Brain Aneurism



"Joel...Wallach was the famous veterinarian and research scientist who discovered cystic fibrosis in NASA test monkeys, finding that cystic fibrosis in both monkeys and humans was caused by a simple prenatal selenium deficiency rather than 'genetics.' Wallach later went on to treat deficiency diseases with vitamin and mineral supplements, particularly liquid colloidal supplements...
According to Wallach, aneurysms are caused by a copper deficiency. Copper deficiency can also cause white hair, wrinkles, and sagging in old age. Wallach recommends trying colloidal copper supplementation before opting for a face lift or any other type of lift, as the copper supplements usually work better. His most famous story about copper deficiency was the government turkey pellet disaster of 1957."  Monitor to avoid excess copper, which could be toxic!
"According to Gary Null, another famous author/researcher and host of WBAI-New York's "Natural Living" show, coffee chelates the copper and calcium out of the blood." 
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Alternative Medicine

Blueberries, spinach or spirulina may significantly lessen brain ischemia damage when blood flow in interrupted.  In the arteries, whole wild blueberries seem to inhibit LDL oxidation, decrease platelet aggregation, and reduce inflammation.  Blueberries may also help preserve nitric oxide availability. 5/2005 Journal of Experimental Neurology + Winter 2005/2006
Omechuk, Dr Alex  cured himself of a brain aneurism by using a patented food product Ambrotose containing 8 simple sugars to help the body's cells communicate


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Wife Dana rebuked the spirit of death and declared life, reversing the doctors' reports.
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Brain Trauma