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Algae  Algae May Help Restore Human Eyesight  Could a protein from algae help reverse blindness?
Leej, Arthur - - Electrical Healing and the Violet Ray by Gary J Lockhart (1942-2001) - 
- via electrical-magnetic waves -
John Wesley, founder of the Methodist church, was (one of) the 1st to treat the blind successfully with electricity. He put a Newcastle man, who had been blind for years, on an (insulated) electric platform, and drew sparks from his eyes. After resting for a time, the patient could distinguish objects and walk home without a guide.  After a 2nd treatment, he was able to work normally.  Wesley treated a 17-year-old girl that became blind from smallpox 12 years earlier. He drew sparks from her eyes and gave shocks to her head and neck. After two 90-minute treatments a day for several weeks, she was able to see enough to function, although her vision was poor...
Alessandro Volta began to experiment with his newly discovered battery.  He found that a current applied to the eyes produced a sensation of light. Changing the direction of current produced different colors...
A Chinese peasant was buried in earth by a shell explosion and was unconscious when dug out. Emergency treatment restored him to life, but he lost his sight.  Both eyes had no light perception, but light reflexes were present. He suffered from headaches and blindness for 18 years. After his 1st violet ray treatment, his headache was less severe. After the 2nd treatment his headache disappeared, and his perception of light returned. By the 5th treatment, he was able to recognize people. After 9 treatments, he was able to read numbers and words...
A woman was treated in a hospital for optical nerve atrophy. She completely lost her color vision and could only count fingers at 6 inches away. Doctors couldn’t help her, so she used the violet ray (treatment).  After 4 months of treatment, she was able to read and write."

Medical News & Innovations

Eye retina electronic chip of Drs Iezzi and Fishman
Fencing for Blind Students
Horse riding, Wellspring Farm, Rochester, MA
Horse riding for the handicapped, USA
Incubators - In the 1940s in USA some newborns placed in oxygen-rich incubators went blind because eye tissue had not yet accumulated dietary carotenoids to protect excess oxygen.  Now oxygen is increased slowly over days to allow newborns to provide anti-oxidant enzymes.  Damage caused by too much oxygen is known as hyper-oxia. 8/2005 (Special incubators used at world's fair in New York saved lots of preemies' lives, however.)
B vitamins (including B12 and folate) May help to Prevent Macular Degeneration
Halt the Leading Cause of Age-Related Blindness -
Rose, Charlie - Blindness (conventional/secular/scientific/medical) 4/20/2014
Round-worms -,,20582789_21140654,00.html #6
"Hate cleaning up the lawn after your pet? Then you might be putting your entire family at risk of acquiring intestinal worms. Roundworms are often found in dog feces and can easily migrate into whichever patch of lawn Scout prefers to do his business.
The danger kicks in when your kid picks up a football that's come into contact with the infected soil, then touches his mouth with his hands. The roundworms travel to his intestines, lay their eggs, and spread like wildfire, leading to symptoms ranging from breathing trouble to weight loss and diarrhea. What's worse is that roundworms can cause ocular larva migrans, which occur when worm larvae attack the retina, leading to blindness. A study conducted in a pediatric hospital in the 1970s found that 37% of the children admitted with retinal disease tested positive for the larva." (Be reminded that certain foods such as pomegranate seeds and vitamins such as a combination of black walnut, clove, and artemisia help to reverse parasite infestation.)
Serra-peptase is an enzyme produced by serratia bacteria living on silkworms. With this enzyme the worms melt a hole out of the cocoon. (Once the silkworm has completed its transformation into a moth, it uses this substance to 'melt' a hole in its cocoon, so that it can escape ) Unlike other enzymes in the field of biology, Serrapeptase dissolves ‘dead’ tissue like or e.g. not both silk and apparently also fibrinoid layers in the arteries which chemically could be compared to silk.  A special problem in today’s civilized society is occluding processes in the carotid arteries of the neck. Very often we see patients where surgeons were reluctant to operate or to apply drill or laser technology such occluded carotids. The reason for this is the potential risk that off coming debris will be pushed into the smaller cerebral vessels.  We have, therefore started to apply Serrapeptase in cases of severe narrowings of the carotid arteries. Mostly in patients showing severe symptoms due to the narrowing, including amaurosis fugax (intermittent blindness)...Serrapeptase is extremely useful in keeping arterial deposits from building up again after angioplasty (a balloon technique used to clear an artery blockage) or coronary bypass surgery has been performed...Dr H. A. Nieper (deceased) Langenhagen, Germany
Sound into Sight -
Toxoplasmosis -,,20582789_21140654,00.html  #7  "If soil or plants contaminated with cat feces come into contact with your mouth, it can lead to toxoplasmosis. While this disease generally can't kill you, it can lead to a nasty fever and some disturbingly enlarged lymph nodes in the head or neck. The risks are greatest for pregnant women, who can pass on congenital toxoplasmosis to their babies. A child born with toxoplasmosis can have learning disabilities as well as problems with their vision and hearing—and even seizures later in life."  (Be reminded that certain foods such as pomegranate seeds and vitamins such as a combination of black walnut, clove, and artemisia help to reverse parasite infestation.)


Braille -
Perkins Typewriting -


Clark, Randy @ Stories of Divine Healing with Randy Clark – Part 1 - 9/7/2020
Stories of Divine Healing with Randy Clark – Part 2 - 9/8/2020
Holtz, Scott - spiritual blindness - The Special Forces of God - Episode 9: Removing Blindness @ - 4/30/2014
Oliver Cowdery regarding the American Indian Jews - "'No person dare open all the coverings. Tradition informs them that curiosity induced 3 different persons to examine the mysterious shell, who were immediately punished for their profanation by instant blindness.' This is the Jewish punishment pronounced for looking on the holy of holies, even now"

Morris, Robert 9/19/2021 @ Sunday broadcast shares that Jesus revealed to him the reason Jesus prayed twice in mark/8-24.htm was that the 1st healing was for spiritual sight & the 2nd healing was for physical sight.

Daniel Olukoya sermons - The Pot or the Well -
"There was a certain blind man in a church. Everybody in that church prayed for him to be healed but he did not get healed. After some time, the pastor of the church took time to ask God why he could not be healed. The Lord told him to look at the man’s walking stick the next time he came to church. The next day, when the man came to church, the man of God looked at the walking stick and found out that it was the walking stick of those who belonged to the Lodge society. So, he told the man that if he wanted the Lord Jesus to touch him, he had to renounce his membership with the occult. The man said, 'No, pray for me, I want to be healed.' Then the man of God said, 'Don’t worry us here. You have already donated your eyes to the devil and now you said we should be praying.' The man held tight to his cult. He did not want to release it so that he could receive his sight. It is the same thing with many people. They have refused to release their pots so that their wells can come out.
At this juncture, I think you should close your eyes and pray the following prayer point with anger; 'Every good thing that I have donated to the devil, whether consciously or unconsciously, I take them back now, in the name of Jesus.'
That man donated his yes, and was given a stick instead. He was even proud going about with the stick.  Beloved, herein is the great truth; as a Christian, you are either a pot owner or a well owner. Many people suffer day and night because they carry pots instead of going directly to the well" (of Living Water).
Rothschild, Jennifer - 3/1/2016 -
Shambora, Deborah - 11/12-18/2007  It's Supernatural TV @ TV archives.   
Shambora, Deborah - 11/19-23/2007 Radio archive #1566 @
Deborah's eyes were damaged in an accident. God gave her the ability to see angels and demons in the spirit world.
If we are hungry enough for JESUS, this ability is availability to any Christian. 
Souza, Katie - Soul Health - 2017 - "We studied Mark 9:47-50 last week and found that Christ was totally speaking about the wounded soul in that passage about plucking out our eye. When the soul is wounded by sin or trauma, it can cause sickness. To prove that, this week we will look at Micah 6 and Luke 5 and 7 (AMPC)...When you read the word “infirmity” in the Bible now, you will know that the person who is sick with a disease or disorder is in that condition because their soul is wounded...We command diseases to bow. We command legs to grow out and cancer to die. When you begin (learning how) to pray for someone’s wounded soul, you’re going to see they will prosper and be in health even as their soul prospers"


Angelina - - "A young woman named Angelina who shared the story of being healed from blindness."
Baker, Heidi  Compelled by Love  shares many many stories of blindness being healed by Jesus.  Book also shares that Heidi had to practice for one entire year before God honored His promise to heal the blind through her.  He loves to test our trust in Him and not in ourselves or what we see/witness with our own eyes.  She always has to be audacious and speak healing before she ever witnesses it.
2 eyes blind from cataracts were healed per There is Always Enough by Rolland & Heidi Baker
Kevin Basconi - - God created an eyeball and then vision - Listen 9/1/2010 -
8/30-9/3/2010 -
CD's available God's Instructions for the Miraculous - How to Work with God's Angels
Other testimonies -
Mel Bond God created 2 eyeballs in person born blind. 6/14-18/2010 radio show #1700 
How To Pray With Your Whole Heart
CD and Releasing God's Anointing book shares Mel's 1984 vision of Jesus explaining how to release His anointing to see instant miracles.
Mel Bond -8/30-31/2010 9/3/2010 - TV Broadcast -
transcript - - "Mel Bond has seen creative miracles including eyeballs materializing in front of many witnesses. In 1984, Mel had a vision of Jesus explaining how to release His anointing to see instant miracles."
Bond, Mel - Eye Healed -
Bond, Mel -
Africans healed at Bonkee crusades - Bonnke, Reinhard - 7/2002 radio broadcast cassette -
Chavda, Mahesh - A woman, blind from birth and just a few weeks shy of her 90th birthday, receives her sight. -
"For the first time in her life, this octogenarian was able to see. This is the glory of Jesus touching lives the same today as He was 2,000 years ago. We were able to capture the end of this awesome healing on video. Remarkably, Bonnie and I were scheduled to host the Atlanta Live television program the following evening. The assistant producer of the program was at our All Nations Church Atlanta service and a witness of this wonderful miracle...We will be hosting the two hour broadcast of Atlanta Live again on June 5th, 2007...Join us in the Atlanta area on Channel WATC 57 from 7pm-9pm, or on Directv Channel 378 on June 6th at 8 am."
Chavda, Mahesh - God put seeing eyes in a 3 year old child's 2 empty eye sockets.  She had been born blind/without eyeballs.  See chapter 2 The Power of the Gospel in The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer - The Healing Anointing of the laying on of Hands 
Evans, Mike - - "I preached a message that night entitled, Seeing Jesus from the story of blind Bartimaeus, a beggar. As I preached to several thousand Hindu people—not 100,000 or even 50,000, more like 5,000-10,000.  Suddenly my associate came to me and said, 'Stop preaching. You’re disrupting the service.' I looked at him like he had lost his mind. Then he told me that when I said, 'Seeing Jesus,' 3 Hindu girls who had been blind from birth had received sight! Their parents, the teachers from the school for the blind and a doctor who treated them confirmed the miracle. The story of the blind girls hit the Indian wire service that night. I never knew it as I was asleep, but in the morning when I opened my door into the hall, there was a line of people outside my door that went down the stairs several floors and into the street. The first man in the line was the speaker of the house in the Indian Parliament. He was a Hindu accompanied by a Muslim aide. He was sick, as were all the people waiting in line.
I began praying for those precious people. That night tens of thousands of Indian people lined both sides of the street. Their hands were outstretched and they were asking for a blessing."
Farr, Maria testimony -

Fluitt, Clarice - 2/2016
I was in Malaysia doing a series of meetings with the late great Daisy Osborn. We had 1 day off & went to the oldest town in Asia called Malacca. When we were there they were having a great celebration.
They have to burn these papers continuously. So The god maker in all of Asia is in Malacca and he was 1 that made all the houses & had made all the papers, and so that’s all, that was a big deal. We stopped there.
You told me something I’ve heard before. Faith is spelled R-I-S-K.
So I said to the god maker, in front of all of his heirs, 1 of the richest men in all of Asia, I said, “The only catch to this is that when God restores your wife’s eyesight, will you renounce all the other gods?” I mean, it was like when E. F. Hutton speaks. He looks at his wife and grandkids.  His whole life is there & he’s holding his little wife’s face.  They’re talking.  I can’t understand what they’re saying.
Then he turned to me. He says, “If your God will open her eyes & she can see, I will renounce all the false gods.”

I said, “Nothing to it.” I turned around & laid hands on her eyes.  I don’t have any reputation to lose, you know. So here we are. Somebody’s going to have to act like they believe the Word of God.
I put hands on her and said, “I release vision to you.” I took my hands down.  He’s looking at her...& she’s feeling his face.  He’s crying.  She’s crying. Everybody in the room is crying. She could see.  God opened her eyes.

Gammons, Peter  Moving in Miracles - Messianic Vision - 3/2002 radio broadcast cassette -
Joan Gieson 10/16/2017 - video:
Blindness healed under ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman:
video: -
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
Gieson, Joan - - After ministering under Kathryn Kuhlman, Joan ministered under Benny Hinn for awhile.
Melissa - Ohio, USA - "My son...was born May 13, 2008. When he was born, he was stillborn. He had no life to him at all for about 12 minutes. God brought him back and gave him life. 2 weeks later the doctor came in and told me he was completely blind. The doctors told me that we should be very thankful that our son made it, then they also said that he had really bad apnea, RDS, & hypotension. I told that doctor I know that he is gonna make it, because God brought him back to life and He is not done with him yet. I then started coming to Pastor Brian's church, & they started praying for his blindness. I took him back to the eye doctor & the doctor said he could see completely. I know God is real, & He is a healer. God can do anything. You just have to believe." -
Madison, Richard L - Raised from the Dead - Chapter 2 Death Stalks Me Once Again -
"My right eye had been knocked out of its socket.  It was put back in place, but nerve damage had been done.  My family was informed that, if I survived, a glass eye would be put in at a later date...My neck and eye were healed...I was still considered brain-dead, but miracles were happening.  God was answering prayers because people were believing."
Renny McLean - Eternity - God places 2 seeing eyeballs into 2 empty sockets - 4/21/2011 Thursday Messianic Vision radio broadcast
Poirier, Renay - - 8/22/2000
Man blind for nearly a decade suddenly sees again - by Mark Johnson
Rothschild, Jennifer became blind at age15.  A Mother's Day 5/14/2007 tribute to mothers who rear disabled kids. Webcast   Lessons I Learned In The Dark  Quicktime, Flash, MP3, Download, Transcript
Ryabinov, Alyosha - - "I was watching It's Supernatural with Alyosha playing.  My blind son was on the phone & I put the phone on the TV screen and told him to listen & touch his eyes. When the music stopped, I told him to open his eyes & asked, 'What do you see?' He said 'Light in the hall', & that was just the 1st thing.  He started naming other things he could see. His eyes are opened & he can see & drive again. He put his dark glasses away. I just can't praise & thank God enough. The doctor said, 'Nothing can be done for him', but they just don't know my God."
Sa'ad - - Miracle in Jesus name - Fr. Makary Younan healed the blind - English subtitles - 6/13/2011 - Also see: 
This is Father Makary Younan (Coptic Orthodox priest from St Mark Cathedral in Azbakia, Cairo, Egypt) whom God gave the power of Heal & Exorcism of evil spirits. He usually have a sermon every friday evening but because of the power given to him by God a lot of people who are being possessed by evil spirits & most of them are from Muslim backgrounds they come to him. At the end of the sermon and prayers he passes between the congregation blessing them by sprinkling sacred water (water prayed upon). at this moment many of those possessed by evil spirits become excited & ask him to go away. but he prays on them, sprinkle more sacred water & draws the cross on them three times. so the evil spirits are driven out & those freed people trill (زغرد fluttering) or tremulous sound, as that made by certain birds) or whistle in  happiness ,
on this clip the blind young man healed."
Sample PRAYERS: 
Jesus, glorify Your name. In Jesus' name:
All devils fighting forces in this body, leave now & never come back. 
All connections to evil forces be disconnected. 
All evil wars against you be stopped. 
All magic and devils' work be disabled. 
All evil wars against you be stopped. Body be free. Function perfectly _________ . 
(Demons return everything stolen) in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, in the power of Jesus' blood on the cross, & in the power of Jesus the creator).  
(Father God, in Jesus' name, may Your Holy Spirit & angels help those healed continue to seek & find a greater revelation of You; may You also help those ministering to others share a greater revelation of Your Son.  Thanks.  Amen.)10.4.2013
Father Makary Younan Interview with English subtitles - - 3/16-2012 - (Sacred water is prayed over & sprinkled over person being ministered to, + air is blown/breathed upon person 3x in name of Trinity: Father, Son & Holy Spirit.)
Surprise Sithole's 5-day Messianic radio interview with Sid Roth here. 9/12-18/2011 -
Surprise Sithole It's Supernatural TV video or transcript 9/2011.
Shane Warren TV broadcast - TV transcript - Messianic Radio here. Adult born with with NO optic nerves can now see.
Shane was also a recently interviewed about his vision on the future of America. See it here.



The Curses of Disobedience (until repentance) - deuteronomy/28-28.htm
27The LORD will afflict you with the boils of Egypt, with tumors, scabs & itch from which you cannot be cured.

The LORD will afflict you with madness, blindness, and confusion of mind,

so that at noon you will grope about like a blind man in the darkness. You will not prosper in your ways.
Day after day you will be oppressed & plundered, with none to save you.

Tobit 11:7-8 NAB 7(The angel) Raphael said to Tobiah before he reached his father, "I am certain that his eyes will be opened.  8Smear the fish gall on them.  This medicine will make the cataracts shrink & peel off from his eyes; then our father will again be able to see the light of day."
Matthew 5:29 Stern If your right eye makes you sin, gouge it out & throw it away; better that you should lose 1 part of you than have your whole body thrown into Gei-Hinnom.
Matthew 5:29 KJV If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out & cast it from thee; for it is profitable for thee that only 1 of thy members should perish, & not that thy whole body should be cast into hell
(Spiritual insight: Offense can harm us; let us forgive from our hearts.)

Matthew 12:22 NIV - They brought Him a demon-possessed (demonized) man who was blind & mute, & Jesus healed Him, so that he could both talk & see.


mark/8-24.htm - The Blind Man at Bethsaida - 23So He took the blind man by the hand & led him out of the village. Then He spit on the man’s eyes & placed His hands on him. “Can you see anything?” He asked. 
The man looked up & said, “I can see the people, but they look like trees walking around.” 
25Once again Jesus placed His hands on the man’s eyes, & when he opened them his sight was restored, & he could see everything clearly.

John 9:2-3 NIV - His disciples asked Him (Jesus), "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"  Jesus answered, "Neither he nor his parents sinned; it is so that the works of God might be made visible through him."

john/9-7.htm - Jesus Heals the Man Born Blind - 7Then He told him, “Go, wash in the Pool of Siloam”
(which means “Sent”). So the man went, washed, & came back seeing.

Acts 13:8-12  8Elymas the sorcerer (for so is his name by interpretation) withstood them, seeking to turn away the deputy from the faith.  9Paul, filled with the Holy spirit, looked straight at Elymas 10& said, "You are a child of the devil, an enemy of everything that is right!...The hand of the Lord is against you (Elymas).  You are going to be blind; for a time you will be unable to see the light of the sun."



I Am Potential - Patrick Henry Hughes - autobiography - 10/2/2008 - - “Patrick Henry Hughes was born with a rare genetic disorder that left him without eyes and physically disabled. But he was also blessed with exceptional musical talent, able to play the piano as a toddler & age 19, a nationally known pianist, singer & trumpeter who has performed at the Grand Ole Opry & the Kennedy Center. Currently he’s a member of his college marching band, playing while his devoted father pushes him in his wheelchair...Now, for the first time, Hughes & his father share the full account of his extraordinary journey.
In I Am Potential, Hughes recounts the 8 critical lessons he has learned that are at the heart of his success,
including When Life Gives You Lemons, Accept Them & Be Grateful & Do All You Can to Change What You Can.”  At age 20. - Cool theme of being "blessed" by God with a special needs child - However, the bottom line is that in most cases, the root cause of family "curses" is 1 or more demons, unforgiven/unconfessed ancestral/family iniquity/sin, &/or unbroken evil spells/ proclamations by/from occult practitioners. 

Perkins School of the Blind -
Rothschild, Jennifer - - Lessons I Learned In the Dark 
Missing Pieces 7/8/2013 -
Missing Peices 7/9/2013 -
Sullivan, Tom  Adventures in Darkness  book (text/Braille/CD)  Tom's blindness blessed not cheated him. + + - Video Clips @
"The Oprah Winfrey Show" with wonder child Mattie Stepanek. See show highlights  How Does That Feel - “Live Without Sight”

Hickey, Marilyn - Broken Be Made Whole – Part 4 - Jesus spit on/at the demon of blindness rather than at/on the person. 12/13/2019 + 12/12/019 @ Broken Be Made Whole – Part 1 -

Middleton, David F - Glendale, Arizona, USA - - "A woman in Tembisa, Johannesburg in South Africa who was blind from birth was healed when the inherited blind spirits were cast out of her.
Her grandfather had also been blind.  This was an inherited generational curse which was broken when the inherited blind spirits were cast out...Another woman in a village outside of Obuasi, Ghana was healed from blindness when the demons were cast out of her."
Rabinowitz, Louis Isaac - Demons In the Talmud @ Encyclopaedia Judaica. © 2008  References are made to a belief in demonology during the tannaitic period.    The demon Shabriri ('blindness' – cf. Targum Onkelos, Genesis 19:11)
Ramirez, John - Ex-Satan Worshipper Testimony -
I even took a sabbatical from witchcraft & the devil punished me - took my eyesight for 1 year. I was completely blind for 1 year. Was registered with the Commissioner for the Blind. I was completely blind. They were training me to use a Seeing Eye dog, they were training me to use 1 of these sticks that you use to walk the streets. My mother took care of me for 1 year. My eyes went black. A mist of gray went over my eyes. I was completely blind. When I gave my life back to the devil, after 7 surgeries, the devil gave me back my eyesight. I could see again. That was my punishment for taking 1 year off, I wanted to take off. The devil said, you want 1 year off? I give it to you. He took my eyesight. (This shows that sometimes vision issues do NOT have medical/physical causes/roots, but rather spiritual.)