Birth Control


Female Birth Control

ANAMED, Action for Natural Medicine, Neem in medicine & agriculture
A neem-oil formulation called "Sensal" is sold in India for contraceptive purposes.
Birth Control during Lactation (Nursing/breastfeeding) - -  USA league locator - possibly articles of interest -
birth control - more insight
Nofziger, Margaret  A Cooperative Method of Natural Birth Control is a small paperback textbook. 
Excellent as part of female self awareness education, safe sex education, and Catholic education.
Excellent review of the role vaginal mucus discharge plays in fertility.  Book Publishing Co - publisher
Pomegranate peel tea is used by locals in Brazil to induce abortions...
In fact, we know a woman who per vegetarian protocol included a whole large pomegranate including peel/rind/skin in her fruit drink/puree blender/grinder.  When she was on her HRT she did fine when consuming the fruit blend, but when she omitted her HRT she had horrific pain in waves which felt like birthing contractions.  It felt like a hormone wash (perhaps progesterone) radiating from each ovary along the fallopian tubes & arching at the womb with an explosion of pain. 7/28/2010
The OV-Watch detects a window of fertility by noting night perspiration. 10/11/2005 +
Assam for family planning & birth control showed that temporary methods of birth control include Cissampelos pareira L. in combination with (black pepper) Piper nigrum L., root of Mimosa pudica L. & Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. Tiwari 1982 PubMed
Wild Yam - Birth control Without Fear - Wild Yam booklet by Willa Shaffer

Male Birth Control
"Malva sylvestris is a relative of the Hollyhock (Alcea) & is often called French Hollyhock...
The subspecies formerly known as Malva sylvestris subsp. malaca is now referred to as the Malva sylvestris L. Mauritiana cultivar group...In 1931 Maud Grieve wrote that 'use of this species of Mallow has been much superseded by Marsh Mallow (Althaea officinalis), which possesses its valuable properties in a superior degree, but it is still a favorite remedy with country people where Marsh Mallow is not obtainable'.
All species in the genus Malva have edible leaves. These tend to have a mild flavor and a good texture.
They are common additions to 'wild' salads, the young leaves can eaten raw in salads.
Leaves can be cooked like spinach or added to soups
for their thickening effects & pleasant taste. Raw mallow seeds can be eaten as a healthy snack, offering a nutty flavor... Modern studies have concluded that the chemical embalin in mallows has an anti-androgenic effect lowering male fertility, reducing testicle size and sperm count."


Non-Hormonsl Viginal Gel @
Non-Hormonal Nicotine Patch @  2/6/2023 (Perhaps smokers are less fertile.)
Sterilization - (CAUTION - Sometimes this procedure overrides/overrules God's designs/plans regarding a child He had in mind, thus preventing the birth of this person.)


Birth Control: Hormonal Contraception Associated With Risk of Depression - CHICAGO - 9/28/2016 -
"A study published online by JAMA Psychiatry suggests an increased risk for 1st time use of an antidepressant & a 1st diagnosis of depression among women in using hormonal contraception, especially adolescents...
Compared with nonusers, women who used combined oral contraceptives (horse hormones) had 1.23-times higher relative risk of a 1st use of an antidepressant & the risk for women taking progestin-only pills was 1.34-fold."
DANGER: Think twice before having your fallopian tubes tied, because tupes are connected to ovaries that produce needed hormones for female desire, youth & health.  The same dangers apply to men.
There are a lot of herbs that interfere with conventional birth control pills.
7/17/2005  12 blood clot deaths are tied to the birth control patch.
Lemurs on the pill make less scents; birth control disrupts female odors that serve as social cues - Science News, August 28, 2010 by Susan Milius -
Vaccines (esp. synthetic mRNA vaccines) are reputed to interfere with conception + to CAUSE birth defects.

Horrible Idea’: First Vaccine for Birth Control Now in Clinical Trials - 5/5/2023



A male vasectomy or female tubal ligation done to prevent further pregnancies is called a sin by the Catholic church. 10/2005 Liguroian magazine Family Planning by Joseph Nolen CSSR
Balizet, Carol - Born in Zion - Egypt or Zion - Healing in Zion  suggests that most birth control methods indicate a lack of faith in God and an open door to demons.
Fruit of the Womb Christian Childbirth Ministry, Euless, Texas, USA  Fruit of the Womb's Zion Birth Handbook suggests that tubal ligation may open the door to a spirit of barrenness & infertility, + a vasectomy may open the door to a spirit of sterility.  These spirits may migrate to relationships, finances, etc. 
Repentance can reverse this.
surgical vasectomy - Catholic opinion - Listen or Download - 7/21/2009 - Fr. James Dean and Greg and Julie Alexander with Jeff & Angela Hellweg
Miracles Healings &/or Reversal of Symptoms/Problems
Maldonado, Guillermo -  How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God Chapter 5 Faith - the 1st Dimension of the Supernatural - "A woman...had had her fallopian tubes tied years prior...
The following month she became pregnant.  God...gave her a brand-new reproductive system, including new fallopian tubes...An ultrasound...found reproductive organs where there had been none."