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Camel Milk - 9/8/2016 - tastes just like cow milk +
"The reason raw camel milk is ironically more widely available is because camels have feet rather than hooves like cows, goats, and sheep. This unique biological feature makes raw milk from these creatures legal for shipping anywhere in the United States, Canada, the UK or the European Union. In other words, animals with feet are exempt from regulations prohibiting the shipping of raw milk across state lines or within countries unfriendly to raw milk like Canada...The United Nations has even hailed the nutritional value of camel milk...
Camel milk is much lower in fat than cow or goat milk. 50% lower in fact...
Not adding additional cream would make camel milk formula too low in fat in comparison with breast milk....

Camel milk is high in GABA, a calming amino acid...
Camel milk contains over 200 different proteins...
If you would like to try some camel milk for yourself or to make homemade baby formula, click here if you live in the US or Canada. If you live in the UK or EU, click here."

Higgins, Kathleen  The Nursing Mother's Companion
Higgins, Kathleen and Ziedrich, Linda  The Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning  Just a sampling among many books.

Human Milk Banking Association of North America the ingenuity of one woman

La Leche League International, Schamburg, Illinois, USA 1-847-519-9585 (check phone book for local leagues)
International organization to help moms breast feed.  Excellent resource.

Moringa - – 2009 Discovery Channel - Documentary of Moringa Oleifera -
Moringa - Documentary #1 - #2
The term given an herb or food that increases the flow or production of breast milk is galactogogue.
Moringa act as galactogogues
and increases the flow or production of breast milk... Moringa Leaves are incomparable source of the sulphur-containing amino acids methionine & cystine, which are often in short supply...
It's very important for the newborn to get vital nutrients such as good fats (DHA & EPA) for brain development,
immune system protectors, digestible protein (including) the amino acids argenine and histidine"
Moringa - 2011 – Filipino delight
Moringa - - Spanish - hydroponics farming -
Moringa - -
Moringa - (water filtration/purification) #1 - #2 - 

(UMP) uridine-5'-mono-phosphate is a phosphatide building block of RNA-DNA that is critical
to optimal brain function and the health of neuronal cell membranes.  
It is naturally found in the milk of nursing mothers

It appears to be essential (1) for the growth and development of infant brains, & (2) for healthy cognitive function in aging adults. 
(UMP) uridine-5'-mono-phosphate (disodium) can be purchased as a supplement for adult use.  2/2007 

Improving Infant Nutrition

Goat Milk - State Threatens to Take Baby over Homemade Goat Milk Formula

Infant learning
- Lee, Dr John R + Hopkins,Virginia  What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Menopause Chapter 8
Sex Hormones & the Brain share that natural progesterone greatly improves intelligence of offspring when consumed by mother during last trimester + remind us that spina bifida can be prevented by adequate doses of folic acid, a B vitamin. [Vitamin B9 is known as folate (naturally-occurring form of B9) or folic acid (a synthetic form)]  Authors go on to advise us to add natural progesterone for any brain injury.
Mom, consider taking a daily small dose multi B vitamin, deactivated yeast flakes, fish, meat, egg yolk or equivalent to supply sufficient folic acid... Authors prefer cream to supplements... Consider organic unpasteurized cream from Jersey cows or goat has added benefits.)  Colorado residents: + + + + (edited) - "The Milk of Human Kindness Is Not Pasteurized by maverick physician William Campbell Douglass, MD was 1 of the most influential books I have ever read...
Raw & cultured dairy products from healthy grass-fed cows are 1 of the healthiest foods people have ever eaten... Sally would say to me, 'You know we have the wrong cows here'...

The milk solid part is composed of many different proteins which have their own names, lactose, & other sugars.
It is the protein part of the solid we’re interested in. 1 of these proteins is called casein, of which there are many different types, but the one casein we are interested is the predominant protein called beta-casein... 

As you may or may not know, all proteins are long chains of amino acids that have many 'branches' coming off different parts of the main chain. Beta casein is a 229 chain of amino acids with a proline at number 67.  At least the proline is there in 'old- fashioned' cows. These cows with proline at number 67 are called A2 cows & are the older breeds of cows (e.g. Jerseys, Asian & African cows)...
Some 5,000 years ago, a mutation occurred in this proline amino acid, converting it to histidine.
Cows that have this mutated beta casein are called A1
cows, and include breeds like Holstein. 
The side chain that comes off this amino acid is called BCM 7. BCM 7 is a small protein (called a peptide) that is a very powerful opiate and has some undesirable effects on animals and humans...
What’s important here is that proline has a strong bond to BCM 7 which helps keep it from getting into the milk, so that essentially no BCM 7 is found in the urine, blood or GI tract of old-fashioned A2 cows.
On the other hand, histidine, the mutated protein, only weakly holds on to BCM 7, so it is liberated in the GI tract of animals & humans who drink A1 cow milk, & it is found in significant quantity in the blood & urine of these animals... 

This opiate BCM 7 has been shown in the research outlined in the book to cause (contribute to/trigger/aggrivate) neurological impairment in animals &/or people exposed to it, especially emotional/psychiatric/mental (autistic & schizophrenic) changes. BCM 7 interferes with the immune response, & injecting BCM 7 in animal models has been shown to provoke Type 1 diabetes. Dr. Woodford presents research showing a direct correlation between a population’s exposure to A1 cow’s milk and incidence of auto-immune disease, heart disease (BCM 7 has a pro-inflammatory effect on the blood vessels), type 1 diabetes, autism, & schizophrenia.
What really caught my eye is that BCM 7 selectively binds to the epithelial cells in the mucus membranes (i.e. the nose) & stimulates mucus secretion... 

For reasons which are unclear historically, once this mutation occurred many thousand years ago, the A1 beta casein gene spread rapidly in many countries in the western world. Some have speculated that the reason for this wide spread of A1 cows is that the calves drinking A1 cows milk & exposed to the opiate BCM7 are more docile than their traditional brethren [in effect, they were stoned.

(Psychiatrist Abraham Hoffer would concur. ) This is speculation... But what is true is that] basically all American dairy cows have this mutated beta-casein & are predominantly A1 cows...

The amazing thing for me is that all these years Sally was right: It’s not the fat, it’s not the whey, & it’s not raw milk. Consider French cheese.  Most... French never accepted these A1 breeds of cow, claiming they have lousy milk. Voila, they have good milk & cheese. Our issue in America is that we have the wrong cows.
When you take A1 cow milk away, & stimulate our own endorphins instead of the toxic opiate of BCM 7, some amazing health benefits ensue... So what are we all to do with this?
Does this mean no one should drink US raw cow’s milk? One saving grace, as expressed in The Devil in the Milk, is that the absorption of BCM 7 is much less in people with a healthy GI tract.
This also parallels the ideas of GAPS theory which talks a lot about this.
BCM 7 is also not found in goat’s or sheep’s milk, so these types of milk might be better tolerated... 

1 final point: we now have one more thing to put on our activism to-do list.
Dr. Woodford explains that it is fairly straightforward to switch a herd to become an all A2 herd.
No genetic engineering is needed, no fancy tests, just 1 simple test of the Beta-casein & it can be done.
Hopefully, when this becomes widespread we will end up with a truly safe & healthy milk supply.

- (Consider garnishing baby food with Moringa powder.)

Omega 3 - Infant learning -
The pregnant and nursing mother can improve her child's IQ by supplementation/intake of omega 3 fatty acids, especially docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

For each increase in maternal daily intake of 100mg cod liver oil, the child cognitive ability increases by .13 points. 
A daily supplement of 4.5 grams DHA may increase the IQ by 6 points.
DHA and arachidonic acid are 2 fatty acids vital for development of child's: brain, central nervous center & retina,
especially during last pregnancy trimester & 1st months after birth. 7/2006 
[Fermented oil, especially for lactating mothers, may be superior to conventional oil, regarding nutrition.
However one needs to always refrigerate any opened oil. 
Green Pasture has a good track record when it comes to fermented oils
Peptides Instead of Gelatin in Homemade Baby Formula?

Take SESAME SEED OIL (in infant formulas &/or as medicine). 
20 drops a day of
(raw organic) sesame oil doubles the red blood platelet count in 3-4 weeks
Burtis, C Edward  Nature's Miracle Medicine Chest  Arco publishing
Sesame can be estrogenic, so preferable for females. -

Substitute home-made organic fruit &/or vegetables blended/juiced for store bought. 
One can freeze in individual portions, even using ice cube trays or recycled baby jars.


China - Ten Years After the Melamine Milk Scandal in China, Parents Still Don’t Trust Local Baby Formula

Marijuana "interferes with the hormone prolactin...produced in the brain & signals the breast to produce milk." 
Colborn, Dumanoski, Meyers Our Stolen Future  Say NO to Soybean formula for your sons.
Soybeans may feminize your sons.  Most soybeans are genetically modified.  Very dangerous.