Brain Cancer

Alternative Medicine
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Breast milk may help with brain tumors. Also consider colostrum. 
Breast milk banks
Burzynski Clinic (brain cancer)
1-713-335-5697     Book, The Burzynski Breakthrough by T Elias 1-866-372-2873  Antineo-plastons prevent cancer cell division/growth.   (7/02 volume 12  #7) 
Rath, Dr Matthias reports that Dr. Astedt's Swedish research group offset the enzymatic destruction of collagen by cancer by using enzyme blocks (eg. vitamin C, lysine, proline) to conquer both breast and brain cancer.  See in his cellular health series the booklet Cancer.
Why cancer is so hard to fix.


Burke, Billy -  
5/17-21/2010 broadcast  or
"At the age of 9, Billy Burke had terminal brain cancer and was given only 3 days to live. Convinced that if she could get Billy to a Kathryn Kuhlman healing meeting, Billy’s grandmother had him released from the hospital against doctors’ recommendations. Billy went to the meeting and was miraculously healed, with medical verification. Now Billy ministers in the same miracle anointing that healed him."
Hickey, Marilyn radio interview with Sid Roth shares testimony of her mom's healing of brain cancer. 3/2006  Also see her book The Power of Prayer and Fasting
Pomykal, Amy - Amy's story is shared in 10/2005 newsletter.  Amy received an injection of dendritic cells from her own tumor to trigger T cells.  Additionally she takes a daily regime of supplements.


Extended use (frequently over 10 years) of cordless and cell phones can cause brain tumors.  4/1/2009 - - (Keep cell phone antennae away from body/ear/chest.  Do not touch.  Be proactive reagarding locating and using protective measures.)