Blood Platlet Stickiness


Alternative Medicine

Curcumin - may help inhibit platelet aggregation and prevent blood clots.
Francis, Raymond - The Great American health Hoax book
Reishi - - Ganoderic acids present in reishi...inhibit blood platelets from sticking together. -
Wise-Budoff, Dr Penny  No More Hot Flashes and Other Good News  Chapter 3 Alternative and Designer Estrogens shares that red/purple grape juice (or grapes) reduces blood platelet stickiness by 65% compared to aspirin's reduction by 45%.  (Organic grapes are superior.)

Heart Plaque

Colbert, Dr Don shares how artery/vein plaque buildup can be reversed, especially if it is soft (before it becomes hard, closes up artery/vein and blocks blood flow). He recommends a baby aspirin with 500 mg Niacin working up to 1,500/day [or 500 mg 3x day.  Niacinamide (to reduce flushing/itching) can be used instead of Niacin.]  Other suggested supplements are red yeast rice (with CoQ10) and (for women) natto (which can also be found fresh as fermented soybeans in Asian grocery stores).
Personal Health Improvement #1  6/18/2008
Personal Health Improvement #2  6/19/2008
Platlet Medical Transfusions/Procedures - May 2019Volume 17, Issue 6, Pages 11921200  -Lusutrombopag Reduces Need for Platelet Transfusion in Patients With Thrombocytopenia Undergoing Invasive Procedures
Platlet Medical Transfusion/Procedure
Nick Thieme 7/11/2017 - (edited) PLATELET - Despite the FDAs recommendations (to the contrary) FBS is still widely used because its the most convenient. There are alternatives.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has a list of 74 potential cell culture alternatives, but almost all are cell-type specific. Of the alternatives that can be used as universal growth media, platelet lysates are most used, but they come with their own issues, at least when it comes to making cultured meat.
Platelet lysates are made from the platelets that can be extracted from human blood samples. Because of the incredibly strict requirements on the blood used in human blood transfusions, the FDA expires blood 5 days after it is donated. Oftentimes, when it expires, rather than throwing it out and wasting a perfectly good sack of blood, a lab will turn it into platelet lysates and sell it as a serum for cell culture. That makes platelet lysates a great alternative for human research. But it cant be used for cultured meat because, as van (Jan) der Valk
(a scientist in the department of animals in science and society at Utrecht University) pointed out in wonderfully understated fashion, people may be hesitant to consume meat that was created from human blood. He does, however, see [platelet lysates] as an in-between step in going from using animal products to using completely animal-free sera. According to Bruce Friedrich, director of the Good Food Institute, all companies working on cultured meat will have to find alternatives to FBS, because it will no longer be practical to use the serum, once the product scales.