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Amla fruit @ Natural product therapy for Breast Cancer: Amla extract (Emblica officinalis) increases the levels of tumor suppressor p53, inhibits the proliferation of tumor-initiating cells in breast cancer, suppresses the progression of metastatic breast cancer, and supports tumor relapse-free survival in breast cancer patients, 31/October/2015, 6.45 am (
Amla (Phyllanthus emblica or Indian Gooseberry) @ - Oil may help reduce skin cancer & pain.
"Emblica officinalis has the capacity to prevent the onset of some, but not all cancers, depending on the initiator."
Amla @ 30 Amla Fruit (Indian Gooseberry) Benefits and 1 Bad Effect – Superfoodly - "Low concentrations of amla fruit extract (25 & 50 microg/mL) decreased the invasiveness of these breast cancer cells in a lab."
Apricot seeds - + Testimony @ ALERT. 
Please proceed with caution, as protocol is toxic like chemotherapy & has toxic side effects that need orthomolecular oversight &/or product familiarity/informed consent.

Avocado seeds @ - 8/14/2019 -The plant toxin persin is present in high concentrations in both avocado seeds & leaves. Persin is known to cause toxic effects & possibly even death in a variety of animals including cattle, horses, sheep, goats, mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs & certain birds, according to the Merck Veterinary Manual. Given these effects in animals, what could persin potentially do to people?  To date, possible toxic effects of persin have not been studied in humans. However, laboratory studies have shown that persin induces cell death in breast cancer & ovarian cancer cell lines, as reported in the December 2013 issue of the British Journal of Cancer & the June 2016 issue of Investigational New Drugs, respectively.

Artemesinin @ - 12/12/2013 - "Artemisinin was able to selectively target ‘bad’ cells & leave ‘good’ cells alone...
Iron accumulates in cancerous cells due to special receptors that help them in cell division, called transferrin receptors.
Normal cells likely have these receptors as well, but cancerous cells have them in greater abundance,
& thus can be targeted by the iron-artemisinin combination, like a 1-2 punch...
There have been many experiments now that prove this sweet wormwood (artemesinin) derivative can effectively eradicate disease in the presence of iron.
The extract has been used for thousands of years in China to treat malaria. 
The malaria parasite cannot live in the presence of artemisinin because they are iron-rich, but the treatment works just as well for cancerous cells. Bioengineers Henry Lai & Narendra Singh, Washington University, Seattle were scientists who initially made this discovery, an example of a natural herb causing cancerous cell apoptosis." + +
Bee Venom @
(Some bee venom creams are available, but only 1 dab to 1 spot should be applied with such as a wooden popsicle stick.  Breast is a very sensitive area.)
Black Seed - Nigella Sativa: Black Seeds, Black Cumin or Kalonji is an annual flowering plant in the family of Ranunculaceae. @ Black Cumin is Breast Cancer's Worse Enemy - YOUR 1 STOP CENTER ( - "Nigella Sativa shows promising signs in treating breast cancer.
It doesn't matter in which stage you are struggling, its TQ compound & different extract like supercritical-CO2, aqueous & other alcoholic extracts, create a mechanism which treats breast cancer effectively."
(This too can be too strong externally or internally for sensative individuals.)
Breast cancer may be thwarted by taking once a month fresh red pomegranate seeds or once a day 1 tablespoon of refrigerated pomegranate juice concentrate. Health food stores may carry diluted pomegranate juice.  A new popular drink is called POM, of which pomegranate is 1 of contents. Pomegranates contain safe estrogen called estrone.  The pomegranate seed oil destroys estrogen-dependent cancer cells. 
Breast cancer may be prevented by taking fresh pomegranate each day. 
It may reduce mammary cancer by 47%. Pomegranates contain a polyphenol group called punicalagins which interfere with growth factors needed to propagate cancer cells.  Summer2006/Winter2007
Broccoli compound sulforaphane & other cruciferous vegetables may block late state breast cancer cell growth per Journal of Nutrition per 2/2005 Life Extension magazine.
Broccoli sprouts @ - "An anti-cancer compound (I3C) found in broccoli (especially sprouts) & cabbage works by lowering the activity of an enzyme associated with rapidly advancing breast cancer...
Indole-3-carbinol (I3C) stops cell growth.
Elastase is an enzyme that shortens a cellular chemical, cyclin E, that is involved in controlling the cell cycle.
The shortened version of cyclin E accelerates the cell cycle, making cancer cells proliferate faster.
Firestone showed that I3C prevents the elastase shortening of cyclin E, thereby arresting development of breast cancer cells...
Indole-3-carbinol interferes with more than cell proliferation.
It also disrupts the migration & alters adhesion properties of cancer cells, as well as counteracts the survival ability of cancer cells, all of which are implicated in cancer cell growth.
'To have such broad downstream effects, I3C must act at the beginning of a major cellular pathway',
Firestone said..
.                                          Bjeldanes noted that I3C is available as a supplement & is a preferred preventative treatment for recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, a condition involving non-malignant tumors of the larynx...                            I3C is only 1 of many plant-derived chemicals, called phyto-chemicals, that Firestone is investigating in his lab as potential anti-cancer agents.
Among them is the anti-malarial drug (herb) artemisinin. Last month, the Journal of Biological Chemistry accepted a paper by Firestone & his colleagues showing that artemisinin blocks prostate cancer cell growth by interfering with the same intracellular pathway as does I3C.
This pathway involves the transcription factor SP1, which latches onto other genes to boost their activity."
Citrus Pectin @ Modified Citrus Pectin from Dried Pulp of Citrus Fruit.  Inner white peel for example.
CoQ10 can selectively kill cancer cells without side effects + increase the effect of tamoxifen drug treatment for breast cancer per 2/2006 Life Extension magazine. 
More efficiency is obtained with addition of niacin & riboflavin.
Day, Dr Lorraine - -
DIM or diindolylmethane from raw cruciferous vegetables is recommended by Ask the Doctor - DIM with I3C (indole-3-carbinol mostly from vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, mustard, kale, cauliflower) block estrogen & work against breast cancer. 
Phytochemical genistein (from soybeans) enhances I3C.
Resveratrol, a polyphenol in wine, grapes, peanuts & mulberries, work against prostate cancer.
ECGC from green tea reduces cancer-enhancing enzymes. 1/2004 Life Extension
DIM @ DIM — The Powerhouse Phytonutrient for Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment - Dr. Isaac Eliaz (
Estrogen hormone - The “Unimportant” Molecule That May Help Cure Cancer -
(Feminine) "estrogens and (masculine) androgens are steroid hormones...
2-methoxy-estradiol (estrogen) isn’t inactive, as the 'experts' once assumed.1  
In fact, it’s one of the most potent anti-carcinogenic estrogen metabolites.
This metabolite is formed from the hydroxy-lation of 17β-estradiol followed by O-methylation in the liver.2,3...

In the laboratory, 2-methoxyestradiol shows promise against prostate, breast, pancreatic, gastric & ovarian cancer cells... (As a drug) 2-methoxy-estradiol is not yet available. For now, ensuring optimal intake of methyl groups (from healthy foods like green vegetables, citrus fruits & nuts + dietary supplements like SAMe, MSM & B vitamins, especially methyl-cobalamin form of B12 & methyl-folate form of folic acid) may help ensure that adequate methyl groups are available for the methylation of estrogens to 2-methoxyestradiol." -
Flax &/or Sesame Seed @ Eat more sesame (til) seeds to reduce breast cancer risk | - "Apart from flaxseed, sesame seed has the highest amount of a particularly beneficial mammalian lingnan called sesamin, which has been a subject of many breast-cancer researches.
The lingnan is known to (help) reduce breast cancer risk & proven to curb the spread of cancer cells.
It also (helps to) prevent tumour growth by stopping cancer cells & tumours from developing their own blood supply."  (However use with CAUTION esp. if
being treated with prescription tamoxifen.  @ Sesame Seeds And Sesame Oil Have Different Effects On Breast Cancer For Different Women | Food for Breast Cancer )
Flax Seed @ The Effect of Flaxseed in Breast Cancer: A Literature Review - PMC ( 2/7/2018 -
"Ground flaxseed has an effective anticancer activity. "
Folic Acid - -
Levome-folic acid (INN) or metafolin is the natural, active form of folic acid used at cellular level for DNA reproduction, the cysteine cycle & the regulation of homocysteine among other functions.
un-methylated form, folic acid (vitamin B9), is found in leafy green vegetables...
Levome-folic acid has been proposed for treatment of cardiovascular disease
[1][2] & advanced cancers such as breast & colorectal cancers
Folic acid (also known as vitamin B9[1] or folacin) & folate (the naturally occurring form), as well as pteroyl-L-glutamic acid & pteroyl-L-glutamate, are forms of the water-soluble vitamin B9
Folic acid is itself not biologically active."

"Folinic acid (INN) or leucovorin (USAN), generally administered as calcium or sodium folinate (or leucovorin calcium/sodium), is an adjuvant used in cancer chemotherapy involving the drug methotrexate.[1]  It is also used in synergistic combination with the chemotherapy agent 5-fluorouracil."
Fucoidan from seaweed may block beast cancer growth per Dr Jean Teas, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. 
9 of 11 seaweeds tested at Kitasato University, Kanagawa, Japan could block tumor formation.
James E O'Brien's mini magazine
The Miracle of Nature's Healing Foods published Glove Communications Corp.
Ginger is an important herb to reduce inflammation, ulcers & excess 5-LOX breast cancer tumor enzyme.
Vol 8 # 8 The Doctor's Prescription for Healthy Living newsletter 
HERBS "Hormone treatments work by opposing the effects of the hormone that encourages the growth of the cancer. For example, some breast cancers are stimulated by the female sex hormone estrogen. Spread of the cancer may thus be limited by a medicament, such as tamoxifen that opposes the effects of estrogen."
Kelp [bladderwrack seaweed (fucus vesiculosus), wakame or kombu] may reduce blood level estradiol. 
Breast, ovarian & endometrial cancer may be estrogen-dependent.
Len & Joe Radio 3/8/2008 broadcast  WMA RM -
Breast cancer & infertility may be (for some) due to low progesterone at end of menstrual cycles.
Licorice -
Lutein in corn, kiwi fruit, grapes, spinach & eggs may reduce breast cancer.
Summer 2004 The Country Hen Farm News
Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) fruit "exocarp pigments, including xanthones (are) under study for potential anti-cancer effects on mouse mammary tissue...Without fumigation or irradiation as fresh fruit, mangosteens have...been illegal for importation...into US due to fears that they harbor the Asian fruit fly which would endanger U.S. crops. This situation, however, officially changed on 7/23/2007 when irradiated imports from Thailand were allowed upon USDA approval of irradiation, packing & shipping techniques.[16]"
Thus it is now available in USA's Store 88 groceries.  
Excessive consumption may result in "severe acidosis  Organic source of mangosteen.
Matcha TEA - -

"In research published in the journal Aging, a team from the Biomedical Research Centre at the University of Salford, used metabolic phenotyping on cell lines of breast  & found that matcha 'shifted  cells towards a quiescent metabolic state' & stopped their spread at a relatively low concentration (0.2 mg/ml).  They also found that the signaling pathways that promote cancer stem cells indicated that matcha 'strongly affected mTOR signals, weakening components of the 40S ribosome.'
This raised possibility that matcha could be used in place of chemical drugs such as rapamycin." 

[“Consuming too much of this potent antioxidant has been linked to decreased iron absorption, lead contamination, liver damage if taken with acetaminophen & to altered effectiveness of prescription medications...
These adverse effects may be 3x as likely to occur when drinking matcha as opposed to brewed green tea.”]
Mistletoe @ @ - 3 different types of products are used in Mistletoe Therapy (Viscum album): (use as tea)
  • Helixor® A from mistletoes, which grow on fir trees (Viscum album subspecies abietis)
  • Helixor® M from mistletoes which grow on deciduous trees, eg. apple trees (Viscum album subspecies album)
  • Helixor® P from mistletoes, which grow on pine trees (Viscum album subspecies austriacum )
    The pharmacological effects of whole plant extracts from mistletoe
    or bioactive substances isolated from them important for cancer therapy are:
    Immunomodulation (anti-tumor & anti-infectious effects)
  • Cytotoxic effects on tumor cells (anti-tumor effect)
  • Inhibition of angiogenesis (anti-tumor effect)
  • DNA stabilization (Helixor® A)
    (Seem to be currently applied via prescription injections rather than supplements.) (Current medical method is by injection.)
Montana Yew - Martha M Christy's The Pacific Yew Story 
Montana Yew
is source of Taxol in the drug Taxol for Breast Cancer. (Drug costs $l,757 per infusion per Wall St Journal 6/18/2003 
Hazel nuts
are being used as source of taxol per June 1996 Scientific American magazine.
Also look for hazelnut oil. Some health food stores have it as well as do some Asian grocery stores. 
Also look for hazelnut butter, used as peanut butter. 
Taxol seems to block the estrogen hormone implicated in accelerating breast cancer.
Melatonin decreases breast cancer per Japanese research.
See pg 8 The Melatonin Report B J Sahley, San Antonio, Texas, USA 1-800-699-CALM                   
Melatonin taken at night may decrease breast cancer, especially in darkened rooms. 
Women working night shifts have more exposure to light, may not benefit & may be more at risk for breast cancer.  Melatonin helps to regulate sleep-wake cycles.  It is also an antioxidant.  9/2006
Melatonin - Exposure to artificial light in industrialized nations may reduce melatonin levels & contribute to increased rates of breast cancer. Animal studies show that removal of the pineal gland, which secretes melatonin, can enhance tumor growth after exposure to carcinogens. 
One may want to consider both a low dose melatonin hormone & CQ-10.  Coenzyme Q-10 might be a good choice for use AFTER chemotherapy or radiation for preventing tumor recurrence.
Melatonin @ -
In addition to its cancer protective properties, (low dose) melatonin also has numerous beneficial actions on issues prevalent in aging women.
The decrease in melatonin levels near menopause & its cancer-protective & other actions suggest that supplementing nocturnal melatonin levels could improve quality of life (QOL) & sleep for menopausal women & reduce aging & their risks of breast & other cancers, cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, & diabetes (
3, 1724)." (Avoid high dose.)
Noni - from
Olive oil 12/21/2005 "Oleic acid: the monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid...predominates in (extra virgin) olive oil (&/or olives, especially fresh raw organic)",b1pTrCB7 per "Menendez JA, Vellon L, Colomer R, Lupu R. Oleic acid, the main monounsaturated fatty acid of olive oil (found in all grades of olive oil), suppresses Her-2/neu (erbB-2) expression and synergistically enhances the growth inhibitory effects of trastuzumab (HerceptinTM) in breast cancer cells with Her-2/neu oncogene amplification.
Ann Oncol. 2005 Jan 10; [Epub ahead of print]." 
It now appears that only extra virgin olive oil - EVOO for short - packs the full anti-cancer potential." 12/23/2008 e-newsletter of Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics 
Like (fresh organic) whole olives, EVOO contains 2 of the most powerful food-borne antioxidants ever measured: tyrosol & hydroxytyrosol. (This potent pair belongs to the family of antioxidants known as polyphenols, which includes the strong antioxidants abundant in (raw organic) berries, raw cocoa, & tea.
EVOO is also rich in a wide range of polyphenols, including lignans, secoiridoids & lignanstyrosols)...
Javier Menendez said, 'Our findings reveal for the 1st time that all the major complex phenols present in extra-virgin olive oil drastically suppress over-expression of the cancer gene HER2 in human breast.'",bcdLh1dF
O'Neill, Jennifer
Pomegranates -
"In 1998, Lansky presented his research on the therapeutic potential of the pomegranate & pointed out that pomegranate seeds had the highest concentration of estrone of any plant substance.1
In 1999, he found that the fermented juices & seed oil had altered eicosanoid production via Cox-2 inhibition.2
3 years later, he wrote about the potential of pomegranate as a treatment for breast cancer.3
The seed oil, while containing estrone, acted as an aromatase inhibitor.
In 2003, Lansky published that topical application protected against skin cancer4 & stopped angiogenesis.5
The following year, his study was on leukemia.6 Lansky's Web site, , provides links to all the papers he has co-authored & published on pomegranates...
Lansky determined that a fermented extract made from seeds, pericarp & juice was most effective against breast cancer cells-much more so than plain juice or unfermented extracts."
Rath, Dr Matthias reports that Dr. Astedt's Swedish research group offset the enzymatic destruction of collagen by cancer by using enzyme blocks (eg. vitamin C, lysine, proline) to conquer breast cancer. 
See in his cellular health series the booklet
Sisters Network of Central New Jersey 1-732-246-8300
Soybeans - -
"These days Dr. Duke is concentrating on familiar plants close to home. The common soybean, for instance. 'The isoflavones in soybeans have the most promising potential for arresting (female)
breast cancer,' said Dr. Duke, who has helped the cancer institute to focus on the most potent of the 10,000 soybean varieties.
But drug companies, he said, don't want to know that plain old plants can cure disease."
Soybean fiber - - "'If you are really serious about preventing (female) breast cancer,' Gorbach advises. 'You have to reduce fats below 25% of calories & increase your fiber...from soybeans & rye, which have components that block the cancer-causing effect of estrogen on breast cells; from crucifers, which most experts believe may have protective qualities; & from fruits & vegetables high in beta-carotene & vitamin C.  'We don't know which ones are best, so we recommend mixed fiber sources,' he says. 
Even so, he is more definite than many others. 
At the National Cancer Institute's Diet & Cancer branch, the attitude is also wait-&-see.
There, Herbert Pierson heads a study of the cancer-fighting ability of garlic, citrus, licorice root, flaxseed & 'umbelliferous' vegetables such as carrots, parsnips & parsley, so-called because they have umbrella-shaped flowers."  (Soybeans need to be sprouted, fermented (natto) or overcooked, tossing out cooking water.)
Vitamin B2 DEFECIENCY @ Vitamin B2 deficiency puts cancer cells into hibernation
Vitamin D2 from plants may inhibit breast & prostate cancer cells, reduce treatment toxicity & reduce drug dosage needs per 2/2005 (Vitamin D is created in/by body from outdoor sunlight.)
Women's Heath Initiative (WHI) founded in 1991 has the largest randomized women's clinical trials.  Current research shows that although progestin may blunt the effect of estrogen on the uterus to prevent endometrial cancer, it may be better to use (natural) progestin quarterly or semi-annually, rather than monthly, because progestin rather than estrogen may contribute to breast cancer
There are 3 forms of estrogen (estriol, estrone & estradiol).  Body fat is a natural source of estrogen (estradiol 17Beta). Natural estrogen may contribute to (reversal/prevention of) ductal breast carcinoma.  Most clinical trials use & most pharmacies sell (OTC/over the counter or prescription) "synthetic" estrogen pills, creams & patches, rather than (natural) estradiol 17B.  Research shows that menopausal estrogen (prescriptions or OTC) may in fact help prevent breast cancer, excepting ductal breast cancer. 4/12/2006
Yew tea from bark, pinecones &/or needles (Taxus brevifolia or dried wild Montana yew tips/needles) recommended (or grow &/or harvest from your own tree)...
Paclitaxel (known by its trade name, Taxol) the most well-known natural-source cancer drug in the United States, is derived from the bark of the Pacific yew tree (Taxus brevifolia) & is used in the treatment of breast, lung & ovarian cancer, as well as Kaposi's sarcoma." 12/30/1992
As governments around the world scramble to stockpile the antiviral Tamiflu, generic drug maker Biolyse Pharma Corp. plans to begin next month making shikimic acid, the main ingredient in the manufacture of oseltamivir, commonly known as Tamiflu, from the needles of discarded Christmas trees...
Biolyse specializes in extracting chemicals from plants & biomaterials at its plant in St. Catharines, Ontario, & now makes a generic version of the cancer drug paclitaxel from yew trees...
The company is aiming to eventually produce 1-3 tons of shikimic acid a month. 

To get started, next month it will receive some 500,000 Christmas trees to be donated by Toronto-based Gro-Bark, a forestry recycling company."  (Some communities collect used Christmas trees to recycle for taxol). - Scientific Name(s): Taxus bacatta L. & T. cuspidata Sieb. & Zucc.
The native species of the United States,
T. canadensis Marsh. is found throughout the eastern United States; other species found in North America include T. floridana Nutt. & the Pacific yew, T. brevifolia Nutt.
Family: Taxaceae
.  Common Name(s): Yew , ground hemlock -
"Asymptomatic bradycardia is the most common cardiac manifestation of paclitaxel toxicity & is estimated to occur in approximately 30% of patients... Contraindications: Pregnant & lactating women.
Patients with a history of
cardiac rhythm disorders or patients on medication...monitor closely. 8 ...
The Celts coated their arrows with yew sap as a nerve poison.
The alkaloid taxine has been used as an antispasmodic.

A tincture of the leaves has been used to treat rheumatism & liver & urinary tract conditions. 1"


Breast Cancer Personal Services, Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA -
Breast Recovery - -
After surgery - 2½ day retreat
for 14 women, at no cost to participants. Lynn, Massachusetts, USA


Female cancer of breast, ovary & womb may be due to unforgiveness/bitterness. 
Left side may be related to blood relative female issues, while right side may be related to non-blood female relationship issues according to Henry Wright 11/2005 Sid Roth radio broadcast. - Georgia, USA ministry -
Henry Wright #1 broadcast 11/21-25/2005 Henry Wright #2 broadcast 1/28-12/2008 @ www.sidroth/
Male breast cancer may be due to adultery pg 909 John G  Lake, The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings by Roberts Lairdon
Hickey, Marilyn - 8/9/2019 - The Process of a Miracle – Part 2 -
God told Marilyn to read healing scripture TO her breast tumor for 24 hours.  She obeyed & tumor left.
Maldonado, Guillermo - God's Glory Laser Light is Christ's Resurrection Power -
7/8-12/2013 - Disconnect your head to receive your miracle, including a new breast after its removal.


Isaiah 60:4 KJVer  "Your daughters shall be nursed at your side."


Apricot seeds - + Testimony @ ALERT. 
Please proceed with caution, as protocol is toxic like chemotherapy, & has toxic side effects that need orthomolecular oversight &/or product familiarity/informed consent.
Bishop, Darlene -
Chavda, Mahesh  The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer 
Chapter 2 The Power of the Gospel shares the healing of breast cancer.
Copeland, Kenneth  John G Lake  Lake shares the healing of breast cancer of his sister through the ministry of John Alexander Dowie at his Divine Healing Home.  Not only that, the breast became normal after the cancer left.
Day, Dr Lorraine - You Cant's Improve on God video - Author cured herself of breast cancer through a vegetarian diet. - Believing is Seeing video testimony + 
Harfouche, Robin  went from New Age & Hollywood actress & dancer to wheelchair cripple  Order book #1112 "From Hollywood to Heaven"  - 8/20-24/2007 Sid Roth Radio Broadcast #1553   
Thursday broadcast shares regeneration of 2 breasts removed due to cancer. 
God replaced what the enemy had eaten. 
LISTEN Real Player 
M Tu W Th F + Windows Media Player  M Tu W Th F  Download  M Tu W Th F 
Christian Harfouche Ministries, Pensacola, Florida, USA -
Rape/abuse prayer requests @
Marilyn Hickey - /2012 - Speak TO your lump; speak TO your body, in Jesus name. 
Take/speak/apply scripture as 1 would meds: hourly, or whatever relevant schedule applies. 
God wants to remove both disease & the accuser.
Hickey, Marilyn - 10/24/2016 TV - Marilyn Hickey spoke scripture (Proverbs 5 that life is in His spoken Word) hourly for 24 hours & the lump in her breast fled.
Hickey, Marilyn - 8/9/2019 -
The Process of a Miracle – Part 2 -
God told Marilyn to read healing scripture TO her breast tumor for 24 hours.  She obeyed & the tumor left.
Hunter's How to Heal the Sick  pg 192  breast re-grows (returns/grows back) 
Hunter's You Can Do It Too  Pg114 re: Osteen's Healed of Cancer
Joan Hunter 2012 - God reverses Joan's breast cancer.
Maldonado, Apostle Guillermo - 1/30/2012-2/3/2012
Messianic radio testimony of breast replacement by God Himself.
Scarborough, Peggy - -
Dodie Osteen, Wife of John Osteen, Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas testifies:
"Hosea (in scripture) says that people perish for lack of knowledge. 
Book instructs readers how to receive from the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Having (myself) been healed of
metastatic cancer of the liver, after being given only a few weeks to live in 1981, I can attest to the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
I owe my life to Him & am so grateful to be alive.

Like Peggy, I am interested in helping people. I salute her for her efforts in helping multitudes of people."
Dr. Marion Spellman, Peniel Ministries, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, testifies: "Healing Through Spiritual Warfare is an inspiring account of 1 of my clearest friend's struggles for victory over breast cancer, a testimony of the tremendous healing she received & a shining witness to the glory of God surrounding her life."
Souza, Katie - Ep. 81 - It's In The Great Commission! - 1/2017 healing
Wommack, Andrew – 2/18/2016
2015 Healing is Here Conference -
Male breast cancer & eye floaters healed by speaking TO breast/eye declaring:

"Good news, you WERE Healed", rather than imploring God, saints or others to intercede/intervene.


Hunter, Joan - 8 breasts have grown back after surgical removal. - Transcript - 081814 video
esp healing of trauma, cancer & heart problems
Dvorak, Becky @ - 2/8/2022 - We (especially as guardians/parents) to curse the problem/disease at its root AND seed (in Jesus' name, resurrection power &/or blood).
Carlos A. Oliveira - 4/21/2016 - -
Healy thyself via diet &/or prayer.  Nice testimony included as part of presentation.


Acres USA - DVD
Acres USA - Book
@ -
Apricot seeds - + Testimony @ ALERT. 
Please proceed with caution, as protocol is toxic like chemotherapy, & has toxic side effects that need orthomolecular oversight &/or product familiarity/informed consent.
Atrazine @
COMMENTARY: Breast cancer salves may be expedient.  Zinc chloride or bloodroot are 2 traditional ingredients. 
Frederic Mohn MD and Harry Hoxsey both used bloodroot pastes containing zinc cloride & antimony. 

Hildegard of Bingen and John Christopher used botanical salves, often alkaloid, (goldenseal, red clover blossoms, violets, cayenne, red roasted onions, or taro) - DANGER -
Site reveals that bloodroot is used as a sacrament whereby 1 offers up his soul to Satan in exchange for salvation.  NEVER trade your soul for anything!  BEWARE. 
When you give yourself to God, be sure that Jesus Christ is part of that God. 
Otherwise it is a lie, a wrong God and we are tricked out of our heavenly salvation.
We have a chance to repent as long as we are alive, but we are out of luck in death.
Channeling (used by author of cancer salves web site) is forbidden in both the Old and New Testament of the Bible.  One cannot be too careful with dealing with cures having both a spiritual & a medical side. 
When in  doubt, don't.  It is better to be safe, than sorry. 
Even the martial arts are usually rooted in religions ideology. 
Any spiritual cure that omits Jesus Christ is a spiritual cure from hell.
COMMENTARY: Clover native to the Mediterranean region that contains the chemical formononetin can cause sterility, stillbirths & inability to birth in sheep.  300+ plants contain estrogenic substances. "Hormone mimics lurk in parsley, sage & garlic; in wheat, oats, rye, barley, rice & soybeans; in potatoes, carrots, peas, beans & alfalfa sprouts; in apples, cherries, plums, & pomegranates; & even in coffee & bourbon whiskey. 
Like DES & DDT these plant compounds can fool the estrogen receptor... 'Plants are making oral contraceptives to defend themselves (or sterilize invading insects),' says Claude Hughes." Another plant estrogen is coumestrol found in sunflower seeds & oil + alfalfa sprouts.   Colborn, Dumanoski, Meyers Our Stolen Future
Soy Beans provide complete protein, but have numerous nutritional problems. 
Be sure variety is NOT GM (genetically modified). 
Organic which is more & more difficult to obtain due to cross pollination. 

Blanch in boiling water to destroy protein ingestion inhibitors; pour off that water before proceeding with recipe.  Same rule/problem applies to Haricot/dried beans, (lima beans & dopa beans/mucuna pruriens/velvet beans which help ameliorate Parkinson disease). -
Rule: Do
NOT eat raw soybeans.
Soybeans is an example of a food high in plant estrogen.  Over many generations very sensitive individuals can become sterile from eating estrogenic foods.  (Some men develop breast cancer...Plant pesticides such as DDT can act like an estrogen.)  Eating animals containing synthetic hormones also can contribute to many diseases in both the parent & the offspring, from the womb up. There are both man-made & natural compounds that act like hormones to trick/deceive/disrupt the human body. Colborn, Dumanoski, Meyers Our Stolen Future
Taxol from tobacco - - Ask/investigate source of your drug.
Taxol side effects -
Taxol semi-synthetic form taxotere -


Israelis develop first blood test for breast cancer 6/2014
Bone Drug (zoledronic acid) May Fight Breast Cancer  "Zoledronic acid is found in Reclast.
This is an osteoporosis treatment that is given directly into a vein once a year.
Other drugs in the same family are alendronate (Fosamax), risedronate (Actonel) & ibandronate (Boniva). 
We already know a great deal about the risks, side effects & safety of medicines like zoledronic acid." 2009  
precautions at
Breast cancer originating in milk-producing lobes have 1.5x Twist than in mammary ducts. 
(Twist reduces the stickiness between cells.)
"Twist" protein may be involved in the spread of breast cancer, as "twist" may influence not only migration of genes but also regulation per 6/25/2004 Cell says 6/26/2004 Science News
Excessive estrogen may contribute to tumor formations or growth; but the body's production of 2-methoxy-estradiol (synthetic patented as Panzem) can help retard the cancers of prostate, breast, pancreas, ovary & intestines by simply increasing one's intake of RAW WHOLE methyl group foods (organic green vegetables, berries, citrus, nuts eaten with their respective live enzymes/methyl donors), supplements (SAMe, MSM, B vitasmins, especially methyl-cobalamin form of B12 & methty-folate form of folic acid) &/or topical/transdermal cream. 11/2009
Herceptin - @ - 3/9/2020

"Trastuzumab, or Herceptin, a recombinant humanized monoclonal antibody that directly targets the extracellular domain IV of HER2 was the 1st targeted cancer therapy ever to be approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), with clinical evidence showing high success rates for treating breast cancer. [3, 5]"

Immunotherapy - 6/4/2018 - "Doctors at the National Institutes of Health say they've apparently completely eradicated cancer from a patient who had untreatable, advanced breast cancer... Rosenberg's team painstakingly analyzes the DNA in a sample of each patient's cancer for mutations specific to their malignancies. Next, scientists sift through tumor tissue for immune system cells known as T cells that appear programmed to home in on those mutations...
But Rosenberg & others caution that the approach doesn't work for everyone."
Israeli ice device destroys breast tumors - IceSense3 made in Israel by IceCure Medical -
Mammograms - The radiation free alternative for breast-cancer detection
"Outside of the United States, there is a well-researched cancer treatment referred to as Photodynamic Immunotherapy.  The acronym that will be used throughout this report for this therapy is PDIT.
The basic mechanism by which PDIT works is through the use of a photosensitizing agent delivered to the breast tumor that when exposed to a unique wavelength of light, causes one of the oxygen molecules to spin in the opposite direction in an ever increasing arc before it returns home. This oxygen molecule otherwise known as Singlet Oxygen produces an energy force that can neutralize nearby cancer cells while at the same time signaling the immune system to mount a response against infiltrative or metastatic tumor cells.
PDIT is designed to harness the energy of Singlet Oxygen to defeat cancer cells without serious side effects while simultaneously amplifying the immune system.
When PDIT is applied to primary breast tumor(s) it neutralizes cancer cells & shrinks & destroys tumors by damaging the cell walls & blood vessels in the tumors, thus making it difficult for tumor to receive nutrients.4-6
PDIT also activates the immune system by breaking down the cancer cells' RNA & exposing tumor cell immune signal, i.e., antigens. This is called an Adaptive Immune Response (AIR). AIR allows one's body to create its own unique reaction specific to antigens found in their tumor, up-regulating the immune system & helping to protect against residual or metastatic malignant cells.4-6
An Adaptive Immune Response does not occur with conventional chemotherapy or radiation so by choosing PDIT many patients are able to avoid surgery, radiation & chemotherapy.
and radiation have long been shown to severely suppress immune function.
A little known fact about cancer surgery is that it also markedly suppresses immune responses.
is an outpatient procedure which can be performed once or more as required depending on individual response to the treatment."
Real Imaging -
RUTH - A game-changer in breast-cancer detection
tetracycline - -
"Tetracyclines may have cytostatic activity, confirmed by initial studies showing inhibition of growth of carcinogeninduced tumors."
OTC tetracycline drug can retard breast & prostate cancer from spreading to bones.
Spring 2012 2nd Opinion newsletter by Robert J Rowen MD.
Tetracycline helps block the MMP enzyme that destroys collagen & other proteins. 
It is important to take a probiotic supplement with EACH 20 cent tetracycline to help retain gut flora damaged by this or any antibiotic drug.
tetracycline - - antibiotic for adults
tetracycline - - caution for pregnant mom's - The LumaGEM molecular breast imaging (MBI) system is a planar, dual-head, fully solid state digital imaging system utilizing cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) technology for breast imaging. It features proprietary Gamma Medica-Industrial Imaging Division application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) to achieve imaging performance.
identifies tumors in dense breast tissue that are often not visible with X-ray based analog or digital mammography.
It uses direct conversion of gamma photons to electrical signals, which helps to achieve lower dose."

Yew - - "Angela Hoffman, an associate professor of chemistry & physics at the University of Portland in Oregon, a state where hazelnut trees are grown in orchards, says certain varieties of the hazel-nut tree produce as much as 1/10 of the paclitaxel found in the Pacific yew tree.  Every gram of Pacific yew tree bark yields about 50-70 micrograms of paclitaxel: in branches & leaves of certain varieties of hazelnut, about 5 micrograms of paclitaxel can be extracted...
'We used exactly the same method for extracting paclitaxel from hazelnut as we used for extracting it from yew,' Hoffman says. 'Briefly, we grind the plant material with a coffee grinder, shake it for a while in methanol, centrifuge out the particles, evaporate the [methanol], extract the fat-soluble materials with hexane & discard them. Then we remove the most water-soluble compounds.
The remaining material contains paclitaxel and a lot of other compounds.
These are separated using a reverse phase method'...

"The presence of paclitaxel in the hazelnut tree was discovered serendipitously when Hoffman & other Oregon researchers were attempting to find answers to a fungal attack on hazelnuts known as eastern filbert blight.
In the process, says Laurence Daley, a professor of horticulture at Oregon State University in Corvallis who collaborated on that research, 'We found something that looked like paclitaxel. We didn't believe it & we ran test after test to try & replicate the results.' Their findings were published in the June 1998 issue of Spectroscopy
Hoffman says she has found paclitaxel in more than 12 different varieties of hazelnut tree-although not in every variety-and in 8 species of fungus associated with hazelnuts. 'We have been able to find paclitaxel in all parts of the tree that we have tested,' she says. 'The local farmers would very much like to [sell] their discarded tree parts, but so far there is no market for it. If & when such a market is created, I believe the currently discarded or burned tree limbs & shells could certainly become useful sources for paclitaxel.'
The researchers say that because paclitaxel may soon be produced by generic drug makers after Bristol-Myers Squibb's exclusive patent rights expire, hazelnut waste products may look even better, especially
older growth, which tends to accumulate more paclitaxel. Daley also suggests that growing paclitaxel-producing fungi under laboratory conditions might allow for greater quantities of the drug to be produced at reduced costs."
Yew - - "1989...Taxol & Taxotere, a derivative, have been approved for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer...Trials have demonstrated activity against cancers of the ovary, lung, esophagus, bladder, endometrium, & cervix as well as Kaposi’s sarcoma & lymphoma. 
Bristol-Myers Squibb was given exclusive rights to provide Taxol from T. brevifolia under a cooperative research & development agreement with the U.S. government in 1991. The public outcry against the proposed harvesting of T. brevifolia trees & shrubs in federal lands in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon & Washington led to the Pacific Yew Act of 1992 & increased awareness & regulation of bio-prospecting worldwide. 
Taxol has been semi-synthesized (Nature Biotechnology 1996), but biologists soon discovered that T. brevifolia was not the only source of Taxol. A novel endophytic fungus, Taxomyces andreanae, appears to produce taxol (Science 1993). Taxol also has been discovered in the African Fern Pine (Podocarpus gracilior Pilger), suggesting a phylogenetic affinity between Podocarpus & Taxus (Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 1999).
In 2003, Canadian tree physiologist Stewart Cameron began testing methods to grow Ground Hemlock (Taxus canadensis) sustainably. Cameron hopes this project 'can generate 200 kilograms of paclitaxel (Taxol) annually from nursery-grown biomass, that would treat about 100,000 women a year.'” 8/4/2003 
(Christmas trees collected by city after holidays can be recycled to provide taxol for drug treatment.)
Yew tree needle tips tea -
Medical Research
Biogenesis of Exosomes Laden with Metallic Silver–Copper Nanoparticles Liaised by Wheat Germ Agglutinin for Targeted Delivery of Therapeutics to Breast Cancer ( 2022
Breast Cancer Hormone Receptor Status | Estrogen Receptor - Receptors are proteins in or on cells that can attach to certain substances in the blood. Normal breast cells & some breast cancer cells have receptors that

 attach to the hormones estrogen 7 progesterone & need these hormones for the cells to grow.  
Breast cancer cells may have 1, both, or none of these receptors. 
 Breast cancers that have estrogen receptors are called ER-positive (or ER+) cancers
: Breast cancers with progesterone receptors are called PR-positive (or PR+) cancersHormone receptor-positive: If the cancer cell has 1 or both of the receptors above, the term hormone-receptive positive (also called hormone-positive or HR+) breast cancer may be used. 
Hormone receptor-negative
: If the cancer cell does NOT have the estrogen or the progesterone receptor, it's called hormone-receptor negative (also called hormone-negative or HR-). 
Keeping the hormones estrogen & progesterone from attaching to the receptors can help keep the cancer from growing & spreading