to the animal economy.  Scurvy killed mankind by the thousands, sometimes wipe out an entire polar
expedition or accounted for about 50% mortality among the crusaders. This disease is totally prevented & cured by
vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Great Britain acquired the dominion of the seas by empirically discovering that by adding
lime or other citrus juices to the British mariners provisions, the curse of scurvy was removed. Prior to the incorporation
of vitamin C into their diets, it wasn’t uncommon for 3/4 of the crew to become seriously ill by the end of a voyage. 
Those who didn’t die would mysteriously recover after hitting shore because they would have access to fresh fruits &
vegetables rich in vitamin C.
Pernicious anemia had a mortality rate of 98-99%. No medical modality under the sun could touch it.
Arsenic and its salts, strychnine, iron, and hundreds of other remedies were tried, but to no avail, until the researchers
Drs. Murphy, Shipple & Minot commenced their classical studies on relationship of pernicious anemia to dietary deficiency. 
While working at the University of California, they discovered a very simple remedy for preventing & curing this disease.
They said to their patients, “Go down to your butcher shop, get a quarter pound of fresh liver, grind it up & take
1 tablespoon every day.  Take the quarter pound & cook it very lightly and just singe the surface & use this as a ration for
3 days.” When the patients followed this advice without exception, those with pernicious anemia made complete recoveries.
Despite this, these men were censored by the medical establishment at the time & criticized for engaging in what was
alleged to be medical quackery.  The argument was, how can respectable doctors advise people with a disease that has a
99% mortality rate to ignore all of the established drugs of medical science, go down to the butcher shop & buy some raw
liver & take this & expect this to cure a disease that nothing else had cured? Well, raw liver did cure the disease & raw liver
did prevent it.  As the chemistry of raw liver was studied, it was discovered that the factors responsible were vitamin B12
& folic acid. So, vitamin B12 & folic acid are now a part of our normal dietary experience.
In 1974, the uninformed, the unimaginative & some of the illiterate are concerned with what, to them, is a preposterous
idea, that by eating seeds of fruit you can prevent a disease that carries a mortality rate almost as high as that once carried
by pernicious anemia. But scientific truth isn’t dependent upon credibility or lack of it. The scientific reality either is or isn’t.
This is the scientific reality: that the seeds of all common fruits (except citrus) contain vitamin B17, an anti-cancer
vitamin. If we ingest proper quantities for this vitamin, either in the pure form or through ingesting the nitrilosidic foods,
we will be able to prevent this disease just as surely as we are able to prevent scurvy by the use of vitamin C or pernicious
anemia by the use of vitamin B12.
There was another disease that is of a metabolic or chronic nature and that is pellagra. One time, it was so endemic in
certain parts of the world, particularly the American southwest, that there were entire hospitals given to the treatment of
pellagrans.  The great Sir William Osler in his Principles and Practices of Medicine written at the turn of this century,
said of pellagra, “I was at Lenoir, North Carolina, during 1 winter. I visited the Lenoir home for the colored insane
& there 75% of the inmates died from the disease. It ran rampant through this institution & convinced me beyond any
doubt that pellagra is a virus that is infectious.”  Then came the fine works of the United States Public Health Service
surgeon, Dr. Goldberger
, who showed conclusively that the occurrence of pellagra was related with a deficiency of fresh
green material in the diet. So Dr. Goldberger approached this problem 1st by the use of Brewer’s yeast, which would
completely prevent and cure pellagra. Further studies then showed that the
factor in (deactivated/non-Baker's)
Brewer’s yeas
t that was
most determinate of this effect was niacin, vitamin B3
f you are not getting vitamin B17 in your food, the best way to get it is in the pure form.
If you have cancer, the most important single consideration is to get the maximum amount of vitamin B17
into your body in the shortest period of time.
Pancreatic and vegetable enzymes are part of the supportive theory.
You have the papaya melons as the source of the enzyme papain and pineapple as a source of the enzyme bromelain.
The demasking effect of these enzymes against the pericellular layer of the malignant cell is something very concrete
in the immunology of cancer. Now I prefer, rather than advising the use of bromelain or papaya tablets,
that the individual seeking these enzymes get them directly from the fresh ripe (organic) pineapple & papaya fruit.
As much as half a pineapple a day should be ingested
. This is the way to go. You have nothing to lose
by eating fresh pineapple & papaya melons.
Nothing to lose by eating millet, the seeds of all the common fruits & whole fresh foods.
Dietary deficiencies arrive primarily from eating less than whole (live/non-GMO) food.
This is why the Federal and State governments have made mandatory the artificial enrichment of white flour.
Look at any loaf of white bread or white flour that has been enriched by the addition of crystalline vitamin B1, vitamin B2, 
(B3) niacin, iron and all the rest. What stupidity that we put good food through a process that defects it of its essential
nutrients & then, enforced by the government, mandate requirements that say that we must restore to this food
some of the things that have been processed out. One critical factor is removed: wheat germ, which contains the vitamin E
& the polyunsaturated fatty acids. It would not be necessary to take it in supplementation if our foods were not manipulated
to remove this.  Now something about supplementations in addition to the vitamin B17.
We can’t think in terms of just 1 vitamin. We get an adequate diet by eating as wide a variety of whole natural foods
as possible and as close to their growing period as we can possibly obtain them (rotating them in our diet).
There are laetrile therapists who recommend 2-3 grams of ascorbic acid or vitamin C in conjunction with the Laetrile
program. This is a very moderate recommendation.  We can all take up to 7-8 grams of vitamin C without any problems.
This is about the same amount as the higher primates such as the gorilla on a pound to pound basis ingest,
between 5-6 grams of vitamin C a day in their normal habitat. Incidentally, the gorilla in its natural habitat eats
about 100-125 milligrams of vitamin B17 a day, too. Like the population of Hunza Land, these gorillas are free of cancer.
So are bears in their normal habitat. Out in the wilds they don’t develop cancer.  In the San Diego Zoo there was a cage
of about 10 bears & 1 of 10, 7 of them developed cancer. To some this was a sign that some mysterious bear cancer-virus
was loose; but it wasn’t that at all. In the wild state the bears are omnivores.  They eat a lot of wild nitrilosidic berries.
Almost all wild fruits are nitrilosides.  Centuries prior mankind ate cherries, apricots, apples, prunes & the rest of the fruits,
which had vitamin B17 not only within the seeds, but in the flesh, too. Today only wild fruit contain the vitamin B17;
but in the process of hybridization, it has been removed.  The fruit one eats today is the product of years of manipulation.
To meet our indwelling needs of vitamin B17, we must either eat the fruit seed in reasonable quantity or begin
(in the future) supplementing our diet with vitamin B17 tablets. 
We hope to see vitamin B17 available so that we can prevent cancer in the same way we prevent scurvy. 
Several new books are coming out on Laetrile. Both are written by non-medical men:
World Without Cancer
by Edward Griffin and Vitamin B17: Forbidden Weapon Against Cancerby Mike Culbert.
We are all laymen in the field of cancer. There are more laymen in the Laetrile movement who know more about cancer
than some of our most prestigious experts in our most prestigious institutions. These laymen know enough about it
to keep alive & not die from it. Professionals are rotten experts if they allow their patients or family to succumb to cancer.
We have many case histories of people that have been helped by Laetrile (B17). Both Alicia Buttons & Mary Henderson
were terminal with oral pharyngeal cancer that has a mortality rate of 98-99% even in early diagnosis.
Both made remarkable recoveries with Laetrile under the guidance of Dr. Hans Nieper in Germany. 
(Spearheaded by my dad) we have been meeting 10-11 years, and you’ve been hearing this story.
There is no rational alternative in the 10 years that have passed since these meetings,
except to make more obvious the fact that Laetrile, vitamin B17 is (1 of the best answers) to cancer."

Apricot Seeds - - Healing Ministry Testimony - 4/2020 - "
A Doctor examined me & said I had stage 3 skin cancer.
 He took off some moles off of my back and wanted me to come back so he could dig deeper. 
I decided to visit a naturopathic doctor. He advised me not to dig deeper as It might cause an increase of cancer cells.
I went on a prescription of apricot seeds very bitter & some say they contain arsenic
Many doctors said it will kill you but were unable to prove one case where it happened.
Needless to say, I never had anymore problems."      

Apricot Seeds - - 3/8/2020 - Jason Vale is jailed for a good deed.
Apricot Seeds @ - "Consume no more than 3 seeds per hour (up 10 seeds per day)."
Artemisia annua (Qing Hao or Sweet sagewort or Sweet wormwood or Annual wormwood) is a herb
"traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat fever, inflammation, and malaria.
A compound in artemisia was shown to be effective in treating malaria in a clinical trial.
Another case study showed that artemisia was effective in treating chronic bladder infection.
Artemisia prevented cancer cells from dividing in laboratory studies."
Artemisia supplements - 2 varieties from Allergy Research Group (one of many sources)
Artemisinin For Malaria To Cancer (1:22 hr) -
CAUTION regarding Asian modalities containing alternative spiritual roots and methods. 
Astragalus root helps retard cancer.  Spring 2009 -

B 17 (Laetrile) - - "For cancer prevention one may take (titrate up to)
100mg Laetrile tablets, 10 apricot seeds, pancreatic enzymes, zinc for Laetrile transportation,
vitamins (a, b6, b9, b12, c, e), magnesium, manganese & selium.

[Daily/weekly/monthly/fresh seed consumption of organic fruit (such as apple) in season can be an alternative approach.]
For those with cancer, (1) recommended (following) protocol is to continue until cancer is in remission or gone:
5 whole (apricot) kernels 6-10 times a day.  Have 1 hour in between each servin
g per day.
One can grind the kernel and take it in juice (or smoothie).
(Addtionally) 6 of 500mg Laetrile tablets per day (in divided doses of 2 tablets at: breakfast, lunch & dinner)
There should be 2 hours between the kernels and (B17) Laetrile tablets. 
Always start with small dosage, that is, 1 (apricot) kernel + half B17 tablet.  Build up gradually.
Take B17 tablets with food (& liquid) to avoid nausea.  Typical side effects when taking Laetrile & apricot kernel are
nausea &/or giddiness, as laetrile (B17) is killing cancer cells & toxins are released...(as well as cyanide poison,
like chemotherapy). 
(As tolerated) one can keep above DOSE until cancer is in remission. 
Then start lowering the dose of Laetrile gradually over 3 months down to two 500mg tablets per day indefinitely.
Also add 10 apricot kernels a day distributed 4 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, before bed).
(Important) Remember to take the kernel 2 hours away from the tablets.
(ALERT.  Patients with blood pressue or heart issues/medication need caution, as well as pregnant women or children.)

B17 (Laetrile) + B15 + B12 - -
Vitamin B17 and B12 are known as cyanide containing compounds.

B17 - (edited) "Amygdalin, Vitamin B-17, Laetrile for many are interchangeable,
but there are distinct differences.  Amygdalin is a natural substance found in raw nuts like almonds, seeds & kernels
of many (non citrus) fruits, particularly apricots. It’s also present in (non-GMO/organic/wild) lima beans, clover, sorghum
& other plants.  (Look for certified organic non-GMO, non irridated, shelled, non mouldy/stale &/or sprouted live nuts. )
Vitamin B-17 is the name given this substance by Dr. Ernst T. Krebs Jr., who first identified amygdalin.
He called it a food component.  Food components that are natural, non-toxic, water-soluble & compatible with human
metabolisms, like amygdalin, are called vitamins. 

is the concentrated, purified form of amygdalin developed for use in the laboratory and in cancer treatments...

1st Theory: evolves around enzymes.
Amygdalin is made up of
glucose plus 2 potentially toxic substances: benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.
(Note: In the early days of laetrile research it was assumed that the cyanide was the major cancer cell-killing molecule,
but now many researchers believe that it is the benzaldehyde that is the primary reason the cancer cell is killed.)
Healthy cells contain the
enzyme rhodanese. Rhodanese is believed to protect the cells by neutralizing benzaldehyde
and cyanide in amygdalin, converting them to useful nutrient compounds, including thiocyanate,
which is known as a natural regulator of blood pressure & also is involved in the production of Vitamin B-12. 
However, it is believed that cancer cells do not have rhodanese. Instead, they have an enzyme called beta-glucosidase.
Beta-glucosidase unlocks benzaldehyde & cyanide from the glucose to create a targeted poison that kills the cancer cell.

2nd Theory: Our body is filled with billions of white blood cells.  Daily people normally produce about 100 billion new white
blood cells, which attack and destroy anything that is harmful to our body. But cancer cells are theorized to be covered by
a thin protein coating that carries a negative electrostatic charge
. This (negative) charge is claimed to repel the negatively
charged white blood cells.  Luckiy, the pancreas emits enzymes that, in sufficient quantities, are claimed to
'eat away this protective coating', allowing the white blood cells to attack cancer. However, if the pancreas is weak
or unhealthy, or if the cancer is growing too fast, the enzymes can’t keep up. That’s where laetrile comes in,
where it is believed to work with pancreatic enzymes to fight cancer, while also strengthening the immune system.
(Maybe both.)
One of the positive side effects that are claimed of laetrile therapy is that more Vitamin B-12 is made in the body.
During an interview with Dr. Antonio Jimenez, chief medical officer and founder of Hope4Cancer Institute. Baja California,
and Cancun, Mexico, he stated that laetrile has several positive effects, including direct anticancer activity
(from the cyanide and benzaldehyde described above), analgesic properties, and well-being enhancement."

Baking soda (to tumor via catheter ) - Bicarbonate Increases Tumor PH and Inhibits Spontaneous Metastases here - - Cider Vinegar -
Read - -
Italian oncologist -
Tullio Simoncini MD - - Cancer is a (white) Fungus. -
Kaufmann, Doug - The Germ that Causes Cancer - -
Cured patient rotates otc (over the counter) antifungal herbs and vitamins every month to hit various fungal strains. 
A large % of the world's grains are now tainted with toxic mycotoxins.  Consider reducing (non organic) carbohydrates.
Baking soda - - Baking Soda can be safely eaten by the spoonful
when diluted in water. "An aqueous solution is sometimes administered
intravenously for cases of acidosis,
or when there are insufficient sodium or bicarbonate ions in the blood.
[9]   In cases of respiratory acidosis,
the infused bicarbonate ion drives the carbonic acid/bicarbonate buffer of plasma to the left and, thus, raises the pH.
It is for this reason that sodium bicarbonate is used in medically supervised cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Infusion of bicarbonate is indicated only when the blood pH is marked (<7.1-7.0) low.
It is used as well for treatment of
Since sodium bicarbonate can cause
alkalosis, it is sometimes used to treat aspirin overdoses. 
Aspirin requires an acidic environment for proper absorption. 
The basic environment diminishes aspirin absorption in the case of an overdose.
Sodium bicarbonate has also been used in the treatment of tricyclic antidepressant overdose.
[11] ...Adverse reactions to the
administration of sodium bicarbonate can include metabolic alkalosis,
edema due to sodium overload, congestive heart failure,
hyperosmolar syndrome, hypervolemic
hypernatremia + hypertension due to increased sodium. In patients who consume
a high calcium or dairy-rich diet,
calcium supplements, or calcium containing antacids such as calcium carbonate
(e.g., Tums), the (excessive) use of sodium bicarbonate can cause  
milk-alkali syndrome,
which can result in
metastatic calcification, kidney stones, and kidney failure." (Omit the occult "
yoga or Tai Chi Chuan".)
Baking Soda solution via catheter - Cancer Cure Sodium Bicarbonate 3_3.flv -
skin cancers treated with iodine solution - 4/1/2012 by
Baking Soda + Lemon + Water (or lemonade) -

Baroody, Dr Theodore  Alkalize or Die
The heart is one of the most alkaline-dependent organs in the body. Correct heartbeat is altered by acid wastes."
"Digestive difficulties may indicate vagus nerve problems and possible hiatus hernia syndrome,
which can produce acid residue throughout the system, and impact the necessary hydrochloric acid in the stomach."
"The liver has over 300 functions, including processing acid toxins from the blood & producing numerous alkaline enzymes."
The pancreas is highly dependent on correct alkaline diet.
All aspects of pancreatic function reduce excess acidity & regulate blood sugar balance."
"Approx. 1 liter of blood per minute passes through adult kidneys, whose primary duty it is to keep the blood alkaline,
and extract acid.  Kidneys that are over-stressed with too much acidity create kidney stones."
"The colon must be kept clean of accumulated acid wastes.
Poisons collect on the colon walls & in cases of diarrhea or constipation will harden and reabsorb into the blood."

There are 600-700 lymph glands in the body. Lymph fluid carries nutrition to the cells & removes acid waste products.
Lymph fluid flows best in an alkaline environment.

Bauer  The Problem of Cancer (Das Krebsproblem)
Bentonite clay (volcanic ash), carbon (activated charcoal), and glucomannan (among many other supplement ingredients)
are highly recommended to help detoxify the body.
or volcanic
TOXIN MAGNET: The New Zeolite-Based Detox Program 9/2/2009 (edited)
Dr. Garry Gordon -!_Ingesting_low_grade_
with_Zeolite_.-00-1159 - for ingestion by mouth - detoxing - "Zeolite...a volcanic
mineral...has the ability (when cleaned and processed) to suck out all volatile chemicals & heavy metals from our body.
Ironically...volcanic mineral is literally full of heavy metals and volatile substances....The mineral properties that sucked in
the pollutants in the 1st place could have the reverse effect when processed using a patented method...Zeolites properties
that caused it to be full of contaminants could be reversed & used to suck out the toxins from our body...
Zeolite without the extraction process is known as low grade (contaminated) Zeolite.  If the extraction method is bypassed,
you can literally die from ingesting low grade Zeolite." 
Zeolite Detox Product Comparison -11/2007 Waiora Co. - "Natural zeolites form repeating crystal structures comprised of
aluminum, silica and oxygen. Natural zeolites are also incredibly stable.  Temperatures exceeding 900 degrees Fahrenheit
for more than 4 hours are necessary to break the zeolite structure. 
Even if this could be accomplished, the zeolite cannot be broken in a reproducible, predictable fashion. 
Once the framework is broken, it is broken down to its components – free aluminum, silica and oxygen.
Zeolites rocks and powders can be crushed to smaller sizes, but they are still the same zeolite with the same properties...
The benefits of (dietary) supplemental zeolite are all about the net negative (NOT positive) charges of the zeolite cage...
Our proprietary activation process removes nearly all extraneous (heavy toxic) metals and empties out the zeolite cage.
Thus removing any toxins (heavy metals) found with the zeolite and 'activating' the molecule to be most effective...
Without undergoing this process, other zeolite products may contain toxins and heavy metals as part of the zeolite cage...
The zeolite molecule is, practically indestructible. Heat up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit will not crack the molecule;
it can be frozen in solution and defrosted without any change in activity.  It is also amphoteric: exist well in an acidic or
basic environment.  We activate the zeolite in a very weak acid under high temperature conditions.
This does not break the zeolite down; it simply forces the evacuation (ejection/removal) of stored toxins in the zeolite cage. 
The only thing left in solution after activation is the micronized zeolite and some larger metals that remain in solution...
calcium, sodium, magnesium and help stabilize the molecule. 
After ingestion (taking as a supplement), they easily undergo cationic exchange with (attract/asorb heavy/toxic) metals
(in the bloodstream) that are higher in the affinity scale of the zeolite  (i.e. Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, etc.)."
Beta carotene is the orange pigment in fruits and vegetables used in body to create vitamin A.  
It may help fight cancer. 8/8/2006
Beta Glucan Ask for ONE newspaper Health News Volume8#8
Brazilian herb lapacho
Beuess, Rudoolf  The Breuss Cancer Cure  Alive book publishers - A 42 day fast of juices/clear broth (without sediment/
solids on which cancer feeds) consisting of 3-5 beet root (anti- cancer), 1-5 carrots (for carotene), 1-5 celery root
(for phosphorus), 1-5 black radish (for liver), 1 small potato (essential for liver cancer).  Hold in mouth before swallowing. 
Additionally take sage, kidney, and cranesbill  tea as prescribed. 
Bueness teaches that cancer is not a disease; rather it is an independent growth that needs to be starved.
The protein supply is stopped by the juice cure from the outside (The protein is switched off in the daily food).
Since cancer cannot live without protein from the blood, Beuess says that leukemia is not cancer but instead a diseased
portal vein circulation, which can result from mental depression! He contends that many people stay sick/relapse due to
the presence of moth powder, insecticides, sprays/air fresheners in the house. 
Sprays/powders to kill insects (moths/cockroaches/flys/ants) containing naphthalene/camphor, contain arsenic.
If one does not want to make his own organic juice, it may be ordered as a commercial/retail product from Flora Manuf.
1-800-436-6697 BC or 1-800-387-7541 US 
Contrary to scripture:
Beuess recommends dowsing to locate underground water veins;
he also advocates eye/iris diagnosis. - Translate web page from German into English 
Bolles , Dr Leo - book: Enzymatic Treatment of Cancer using enzymes trypsin &
chymotrypson - Ask for ONE newspaper Volume 4#3 (edited) Also known as boswellia,
claims as part of its nutrient profile a compound known as acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid (AKBA).
Scientific tests have determined that AKBA is a sworn enemy of cancer. With funding from government of Oman,
researchers from the University of Leicester were able to uncover how frankincense may be a safe and effective remedy
for women who suffer from ovarian cancer... Frankincense shows demonstrable effectiveness in a few areas where chemo-
therapy isn’t all that effective, particularly with regards to ovarian cancer... also effective against other cancer forms: including breast, colon, and prostate...
Commonly mixed with a carrier oil such as saponified coconut oil or jojoba oil and applied topically, frankincense can
also be consumed orally by putting one or 2 drops of the oil into a beverage. Be sure to consult with a physician
versed in the proper use of essential oils.  (Most oil mixtures are for EXTERNAL rather than internal use. 
There are numerous boswellia vitamin/supplements.  Educate oneself and proceed with caution & wisdom.
Indian frankincense
Frankincense + myrrh
broccoli sprouts Beta glucans Curcumin  Chlorella -  
Braverman, Dr 
Broer, Ted - radio health broadcasts - James Schlatter, Ph.D. conducted research for the G.D. Searle company
on a drug designed to treat ulcers. In December, 1965, while working on a prospective anti-ulcer medication,
he mixed aspartame, with methanol (wood alcohol) accidentally creating a sweet substance now approved by the FDA,
but having toxic effect on the body.
Bloodroot  (root of Sanguinaria Canadensis flower) - -

The molecular structure of Sanguinarinia’s active medicinal: Sanguinarine or Pseudochelerythrine is [C20H14No4].
Budwig, Dr Johanna,  Europe's 7 time Nobel prize nominee  
booklet Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer &  Other Diseases (edited)
11/2/1956 lecture Flax Oil as a True Aid  "Everything points to fats playing an enormous role in this problem."
Flax oil is also called linseed oil.  Lipos means fat.  The lipolytic substance caused (hard/harmful) fat to dissolve again. 
When living tissue rejects some (incorrect) fats, the body isolates (This is the crux.) & deposits them in places
where fats are not normally found."  Hydrogen-ated or partially hydrogen-ated fats, like solidified peanut butter,
short circuit our electrical system, clog up our arteries, encircle our hearts & trigger many diseases. 
Organic sulphurated proteins (with positive charges) found in kefir/yogurt/buttermilk/cottage cheese (with live Acidophilus
& Bifidus cultures) plus freshly ground flax seed (containing beneficial unsaturated/linoleic oils with essential fatty acids,
having electrons with negative electrical charges) will prevent/reverse cancer/tumors, unclog arteries, help reverse
arteriosclerosis, liver & gall bladder disease. 
Budwig warns patients NOT to use tumor growth inhibitors, because flax seed will do the job. 
6/17/1966 lecture Biological Prevention and Healing of Cancer + The Bio-chemical Reaction of Unsaturated
+ Electron Biology and Resonance Absorption of Solar Electrons + book Cosmic Powers against Cancer
(Kosmische Krafte gegen Krebs
Pesticides/insecticides (including trinitrophenolin, Cresolin, DDT, calcium compounds containing arsenic)
are stored in body fat & cause death to both insect/bird/animal & man. 
Overheated fish oils are added to feed cakes for fattening up animals to be sold for food. 
Some of these livestock turn blue and die on route to the slaughter house; some become infertile
Our ingesting such meat reaps the same diseases the cattle/pigs have.  Budwig eats no meat. 
Both animals and men may acquire cancer by breathing in the benzopyrin from cigarettes;
consuming seeds or raw (natural untreated) seed oil, especially flax, may prevent/reverse this. 
Narcosis research reveals that toxins are stored in body fat, interfering with fat and protein association process. 
The physicist Dessauer assisted by Budwig found that "the more highly evolved a creature is, the more sensitive the
animal...the more sensitive the" animal/organism/human "is, to the withholding of electrons or to the harmful effects
of chemicals which disturb the exchange of electrons.  The poisoned worm/mouse will kill the bird. 
Budwig cites Professor HV Euler of Stockholm who contends that every operative measure undertaken in cancer cases
cause faster formation of metastases.  She with many others especially oppose cosmic radiation as cancer treatment. 
Her flax oil treatment saves even terminal patients, rather than destroying them. 
(Do not be timid about using flax oil for your pets/livestock.)
7x nominated for Nobel award - German biochemist Dr Johanna Budwig diet: 
2-5 Tb raw organic Flaxseed (Linseed) oil + 1-3 Tb raw freshly ground flaxseed with hulls
+ 1/4th -1 cup organic sulphurated proteins (yogurt/cottage-cheese/milk) + dash cayenne
+ (optional dash of) garlic, red pepper, or champagne
+ water sufficient to mix in blender.  Eat daily. 
Budwig believes that blood low in phosphatides and lipoproteins allows cancer to go wild. 
She believes that a diet low in linol-acid is responsible for oxydase production causing cancer growth,
and that oxygen can be stimulated by sulphuric proteins which make oils water-soluable.  Recommended foods:
cheese, nuts, onion, leeks, chives, onion, garlic OR cottage cheese eaten WITH unrefined cold-pressed oils
high in linolic acid as corn, sunflower, soya, poppy-seed, walnut OR especially linseed

Warning - Linolic acid oils eaten without the sulphuric proteins may do harm. 
Recommended AM/PM is 2 tsp raw ground flaxseed oil in yoghurt or buttermilk.
BAD shelf life extending fats are called hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated and polyunsaturated. 
Fats chemically processed lose the electron cloud and can no longer bind with oxygen. 
The heart rejects these fats which end up blocking arteries & stored on the actual heart muscle. Beware.
Books = Cancer - A Fat Problem  The Death of the Tumor - True Health Against Arteriosclerosis, Heart Infarction & Cancer -
"BroccoSprouts" by Paul Talalay MD at John Hopkins are your 3 day old broccoli sprouts that reverse cancer
per Dharma Singh Khalsa MD (Tucson, Arizona) in Food as Medicine
decreases lung cancer says Khalsa. Selenium seems to contribute to reduction of prostate cancer
Portobello mushrooms contain selenium per 4/2004 Reader's Digest
David G Williams MD.1-800-843-8408. & others, agree that cruciferous vegetables
(cabbage, broccoli, bok choy, Brussels sprouts) contribute to cancer (including breast & ovarian) reversal. -   
Broccoli sprouts contain 30x more isothiocyanates than mature broccoli"
resulting in being "600"x more effective against bladder cancer. 6/2008
Broccoli sprouts -
Regarding cancer, the most consistent way to deliver glucoraphanin was to use 3-day-old broccoli sprouts.[7]
Adding a bit of daikon radish to the broccoli might help eliminate these differences.
Daikon radish contains an enzyme, myrosinase, that catalyses the glucoraphanin conversion.
Burzynski - Cancer Cure Documentary - Dr. Burzynski Antineoplaston Therapy - - 2/29/1996 -
CalciumLeej, Arthur - - BENEFICIAL IONS - "Low blood calcium is favorable for
the development of cancer.  High calcium supplements are used to treat the pain of cancer
Calcium is a carrier of oxygen
.  Cancerous tumors thrive on low oxygen surroundings.
Calcium salts can be injected into the cancer or transferred into it by electricity.
Calcium ionization was used to treat 3 cases of breast cancer in France."
Cancer free mayonnaise = 2 T raw organic flax oil, 2 T milk, 2 T organic yoghurt, 2 T lemon juice or vinegar,
1 t mustard, herbs such as marjoram or dill, 2-3 slices pickles with no preservatives, & herbal salt. 
Optional: more mustard or bananas.
Cancer Control Society,  Los Angeles, California, USA  1-323-663-7801
Capsaicin, a spice from jalapeno peppers, may destabilize cancer cell mitochondria,
causing apoptosis/death to cancer cells.  May/June 2007
Capsaicin -
Spice - Capsaicin in Hot Chili Peppers Makes Tumor Cells Commit Suicide.
Cervical cancer  (May be now be sold in Wegman's grocery.)
Phyllis A Balch and Robert Rister - Prescription for Herbal Healing 
Page 128 discusses white wood ear/snow fungus which helps reverse cervical cancer

Take 6-12 "
snow fungus or yin mi pian tablets...daily during radiation therapy."
Find snow fungus dried in your oriental grocery stores.
=web&ots=YHG2DVGMWX&sig=uMnGGJlIRqdVVy1OuAgyY4UR9Y4&hl=en  (a) purple/dark brown/black fungus
(b) grey brown fungus 
Also check out (c) Snow fungus  is the mentioned edible white medicinal
, a separate species, Tremella fuciformis. 
"Good-quality snow fungus has a pale, yellowish-white color and a mucilage like texture." 
"Rinse them well to remove grit, soak in a little hot water for an hour or so" to regenerate dried mushroom/fungus
prior to adding to soups/stews. 
Remove the yellow/black at base.  Boil for minimum of 1/2 hr prior to consuming. 
For hot cereal, one can grind [in a small vegetable chopper or hammer (inside in a small plastic bag)]
one large dried mushroom, add equal amount quinola grain (or steel cut oatmeal), rinse (& drain/together) thoroughly
to remove toxins, then simmer/boil with about 3x volume of distilled water for approximately a half hour prior to
adding sweetener/fruit/milk.  After grinding dried snow fungus, it can also be cooked with/added to spaghetti dishes,
as fungus is similar in color & texture.  As a vitamin supplement use only clear white portion of dried fungus. 
Grind in coffee grinder for a fine powder to encapsulate. 
Common snow/White fungus/Tremella fuciformis names:
Bai Mu Erh, Shirokikurage, Silver Tree-ear, Fungus, White Jelly-leaf, White Muer, White Tree-ear
Chinese name is seet gnee. Japanese name is shiro kikurage.  Malaysian name is cendawan or jelly puteh. 
Mucilage like polysaccharides found in snow fungus fit like keys into receptor sites on certain immune cells. 
This increases the production of interferon & interleukin-2 (IL-2), 2 important immune-system chemicals,
and stimulate the production of germ-eating macrophages.
Snow fungus
also increases the activity of natural killer (NK) cells & enhances the effectiveness of antibodies.
In addition, snow fungus reduces the rate at which cancers spread. 
In order to grow and spread, tumors have to establish their own blood-vessel systems.
Snow fungus
compounds counteract a blood chemical called platelet-activating factor (PAF),
which makes the blood less likely to clot and spin a fibrin "net" on which blood vessels to serve the tumor can form...
Snow fungus extracts kill cervical cancer cells, as well those taken from other types of tumors.
Snow fungus
is known to sensitize the cervix and uterus to radiation treatment...
One of the most valuable medical uses of snow fungus is to prevent leukopenia, or low white blood cell counts,
in people undergoing  chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer." 
Snow fungus has "8 polysaccharides, BI to BV & polysaccharides A,B & C...It has potential to increase tinterferon effectiveness, promote phagocytosis & support macrophage production."
Citrus - Freezing Lemons – Who Knew? - Many  professionals in restaurants and eateries are using or consuming
the entire lemon and nothing  is wasted.  How can you use the whole lemon without waste? the washed lemon in the freezer section of  your refrigerator.  
Once the lemon is frozen, get your grater & shred the whole lemon (no need to peel it) & sprinkle it on top of foods. 
Sprinkle it to your vegetable salad, ice cream, soup, cereals, noodles, spaghetti sauce, rice, sushi, fish dishes...

All of the foods will unexpectedly have a wonderful taste, something that you may have never tasted  before. 
Most likely, you only think of lemon juice & vitamin C. Not anymore.  Now that you've learned this lemon secret
you can use lemon even in instant cup noodles.  What's the major advantage of using the whole lemon 
other than preventing waste & adding new taste to your dishes...Lemon peels contain as much as 5-10 x more vitamins
than the lemon juice  itself.  Yes, that's what you've been wasting.  But from now on, by following this simple procedure 
of freezing the whole lemon, then grating it on top of your dishes, you can consume all of those  nutrients
and get even healthier.  It's also good that lemon peels are health rejuvenators in eradicating toxic elements in the body.

So place your washed (organic) lemon in your freezer.  Then grate it on your meal every day…
Lemon (Citrus) is a miraculous product to kill cancer cells. It  is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. 
Why do we not know about that?  Because there are laboratories interested in making a synthetic version...
How many people will die while this closely guarded secret is kept, so as not to jeopardize…corporations…

You can eat the fruit in different ways: you can eat the pulp, juice press, prepare drinks, sorbets, pastries, etc...
Interesting is the effect on cysts and tumors. This plant is an alternative treatment against…variants of cancer…
It is considered an anti-microbial spectrum against: bacterial infections, fungi, internal parasites and worms.
It (may help to) regulate high blood pressure, depression, stress & nervous disorders.

The (unnamed) source of this information is fascinating: one of the (unnamed) large world drug manufacturers who says
that after more than 20 lab tests since 1970, the extracts reveal that it (frozen whole lemon) destroys (reduces)
malignant cells in 12 cancers, including colon, breast, prostate, lung & pancreas...

The (fruit) compounds of this citrus tree show 10,000 x better efficiency than the product Adriamycin, 
a drug normally used chemotherapeutic in the world, slowing the growth of cancer cells…Even more astonishing:  
this type of therapy with lemon extract only destroys malignant cancer cells and it does not harm healthy cells.

Give those (organic) lemons (or Limes) a good wash, freeze them & grate them. Your whole  body will love you for it.
Live  simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak  kindly. @ Kathryn Hasslacher -
Clark, Hulda Regehr  The Cure for All CancersThe Cure for All Advanced Cancers 
According to Clark, all cancers are caused by one root problem = a singe common parasite.
Hulda Regehr Clark PhD ND cancer books The Cure for All Cancers + The Cure for All Advanced Cancers -
The Cure for All Diseases
 - Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manuel claim that all cancers are caused by a single common
parasite eradicated by electrocution, herbs, or supplements [niacin to increase brain & blood oxygen, vitamin C to detoxify
mold (such as ergot), calcium & magnesium to acidify blood & unlatch oxygen (allowing oxygen to attach in lungs)].
Clays - compared - -
Clay's "porous channels attract other minerals or environmental contaminants which must 1st be purged from Zeolite
before human use."
Coconut Oil or MCT Oil - (edited)
"There is growing evidence that a
ketogenic diet can fight cancer by depriving them of their preferred food source: sugar.
One of the leading ketone researchers
Dominic D’Agostino explains how this works in his
2013 TED talk.
Essentially, cancer is a metabolic disease affecting the 'power houses' of the cells called mitochondria. 
Almost all healthy body cells are able to use ketones for fuel.  Cancer cells cannot switch from glucose to ketones for fuel...
A state of ketosis can be usually be achieved by eating less than 50 grams of carbohydrate per day for 3-5 days.
Ideally protein consumption would be less than 100 grams per day as excess protein can be broken down into glucose
in a process called gluconeo-genesis. The rest of the diet should consist of healthy fats. 
Eating the right kind of fat is really important because rancid oxidized (damaged) fats can cause inflammation
and hinder your progress on the diet. Opt primarily for saturated & raw monounsaturated fats
because they are the most stable. Healthy saturated fats include: grass-fed dairy, grass-fed and finished beef and lamb,
free range eggs, coconut oil, and
MCT oil. Monounsaturated fats are found in: olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, and fish.
The other important fats are the
Omega 3 polyunsaturated fats DHA & EPA which can be found in fish and
krill oil."
Colbert, Don  Personal Health Improvement #3 (Reversing cancer) 3/5/2008 
WATCH NOW -  or try Benny Hinn links
Colbert @ This Is Your Day
  Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -
Colbert @ This Is Your Day
  Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -
One of the touted foods is Chinese cilantro to chelate/remove mercury. - Cilantro is the dried leaves of the herb, Coriandrum sativum,
an annual herb of the
parsley family.  Also known as Chinese parsley, Cilantro has a distinctive green, waxy flavor.
Cilantro is the usual name for the leaf of the plant that is otherwise identified as Coriander, from which Coriander Seed
is obtained.  Colbert also protests against overcooked/charred proteins and excess consumption of arachidonic acids (AA).  
Arachidonic acid (AA), gamma linolenic acid (GLA) & linolenic acid (LA) are 3 forms of (healthy) Omega 6 fatty acids. 
Linoleic acid is converted to gamma-linolenic acid in the body & then further broken down to AA. 
Omega 6 fatty acid in the form of Arachidonic Acid can be found in egg yolks, (organ) meats. 
The other 2 forms GLA and LA can be found in evening primrose oil, black currant seed oil, borage oil and fungal oils." + arachidonic-acid.cfm
Colostrum may help reverse cancer.
Contreras, Dr Francisco  Coming Cancer Cure - book -    
His dad (an MD) founded Oasis of Hope hospital in Mexico on the California border.  Father and son are oncologists. 
Patients are evaluated for spiritual, physical and psychiatric/emotional problems, are introduced to Christ and prayed for. 
Clinic uses methods that are not FDA approved and has a high recovery rate. 
Believes that 1% of cancer is demonic. 
Believes the bulk of cancer is from environment, clothing & processed foods
(sodas, bottled water, artificial sweeteners that cause brain damage, etc).
Contreras - Beating Cancer by Francisco Contreras - here to read chapter 1.
Contreras, Dr Francisco - MD and humorist - 10/3/2016 short
10/4/2016 short
@ short
CoQ10 foods [oily fish (sardines, mackerel), liver, peanuts, and whole grains] help prevent blocking/reduction of mevalonic
acid (a precursor to cholesterol and CoQ10) by satin & chemotherapy drugs, cancer, strenuous exercise and aging. 
Dr. Knud Lockwood of Copenhagen, Denmark found that CoQ10 reduced pain & breast cancer tumors + eliminated death.
CoQ10 is synthesized in body from amino acids tyrosine & phenylalanine + vitamins C,B2,B3,B5,B6, B9,B12 (in red meat). 
Supplementation of CoQ10 + B6 boosts CD4 T helper lymphocytes and immunoglobulin G. 
CoQ10 has been found to inhibit cervical, breast, prostate, and skin cancer
Prostate cancer cell line PC3 has been seen to be reduced 70% in 48 hours. 
Therapeutic dose of up to 500 mg daily is suggested for cancer.  Give in 5 divided doses. 
In addition 300 mg/day CoQ10 may help with chemotherapy.  10/2005 8/2006  12/2009
Curcumin from tumeric may reduce the size of tumors per 3/2005 Life Extension magazine.
Curcumin from tumeric helps to prevent DNA damage, inflammation, obesity, cancers, tumors & pre-malignant tissue
from progressing.  Curcumin ramps up liver detoxifying enzymes. 8/2012 magazine
Day, Dr Lorraine  Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore and More on Cancer +
Frequently Asked Questions About Cancer + The Tumor Dr. Day Endured 
Dirt Cheap Solution - (edited)
We fortunately do have a 'dirt cheap,' stop-gap way of coping with metal toxicity. That solution is diatomaceous earth.
Dr. Knight has extensively tested a product by Perma-Guard, WisdomWays, Edgewood, Colorado (USA).58
Diatomaceous earth
comes from fossilized shells of freshwater diatoms, found in vast deposits all over the earth.
Made up of silicone and trace minerals, diatomaceous earth can, according to scientific literature, absorb methyl mercury,
E. coli
, endotoxins, viruses (including poliovirus), organophosphate pesticide residues, drug residue & protein,
perhaps even the protein-aceous toxins produced by some intestinal infections.59,60
The only caveat is that diatomaceous earth used for human or animal detoxification must be food grade.
People and other mammals should never use the coarse, crystalline form of diatomaceous earth sold for (commercial) use
in swimming pool filters or as insecticides, or sources of diatomaceous earth contaminated with toxins like arsenic
& the metal toxins. If inhaled, the crystalline form can cause a disabling lung disease called silicosis
& upon ingestion might puncture the lining of the alimentary tract. Food grade diatomaceous earth binds metals
& other toxins, gently siphoning or leaching them out of storage areas & passing them innocuously out of the body.61
Microscopic live cell analyses of blood taken from individuals who have detoxed using food-grade diatomaceous earth
for many months display little evidence that the particles make their way intact into the blood. Hair analyses of these
individuals display normal or even slightly low amounts of silica.  This evidence, combined with a very low trace and toxic
mineral content (usually in parts per million), supports the concept that diatomaceous earth works by removing toxins
that poison the immune & regulatory functions, rather than by adding trace minerals that support these processes.62
To detoxify with diatomaceous earth, dissolve less than 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon for every 100 pounds of body weight
in a glass of (8 oz) pure water and drink before bed over a period of months or years.
Taken this way, its metal-binding capacity is unlikely to hinder the absorption of needed minerals such as calcium,
magnesium and zinc, which we take in from our food at mealtimes or from supplements during the day.
Moderation and patience is advised, as taking more than 1 tablespoon can create some very uncomfortable side effects.
An overeager dentist, for example, took an estimated 12 tablespoons overnight in a foolish attempt to quickly rid his body
of years of accumulated mercury. He may have let go of some quicksilver all right, but he also developed a bad case of
bowel inflammation
that mimicked constipation so completely that he feared his gut was turning into concrete.
Even at low levels of under 1 teaspoon per day, detoxification may trigger the discomfort known as a 'healing crisis.'
This discomfort may be nothing more than inflammation caused by a reawakening immune system as it detoxifies
and begins to attack previously unaddressed chronic infections &/or stores of toxic metals. Increasing the amount slowly 
from less than 1 teaspoon to a rounded tablespoon over a few days or weeks may help to avoid this situation.
One does want to remove the toxins as fast as the body wants to release them, however & as much as 2% dry weight
in the diet or about a tablespoon per 100 pounds is appropriate if the body weight is not outrageous....
individuals suffering from perforations of the alimentary tract (such as bleeding ulcers, colitis, leaky gut syndrome
and advanced lupus)
always should exercise caution...63
Many health practitioners report good results with other dirts such as bentonite clay and zeolites, as well as assorted
mineral toddies, colloidal mineral products, 'magnetic' clays & others...Some cause diarrhea and other alimentary
tract disturbances
...Hair mineral analysis tests on people who have regularly taken some of these products have indicated
major imbalances of macro & trace minerals & unexpectedly high levels of some toxic metals, especially aluminum.
Although presence of the latter might indicate that removal is underway, the other out-of-whack ratios point to a body
out of homeostasis & struggling with the detoxification process.  Purity may also be an issue.
There are more than 200 types of bentonite clay
, most of which have an aluminum content from 15-75%.
Some products have been manufactured with harmful, commercial emulsifiers.
Zeolites are hydrated alumino-silicate minerals from a family of microporous solids known as 'molecular sieves' that
supposedly can selectively sort molecules on the basis of size. More than 150 naturally occurring types exist,
most of which are not pure & are contaminated to varying degrees by other minerals: metals, quartz, aluminum. 
Many of these detox products are advertised as having the ability to get inside bodily cells. While patented 'nanotechnology'
or whatever to accomplish this might sound like a 'plus value,' we must ask about untold and as yet unknown effects...
such as pulling toxins into the cells & body rather than out of  them...
The only thing better might be diatomaceous earth combined with inositol as in Toxi-Clenz from Wisdom-Ways.64
Yes, inositol is the core of phytate, an antinutrient found in grains, beans and soy, among other plant foods. 
[Generally legumes (soy/lima/fava beans) need to be presoaked to leach out natural toxins.  Drain off 1st & 2nd rinses.]
Yes, the Weston A. Price Foundation has been very active in warning people about the need to properly soak and prepare
these foods in order to inactivate phytate, so it will not interfere with absorption of calcium, zinc & other
. After all, people in 3rd world countries (who eat plant-based diets out of necessity) as well as people in
developed countries (who favor them for alleged health benefits or because of vegetarianism beliefs), often develop serious
phytate-induced mineral deficiencies. On the plus side, phytate-containing products such as unleavened breads or coarse
porridges have been used in many cultures to detoxify, though usually only on a once per year basis.65
Given our toxic world & the toxic loads of those in health crisis, we may need to use this type of product more often,
since the hexa-phosphate ringed inositol can bind up and help to neutralize the metal toxins, perhaps even helping
to transport them to the diatomaceous earth for elimination. To minimize damage & maximize benefit,
take care to include optimum levels of minerals through a nourishing traditional diet
combined with a program of laboratory testing to determine & monitor appropriate nutritional mineral supplementation."
Douglas, William C - - Into the Light 
Ultraviolet lighting of blood +
Hydrogen Peroxide, Medical Miracle -
Eastman, David of Arkona, ON, Canada, N0M 1B0 credits his healing of glioblastoma cancer to glyco-nutritionals.
(519) 828-3411
Ederline - "German scientist and microbiologist, Dr. Gunther Ederline (1872-1968) ,
discovered that 'disease cannot survive in an alkaline state',
and 'total healing only takes place when and if the blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline ph.' 
Double Nobel Prize winner, Otto Warburg (1883-1970), showed that cancer was associated with anaerobic
(deficiency of oxygen) conditions resulting from fermentation & a drop in the ph of the cell."
Ellagic acid a known anti-cancer compound, is found in appreciable amounts in
(red) muscadine wine, but not in Cabernet wine.
Enzymes - Nicholas J. Gonzalez - What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer.
One Man Alone: An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer - Origins of Cancer: One solution to the medical - Enzymes and Cancer
Essiac tea may cure your cancer.   Thomas, Richard - The Essiac Report - Canada's Remarkable Unknown
Cancer Remedy
 - Essiac tea originates from the Canadian Ojibwa Indians. 
A healed patient passed the formula on to Rene Caisse, who in turn passed it on to Dr. Charles A. Brusch. 
Rene used both injection and tea combination, having 99.9% success curing her clients. 
Some of the core herbs include sheep sorrel, burdock root, slippery elm bark, rhubarb root,
plus potentiating herbs watercress, blessed thistle, red clover and kelp. 
Slippery elm may be used as a poultice, suppository, douche/tea.
Essiac - Miracle Food Cures from the Bible by Reese Dublin
touts Essiac tonic from sheep sorrel, burdock, slippery elm, and Turkish rhubarb. 
Feverfew kills leukemia while sparing normal cells better than chemotherapy. 
2/23/2005 Science Blog
Fibrinogen, a protein produced by liver, may cause blood clotting.  Excess fibrinogen may contribute to cancer risk. 
White willow, green tea, ginkgo, garlic
and vitamin E, agents that inhibit platelet aggregation (blood clots)
may reduce fibrinogen risk. Fish and olive oil + vitamins A & C may help reduce fibrinogen. 5/2006
Flax Oil - Dan C Roehm MD recommends Arrowhead mills label Omega-flo (USA) flax oil and
transdermal application for bedridden patients -
Foods containing sulphur can help, if done correctly.
Sulfur foods low in thiols
that are also compatible with the Feingold Diet of low salicylate/phenols
Toxic metals such as "Mercury will bind to and deactivate any molecule containing sulfur."
However, as noted in above links, one does NOT want these toxins floating in the blood-stream causing negative symptoms.
A further method to detoxify the cancer cells from the inside consists of the introduction of L-glutathione,
a compound with sulfureous amino acids.
Frankincense Oil - A Wise Man's Remedy For Bladder Cancer
"An enriched extract of the Somalian Frankincense herb Boswellia carteri has been shown to kill off bladder
cancer cells. 
Research presented in the open access journal, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine."
Free form amino acids in high dosage: calcium arginine + cysteine, glutamic acid, glycine, vitmins B6, A,C, D, magnesium,
selinium, & B complex contribute to cancer healing per Erdmann in The Amino Revolution
Fucoidan Seaweed September -
Fucoidan seaweed fights cancer and prevents metastasis. 
Prior to any vaccination, one (adult) may want to take 300 mg/day to facilitate the rise of relevant vaccine antibodies. 
(does not cite how many days prior)
Fucoidan Seaweed - -
"Fucoidan suppresses cancer cell growth, adhesion, invasion & metastasis capabilities
13 "
Fucoidan Seaweed drug formulation (Sulfated alpha-L-fucan) - -
"Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide found in the cell walls of many species of (edible)
Brown seaweed
. In vitro studies show that fucoidan has anti-tumor, antiangiogenic
(2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7), antiviral (15) (16),
and immunomodulatory
(17) effects. These effects are brought about by stimulating natural killer cells & by down regulating
AP-I involved in cellular proliferation. Fucoidan also exhibited neuroprotective
(11) (12), radioprotective (13), & antiulcer (14)
properties but human data are lacking...Fucoidan also demonstrated anticoagulant
(8) (9) & antithrombotic (10) activities,
& can have additive effects when taken with anticoagulants...
The neuroprotective effects of fucoidan are attributed to its ability to suppress tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha)-
and interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma)-induced NO production in C6 glioma cells
(11) & to its antioxidative effects (12)...
Fucoidan has been shown to inhibit metastasis by preventing adhesion of tumor cells to the extracellular matrix.
This is achieved by blocking the fibronectin cell-binding domain,  necessary for formation of adhesion complexes
Fucoidan was shown to induce apoptosis of human T-cell leukemia virus type I (HTLV-1) that causes Adult T-cell leukemia.
It does so by inactivating NF-kB that regulates antiapoptotic proteins.
It suppresses AP-I, a transcription factor involved in cellular proliferation and transformation
An vitro study showed that fucoidan can suppress angiogenesis induced by Sarcoma 180 cells in mice
(5).  Fucoidan has
immunomodulating effects & enhanced activity of NK cells, which play a crucial role in mediating tumor cell death
Fungus - A certain type of Aweto fungus (found in western China's remote Qinghai mountain forests) has a history of
strengthening the immune system & finding of cancer.  When dried, it looks like a small light-brown caterpillar. 11/15/2006
Gingerol from ginger was shown to prevent ovarian cancer in one study. 
Capsaicin from chili peppers inhibited pancreatic cancer in another study. 8/2006
Gordon, Gary    Your Health, Your Life, Your Choices #1 - “'The Father of Oral Chelation'
(therapy used in both conventional and alternative medicine to remove heavy metals from the body),
serves on the board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners for Arizona & is a co-founder of American College
for Advancement in Medicine, the founder/president of the International College of Advanced Longevity
& a board member of the International Oxidative Medicine Association." -
Gordon, G 
Your Health, Your Life, Your Choices - #2
TOXIN MAGNET: The New Zeolite-Based Detox Program 9/2/2009 Dr. Garry Gordon +
"Natural Cellular Defense is derived from a naturally-occurring mineral zeolite. 
(Natural) Zeolites are considered 100 % safe and non-toxic by the FDA. 
Natural Cellular Defense and its constituent zeolite have been shown to have the following functions:
Retains the natural zeolite property of reducing cancer risk, Acts as a potent anti-oxidant,
May aid in balancing bodily pH levels, Acts to chelate and remove heavy metals from the system,
Reduces the incidence of diarrhea, Improves nutrient absorption in the digestive tract,
Acts to balance digestive pH, thus reducing acid reflux, Acts to stabilize immune system function
(immunomodulatory), and Acts as a broad spectrum anti-viral agent." 
"Zeolite's mechanism of action against cancer cells is unique and unlike that of any other substance...
Theoretically, it has the rare ability to take in a tremendous amount of positively charged toxins,
indirectly neutralizing their effect in causing cancer. In the process, the zeolite develops a slight positive charge. 
It is then attracted to and pulled right into the negatively charged membrane of the cancer cell.
When the zeolite moves inside the cancer cell, the cell's P21 gene is activated.
This gene acts as a tumor suppressor through its ability to control cell-cycle progression.
The activation of P21 appears to halt the growth of tumors by directly suppressing growth signals.
What we can say is that zeolite has a chelation-like effect in removing heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides,
and other positively charged toxins from the system.
Zeolite's negatively charged crystalline structure is what makes this possible.
Its crystals act as "cages"ť inside of which are positive ions.
These positive ions switch places with positively charged toxins in the body, tightly bind them & excrete them completely. 
One of the benefits of binding toxins in this manner is that they are 100% excreted.
Heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides all leave the system; they do not get deposited elsewhere in the body. 
40% of zeolite binds heavy metals in the gastrointestinal tract & 60% binds toxins in the bloodstream & at cellular level.
Zeolite's binding power was proven during the Chernobyl disaster, when tons of it were used to remove radioactive cesium
& strontium-90 before they contaminated local water systems. Acting primarily as a chelator, zeolite trapped these
radioactive minerals within its crystalline cage structure.  Zeolite appears to remove toxins from the body in a hierarchical
order. It first acts strongly to remove lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic.
This 1st phase may take 1-4 weeks or longer. Zeolite then removes 2nd-priority toxins, including pesticides, herbicides &
plastics. Zeolite appears to increase the rate of glucuronization in the liver, activating phase II of the glucuronidase
function.  This in turn removes pesticides, herbicides & xeno-estrogens from the body, releasing them through the urine.
Interestingly, it also appears to neutralize the aflatoxin poison."
Other editorials -
Grape seed extract compels leukaemia cells to commit suicide.
"People should eat grapes, grape seeds, or grape skin in excess to stave off cancer."
Graviola - (edited)
"Specific acetogenins in this super fruit have been reported to be selectively toxic in vitro to types/lines of tumor cells:
lung carcinoma; human breast solid tumor; prostate adenocarcinoma; pancreatic carcinoma;
colon adenocarcinoma; liver cancer; human lymphoma & multi-drug resistant human breast adenocarcinoma. 
In 2003, Taiwan researchers reported that the main graviola acetogenin, annonacin,
was highly toxic to ovarian, cervical, breast, bladder & skin cancer cell lines at very low dosages...
Cancer patients...are taking an active role themselves by consuming pure Graviola. 
The recommended dosage is said to be 2-3 grams. taken 3-4 times daily...Main Uses:
cancer (all types), as a broad-spectrum internal & external antimicrobial to treat bacterial & fungal infections,
internal parasites and worms, high blood pressure, depression, stress & nervous disorders." 
CAUTION: Please read significant number of WARNINGS.  Thanks.
Graviola - (unknown source)
Graviola - + as a tea
Graviola or Guyabano - (edited)
"One chemical found in guyabano (known as the custard apple or sour sop fruit)
is about 10,000 x more powerful & potent than a drug used for chemotherapy called Adriamycin.
This is why the Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines developed a supplement that is made
from the guyabano
((Anona muricata) fruit...
Studies showed that those who took guyabano extract had better immune systems. The extract was shown to be helpful
in targeting & killing
cancer cells in about 12 types of cancer, including prostate, colon, pancreatic, breast & lung cancer.
The compounds in the extract have been proven to help in slowing down the growth of malignant cells, even better than...
Adriamycin...The guyabano extract's compound will selectively track & kill only the cancerous cells.
The healthy cells are left alone...Article from 2008 African Journal of Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine
reported that a study done on diabetes-mellitus afflicted rats that were fed with
guyabano actually showed a significant
lowering of their blood sugar levels. Separate studies conducted also showed the ability of guyabano in reducing alleviation,
fever, asthma, arthritis, and skin infections. There are studies that claim guyabano to be good for those suffering from
herpes simplex infections, liver problems, and hypertension. by: Sandeep Godiyal 8/19/2013
(CAUTION: May cause gas/diarrhea.  Also consider drying organic seeds & then sprouting,
taking 1 seed with each meal or for maintenance, for 3 days, esp. during full moon.)

Graviola (Guanabana, Soursop, Custard apple,  Brazilian paw paw) - - Graviola extracts from the leaf, fruit, and seed
have been tested in labs for their anticancer effects. Some studies show these to be active against:
(16), lung (12), colon (13), prostate (14), pancreas (15), liver (17), and skin cancer (18) cell lines. 

Graviola -
@  (edited) (Numerous attemtps to patent as anti-tumor agents) 
"Purdue University, in conjunction with the National Institute of Health, has filed at least 9 patents on their work
surrounding antitumorous and antimicrobial uses of these acetogenins. 1 study demonstrated that an acetogenin in
Graviola has 10,000 times the potency of Adriamycin (a chemotherapy drug). Reportedly, it only seeks out the abnormal
cells and destroys them, leaving the healthy cells. 2  Graviola may prove to be beneficial for a wide array of ailments.
Around the world Graviola has a long history of use for the following:
 The indigenous people of the Amazon use the fruit
and seeds for intestinal health, including the elimination of parasites & for stomach & bowel discomfort.

  • Teas from the root use as a calming nerve tonic and to help maintain healthy glucose levels. 
    In the Peruvian Amazon the bark, roots and leaves are used for diabetes, as a sedative and antispasmodic.
    In the Brazilian Amazon, a leaf tea is used for liver problems. 
    The oil of the leaves & unripe fruit is mixed with olive oil & used externally for neuralgia, rheumatism & arthritis pain.
    In the Polynesian Islands, Graviola tea is consumed daily to elevate mood & increase quality of life.

Aside from its medicinal use, Graviola fruit is eaten regularly throughout South America during a hot summer day. 
Note: No drug interactions have been reported.  Precautions:
Graviola has cardio-depressant, vasodilator & hypotensive (blood pressure lowering) actions.
Extremely large doses may cause nausea & vomiting.
Avoid combining with ATP enhancers such as Co-Q10.
Long term use may destroy friendly intestinal bacteria.
If used for more than 30 days, a high potency vitamin such as Maximum International's Maxi Man
or Lady Max is recommended.  Do NOT use during pregnancy...
6 suppliment $ -

Graviola (Pawpaw) - - "The National Cancer Institute
proved in recent research that
soursop leaves do in fact attack cancer cells & destroy them
because they are a major source of acetogenin compounds such as squamosin, bullatacin, and asimisin."
(Graviola can kill some types of virus, parasites + liver, breast and prostate cancer cells. CAUTION: 1 research study
has looked at Caribbeans eating LARGE amounts of graviola...were more likely to develop certain nerve changes.
They were also more likely to have hallucinations...
Graviola may also cause damage to your kidneys and liver if taken frequently.)
Graviola (annona muricata) to treat cancer
Graviola and majority of other potential remedies/helps need to be taken with caution, with minimum dosage
and discontinuing at least for awhile when bottle is empty, between containters, to allow body organs to normalize
and shed any toxins.
Graviola or Guyabano - Seed we can grow, sprout or even take in lieu of a supplement. 
Preferably grind in pepper mill & use as a garnish or with nuts in a salad.
Luckily the fruit is full of seeds just like the pommegranite.  Remove seeds before fruit becomes dried/petrified wood.
Seeds freeze well. Seed is NOT typically consumed.
GSM Inc vitamin clinical trial by Dr Jerome Block 1-800-207-4819
Guava fruit has nutrients to help prevent 8 types of cancer per FC&A Eat & Heal editors
Hallelujah diet consists mostly raw fruit & vegetables cured George Malkmus of colon cancer per 
How to Eliminate Sickness 2002
video originally Hallelujah Acres Autobiography -
History -
Cancer News -
Hallelujah Acres Announces Relocation -
"Hallelujah Acres...(will) relocate its corporate headquarters to Gastonia, The Arboretum on Cox Road...
in the primary retail & medical district in Gastonia while centrally locating the company within the Metro area,”
said Hallelujah Acres’ CEO Paul Malkmus (son of George)." 
[Company seems to be going commercial/retail selling "products" (supplements/smoothie ingredients/related items)]
Hoffer, Dr. Abram - books Vitamin C &
Imprinted Genes may hold some clues to colon + Methyl is a DNA silencer. 
The 2nd genetic code or pattern of DNA silencers is the next technology called MethylScope. 
50+ genes are known to be imprinted due to inheritance or affected in the womb before birth
and may be found by molecular diagnostic testing. the IGF2 gene may be involved. 6/24/2005
Josey, Jo Ann - Living the Supernatural Lifestyle - Kingdom Living - Parasites Not Me
@ 10/24/2013
@ - "The Holy Spirit, God has shown me that
(often) at the root of (most) every (treatment-resistant) disease is a parasite." (Try home page
or to purchase.)
Book excerpt says there seem to be 2 major reasons for medical problems: PH balance & parasites.
Josey, Jo Ann -
24E6DE390E5156CBE51124E6DE390E5156CBE511&view=detail&FORM=VIRE - 1/27/2012

Mentions that yoga & reiki practices were stolen by Satan & misappropriated/misused, but can be repurposed for God. 
(Caution with some of body positions, which are evil positions of sign language of summoning demons.)
friend says JoAnn reversed her mom's vegetative state by implementing the insights shown her by Holy Spirit.)
Josey, Jo Ann - +
Lamb, Dr Michael -
Lavender Oil (Lavandula angustifolia and NOT from lavandin.) -
"Using a therapeutic grade lavender oil, massage oil directly into affected areas.
Used trans-dermally (through the skin), essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream within about 20 minutes. 
Lavender essential oil can also be diffused into the room using a cool mist diffuser.
Never heat essential oils as it ruins their therapeutic properties."
Sources and References
Leibovitz, Brian  Journal of Optimal Nutrition recommends the following supplement for cancer patients: beta-carotene,
bioflavonoids, CoQ10, glutathione, N-acetyl cysteine, non beta-carotene carotenoids (eg lycopene), selenium, vitamin C & E.
"Low" folic acid (vitamin B9) levels are associated with chromosome breaks & a higher incidence of colon cancer,
acute lymphocytic leukemia, pancreatic cancer & possibly breast cancer. 3/2/2004
Luteolin flavonoid from herbs/vegetables found in parsley, olives, rosemary & celery may inhibit immune system
cytokines implicated in inflammation and tumor necrosis factor alpha and interleukin-6. 2/2006
Madagascar periwinkle contains vincristine and vinblastine used to treat lymphoma
Mae, Eydie   1975 Harvest House Publishers How I Conquered Cancer Naturally -  
Magalie Hall of Fort Worth, Texas cured herself of terminal liver cancer through diet.
Matcha Tea -
+ (many other resources)
Modified citrus pectin is a cutting edge help in cancer treatment per S B Strum MD & R Fox in 3/04 Life Extension - To date the only proven brand in clinical trails is Pecta-Sol which is micronized citrus pectin,
making it small enough to get into the blood stream sooner (rather than later in the large intestine). 
Some vegetables (sunflower seeds) & many fruits contain pectin: tart apples, crab apples, sour plums, concord grapes,
quinces, cranberries, gooseberries, & red currants are high in pectin, concentrated in the skin & cores...
The natural larger molecule citrus pectin is utilized mainly in the intestines.
Citrus pectin is from the peel/skin of fruit (grapefruit, lemons, oranges) that contain vitamin C. 
Regular canning pectin may be obtained in powder or liquid form.  Pure (low methoxyl) citrus pectin (without additives)
may be found in natural food stores or in bulk at Pomona's Universal Pectin, PO Box 1082, Greenfield, MA, USA 01302 
Any sweetener or calcium (monocalcium phosphate powder) will expedite the gelling in making jello or preserves
(jams/jellies)...Citrus pectin polysaccharide is from citrus fruit pulp & peel.
Kenneth J Pienta MD discovered important cellular support properties of citrus pectin.
"Modified" citrus pectin allows better absorption & PH than natural raw unmodified citrus pectin. 5/1999....
According to David G Williams MD, the University of Florida tested the citrus pulp on high cholesterol patients
& got fantastic results.
1-800-843-8408 (Williams)
Medicinal mushrooms may hold a key to helping reverse cancer. 
Maitake (edited)  Maitake, Grifola frondosa,
Hen of the Woods
, Sheepshead, dancing mushroom, king of mush-rooms, monkey's bench, or shelf fungi -
The "D-fraction hot-water-extractable, acid-insoluble, alkali-soluble fraction has shown promise in cancer treatment." 
"The most widely known Chinese medicinal mushrooms used are:
(1) maitake (Grifola frondosa)...(2) shiitake (Lentinula edodes and (3) reishi (
Ganoderma lucidum).
All of these mushrooms contain potent antitumor polysaccharides. These consist mostly of branched β-(1→ 3)-D-glucans.
Many of these polysaccharides exist as a triple helix that is believed to interact with macrophages. 
The response of macrophages to β-(1→ 3)-D-glucans (including D-fraction from Grifola frondosa) has been shown to result
from a β-glucan receptor on the cell surface.  When fungal β-(1→ 3)-D-glucans bind this receptor,
the macrophages increase release of lysosomal enzymes, active oxygen species & cytokine (Borchers et al 1999)."
[Readily found in Asian/oriental grocery stores. 
Besides dried mushrooms, one can buy fresh medicinal mushrooms in Asian grocers or health food stores.
One can wash, drain & freeze in bulk. 
Hammer into small useable pieces the frozen mushrooms (especially maitake) contained inside a couple of plastic bags.]
More ideas for fresh mushrooms.
"Storage: Clean and cut into cooking size pieces (especially umbrella shaped mushrooms).
Freeze in Ziploc bags in 1 meal at a time quantities.  Drying works but smells terrible.
Easy to cook: sauté w/ small amount of chopped garlic in its own juices...
When liquid evaporates add olive oil or butter, a pinch of salt & cook it until slightly browned. 
Also, chop it finely & cook same to make a 'mushroom  pesto.'  Serve with grated cheese over pasta."
Medicinal mushrooms - Chaga - for uterine cancer - - Avoid if one has "
chronic colitis & dysentery.
Besides it should be remembered that chaga is incompatible with antibiotics (especially penicillin related)
Moringa oleifera - +
Niacin (B3) - - "Niacin, niacinamide & nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide
(NAD) are interconvertable via a pyridine nucleotide cycle. NAD, the coenzyme, is hydrolyzed or split into niacinamide
& adenosine dinucleotide phosphate (ADP-ribose).
Niacinamide is converted into niacin
, which in turn is once more built into NAD.  The enzyme which splits ADP
is known as poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase, or poly (ADP) synthetase, or poly (ADP-ribose) transferase.
Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase is activated when strands of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) are broken.
The enzyme transfers NAD to the ADP-ribose polymer, binding it onto a number of proteins.
The poly (ADP-ribose) activated by DNA breaks helps repair the breaks by unwinding the nucleosomal structure
of damaged chromatids. It also may increase the activity of DNA ligase.
This enzyme cuts damaged ends off strands of DNA and increases the cell's capacity to repair itself.
Damage caused by any carcinogenic factor, radiation, chemicals, is thus to a degree neutralized or counteracted."
Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) - -
Noni - - phytochemical constituents:
1-Hexanol - antiseptic
Acetic acid – bactericide, fungicide
Asperuloside – antiinflammatory, laxative
Aucubin – antioxidant, bactericide, laxative
Benzoic acid – antiseptic, bactericide, fungicide
Benzyl alcohol – anesthetic, antiseptic
Caprylic acid – candidacide, fungicide Damnacanthal - cathartic
Eugenol – analgesic, anesthetic, antiinflammatory, antiseptic, cancer-preventive
Glucuronic acid - detoxicant
Limonene – anticancer, antitumor, hypercholesterolemic
Linoleic acid – antiarteriosclerotic, cancer-preventive, hepatoprotective
Myristic acid – cancer-preventive
Noni-ppt – antitumor, immunomodulatory
Oleic acid – cancer-preventive
Palmitic acid - antifibrinolytic
Scopoletin – analgesic, antiedemic, antiinflammatory
Ocean sponges may hold a cure for cancer per 3/04 Discover magazine.
Oregano in spice marinades may impede grilling carcogens. 
Dr Cass Ingram The Cure Is In the Cupboard.  Oregano oil applied directly to lesions may help reverse skin cancer.
Oxygen - "Dr. Otto Warburg, recipient of 2 Nobel prizes in Medicine", calls oxygen a "A vital cell detoxifier",
and says that oxygen deficiency may be the "underlying cause of
Philip Isely champions the Phytoplankton Project to increase one's cell oxygen. 
. Way believes that cell oxygen deprivation is a precursor of many diseases.
Oxygen - "Dr. Otto Warburg found that neither cancer nor viruses can live in an oxygen-rich environment. 
When you flood your body with oxygen, your body Ph goes from acidic to alkaline...Your energy levels skyrocket. 
DMSO topically can rid a person of all types of diseases that are viral based, from herpes, perrones disease,
shingles, warts, moles, etc.  Hydrogen peroxide can be used topically (, intravenously,) and also taken orally
to flood your body with oxygen...
under the supervision of a licensed alternative health-care practitioner." 
Trudeau, Kevin - Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About per Appendix A
PacificYew-Taxus Brevifolia conifer seeds to grow for Taxol in pine needles - 
"The drug Taxol is derived from the Pacific Yew tree."
Pomgranite seeds (fresh/as a garnish) may help prevent cancer per 1/2005
Some chefs add seeds to chocolate or chocolate to the seeds as part of a dessert.
Rath, Dr Matthias - 11/2/2001 - Cellular Health Communications magazine Rath's  research shows that lysine
is the key ingredient that can reverse most disease, especially cancer.  His method is called Cellular Health therapy. 
He also recommends high dosage of vitamin C, especially  for cancers of the stomach, throat, mouth & larynx.
Scottish Ewan Cameron and Linus Pauling found that 10 g vitamin C per day may shrink tumors. -
Also see in his cellular health series the booklet Cancer.
Combination of nutrients speed healing. (Vitamin E works synergistically with selenium.  Vitamin C recycles vitamin E.) 
Lower doses are required when nutrients are used together. (However, do not buy multivitamins with bonding agents)
Raw Milk (certified) -
USA sources + +
[Organic (raw dairy) is one's 1st choice, esp. camel, Jersey cow, sheep or goat]
Sackman, Ruth  founder, Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (FACT), book Rethinking Cancer
Salaman, Maureen Kennedy  Nutrition Cancer Answer II
Seeds - Organic raw sproutable non-GMO & not heated/cooked seeds seem to be a secret sauce/ingredient to thwart disease. 
ONE (1) a day keeps the doctor away.  Not an apple, but rather an apple seed.  Amazing rhyme. 
Reminder that sprouted/germinated seeds give a salad even extra nutrition. 
Know your seeds so as not to exceed safe level, where therapeutic portion/potion boomerangs/crosses over to hurt/harm.
Storage can become a problem, where seeds become moldy.  Some seeds freeze well.  Study/experiment/innovate/educate.
Simple Sugars - 8 simple sugars (especially mannose, glucose, galactose, glucosamine & fucose)
may help prevent /reverse cancers.  These sugars, when attached to the proper protein or fat, affect cell communication. 
Supplementation with glucose may help reverse ovarian cancer
&/or Arabinogalactan containing galactose (found in milk) may help with liver cancer
Xylose may prevent digestive cancers. 
(found in breast milk & medicinal mushrooms) may help with breast cancer. pg 28-29 
Aloe vera
contains mannose, galactose and arabinose.
can be obtained from the Larix decidua/larch tree, tomatoes, corn, carrots, coconut & echinacea
(which also contains galactose & arabinose). 
contains galactose, arabinose, xylse, fucose, rhamnose, galcturonic acid & proteins. 
Gum acacia
contains arabinose,  galactose, rhamnose & glucuronic acid.
Gum ghatti
(from Ghatti, Indian Gum Tree, Dhawa, Indian sumac) contains: 
galactose, arabine, mannose, xylose
& glucuronic acid.
Limu moui
marine plant contains galactose, mannose and xylose
Medicinal mushrooms
contain glucose, galactose, mannose & a sugar compound lentinant  which has beta-glucans
Fruit pectin
is of much value.  It is the white pulp and inner skin of the fruit, especially the citrus fruit skins. 
, Rita  The New Class of Missing Nutrients -Miracle Sugars -
Somers, Suzanne Knockout

Use Medicinal Mushrooms: Poria cocos, Coriolus versicolor, Reishi, Shiitake, Cordyceps, Maitake, Lion's Mane,
Agaricus blazei's, Tremella fuciformus, & Chuling per The Doctor's Prescription for Healthy Living volume 7, # 6
Also see The Natural Foods Merchandiser review on medicinal mushrooms,
especially the AHCC supplement review of shiitake hybrid mushrooms grown in rice bran extract.     
Krestin, mushroom extract sold by Japan's Sankyo Pharmaceutical Co. enhances the immune system to fight off cancer. -  excellent overview +

Saline solutions, sea salt, etc. do help replace commercial table salt (which can do more harm than good,
except for the added iodine). For instance,
"by absorbing more sodium (such as table salt), the cancer cell develops
an (harmful) electrical behavior, which is outside the sphere of the body's defense capability."
Cancerous cells need to be depleted of their salts.  One method is using
lithium orotate (supplement used in mania
for bipolar)
. "Deep sea fish, especially sharks, are able to...accomplish this by secreting substances called isaethionic acid
and taurine. In such an organism, no cancer cell would be able to survive because, due to the constant 'desodification',
it would become depleted of sodium & lose its vitality. In fact, sharks are extremely resistant to cancer: genesis &
production...M.I.T. researchers published, in 1983, the discovery of a very high anticancer potential found in shark fin
.  In man & all animals, cartilage resists cancer tumor invasion. However, shark cartilage is even more resistant...
In contrast to all other magnesium salts, magnesium orotate transports the magnesium atom to the membranes of the
structures in the cellular plasma, the so-called mitochondria, & possibly to the cell nucleus' genetic apparatus.
We know from S. Rubin's extraordinary studies in Berkeley that the magnesium ions freed at these locations are necessary
to activate those enzymes, which are required to 'read' the genetic information in the chromosomes.
The International Cancer Congress in Seattle, in the fall of 1982 dealt predominantly with the problem of misinformation
from the genetic system & subsequent cancer generation of a cell.
To discuss this question in detail is beyond
the scope of this article. There are some indications that it is not only gene defects in the cancer cell chromosomes
that cause the loss of control; it is also various deficiencies & disturbances in correct 'gene reading'." 
Magnesium orotate may be very helpful in reversing/diminishing both cardiac and circulatory diseases.
Ozone - 3/14/2010
Periwinkle - John Innis Centre 5/3/2018 - - "A potent inhibitor of cell
division & used against lymphomas & testicular, breast, bladder & lung cancers, it is found in the leaves of
Madagascar periwinkle
Catharanthus roseus)...It takes approx. 500 kg of dried leaves to produce 1g of vinblastine."
San Diego Clinic of alternative treatments
Selenium with vitamin C - - Only 200 mcg daily supplementation of selenium
has been documented to dramatically reduce cancer incidence, when in a grown, food-formed variety.
A daily intake of 400 mcg is recommended by Dr. Schrauzer.
A daily intake of 600 mcg has been documented for residents of Japan on a traditional
Japanese diet where cancer incidence is lowest & longevity is the greatest in the world.
Selenium -
Skin cancer may be warded off by vitamin D, (especially vitamin D3) - probably best as a supplement,
as the primary source of D is the UV-B band of light (present at midday during summer in US). 
Naked at Noon: Understanding Sunlight and Vitamin D
by Krispin Sullivan 2003
Winter 2004 Back to the Garden newsletter recommends 5 minutes of outdoor sunlight to supply adequate vitamin D. 
Dark skinned people require 6 times that (30 minutes a day)
"Pro-vitamin D,
important to calcium utilization, is present in some mushrooms and especially in shiitake." 
(CAUTION - Most vitamin D3 supplements are in form used as rat poison.)
Sprouts. Wash well before using. Use alfalfa for pancreatic, colon & leukemia cancers.
The Cancer Solution by Robert Willner MD nominated 6x to win nobel award
The Coming Cancer Cure book - by Francisco Contreras MD
(His dad, Dr Ernesto Contreras Sr was founder of Oasis of Hope Hospital.)
- Sloan Kittering Hospital has best reputation as a cancer hospital in USA.
However, Oasis of Hope Hospital in NW Mexico has a higher cure rate. 
The use of oxygen (ozone therapy) is on the forefront of cancer treatment. 
Contreras also uses Escuartol shark cartilage, ultraviolet blood irradiation, melatonin, Kemdalin
(laetrile, vitamin B17 or amygdalin, a diglucoside with cyanide from seeds of apricots, peaches, plums and apples),
and detoxification.  [Prayer is an effective documented medicine.  Spiritual fortitude increases healing prognosis. 
Consider attaching anti-cancer filter to cell phone & keeping all electronics away from bed.]
"The largest concentration of lymph tissue called gut-associated lymphatic tissue (GALT)
surrounds the intestines & is made up of immune cells called lymphocytes...
Unlike blood circulation (propelled by the pumping action of the heart in many directions),
lymphatic fluid flows primarily upwards towards the neck.
The lymphatic system has no pump of its own and must rely on the movement
of the body’s musculoskeletal system to circulate
In other words, as you move your body YOU become the pump...
4 ways to active your lymphatic system:
#1.movement (dancing, climbing, exercise, sports)
#2.deep diaphragm breathing
#3.rebounding: jumping up and down on a mini-trampoline
#4.Dry Skin Brushing or Effleurage every 2-3 days.
Wheat grass + raw foods, sprouted seeds, and fermented foods are known to cure cancer. 
David Jones cured his own cancer. The Healing Miracle of Green Foods audio Ann Wigmore cured herself by eating grass
and wrote many books including The Wheatgrass Book per The doctor's Prescription for Healthy Living volume 7, #9 -
Live wheatgrass is sold at Asian grocery or health food stores.
2/10/04 Wall Street Journal's Personal Journal editor Amy D Marcus notes that "major hospitals
play tapes for people under anesthesia" to address "patients' fears" - + + +
Ulomoides dermestoides beetle seems to be the inexpensive cure in Argentina for cancer
per M Moffett, Wall St Journal 8/6/03 -
Venus Fly Trap -
Vitamin A artificial derivative Retinoid 4HPR may kill cancer cells
Vitamin A may reduce radiation-induced & ulcers (proctopathy) 10/03
Vitamin A has 2 immune functions. (CAUTION.  Excess vitamin A is toxic.)
It prods cellular differentiation of myeloid progenitors toward beneficial neutrophil lineage. 
It lowers IGF-1. Also, it may promote encapsulation of murine breast & lung tumor melanoma.
2003 Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
7 year old Sam is being treated by dad, Neil Hutchinson, with alternative medicine
(in addition to the conventional methods).  Included in the mix are an antibiotic nifurtimox + supplements omega-3
(fatty acid found in fish oil), artemisinin (a Chinese  herb for malaria), tetrathiomolybdate (to reduce copper),
and is considering vitamin C:K3 (vitamin C & vitamin K3). 12/15-16/2007
Vitamin B-17 (Nitrilosides) is a home-pathic method where toxic cynanide from [a few bitter seeds of stone fruits
or pip fruits (for example, apricot, bitter almond, apple)]
is used in moderation to kill cancer.  "Other good (safer)
sources are sprouted seeds, alfalfa, mung beans, millet, lentils...
Bitter almond substance (Vitamin B-17, amygdalin,
laetrile) decomposes into cyanide, which is immediately detoxified, & (then) into benzaldehyde...
the Japanese found that benzaldehyde had a very positive effect against cancer cells...

During the degradation of the bitter almond substance by the organism, a 2nd substance with a cancer inhibiting effect
is formed, thiocyanate. Both chemically & in its action, it is related to allicin (from garlic) & allyl-isothiocyanate
(from horseradish).
" -
10 grams vitamin C + lysine may prevent cancer growth + eliminate need for morphine per Ewan Cameron MD +
Linus Pauling MD + Matthias Rath MD -
Vitamin C homemade - (edited)
"Homemade vitamin C does have live enzymes that allow the vitamin C to be 100% assimilated into your body.
It has its own natural source of rutin, hesperidin, and bioflavonoids...It’s just orange & lemon peels.
It’s that easy. Any organic orange or lemon peels left over from the fruit you buy will do the trick.
Save all of your peels after you eat the inside of the fruit & cut them into thin strips.
Place them on a plate on your table and let them dry at room temperature for a couple of days until dry and crisp.
You can also dehydrate the peels with a food dehydrator & then store them for about a year in a dry container.
For consumption, one idea is to break up peels into smaller pieces & mix them with your favorite tea.
This makes the tea taste great, but the downside to this approach is that heat destroys the enzymes.
A better option is to place peel strips into coffee grinder, grind them into a powder (which won’t hurt the enzymes)
& use to mix with an early morning smoothie. 1 rounded teaspoon will supply you with more organic vitamin C complex,
rutin, hesperidin, & bioflavonoids than your body needs for the day, regardless of your size. 
This homemade citrus peel powder mixed in your blender with some fresh organic apple juice tastes good too."
(Spiritual CAUTION. 
Do NOT buy into any yoga practice, such as advocated at this web link, for yoga is demonic sign language.)
Vitamin D - "Ultra Violet light activates at the level of the skin, the chemical transformation of 7–dehydro-cholesterol
(an inactive precursor) into cholecalciferol or Vitamin D–3 (a natural form of 'Vitamin D').  
There are 5 known fractions of the vitamin D complex.  
Vitamin D–2 is an anti-cancer vitamin."
"The body requires the following factors to regenerate its tools in the defense against cancer: vitamin D-2; cholesterol;
vitamin C; selenium; & photons
(light therapy), Kirlian-positive vegetarian diet) for the steroid defense mechanisms,
in addition to zinc & magnesium for the buildup (or activation) of defensive enzymes, & for inner complement building."
Vitamin D3 - ACRES U.S.A. - In working on a manuscript...Minerals for the Genetic Code we
discovered that there are 22 subatomic particles that ride on the sun's light photons, which...brings us to vitamin D.
Anderson, Dr Arden - -
It all comes from the sun. As far as building our physical body, without question, if we don’t have adequate vitamin D,
then it’s more than just an issue of assimilating calcium. Medical research has shown for quite some time actually
that vitamin D is correlated not only to calcium, but also to the prevention of cancer.
It seems to be correlated to a number of other processes that maintain the health of the body, many of which
we really don’t understand. Without it, there’s a big gap. For example, there’s research showing that high doses
of vitamin D may lower blood pressure. We know that vitamin D has some correlation with depression. 
It’s important to understand that all of these things have many more components than we can explain.
Ultimately, it all goes back to energy. So in collecting that sunlight, that information called photons,
all of our cells operate from photonic energy
anyway.  The vitamin D [especially vitamin D3
which our skin manufactures when exposed to sunlight for at least 10-15 minutes (per DAY is best)]
is, you might say, the wagon component carrying a lot of that information."

Dr. Joel Wallach, author and narrator of…Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie…is a Nobel Prize in medicine nominee
for his stunning discoveries in the use of trace materials to prevent catastrophic disease in the newborn.
He’s a recipient of the prestigious 1988 Wooster Beach Gold Medal Award for significant breakthrough
in the basic understanding of patho-physiology of Cystic Fibrosis.
He is also the recipient of the esteemed Klau Schwarz Commemorative Medal, recognized for his work as a pioneer
in the field of trace element research.
[ re Concern Trace Mineral (300) tablets from volcanic Utah soil] - On This Is Your Day,
he discusses how skyrocketing health-care costs today are forcing many people to take another look at natural treatments,
as opposed to conventional medical treatment. Gain powerful knowledge on this broadcast about the crucial subject
of cancer—it’s causes, reversal, and prevention. 9/17/2014 9/18/2014

Water - Video - Cure Pain & Prevent Cancer -
with 16oz water before meals + (sea) salt with food says F Batmanghelidj MD
Yew tea - for breast cancer prevention
Young, Robert & Shelley  The PH Miracle - Balance Your Diet. Reclaim Your Health.  "Bristol-Myers-Squib lab
indicates that using precious metals in the presence of cancer can correct altered DNA
Scientists couples these (trace) elements with the cells via a transfer of light - encoded bursts of ultraviolet laser light
that flow through a superconductor pair off and convert into light.  Superconductors assist light transfer.
Gallium, gold, rhodium, iridium, osmium, ruthenium, palladium & platinum increase the light found in the human body."
Zeolite -
Hydro colloidal zeolite particles surrounding the larger crystals of clinoptilolite Zeolite
@ to be added to 4 oz. liquid prior to consuming
Zeolite "About 140 different zeolite structures are known of which about 40 are found in natural zeolites, " such as carbon and lava from volcanic rock."
Ammonioleucite  Analcime  Barrerite  Bellbergite  Brewsterite  Bikitaite  Cowlesite  Dachiardite  Edingtonite 
Epistilbite  Erionite Faujasite  Ferrierite  Gonnardite  Goosecreekite  Laumontite  Mordenite  Natrolite  Wairakite
Natural ITE's contain negative charges which attract the positive charges of pollutants & thus capture them,
the same way the Israelites would capture the Jebusites (the enemy) in the Old Testament.
In the natural zeolite structure, the net negative charge within the symmetrical voids hold the cations for the cation
exchange capacity (CEC). Ion exchangeable ions, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium & sodium, the major cations,
are held electronically within the open structure (pore space)—up to 38% void space." "
Zeolite is a naturally occurring crystallized volcanic mineral. 
There are at least 50 different types existing in nature (in rock form). 
The type which is recognized as superior is known as the clinoptiol-ite group.
product/purenaturecures-100548194-11047905/Natural_zeolite_Clinoptilolite_product.html (edited)
What makes zeolite unusual is that it is the only known negatively charged mineral in an original state,
where it naturally absorbs pollutants from the air.  This is because the vast majority of molecules known to exist
have some degree of polarity.  In other words, they have both a positive and negative side...

Zeolite can adsorb toxins such as bacterial odors, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide etc., as well as toxins: mercury, lead and
radioactive gases.  This is why zeolite was used to clean up the nuclear accidents at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. 
It is also a good drying agent, actually working better than traditional desiccates such as silica and alumina gels. 
In Europe, natural zeolitic rock finds its way into building stone as an ingredient in cement or as lightweight insulation,
while in Japan, it is used as filler by paper makers... Zeolite has been proven to be a boon to chemically sensitive people...
Many pet to deal with their pet odors without the use of nasty chemicals.  Manufacturers also offer zeolite
in a non-reusable powder form...When it comes to a deodorizing dry pet bath, nothing beats zeolite powder. 
A friend of mine adds 3 or 3 tablespoons to his cat's litter box once a week and virtually eliminates the offending odor." 

Zeolite - CAUTION: Warning, Danger DO NOT purchase 'Low Grade' Zeolite -
The use of low grade Zeolite being sold as "Knock Offs" can be fatal
Zeolite -
Finely ground "zeolite particles (used as supplements in the natural acetate, sulfate, chloride, or brominate
form) are negatively charged in the entire pH range (pH 1–11). Electronmicroscopy  shows an absence of fibers and most particles are round with a very  rough surface...The structures of zeolites consist of 3-dimensional frameworks of SiO4
and AlO4
The aluminum ion is small enough to occupy the position in the center of the
of 4 oxygen atoms, and the isomorphous replacement of Si
4+ by Al3+
a negative charge in the lattice.
The net negative charge is balanced by the exchangeable cation (sodium, potassium,
or calcium).
These cations are exchangeable with certain cations in solutions such as lead, cadmium,
zinc, and manganese. The fact that zeolite exchangeable ions are relatively innocuous
(sodium, calcium, and potassium ions) makes them particularly suitable for removing
undesirable heavy metal ions from the
environment and bodily systems

Alternative Treatment Centers - Directory (of many modalities) Dr Contreras Mexico Francisco 
Read Book - Beating Cancer: Twenty natural, spiritual, and medical remedies
that can slow–and even reverse–cancer’s progression
chapter #1 at
Click here or Beating Cancer by Francisco Contreras Read chapter 1 here .
Francisco Contreras, MD & Daniel Kennedy, MC - Beating Cancer (see above)
DeWet, Dr. Pieter -
heal-thyself-is-disease-itself-the-bodys-attempt-to-heal-10-14-2013/ Tyler, Texas, USA -
Hoffer, Abraham (deceased) - Canada -
"A daughter 16, had just been diagnosed as having an osteogenic sarcoma of the arm.
Her surgeon had recommended that the arm be amputated. She was very depressed over this and so I asked her, 'Do you think you can persuade your surgeon not to amputate the arm right away? ' 
I told her the story about the man with the lung cancer. She brought her daughter in. I started her on (vitamin B3) niacinamide, 3 grams per day, plus vitamin C, 3 grams per day.
She made a complete recovery and is still well, not having had to have surgery.".
Gonzalez - Probable "root origins of cancer & its effective treatment with proteolytic (pancreatic) enzymes."
The Gonzalez
regimen also includes prescribed diets, nutritional supplements, and coffee enemas (which need to be taken with sterile/distilled water free of amoeba/parasites/contamination). - "The animal glandular products and pancreas product that we use are derived from animals raised in Australia and New Zealand, where there has been no history of BSE (mad cow disease) or other prion diseases such as scrapie.  The animal husbandry regulations in Australia and New Zealand are the strictest in the world."
Overview and concerns:
"A danger is infection from contamination. Ginsberg reported an outbreak of Campylobacter sepsis in patients receiving coffee enemas in a Mexican border clinic [28]. Istre reported an outbreak of amebiasis in Colorado, traced to fecal contamination of the apparatus used to deliver enema solutions [29].
Glandular enzymes restoring normal function to poison-damaged organs.
Biological barriers to efficient absorption of proteolytic enzymes into the systemic circulation are so formidable that oral delivery is all but impossible [30,31]. Intestinal absorption of protein molecules depends on their size and complexity, their sensitivity to hydrolysis by host stomach acids and to host digestive enzymes, the capacity for transport across the intestinal mucosa, their avoidance of recognition as foreign by the immune system, and their destruction by the reticuloendothelial system [32].
Like all dietary proteins, enzymes are dismantled into constituent amino acids by host proteolytic enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract, thus destroying their enzymatic activity. Should intact enzymes manage to enter the circulation, they would still have to avoid denaturation by serum proteolytic enzymes. They would have to be 'smart' enough to find the "poisoned target organ" or cancer cell before destroying serum proteins and blood-vessel-wall structural proteins. If the enzymes were to avoid those barriers, their repeated appearance in the circulation would eventually give rise to severe hypersensitivity reactions and anaphylaxis. There seem to be good reasons for the evolutionary characteristic of preventing the absorption of proteolytic enzymes from the gastrointestinal tract." A form of laser therapy.
viro-therapy -


Bridges, Kynan - - 10/13/2014 -
Download a free transcript of the interview - Listen to Sid's radio interviews with Kynan Bridges
Cook, Elaine - -
Part #8 -
I know well that when I had leukemia years ago, the prayers of the saints were of no avail.
I was not healed through their prayers for me. My heart began a real soul-searching and seeking after God.
I was seeking him for a scripture in which I could put my faith for healing, but instead, the Lord shone the searchlight of His Holy Spirit upon my heart and told me that I was ashamed of Him. He showed me that I was careful to pray for only those whom I was sure would receive me kindly, and would find some excuse to pass by those who I was afraid might revile me in some way. I did not want to suffer shame for Him (or myself). I wept and repented of my sinful, self-serving attitude and consecrated my life to Him at a very deep level. A few days later, the Lord “sent His Word and healed me.”  He caused me to know that He could never use me with a heart-attitude such as I had. He had to bring it to death! So—my part of the Covenant of Healing was to enter into a circumcision of my heart and when I yielded to that, my healing was right there...
Charles Price, a noted evangelist and healer of the Pentecostal denomination, grieved over those who were not healed in his meetings. He began to ask the Lord if something was blocking their healing. The Lord would show him some wrong heart attitude, and when the person dealt with that he was healed, often without prayer or the laying on of hands. It looks like we have been missing something here, don’t you think? Our present generation feels if they could just get close to a man with a gift of healing, or get enough people praying, they would certainly get healed. Somehow, I feel we have been missing something! Possibly, our part of the covenant has not been fulfilled.
Faith Williams shared, “For many years I seemed able to enter into constant worry and anxiety. I also often struggled with bitterness and resentment against people, situations, and even against the Lord and His handling of situations in my life. There never seemed to be any connection between these feelings and the physical... “However...I noticed that as soon as I allowed worry, or any ill feelings to find place in my heart, there was an almost instant body reaction. It was as though someone was pouring acid into my stomach, which got worse and worse. I realized then that these were “luxuries” I could no longer afford. I had to gird up the loins of my mind and refuse to enter into these things.”
Eyles, Miranda - 8/2012 testimony
Fazzina, Daniel - healed of cancer - radio interviews - Read chapter 1 of
Feinberg, Margaret -
Joy can be a weapon of self-defense. 1/13/2016

Friend, Amy - Spiritual Warfare and Cancer by Amy Friend - "No matter what we do right, no matter what we do wrong, we are seen covered by Jesus, and HIS righteous sacrifice since the Cross. It is never about how good we are or we are is always about how good HE IS. That is why there is never any condemnation.  (The devil condemns.  The Holy Spirit convicts, but only of un-repented sins.  The Holy Spirit is a comforter, NOT an oppressor.)
Once a(n enemy) fiery dart has hit its target, resulting in the body with cancer, the spiritual warfare for life is thrown into defense mode instead of the offense mode it was in before the sickness dart. Now you are defending your right to be healed and made whole...
Whatever we focus on grows in strength. When people face a battle such as cancer, most often they will focus on 'fighting the devil' when they really are strengthening his attack by focusing on him. We fight the devil correctly by squeezing out fear, squeezing out sickness, squeezing out any doubts, condemnation, and unbelief. This IS the battle...We rest in Him , which allows Him to fight the enemy for us (the battle belongs to Him, not us anyway)...HE has already given everything we need, so HE cannot answer this prayer. The Cross did it all, provided a way of escape from every attack. Jesus' blood was and is more than enough! No weapon formed against us will prosper. Renounce any agreement you may have come into with the enemy and condemn those words! Rendering them ineffective. When you must speak of it, use word phrases like 'the Doctor has diagnosed cancer,' or 'I have a diagnosis of cancer'...Fight against an already defeated foe. Jesus stripped him of his authority at Calvary. All he has now is lies and deceptions as he tries to steal our God given power and authority. We unknowingly do this by giving him our attention instead of magnifying (as in a magnifying glass, making HUGE) our God and HIS truth...Our spirits after salvation, are "reborn," spiritually hooked back up to our Creator... They are pure, Holy...a new creation and not defiled. Our body and soul however were not, that is why we are told to RENEW them with HIS TRUTH, His ways... our thinking is key. We must get rid of any false images we have in our thinking about the Lord and know HE wants us whole, healed, and delivered. HE loves us dearly. HE hurts for us.
HE hates sickness and disease. HE hates cancer being in your body more than you do...
We have authority over our bodies. We must learn to use it. Command the cancer to die and leave your body, then start fighting the GOOD FIGHT of faith by focusing on Him in the proper way...His goodness, and His love. Keep all negative thoughts away. Just don't even go there. Ignore the not strengthen him by giving him any attention. Pray prayers that the Lord can answer-not the problem! Not asking for what HE has already given through Jesus. Praise Him for victory, compliment who HE is...the Almighty...the Author and Finisher of our Faith. Read and declare scriptures that Glorify Who HE is as our Healer...
WORDS, EMOTIONS AND WILL be lined up with Your own. So be it!
In Jesus' powerful name. All glory is Yours.
" -

Gill, AL & Joyce - 2013 audio @ @
Lord, open our spiritual eyes to see the knowledge of Your glory.
Habakkuk 2:14 14The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.
Healing testimony.

Goll, James W - How to Stand With God Through the Storms of Life by James W. Goll -
Go here to read more articles by James W. Goll.

Steve Hill - 2013 - Listen to 2/26/2013 Tuesday's radio testimony of cancer reversal.
Hormann, Dr. Aiko - - -
2 anti-onco-genes
- - 2012 - (edited)
Question: There is a lot of fear today, even to the extent of causing heart attacks.
Is there a connection between the scriptures we read about the end time (men dying of heart attacks) & rampant fear & imagination?

Answer: "
Remember the Book of Job? He said "that which I greatly feared has come upon me." So if you fear something, you emanate your fear into the atmosphere. Referring to Dr. Jerome Stowell's machine, that machine is actually recording the emanation from the brain into the atmosphere.  It's not just inside. It's into the atmosphere. So its real. So if you fear something, you're going to attract that which you fear. For example: if you fear cancer. 'My father died of cancer.  In my family there are many cancers'.
If a person thinks and focuses on the negative side, then it's possible for the person to attract cancer.

By the way, did I talk about the 2 Anti-Onco-genes that you can install, so you never have cancer?

2 anti-oncogenes:
Everyone is born with 2 anti-onco-genes. But during the process of growing up & sometimes
because of childhood trauma, even a child can loose them, maybe one at a time, in highly stressful situations.
If a child had to go through a spinal tap or some other childhood illnesses and medical treatment he's unfamiliar with.
I know of 1 example where a child was strapped (arms & legs) facing down on a bed and spinal tap was done.
That was tremendously traumatic. That child eventually showed cancer. Even 1 event like that can cause even 1 anti-onco-gene to be destroyed.  It's very sensitive.
If you have 2 anti-onco-genes, you do not get cancer. If you lose 1 but have 1, then you have 50-50% chance of getting cancer. So if you lose 2, both, where you don't have any anti-onco-genes, then you're almost sure to get cancer. So even in your adult situation, we can ask the Holy Spirit to actually install or re-create 2 anti-onco-genes in your body system...
In fact, if you meet somebody with fear of cancer you can encourage and you minister to them, if they truly believe. It has a lot to do with your faith, because I am not talking about a medical practice of installing 2-anti-onco-genes. Neither I nor any doctors knows how to (physically/scientifically) do that."
"There's a laboratory where you can ask to see if your genetic code includes 2 anti-oncogenes. It's expensive, costs a few thousand dollars. But let's move on to the prayer. Remember, whenever you need creative or re-creative miracles, it's a GIFT (to us) from the Lord!. James 1:17 - 'Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, comes down from the Father of Lights, with Whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.'
Whenever I mention the Father of Lights I see a FLASH of light. One time a flash of light came straight at me. I had to duck (laughter). He is ready to do the creative, re-creative miracles, and to manifest Himself as light." 
Prayer to restore and re-create 2 anti-onco-genes - Repeat-after-Prayer: - "Heavenly Father, I desire to receive Your gift - an installation of 2 anti-onco-genes in my body, so I will not have any occasion to allow cancer or even cancer cells to be lodged in any part of my body. (Cancer cells are always around floating in your body. But if your immune system is strong they will be eliminated. But only when the cancer cells start to lodge in some particular part of the body, then they start to multiply. So having cancer cells themselves is not a big deal. But keep your immune system strong, because its an automatic elimination of those things).
So according to Your Word (spoken in) John 16:23 - that if I ask You Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name, that You Heavenly Father will give it unto me. It's a gift. So I cannot deserve it. I cannot buy it. This is Your grace, your favor unto me as a child of God.
Now I focus on The Lord Jesus, in His finished work on Calvary. He has completed the work of the ministry, not only salvation and redemption, but also undoing the works of the enemy.
I NOW receive the installation of 2 anti-onco-genes into my body (and family tree on both sides), in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Y'shua Ha Maschiach.
Thank You Lord that it will be verifiable by going to an Oncologist, if I choose to do so.

(That's very expensive. You don't have to do that. By Faith you just receive it.)
Thank You Lord, according to Romans 4:17 - I have received 2 anti-onco-genes.
Therefore I decree now, 'I call my body (family tree on both sides) full of 2 anti-onco-genes' (in Jesus' name). 
I now just rejoice in You Lord and am confident. 
I'm not sure if it's in every cell in your body, I'm not sure about that. It could be like DNA in certain parts of the cells, certain organs, but I think it will be minute things that Nano Angels can take care of. So it could be within every cell like your DNA).
Always remember: If you are under stress, have any form of fear or anger, or any occasion to be offended by other people or certain conditions - immediately you need to forgive or forgive yourself for any reactions; and also do the switch - switch - switch, so that your stress hormones will not destroy those 2 anti-onco-genes. Its very easy to destroy them.
That's often the reason why lots of people, after about 2 years of a traumatic event (e.g. nasty divorce, major tragedies, etc) in their life, have developed cancer. Usually it takes 1-2 years. It has been recorded and medical doctors noticed.  Usually they can go back to see when that highly stressful events happened"...
Question: How about a person who has already cancer, how do you minister to them?
Answer: "
If the person already has cancer, you need to make sure that this person will forgive everyone & then forgive herself or himself of any ungodly reactions.  Then you command the cancer to be dissolved. (John 14:13 - commanding - Jesus will do it). Then (command the) installation of re-creative miracles of new anti-onco-genes is John 16:23.
Do you see the difference? One is COMMANDING, and the other is ASKING for the gift.
(If you ask the Father in Jesus Name, then the Father will give it to you. Its a gift)."
Question: So after you prayed for (commanded) the cancer to leave them & all that's done,
then can you pray for them to receive the gift of 2 anti-onco-genes?

Answer: Yes.
"That's right.  Then that person will have confidence that he or she will not have cancer again. 
Most people, once they had cancer, the doctors tell them that there's possibility of re-occurrence. 
That puts fear into that person. Then if they fear, they actually invite cancer. So we need to eliminate 'fear of cancer.'"
Question: Dr. Aiko, please clarify between John 14:13 & John 16:23.
"John 14:13 is commanding. The most important part is if you command in Jesus Name, He said, 'He will do it'. John 16:23 is asking for the gift. If you ask the Father in Jesus Name, then the Father will give it to you. It does not say the Father will do it. It's a free gift. That 's when you want restoration and re-creation of certain cells and organs, etc., that a gift."
Question: How about people receiving healing prayers but their lifestyle is still the same?
"If they don't change their lifestyle, it doesn't work.
Example: My friend, a pastor's wife, had cancer of the colon and breast. We gathered together and did the laser beam of God's Word (therapy) into the cancerous tumors, and she was totally healed of the cancer, which was confirmed by the doctors: no trace of cancer.  But the doctors said just in case any of recurrence of cancer coming back, they suggested for her to go through chemo therapy. She was talked into it and went through the chemo, even though she was cancer free. She died! I was so angry, because I loved the woman, so I had to forgive the doctors. They think they're protecting themselves by saying, 'just in case, she needs to go through therapy.'"
Hormann, Dr. Aiko -
Bill and Wilma Watson prayers from Australia :
Hunter, Frances - -12/25/2006 -
Hunter, Joan @ Transcript "She had stage 4 cancer
of the lungs and I said, “Father in the name of Jesus I curse this lung cancer. I
command it to be gone,

I curse every
prion in this body in Jesus Name. Father in the Name of Jesus I speak 2 new lungs in her.

He put the lungs in there the 1st time.  He can put them in there again, all healed and whole in Jesus Name
Hunter, Joan - Healing the Whole Man - NEW with Joan Hunter - Part 1 - 6/60/2015
Healing the Whole Man with Joan Hunter 7/12/2016 PRIONS may be demonic cells which have NO nucleus driven center. 
We curse and command any demonic prions to die, in Jesus’ name.
Landry, Rabbi Curt - 5/11/16
+ 5/12/2016 +
Guillermo Maldonado 1/30-2/3/2012 Listen to Friday's Messianic Vision radio broadcast. -
There is a root & seed of death and sickness regarding cancer. - excellent both weeks -
Guillermo Maldonado - Healing 2/6-10/2012 Listen to Thursday's Messianic Vision. 
After forgiveness of those who hurt you, pray to exterminate/curse the root and seed of death and sickness.
Guillermo Maldonado 3/2012 TV broadcast & transcript - Miami, Florida ministry -
Maldonado, Guillermo - CD - How to Be Free of Generational Curses - - -
or 10/6/2010
(1st part of video is 1st part of CD; 2nd part of video is testimony.)
Cancer is due to the evil spirits of cancer and death. It's scientific frequency is 6666.
Mohr, Greg - A Prosperous Soul with Greg Mohr - Part 1 8/21/2017
Mohr, Greg - A Prosperous Soul with Greg Mohr - Part 2 8/22/2017
Olukoya, Daniel -

(edited)-  In Your name (Lord) Jesus (our Christ):
1.  All the activities of silent killers in my (his/her/their/our) body, die.
2.  You symptom of cancer (or _____ ) in any area of my ( ___ ) body, die.
3.  Every evil growth in my ( ___ ) body, I curse you.  Die.
4.  I fire (return) back every arrow of cancer (or _____ ).
5.  Every abnormal production and uncontrollable behavior of cells in my ( ___ ) body, stop.
6.  I bind every spirit of death and hell.
7.  Every negative consequence of abnormal production of cells in my ( ___ ) body, die.
8.  I  ( ___ ) shall not die but live to declare Your (wonderful) works (Father) God.
9.  You mass of extra tissue that has become malignant (with infection/parasites/bad bacteria/fungus)
      in me ( ______ ) in my (their) _____ be melted (removed & healed forever) by the fire of God.
10. Every demon of cancer ( _____ ), I bind and cast you out (and replace you with healing & health).
11. Every vampire spirit, release my ( ___ ) life.
12. You malignant tumor, go back to your own kind by fire.
Any demon involved in this sickness I rebuke and command you to come out now (never to return).
Now lay your hands on the affected part of your body and pray like this:
In Your name Lord Jesus the Christ:
Evil growth, dry up and die.
Any and all satanic instructions to my ( ___ ) body, be dismantled now.
Every poison in my ( ___ ) body, (quietly) come out through the mouth, nose (or proper opening).
Every (evil) spirit behind this cancer ( ___ ) come out with all your roots.  
(Gently, quietly) come out all the way out now.  I command you to leave.  Go now.
Every cancer (disease/defect) anchor in my ( ___ ) body, be dismantled.
Every vehicle of cancer (disease/defect/malady), die.
Power of cancer (evil problem be overtaken with God's super power).
Holy Ghost fire, burn away every cancer (evil symptom and report).
Caldron of witchcraft cooking my ( ___ ) flesh, die.
Blood of Jesus, move upon every area of my life (family tree).
I dismantle every hand of witchcraft.
Every threat to my ( ___ ) life, God shall (boomerang) threaten you to death.
By the power of Your stripes, (Lord) Jesus, I kill every power of cancer :
(bad bacteria, parasites, fungus, wrong organ functioning, infection, etc.)

Osteen, Dodie - - Texas Drive Through Ministry - (edited) "Houston's Lakewood
Church & Pastor Joel Osteen have changed the way a lot of people worship.  Now Lakewood is starting a new service
designed for people too ill to come to church. It's the idea of Dodie Osteen, Joel's mother & widow of late John Osteen
who founded Lakewood. Her ministry is healing.  She's doing it outside the church walls, literally...For Dodie, it's personal.
It goes back to 1981 when Lakewood, founded by her late husband, Pastor John Osteen, was growing into today's church.
She was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer & given a few weeks to live. She says she prayed without wavering
for a full recovery. There was. She is now a vibrant 76 years old." (As of 12/2016 she is in her 80's.)
Osteen, Dodie -
Osteen, Dodie - - Scroll down to bottom videos.
Perry, Debi Websted - edited post @ (edited)
Father right now, in the name of Jesus:
I curse the root of the cancer cells and cast out the spirit of cancer.
I command ______'s electrical and magnetic frequencies to come into harmony and balance.
I command any damage to the cells during treatment to be recreated and function normally. 
I command the marrow of _______'s bones to come alive. 
I curse and command any prions to dissolve and be absorbed by (removed from) _______'s body. 
I command ______'s body's (natural) defensive "killer" cells to multiply, attack, and destroy all cancer cells.
I command healing & normal fucnction to be restored to any damaged tissues and organs.
Thank you, Jesus!
Rogers, Bob - See pg 7 - -
Starve Cancer to Death with the Ketogenic Diet
By Thomas N Seyfried, PhD, Boston College - source Bottom Line
Personal Volume 34, #12, 6/15/2011 - "The ketogenic diet is very high in fat- the ratio is 4 grams of fat to 1 gram of
protein/carbohydrate. It has long been used to control epilepsy & is offered as an epilepsy treatment at hundreds of
hospitals & clinics around the world, including Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center, Mayo Clinic & Mattel Children’s Hospital at
It eases epilepsy by stabilizing neutrons (brain cells).  It does so by reducing glucose (blood sugar), the main fuel used by
neutrons & increasing ketones (beta-hydroxybutyric acid and aceto-acetic acid), a by-product of fat metabolism used by
neutrons when glucose levels are low. Reducing glucose and increasing ketones play key roles in fighting cancer as well...
If you are in relatively good health (aside from the cancer, of course), it is best to start the ketongenic diet with a water-
only fast for 48 to 72 hours, which will quickly put you in ketosis, the production of a therapeutic level of ketones.
This fast should be guided by a health professional.  If you are fragile or in poor health you can skip the water fast &
initiate ketosis with the ketongenic diet reducing carbohydrates to less than 12 grams a day.
This should produce ketosis within 2-3 weeks.  Working with a nutritionist you will find the fat/protein/carbohydrate ratio
that works best for you to lower glucose & increase ketones via recipes & meal plans that consistently deliver those ratios.
A food diary, a food scale and the use of a 'KetoCalculator' (available on Web sties such as ) are necessary tools to implement the ketogenic diet. Helpful:
The oncological nutritionist Miriam Kalamian, EdM, MS, CNS, managed her own son’s brain tumor with the ketongenic diet. 
She counsels cancer patients around the world in the implementation of the diet: ."

Roth, Sid
These can be revisited, reworked to fit your family tree and others on your heart:
Devil, it is written in Psalms 91:3,10,11,16 (NLT/NKJ)
He will rescue me from every trap and protect me from deadly disease…
No evil will conquer me; no plague (pestilence, including cancer) will come near my home.
For God orders His angels to protect me wherever I go…With long life He will satisfy me

Scarborough, Peggy - (especially pertaining to cancer) -
"Satan has many demons whose chief business is to make people sick. When dealing with sickness,
one must be aware of these various evil spirits. For instance, Benny Hinn maintains that 3 demonic spirits
come along with cancer: the spirit of infirmity, the spirit of fear, and the spirit of bondage. 3
Anyone who is attacked by cancer will have to battle and defeat these spirits.
Many other sicknesses are caused by spirits and must be dealt with similarly"...
Chapter 2 The healing process. The associations the person desiring to be healed has will also be explored. 
The kind of conversation that brings about an atmosphere of healing will be discussed,
along with the role of fasting, speaking in tongues, and laughter.
In addition, the subject of watching what the Father is doing in healing will be examined.
Chapter 3 will emphasize healing through 3 powerful weapons: the Word of God, the name of Jesus,
and the blood of Jesus. These are the warheads that will bring destruction to the devil
and release the power of healing in our bodies"

Shamp, Amy & Jesse
Shamp, Amy & Jesse 6/23/2019 - (edited)
AMY: Yes. As I was seeking God, fasting, and praying, one night the Lord answered me with a dream. In this dream
I was actually, I saw this huge snake. It’s head was probably this size. I was dragging this snake along by its tail.
As I was dragging it, I found and picked up the sword. In the dream I cut the snake's head off. In the dream I knew that
it was the (evil) spirit of cancer. Jesus actually says, "I give you the authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions."  
Ephesians it talks about the Armor of God & the Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
As I began to pray into this dream, the Lord began to give Jesse & me the keys & revelation
to the authority that we have in the (spoken) word of God over sickness & disease.
AMY: We've had so many people since then healed of cancer, of tumors. But one time we were ministering in Milwaukee
& the pastors brought a woman to us. She said she has stage 4 cancer. She's been given 6 weeks to live.
The doctors have told her to go home & get her affairs in order. It's a serious situation. Jesse & I look at each,
know we're going to come into agreement by faith & (know) we're going to pray for her. As we laid hands on her & prayed,
we began to curse the tumors at the root. She had 8 stage 4 tumors in her brain. We began to curse all 8 of the tumors.
Within 1.5-2 weeks, we actually got a testimony back that she had gone back to the doctors & was 100% healed.
The tumors had disappeared. The doctors couldn't explain it.  She was healed.
AMY: Hallelujah. Father, right now we just thank You for Your glory, that Your glory would overwhelm every viewer right
now. In the name of Jesus, just allow Your cloud to surround them, Your love and glory to surround them.
Father, right now we just declare miracles.  We just speak TO their bodies right now out of Your glory. 
We command their bodies to be healed right now. I even felt the heat in my right ear.
Father, I thank You that You're healing ears, restoring deafness, opening deaf ears right now in Jesus name.
I thank You for touching…now (and) healing cancer (and) tumors in Jesus name…
AMY: Right now we just come into agreement. Everyone watching that has cancer right now.
We take authority over that (evil) spirit. We thank you for the life of God right now just flooding into their body.
The light and the light and the glory of God right now to overwhelm them and touch their bodies.
We command their body to be made whole in Jesus name.
JESSE: Yes, Lord. We curse every tumor right now in the might name of Jesus.
Every brain tumor, right now in the name of Jesus, we command it to bow.
We command every tumor to bow to the name of Jesus. We loose the healing anointing right now.
JESSE:I really felt strongly, Sid, to take authority over deafness. Father, we thank you right now.
Those that are battling deafness, we take authority right now over deafness.
We command ears to open in the name of Jesus. We command eardrums to be restored.
Father, even missing ear drums, we just speak new ear drums.
In the name of Jesus, we command ears to open in Jesus mighty name.
AMY: Thank You, Jesus.

Shepherd, Rose - 4/16/2020 - +
Shepherd, Rose - 4/16/2020 - Transcript

Souza, Katie -  7/8/2014 -
"The enemy of our soul can only keep us in the bondage of these toxic memories/soul wounds legally IF we ignore
the power we inherited from the resurrection.   I highly recommend...Souza’s teachings...
Sons of Light, Kingdom of the Son, Healing School
Jonathan Welton - Transcript -
"If you have cancer, would you just place your hand wherever that is right now.
We speak TO that cancer in Jesus’ name.
We command you (cancer) to die.
We command that cancer to leave your body.
I speak Heaven into your body that it would be on Earth as it is in Heaven.
There is no cancer in Heaven.
We command that cancer to dry up and be gone.
I speak health by the power of the Holy Spirit.
I speak health into your body in Jesus’ name right now."
Winder, Delores with Keith, Bill - Joy Comes in the Morning - - Fellowship Foundation,
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA Chapter 7 The Ministry - "God has revealed to me that as far as His healing power is concerned,
cancer is nothing more than a common cold...Fear is a great hindrance to their healing."
Wommack, Andrew - 1/9/2020 - - End of program mentors on how to speak TO cancer.


Boyd, Heather Mishelle Christopher -
Brausen, Gary & Rosey -
Download a free transcript of the interview » 7/11-17/2016 - Lung cancer healed.
Collins, Hakeem - (edited excerpt)
SID Roth: I am so excited, Hakeem, about your book. I want to interview you because God's been talking to me
about commanding your healing. Tell me how you came about this revelation.
HAKEEM: I came up with this revelation when I was in desperate need of an actual supernatural healing from God.
I had a broken jaw that was unexpected. Thursday the surgeons basically said that I couldn't have surgery until Monday.
There was a bone behind my ear that was broken.  They said they couldn't go behind there because if they do,
they may cut off my nerve and lose my hearing. They said, "It needs to grow on its own about 6-12."
Waiting that weekend, I was in desperate need. I said, "Lord, show me in Your word that I can receive healing now."  
They put me on medicine, but it wasn't working. I needed an alternative. The alternative for healing was in the word of God,
so I began to read the scriptures concerning how to command, in other words, this authority that believers have.
I took the word literally and put it into practice. I did something foolish. I lay hands on my jaw and begin to speak TO
and command my jaw in the name of Jesus Christ to be healed, to be mended, to come together.
Something supernatural happened. My eardrum began to pop and my jaw began to adjust supernaturally.  
When time for surgery, they did an x-ray.
When they saw in the X-ray, they saw that the bone fracture that was behind the ear that was reversed/repaired.
They literally saw that it was totally restored and the widest part in the X-ray diagram.
So God did something supernatural based on my faith.
SID: Are you commanding God?
HAKEEM: Of course not. #1, I'm commanding sickness to go. I'm commanding the (inherited) infirmities to go.
I'm NOT commanding God.  I teach basically (for believers) to be a commander by the Holy Spirit…
In Luke, chapter 10, verse 19, it says that God has given us power to tread upon serpents and scorpions
and over all the power of the enemy.
SID:. You have been given authority over all sickness,  That's pretty strong.
HAKEEM: I beliieve every believer has been given this delegated authority, power by the Holy Spirit. 
By faith we can operate it. I activated my faith and commanded my jaw by the power of the Holy Spirit to line up.
We cannot do anything without the word of God. I put the word of God into practice and saw supernatural results…
HAKEEM: My prescription is commanding and confessing for 90 days.  Take the prescription, the whole thing.
Oftentimes, with prescriptions we take 1-2 (pills) and we feel better the next day or 3 days later.
Then the problem comes back. (Instead) we have to take the whole prescribed prescription, even as a doctor gives us.
Believers are to do the same, spiritually speaking. I prescribe a 90 day outcome solution to receive your healing. 
As you recite, you speak (scripture) forth by faith, your healing commands and confession,
I believe that you will be healed and touched by the glory of God when you finish the 90 day process.
SID: Now you say it's really NOT sickness or disease that destroys us.
HAKEEM: What destroys us is lack of knowledge. If we don't know that we have authority, power to command demons to go, spirits of affliction to go, and don't know the authority that Christ has given us, then we will (possibly) perish (prematurely). God wants us to know the word of God, (His spiritual) truth. My assignment is allowing people to understand the truth of God's (spoken) word concerning healing…
HAKEEM: Oftentimes we take ownership of our sickness. This is my cancer, my sickness.  No, we need to change our mentality and say, "Conscience, I am healed. By Jesus’ stripes I am healed.” So we have to kind of change our thought process to think and believe that we are healed. If you believe that you are healed, you will be healed. Scripture says, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen."
1st we have unseen faith.  Then we have seen healing…deliverance. Change your thought process.  Believe that you're (already) healed and you will be healed.
SID: Your assistant had cancer.
HAKEEM: She had stage 4 cancer.  When she got the diagnosis she would call us and say, "Can you pray?"
We would just pray. Every day she was calling. I said, "Lord, we have to do something different…radical."  
We went over to her house, laid hands on Arlene, commanded & spoke TO cancer.  We told the cancer,
"Today is your last day. Today is your eviction notice. Today you’ve got to go. Her body is a temple of the Holy Spirit."  
We just evicted cancer out of her body & began to command her body to be made whole. We command her white blood cells
to replenish. We began to just speak life TO her. Right after that, maybe about 3 weeks later she called us. 
We thought she was going to call us to pray and say, "It's still here."  She called us and said that the cancer is gone.
There is no trace of it in her blood. I'm telling you right now by the power of the Holy Spirit, those who may be watching
you may have some terminal illnesses, you may have cancer, you may have any blood disease, whatever it may be.
READERS: I come today to touch & agree with you. I say in Jesus' name that cancer has to leave. 
It's evicted out of your body. I command in Jesus' name, oppression, go.
I command the spirit of (inherited) infirmity, go in Jesus' name.
I command: Oppression, Depression, Disease, Go in Jesus' name. Today is your last day. 
READERS: Today receive your breakthrough and healing. I decree & declare that you will no longer suffer. 
his is the season of your freedom and liberty. in Jesus' mighty name.
SID: Command every condition that you can remember that you talked about on this show to leave the people right now.
HAKEEM: Yes, those who may have been bound to a wheelchair or have crutches or a cane, I command in Jesus' name
that you have mobility. I command your body to line up to the original plan and purpose Father God Who made your body.
I say that your body is Holy Spirit's temple. I command your back to line up. in Jesus' name. I speak TO your bones.
I command your bones to be fixed in Jesus' name. I command fractured bones, jaws, or body, be mended in Jesus' name.
I even speak TO any deaf or dumb spirit. I rebuke you in Jesus' name & command hearing to come back 100%.
Do something you can/could not do before now. This is your day of breakthrough healing, freedom in Jesus' mighty name.
No longer you'll be bound.  Today, rise & believe God’s words spoken over your life (if not day #1 then by day #90).
In Jesus' mighty name.
Hormann, Dr. Aiko - of Terminal Cancer - Healed With New Organ - "Dr. Aiko did the ‘Laser Beam prayer' to disintegrate cancerous cells and tumors in his body; she aligned his 'Spirit, Soul & Body', as the Lord directed her. She also instructed this man to forgive everyone who wounded him and repent of any anger/resentment toward anyone, including GOD.
Dr. Aiko was led by the Holy Spirit to say, 'The Lord has your spare body parts in Heaven for you, with your name on them and HE can transplant your organs while you are asleep'. This man went into a COMA for 4 days. The doctors who already gave him up to die, thought he was really dying and told his wife to unplug his life-support, but she refused. After 4 days, he woke up (almost like Lazarus) totally alert, hugged his wife, asked for something to eat and said, 'Praise the Lord'.
The doctors examined him later and found all of his previously diseased and malfunctioning organs were working, like new.”
You Tube videos: @ Did We Love
Hormann, Dr. Aiko - PRAYER
"It is written, 'Jesus HIMSELF took our infirmities and bore our sickness and pains.'
(Matthew 8:17) Therefore Satan has no right to put upon _____________ that which was already laid on Jesus.
I command you Satan and spirits of darkness, to pack up all your symptoms and diseases and leave this body NOW, in the name of Jesus and become part of His footstool."
(Therefore, I receive and stand steadfast NOW in what You have finished 2000 years ago.)
LASER SURGERY: "Dr Aiko Hormann received a revelation about the Word of God in Hebrews 4:12. 'The Word of God is alive and powerful sharper than any 2-edged sword.' She asked, 'Lord what is sharper than a 2 edged sword?' Instantly she saw a ‘vision’ of a laser beam coming out of her mouth, showing it has ‘cutting edge’ all around 360 degrees.
This was confirmed by God’s Word John 1:5, 'God is light'.
 James 1:17, 'Every act of good giving & every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights'
and Heb. 12:29, 'Our God is indeed a consuming (destroying) fire'."

Conversation in Heaven with Abigail Holt-Jennings – Part 1 - 5/18/2020 with Sarah & mom Marilyn Hickey
There is more than just the benefit of Jesus’ blood.
When Jesus sat up, we sat up.  When Jesus walked out whole, we walked out well, too (with no cancer/disease).
+ book excerpt
+ (season 2 #7) @ Krissy Nelson - Cancer cured by Jesus in His tomb - 7/15/2019
+ 9/21/2018 Rabbi Walker book interview
+ 1 hr counseling @

Thompson, Andrea - - Reversed cervical cancer per Spanish protocol @ 10/18/2019 (edited)
(CAUTION: Hilu uses acupuncture meridians as part of diagnosis/therapy.)

"Essential fatty acids are at the heart of the Hilu Institute as backup treatments for cancer.
Thus each patient is tested for insufficiencies corrected by special diets...Dr. Hilu uses an array of methods.
Among them are, papimi , focused infrared rays, orthomolecular protocols, and a Swiss product made from bovine embryos...Used are therapeutic machines custom engineered for the Hilu Institute. Researched by Dr. Voll of Germany, they are based on principles that electromagnetic signals are transmitted along molecular chains of high molecular weight in the form of polarization waves. This process of propagation takes place in close conjunction with the Chinese acupuncture meridians. Accumulated toxins and other harmful substances stored in tissues can interrupt these (electrical meridian)paths, resulting in blockages. Because of their electrical conductivity, the acupuncture meridians can be traced and studied by resistance and capacitance measurements. These points can then be stimulated by the application of DC or AC (electrial) current.  (Yes, the occult is a COPY of God's perfect work, so make sure Holy Spirit is giving a green light to proceed.)

Pyle, Marion & Russell - Bladder Cancer - 5/2015 -
Patient is in "remission" due to prayer & tumor removal +use of anti-fungal diet, oxygen and vitamin c therapy.


Alive Again! Bill Banks - Terminal Cancer - 48 hours to live.  Miraculously healed!
William D Banks autobiography
Billy Burke transcript - As a child Billy was Healed of terminal cancer at a Kathryn Kuhlman service.
Billy's testimony -
7/5-11/2010 TV broadcast -
Radio;abbr=rad_&amp;page=NewsArticle&amp;id=9254  - testimonies 

Dr Tom 4/2002 radio broadcast cassettes

Copeland,  Kenneth  John G Lake - Chapter 29 Science of Healing section Lake and Divine Healing Investigated shares cancer healing testimonies.
Crouch, Jan - - "He healed me of cancer – heart problem – swollen and infected lymph nodes. He healed my angel 3˝ lb... Maltese of a serious hernia…healed Matt’s knee…Please receive Him as YOUR Healer…a gift – all wrapped in precious GOLD and a Crimson red ribbon all around it – and your name on the GIFT. Please receive it NOW."
Dickerman, Don - When Pigs Move In - endorsed by Frank Hammond -Colleyville, Texas, USA -
Other books containing "some" of above more complete information:  Serpents in the Sanctuary & Turmoil in the Temple.
 video clip
5/15/2009  American Family radio -;task=singlesermon&amp;id=11328&amp;Itemid=139
5/11-15/2009 Messianic Vision RADIO 
Chapter 2 "
I Met Christians Who Were Demonized - "I laid my hand on the lump. 
I commanded spirits of cancer to leave.  I commanded evil spirits to put everything back in order...He was healed."
Gossett, Don - - healed of malignant tumor on face -
6/2005 Messianic Vision radio broadcast archive at - 
Diary of God's General  - Excerpts from the Miracle Ministry of John G Lake  booklet -
"After listening from her cot to the preaching and teaching of the Word of God on healing through Jesus Christ...she was prayed for and hands were laid on her...Her pain instantly vanished.  The swelling disappeared gradually.  The large core cancer turned black and in a few days fell out.  The smaller ones disappeared.  The mutilated breast began to re-grow, and it became a perfect breast again."11.20.2008
Henry Gruver - 4/1/2018 -
Healed of stage 5 cancer
He Held My Hand  book by Debbie Mason - Autobiography of tongue and jaw cancer
Faith to Faith
music CD
Ann Mattingly of Washington DC was cured of cancer by taking communion per Michael Muller in The Blessed Eucharist & Father John Hampsch in The Healing Power of the Eucharist -
Don & Sue Heist -
Hinn, Benny - deliverance from fear, bipolar, colon cancer 
Pat Holliday of Jacksonville, Florida, USA told Sid Roth 2/26/2004 that cancer can be a demon
William Branham - 4th seal chapter of The Revelation of the 7 Seals shares 2 healings of leukemia. 
Kennedy, Sandra - - 9/23-27/2013 - inspiring & mentoring -
"I heard the word of the Lord say, 'Tell your mama,' and He quoted the 1st part of the Lord's Prayer,
'Our Father which art in Heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is Heaven.
And tell her there is NO sickness in Heaven.'"
Radio - 9/2-6/2013
Kennedy, Sandra 4/23/2017
Lori: "While I was reading (Sandra Kennedy's) The Simplicity of Healing. it connected with me on a personal level that changed my mindset concerning my own healing...
It helped me to see I had head knowledge, but wasn't letting it get deep into my heart and spirit. While reading this book, God revealed to me the moment I came into agreement with the symptoms, how the symptoms actually became a condition, because I came out of agreement with what God had said and came into agreement with the enemy.
I repented when I realized what I had done.  Immediately the pain left my shoulder. Look, God healed me."
SANDRA: If they grab hold of it (God's Truth) and begin to agree with God and thank Him with gratitude, the healing power of God that is already in them will begin to be released inside of them, pushing out that sickness and disease. They have to continue to praise God: Thank You, Lord, God. Most people know the principles in their head. Same thing she was saying. But it dropped down inside of her, and it became more real than the problem on the outside...Just begin to say, 'Thank You, Lord, that I am healed, thank you that You're doing this in my life, thank You, Father God, that the healing power is in me.
I agree with You. You said I'm healed, so bless (You) God, I'm healed.
You know, you've got to get in agreement with somebody. I'm going to agree with You, God (rather than the medical evidence or Satan).
SID:  One of your staff people, director of ministry, develops cancer...There's no such thing as a good cancer.
SANDRA:  Well she totally recovered. The mass was just all the way across her stomach, just totally that way. She just happened to be a nurse, too.  She said that the Word is more powerful than a 2-edged sword.   She went in and let the Word become a scaffold to her.  She spoke to the cancer, and believed God to cut that cancer out. No pain. The pain did not leave. I mean, she was hurting just as bad. Every time she'd go back to the doctor.  The pain did not leave until the day she got the full report that she was totally cancer-free.  She didn't have surgery now. She never had surgery.
Andrew Mullins -
@ - Irish testimony.  "When the Mullins' 17-month-old son was diagnosed with stage 4
cancer, their lives were turned upside down...God's word transformed the Mullins' lives."
More Info or watch 12/17/2018
@ at end of broadcast
Olsteen, Dodie 5/13/2010 – Interview with Dodie Osteen  Watch
2010/05/interview-with-dodie-osteen/ - 29 years ago, Dodie Osteen was given 18 weeks to live. She stops by the studio today to share her powerful testimony of how God healed her of cancer. God has given her the opportunity to live a life of prayer and love and to watch her children fulfill their calling in ministry.
5/27/2010 – Interview with Dodie Osteen - Watch this Program Here - 29 years ago, Dodie Osteen was given 18 weeks to live. She stops by the studio today to share her powerful testimony of how God healed her of cancer.
Pierce, Cal - 10/2002 radio broadcast cassettes
Roberts, Oral and Richard  Are Miracles Real?  - Chapter 2 shares testimony of healing of a tumor.
Russell, Neill & Cindy  3/3-7/2008 Messianic Vision radio broadcast #1581 - God gave him the insight and audacity to speak TO his wife's terminal cancer and command it to depart.  It did.  Tuesday and Friday programs share how Neill took spiritual authority as head of household and commanded Cindy's cancer to depart.
Shofar blowing: Paul Wilbur and Don Heist - 2/9-13/2009 Radio interview with Sid Roth on Messianic Vision about dog who God healed of cancer.
Paul Wilbur and Don Heist  As Don Heist blows the shofar, people and animals have even been supernaturally healed - especially from cancer. At the sound of the shofar the atmosphere becomes a cancer free atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can operate.
Philip Smit -
Vance, Charles - Testimony of small intestine healing of lymphoma. - -
3/10/2011 - West Virginia
Zezima, Kim diagnosed with stage 4 cancer ( with 4 tumors behind her sternum) attended RHEMA Healing School 3 weeks after after her January 2007 prognosis.  "'The Holy Spirit touched me. I knew that was it...I felt nothing, but I knew I was healed.'  Confirmation came from the doctors a week later."  Focus on Healing editorial in 7/2008 The Word of Faith magazine. 


Greg Anderson, survivor of lung cancer  About Us - - 
Community services in Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Free meals delivered to your home -
Cordeau, David  Cancer is illegal.  Nobody should die prematurely with disease per 6/27/2007 broadcast.
Hayes, Norvel How to Live and NOT Die Cleveland, Tennessee, USA - Chapter 19
Face to Face with Total Victory
   One can defy cancer and pray, "In Jesus' name, cancer
(or whatever other mountain there is in your life), you'll never kill me.  I'm talking to you. 
I'm telling you now, get out of my body, my life. 
Disappear now! Get totally out!  You'll have NO part of me, because Jesus is my Healer."
Hickey, Marilyn & Sarah -  - 2014 DOD -  J P Jackson - Cancer has evil behind it. - 2/18/2012 - Whatever you tolerate you cannot expel.  Only allow on earth, what is in heaven.  Authority is the lawful right to act like God, in Jesus' behalf. 
Mjorud, Herbert - Fighting Cancer with Christ - Mjorud had an ongoing battle with cancer due to filariasis worms he picked up in his successful & sought after healing ministry.
Walker, Dennis - Catching the Initiatives of Heaven - The Key to Accessing the Power of Heaven for Every Need on Earth - - Chapter 2  - 5 Steps to Walking in the Initiatives - section Cancer Healed after God Reveals Secrets - "I spoke, NOT to the man, but TO the cancer and said, 'I command you to go, in Jesus' name."  (Yes, the cancer did obey.)


Bee Venom -,content.true,css.print/science.aspx 2013

Buttar, Dr. Rashid A. -
Read full on-line - Spiritual warning.  Be sure all meditation is Bible based.  One may also be interested in: video


conventional CANCER RESOURCES per 7/27/2004 WSJ +
+ + + + + + + +
Cancer web sites per 6/15/2005 WSJ

Association for Cancer Online Resources -
Drugs that act like 'guided missiles' in cancer treatment 7/18/2012
Enzyme FerT - 10/29/2017 -
An enzyme normally found only in sperm cells is the same one that enables cancer cells to metastasize throughout the body, according to an Israeli researcher who has devised a synthetic compound to disable the enzyme.
When cancer cells metastasize (leave the primary tumor and spread to other organs), they must improvise to survive and flourish under harsh conditions such as a shortage of basic nutrients like glucose. One way they do this is by reprogramming their energy-generation system, said Prof. Uri Nir of Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan.
Nir and his team identified an enzyme called FerT in the energy-generating mitochondria of metastatic cancer cells. When they targeted FerT in lab mice, the malignant cells were sapped of energy and soon died.  When the scientists searched for a similar enzyme in the mitochondria of other body cells, they found it only in sperm cells...
'We found that very aggressive metastatic cancer cells looked for and identified this sperm-specific protein, learned how to produce it and harnessed it in order to potentiate their mitochondria and produce energy under very harsh conditions,' Nir explained. 
Using advanced chemical and robotic approaches, Nir’s lab team developed a synthetic compound, E260, which can be administered orally or by injection.
When introduced into metastatic cells in culture or mice with metastatic tumor, E260 enters the mitochondria and binds with the enzyme FerT, inhibiting its activity and causing a complete collapse of the entire mitochondria 'power station.'
Nir said that metastatic cancer cells actually attempt to decompose and rebuild damaged mitochondria but expend a fatal amount of energy in the process.
'We have treated mice with metastatic cancer and this compound completely cured them with no adverse or toxic affect that we can see. We have also checked several normal cells and they are not affected,' reported Nir."
Exablate Neuro - Therapeutic Ultrasound - Insightec. 4/18/2016 - "Guided by magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, they focused multiple ultrasonic beams of acoustic energy to heat and destroy target cells in the patient’s" (organ such as the thalamus). - "In Europe, Exablate is CE approved for treating essential tremor, tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease, neuropathic pain, bone metastasis, primary bone tumors, uterine fibroids and adenomyosis. CE approval for prostate cancer indications could be granted within the coming year, says Vortman...
In the United States, Exablate is approved for alleviating pain from cancerous bone tumors and for removing uterine fibroids. Exablate Neuro is under FDA review for treatment of essential tremor...
In the brain, our strategy was to start with addressing diseases of the central nervous system such as essential tremor, tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease and neuropathic pain,” says Vortman. 
“We intend to add to this advanced Parkinson’s and hopefully epilepsy. The 2nd part will be brain tumors."
Gene Silencing - - “'We verified this model through experimentations conducted on 300 synthetic regulatory sequences in bacteria, and it led us to establish this new concept,' said Amit. 'We now believe that this mechanism evolved as an effective mechanism for genetic silencing'...
During research on direct protein function, the team discovered that there were other factors that seemed to prevent gene expression via physical concealment, that is, through a protein that prevents the interaction between the gene and the factor attempting to activate it.  'The concealing protein can be thought of as a tall man sitting in front of you in the cinema,' said Amit. 'Another analogy is that of a solar eclipse.
In fact, this can be described as a kind of genetic eclipse where some proteins settle on a DNA segment at a point on the gene which conceals the factor that is supposed to activate it, effectively suppressing the gene'...
The team will expand to 5 research groups working together to decipher the principle regulatory codes of bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells and flies, in an effort to further understand physical gene suppression, and how it can be applied in humans to prevent disease.  'The regulatory code is a type of programming language through which the genome is able to control gene expression in terms of location, timing and intensity,' said Amit. 'The study will make use of innovative DNA printing technologies in order to rewrite the code and examine the output of synthetic applications in living cells.' 
The researchers hope to decipher the genomic syntax of living cells by writing 10's of 1,000's of synthetic control sequences.”
Genes that cause some breast and colorectal cancers have been identified. Published online 9/7/2006 in Science per 9/8/2006 .  Cancer is not 1 disease, but 100's of diseases.  Tumors of the same organs may have only 5 genes in common.
Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention
HIV peptide packs a punch for cancer treatment 8/15/2012
Immunotherapy -
6/4/2018 - "Doctors at the National Institutes of Health say they've apparently completely eradicated cancer from a patient who had untreatable, advanced breast cancer...Rosenberg's team painstakingly analyzes the DNA in a sample of each patient's cancer for mutations specific to their malignancies. Next, scientists sift through tumor tissue for immune system cells known as T cells that appear programmed to home in on those mutations...But Rosenberg and others caution that the approach doesn't work for everyone."  collaboration between science and alternative medicine -
InSightec’s MR Guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) one of the 50 best inventions of the year (2011)“Magnetic-resonance-imaging (MRI) and ultrasound technologies
Israel - The nose that can smell cancer goes commercial - 2/2013 - Israeli ice device destroys breast tumors 2/2014
'Pharmacological Trojan Horse' for chemo resistant cancer cells - 6/2014
ITCs - Induction of Phase 2 Antioxidant Enzymes by Broccoli Sulforaphane ... -
Chop (before cooking) or chew your (raw) vegetables well and slowly.
ITCs (Isothiocyanates) - Spices and perfumes – driving forces of humans - "ITCs or mustard oils are generated when tissues of (the raw unheated) Cruciferarae (vegetable family - cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli) are wounded or chewed, mixes the enzyme myrosinase with glucosinolates, hydrolytic release of ITC with biting taste."
ITCs - Treatments for fatigue
Kuten, Abraham - 8/10/2010 -
Lakhovsky, Georges - - "In 1925, Georges Lakhovsky published a paper with the explicit title of Curing Cancer with Ultra Radio Frequencies in Radio News.  His expressed philosophy was that 'the amplitude of cell oscillations must reach a certain value, in order that the organism be strong enough to repulse the destructive vibrations from certain microbes.' He goes on to say, 'The remedy in my opinion, is not to kill the microbes in contact with the healthy cells but to reinforce the oscillations of the cell either directly by reinforcing the radio activity of the blood or in producing on the cells a direct action by means of the proper rays.' Lakhovsky’s Radio-Cellulo-Oscillator (RCO) produced low frequency ELF all the way through gigahertz radio-waves with lots of 'extremely short harmonics.' He favored such a wide bandwidth device so that, 'The cells with very weak vibrations, when placed in the field of multiple vibrations, finds its own frequency and starts again to oscillate normally through the phenomenon of resonance.' As a result, Lakhovsky’s RCO is now more often called MWO (multiple wave oscillator) for these reasons. The MWO uses a Tesla coil and special antenna with concentric rings that induce multiple sparks between them."  (Smith Wigglesworth recognized each disease by its vibration.)
Leukemia -
Lectin from Seaweed - - may clause cancer clumping. 
Caution if have gluten allergy. -
"Algal lectins have been found to be effective in the prevention of the onset of early-stage colon cancer."
Magnetic-Resonance-Guided Focused Ultrasound Effectively Treats Bone Metastases Without Radiation By Chris Berrie VIENNA -
2/28/2018 - "Magnetic-resonance-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) is non-inferior."
Metformin RX -
- "Cancer cells have metabolic characteristics different from normal cells, making them vulnerable to metabolic manipulation (as opposed to chemotherapy’s imprecise, wholesale poisoning of all body tissues).69 So in cancer cells, AMPK activation triggers a unique cascade of molecular events that collaborate to suppress cancers.67,70 AMPK activation suppresses cancer cell proliferation; it does this by blocking the gene expression of specific cancer-promoting proteins.30,66 AMPK activation also breaks a critical link between obesity and postmenopausal breast cancer by blocking estrogen production within the breast tissue.21 
Laboratory studies have now demonstrated that metformin’s AMPK activation, and reduction of IGF, can suppress development and growth of cancer cells from breast, ovary, pancreas, and many other tissues.45,62,71,72 One of the most heartening findings has been the effectiveness of metformin against even some of the most aggressive forms of breast cancers, which disproportionately affect younger women."23,66
[Metformin off label (anti-diabetic) drug is a fairly safe (cancer or anti-aging inexpensive) medication.]
Metformin - - The (fairly safe plus inexpensive) metabolic “drug, metformin, is already widely prescribed to decrease the glucose in the blood of diabetics (76.9 million metformin prescriptions were filled in the United States in 2014). In the years ahead, it’s likely to be used to treat or at least to prevent some cancers. Because metformin can influence a number of metabolic pathways, the precise mechanism by which it achieves its anticancer effects remains a source of debate... Numerous epidemiological studies have been striking. Diabetics taking metformin seem to be significantly less likely to develop cancer than diabetics who don’t and significantly less likely to die from the disease when they do…
Near the end of his life, Dr. Otto Warburg grew obsessed with his diet. He believed that most cancer was preventable & thought that chemicals added to food and used in agriculture could cause tumors by interfering with respiration. He stopped eating bread unless it was baked in his own home. He would drink milk only if it came from a special herd of cows, and used a centrifuge at his lab to make his cream and butter…
The insulin hypothesis can be traced to the research of Lewis Cantley, the director of the Meyer Cancer Center at Weill Cornell Medical College. In the 1980s, Cantley discovered how insulin, which is released by the pancreas and tells cells to take up glucose, influences what happens inside a cell. Cantley now refers to insulin and a closely related hormone, IGF-1 (insulinlike growth factor 1), as 'the champion' activators of metabolic proteins linked to cancer. He’s beginning to see evidence, he says, that in some cases, 'it really is insulin itself that’s getting the tumor started.' One way to think about the Warburg effect, says Cantley, is as the insulin, or IGF-1, signaling pathway 'gone awry — it’s cells behaving as though insulin were telling it to take up glucose all the time and to grow.' Cantley, who avoids eating sugar as much as he can, is currently studying the effects of diet on mice that have the mutations that are commonly found in colorectal and other cancers. He says that the effects of a sugary diet on colorectal, breast and other cancer models 'looks very impressive' & 'rather scary.'  Elevated insulin is also strongly associated with obesity…
Watson takes metformin for cancer prevention; among its many effects, metformin works to lower insulin levels”
Morse, Michael - Free trails with vaccines for cancer
Nano Medicine - - click onto robot bug to start video 1/26/2011
New drugs will now piggypack on antibodies 6/25/03 Marketplace, Wall Street Journal
OTC (over the counter) medication Tagamet (cimetidine) may slow or halt tumor growth, prevent cancer metastasis
(spread), especially for colon &/or stomach cancer, since medication is used to relieve ulcers, heartburn, acid indigestion
& sour stomach.  It appears to block histamine immunosuppressive effects, inhibit suppressor T-cell activity,
increase tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes & boost blood lymphocytes peripheral activity.
It is not approved by the FDA for cancer remediation. (It is an OTC medicine because its patent expired.
Because it is a drug, there can be side effects.  Read package insert.)  5/2007
2-onco-genes-anti-onco-genes - -
Tumor Viruses: (A) RNA (Retro - adult leukemia T cells) or (B) DNA (Hepatitis B - liver cancer, SV40 & Poly-omavirus,
Papill-omavirus - cervical cancer, Aden-omavirus, Herpes-virus, Pox-virus)
2 Oncogenes Antioncogenes Pdf [Full DOWNLOAD]
Pets have been known to warn their caretakers about danger. 
Now it has been proven that dogs can be trained to recognize the smell of certain cancers.
Proton - -
Therapy - - Targets specific tumors only.

Radiation - Cancelling cancer cells with new radiation Israel 12/2012

Real Imaging -
8/25/15 @
Seyfried, Thomas N. - - Professor recommends an emphasis on fasting. - Cancer as a Metabolic Disease- Impaired Mitochondrial Function and Tumorigenesis - text book & talk "Our research program focuses on mechanisms by which metabolic therapy manages chronic diseases such as epilepsy, neurodegenerative lipid storage diseases, and cancer. The metabolic therapies include caloric restriction, fasting, and ketogenic diets.
Our approach is based on the idea that compensatory metabolic pathways are capable of modifying the pathogenesis of complex diseases. Global shifts in metabolic environment can neutralize molecular pathology. In the case of cancer, these therapies target and kill tumor cells while enhancing the physiological health of normal cells. The neurochemical and genetic mechanisms of these phenomena are under investigation in novel animal models and include the processes of inflammation, cellular physiology, angiogenesis, and lipid biochemistry."
Silver, Matt - Gastric Cancers Differ According to Helicobacter pylori Status - -
1/19/2015 - "
H pylori-negative patients show more aggressive features & poorer prognosis, researchers said
here at the 2015 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium (ASCO-GI). 
There’s still debate about the features of gastric cancer according to type of H pylori infection."
Tullio Simoncini - - "Simoncini is a specialist in oncology (treatment of tumors), diabetes and metabolic disorders" who says that, "Cancer is a fungus caused by Candida, a yeast-like organism that lives in the body in small amounts even in healthy people. The immune system keeps it under control normally, but when the Candida morphs into a powerful fungus some serious health problems can follow, including cancer."  (One of the anti-candida helps is baking soda called sodium bicarbonate .)

Skloot, Rebecca - The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Another non-fiction horror story of patient abuse for the so-called
better benefit of humankind.  HeLa cells did prove to become the original blueprint of cancer reproduction,
but without patient consent or benefit.  Those cells were and are colored/black/negro cells. Another contribution to mankind. -

South Florida Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant Institute -
Dr. Maharaj's institute provides patient's own bone marrow stem cell treatment at home.  7/2010 -
10/8/2004 Critical Care Journal cites dangers of infections due to hospilitizations.
Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack) roots may help impotency, malaria, A-549 lung cancer & MCF-7 breast cancer
per Ray Sahelian MD author of Natural Sex Boosters & Mind Boosters
Side effects include insomnia, increased body temperature, restlessness & impatience. www.raysahelian.vom/tongkat_ali.html
Tumor "stem cells" seem to be the key to spreading cancer per Wall St Journal Science Friday 2/27/2004. 
New drugs attack all cancer cells.
You can personalize what chemotherapy drugs work best  for your cancer treatment.
CSRAs (chemo sensitivity and resistance assays) test drugs against tumor samples. 9/14/2004 + +

Terms/Definitions/Insights -

13 triterpenoids (including 3 newly discovered) in red delicious apple peel help inhibit abnormal cell proliferation
in cultured liver, breast and
colon cancer cell lines, per Xiangjiu He and Rui Hai Liu of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.
5/30/2007 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry per 7/6/2007 
Try organic rather than conventional apples.  Peel and/or wash well.
vaccine that can kill cancer

Unique Ideas

Bone Cancer - -
While herbs like graviola and Una De Gato may have value for cancer the best value for me by far over 12 years has been by Avemar with reduced Vitamin C by using methods like aspirin or decaf coffee. Avemar by this (external) method recently removed a tumor from my foot which is Stage IV cancer. Cancer in bone 'is considered to be unsolvable'. Side effects from the other herbs try as I might were nowhere near the value of Avemar."
Buttar, Dr. Rashid A - -

Patented ideas (secular)* needing funding includes
@ (keep scrolling down to c photos & thus girl’s invention) 
*Secular funding is that $ amount in excess of 10% tithe to G-d’s work. - Tamir tried a variety of alternative healing methods, including ridding his body of toxins such as sugar, tackling all emotional stress, a hyperthermia immune therapy in Bavaria, and mind-training techniques. With this combination, he has managed to put his cancer in remission…(Thanks, Lord.)
Infimer Technologies, founded in 2013, developed a patented process to remove the minerals from household waste and turn the remaining polymers and cellulose material into a new thermoplastic material…
Infimer is a unique technology that creates a completely new thermoplastic material from many different materials in municipal waste and does not require separating them into different waste streams…
Infimer USA, in Ohio, is the exclusive US licensee for Infimer’s groundbreaking technology. 3/2017


Hakeem Collins & Naim Collins 12/3/2017 - + (edited) - NAIM: It was like having this conversation between my senses, my actual senses and saying, somebody might have died in here. But what the Holy Spirit was revealing to me was that there was something in her that was dying, that she was dying from a terminal illness. As I was praying to the Lord, he revealed that it was cancer.  This particular cancer wasn't just a regular cancer. It was a bloodline cancer...
something generational. I had to pray for her. I was praying for her, I couldn't break it. I couldn't break through. I tried to prophesy; it didn't break through. So the Holy Spirit said, "There is something her family that was a door that opened up for cancer to be in that entire generation." What she received was an inheritance of cancer, generational, that needed to be broken...I had to then ask her, "Listen, I need you to begin to stand in the gap for whoever opened up the door in your  family for this cancer that wreaked havoc." The Lord began to reveal; it was her grandmother who went through some abuse...There was some strife there from that abusive relationship.
Once she repented, stood in the gap for her grandmother and prayed for the: abuse, unforgiveness, strife...that sense of smell of the rotten eggs or that sewer smell broke. Literally that's when I began to smell the presence of the Lord.
NAIM: Yes. Later on, Sid, I got an email from the relative of the lady that I prayed for in the meeting. She said, "You didn't know actually that she was dealing with stage 4 cancer, and what you sensed by the Holy Spirit was on point." She said, "I just wanted to let you know that the doctor confirmed that she was totally healed." They could not find it. It wasn't in remission...2 other opinions confirmed that cancer was totally eradicated and destroyed out of her life.
Goll, James 6/24/2018 - +
JAMES:  Oral Roberts
laid his hands upon me and declared over me, before he went to Heaven. I knew that I was going to be the last person that he would pray for. He said over me: "I eradicate every cancer cell in your body. I command it to never come back again."   I declare over you, any of you who are watching (reading/listening) right now, as freely as I receive, you shall receive. I declare cancer, you leave and you will never return again for Jesus Christ's sake and for the Glory of His name.

Stone, Fred - - Father of Perry Stone -
This was in Shelbianna, Kentucky Sid we were in revival and we were knocking on every door on this coalfield territory another young minister and I. We came up on a black tar paper shack that’s all it was; it was about a 12 by 16 one big room and just colored with tar the very height of poverty. When we knocked on the door there was a terrible odor that came out the door that you couldn’t help but you know breath. We knew that something was seriously wrong. The lady said “We gave the invitation to church.”
The lady said “I’ve been called to come up and stay with my sister; they say that she’s going to be dead within the next 2-3 weeks she’s dying with cancer.” So I asked, “Could we come in and have prayer we believe in praying for the sick” and she invited us in. I walked in and walked to my right.  There lying on the cot was her sister. The right side of her face had a hideous black cancer in a circle up around her eye even part of her nose off all the way down to the ear and down to the lower jaw. You could see the roots of her teeth and the odor; the terrible odor was there. We witnessed to her and told her about healing what God could do and anointed her with oil and prayed and cursed the cancer. I’ll never forget that I cursed the germ of cancer. William Branham a great Baptist Spirit Filled Holy Ghost man had said that cancer was caused by germs. So I just believed it I just believed what the man said and I cursed the germ line for the cancer and commanded it to leave her body. We left. 2 days later a woman comes to the church and asked to testify.  I had her to stand.  She said you know Aunt so and so that lives up this hollow; she said that I heard that she had been healed. I quite going to see her I couldn’t stand the odor I go in and it’d make me sick. She said “I went into see for myself. I just come from there. The right side of her face that was eaten off of cancer has brand new skin, it looks like a new born baby skin. The rest of her just looks like her but said that that place was healed.  It’s like a new born baby’s skin.
They don’t know who did it or what happened. Of course we didn’t do anything Brother other than prayer. But they didn’t know that it was 2 preachers; they said that there was 2 doctors that come by that one tall black headed skinny and the other one fat and prayed, or did something.  They said they anointed her with something and whatever it was she’s got healing.
She was desperate...ready to believe God.  She only needed somebody to pray a prayer of faith & the healing came.

Sumrall, Lester - Don't Quit 1996 VBI - good - @ word3out -
Cancer is a PEST, to be RUBEKED, in Jesus' name.
Woodworth-Etter, Maria - abridged edition -
Chapter 48 Angelic Music - "We prayed and laid hands on her, 'in the name of Jesus'
(according to Acts 16:18) and commanded the cancer demons and all the power of Satan to come out (and stay out)."
Of interest may be - or


Aspartame poisoning NO diet sodas! -
Federal Guidelines @ or
Food pollutants @
Yew - CAUTION: "Seeds and foliage of all yew species are extremely poisonous. 
People have died from eating seeds or drinking tea made from leaves."
(Nonetheless, with full disclosure & caution, most all alternative therapy can work well with minimal side effects.)

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