Birth Defects



1/11/2004 Boston Globe Parade - Between 35th & 37th month of pregnancy a vaginal smear for GBS (group B streptococcus) can be taken to allow intervention & prevent infant death, poor hearing, poor vision or learning disabilities.
5/14/2006 The Boston Sunday Globe newspaper shares that Children's Hospital Boston has corrected birth defects in lambs & is waiting for permission to begin using amniotic fluid to correct human birth defects.
Colborn, Dumanoski, and Myers  Our Stolen Future - Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival? - A Scientific Detective Story  Book is highly endorsed by Al Gore who acclaims it to be a sequel to Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. Poisons, synthetic hormones, and excess hormones (especially estrogens) are stored in plant and body fat.  They can contribute to birth defects, especially as they are carried down the food chain &/or are compounded (passed on) generation after generation, rather than being excreted daily or lost at death. - "The word lissencephaly comes from 2 Greek words: lissos, meaning "smooth," and enkaphalos, meaning "brain." If you look at a normal brain, the gray matter (cerebrum) has ridges & valleys in its surface. In lissencephaly, the brain surface is almost completely smooth. The physical structure of the brain did not develop correctly during pregnancy."



Appel, Rabbi Yehuda     Aish HaTorah, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
"Many years prior, his daughter had been born with a serious heart defect. After being told at the hospital that she didn't have long to live, he wandered the streets of Jerusalem in a daze. Finally, he came across an old Yemenite man and poured out his heart to him. The Yemenite advised him to buy Mezuzot and put them on his doorposts immediately.  Desperate for anything that could help his daughter, he ran to a religious neighborhood, asked where the nearest scribe lived, and bought several Mezuzot. After putting them up, he returned to the hospital where he was greeted with great news.  Lo and behold, a miracle had occurred: His daughter's heart defect had disappeared."

Copeland, Kenneth - John G Lake - In chapter 44 Adventures in Religion Lake shares the miracle healing of a 5 year old boy whose head was deformed at birth, resulting in slobbering, paralysis, dumbness, walking on his ankles & inability to go to school.  This particular chapter addresses some of the issues why miracles seldom happen.
Hunter, Joan - -

Rutz, James Mega Shift
Page108 shares testimony of the healing of Esther who was born with 2 heads, 1 eye, 3 eye sockets.
Page 50 shares Ted Haggard's recounting of God healing an ugly face - spiritual plastic surgery, per Sept/Oct 2004  Pray Magazine pg 34.
Audrey Scott  "3 years ago Jamie gave birth to her 2nd child, Audrey. The doctors were having a hard time keeping Audrey pink, so they took her to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They determined that part of the baby’s heart was missing and that there were no major arteries flowing from the heart to the lungs." More Info from

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Jen Bricker 5 - Google Drive - J


Stone, Perry - The Mystery Of Infants In Paradise - 11/21/2014 - miscarriages and premature deaths -

Medical Warnings

Antidepressants During Pregnancy Associated With Increased Autism Risk 1/2016
Use of Fluconazole During Pregnancy Linked With Increased Risk of Spontaneous Abortion  1/2016
Paroxetine Linked With Increased Risk of Birth Defects When Taken in Early Pregnancy "1st trimester use of paroxetine was associated with a 23% increased risk of any major congenital malformations and a 28% increased risk of major cardiac malformations in newborns.  'Given that the benefits of antidepressants overall, and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors including paroxetine specifically, during pregnancy is questionable at best, any increase in risk, small or large, is too high,' said Dr. Bérard."