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Alternative Medicine

Agaricus Mushroom -
Adams, Rex  Miracle Medicine Foods  Parker Publishing - Try (fresh organic) garlic which contains zinc
One man reported "rubbing garlic onto his balding patches" resulting with reversal of male-pattern baldness. 
Animals when deprived of zinc go bald. 
Garlic can increase absorption of B vitamins.  B vitamins can cause hair to darken. 
Another reports that amino acids + biotin (B6) help to dissolve excess testosterone on the scalp, resulting in build up of his hair roots.  Another recommendation is the addition of kelp/iodine (seaweed) to the diet to darken hair.  Hair graying can be induced by a lack of copper: (Caution on excess copper intake.)
Amla (Indian Gooseberry) @ - "Amla is the go-to for Indian women to make  their hair healthy, long, free from breakage, & keep it from going gray. 
Even Indian men use amla to keep their hair full & thick...[In this article (regarding diabetes) we advocate the use of amla fruit & amla powder (ground from the whole amla berry), & do NOT advocate consumption of amla juice or amla oil.  Amla oil is commonly found in many hair care & skin care products, & can improve skin & hair health when used externally. Amla juice does not contain fiber, which accelerates the rate at which it is absorbed into your blood.]
Amla @
Biotin (B7 or vitamin H) - Diet Sources: [2][3][27] (preferaably organic)
  • Chicken liver, cooked: 138 μg per 74g serving
  • Beef or pork liver, cooked: up to 35 μg per 3 ounce serving
  • (whole) Egg, cooked: up to 25 μg per large egg
  • Yeast, baker's, dried: up to 14 μg per 7 gram packet
  • Avocado: up to 6 μg per avocado
  • Peanuts, roasted, salted: can vary between 5 μg and 28 μg per 28g serving
  • Salmon, cooked: up to 5 μg per 3 ounce serving
  • Sunflower seeds, roasted, salted: 2.4 μg per 31g serving

(AVOID/minimize) Raw egg whites (such as egg nog which) contain a protein (avidin) that blocks the absorption of biotin, so people who regularly consume a large number of raw eggs may become biotin-deficient.[22] 

Biotin is synthesized by intestinal bacteria,..Biotin is an important component of enzymes involved in metabolizing fats and carbohydrates, influencing cell growth & affecting amino acids involved in protein synthesis.[2][3] .
It may also be helpful in maintaining a steady
blood sugar level...

Deficiency symptoms include:[2]

  • Brittle and thin fingernails
  • Hair loss (alopecia)
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Dermatitis in the form of a scaly, red rash around the eyes, nose, mouth & genital area.
  • Neurological symptoms in adults, such as depression, lethargy, hallucination & numbness & tingling of the extremities[31]

The neurological and psychological symptoms can occur with only mild deficiencies.
Dermatitis, conjunctivitis & hair loss will generally occur only when deficiency becomes more severe.

Individuals with hereditary disorders of biotin deficiency have evidence of impaired immune system function,
including increased susceptibility to bacterial & fungal infections.

Pregnant women tend to have a higher risk of biotin deficiency. Nearly half of pregnant women have abnormal increases of 3-hydroxyisovaleric acid, which reflects reduced status of biotin.

Blanchard, Dr. Kenneth R  MD - What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypothyroidism (Newton-Wellesley, MA) says that an under active thyroid may caCouse depression, SAD in winter, fatigue, feeling cold, brittle thin hair, constipation, memory loss & unexplained weight gain.  He recommends adding more T4 for SAD.  Synthetic thyroxine (levothyroxine) replaces only the T4 (which converts to T3).  Some people need a little T3 added, especially if the brain is affected. 6/2004 Bottom Line Health -
Dr. Bob Balancing Female Hormones - Part 1 + Dr. Bob Balancing Female Hormones - Part 2 - 1/12/2015 program suggests that balding & cold extremities can be triggered due to insufficient iodine (sea salt/seaweed/seafood).
+ 1/9/2022
Castor Oil @ Use EXTERNALLY on skin.

Collagen - - Below are some of recommonded NON GMO - organic - free range - non/minimal antibiotics - sources of collagen supplements including the popular bone broth protein products: There are at least 5 types of popular readily available collagen I, II, III, V and X (Bovine, Hydrolyzed Chicken, Pure Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Eggshell Membrance and Avian Sternum Collagen + Made from non-GMO, grass fed, hormone free & cruelty free sources + Must be Hydrolyzed for Absorption – Collagens are hard to absorb.  Hydrolyzed collagens have already been partially broken down for easier & faster absorbtion.  Collagen is often used to help reverse issues related to: baldness, nails, skin, joint pain, bone losss, arteries/veins, leaky gut &/or mood/anxiety.

Collagen -
Emu oil Apply directly to scalp at bedtime.
Flax seed oil (organic) applied to scalp at bedtime. Shampoo out AM.
IODINE - Topical Iodine Cured His Patchy Hair Loss ONLY AFTER 2 MONTHS! - - "We recently came across this success story from a guy who cured his alopecia areata (AA) using tincture of iodine for hair loss." (Be reminded to increase one's consumption of iodine in diet: sea-weed/vegetables.)

IODINE @ Dr. Bob’s Guide to Prevent Surgery: Fibroid and Gallbladder - 11/23/2020 +

IODINE @ Dr. Bob’s Guide to Prevent Surgery: Heart and Sleep Apnea - 11/24/2020 +

IODINE @ Dr. Bob’s Guide to Prevent Surgery: Thyroid and Prostate - 11/25/2020

Leej, Arthur - - ELECTRICAL HAIR GROWING - via electrical-magnetic waves -
(Also consider zinc oxide PM on bald places plus the use of zinc supplements.)
organic oils - Hair Loss and Balding Prevention: Are Saturated Fats the Answer? - "Embrace (non genetically modified, organic, raw or minimally processed) butter, ghee, coconut oil, other healthy fats and (fatty) foods like egg yolks, (avocados) & liver that contain them."
Pantothenic Acid (B5)
Vitamin B complex containing B5 may help reverse skin wounds, grey hair, high cholesterol, headache, fatigue, insomnia, intestinal disturbances + numbness and tingling of hands & feet. 
B5 "is a precursor in the synthesis of coenzyme A. Coenzyme A is essential to many biochemical reactions that sustain life. Also, the phosphopantetheinyl moiety of coenzyme A is required for the biological activity of several proteins, including the acyl-carrier protein involved in fatty acid synthesis." 
"Of note, genetic mutations in the human gene PANKII, which codes for pantothenic acid kinase II, result in impaired synthesis of 4'-phosphopantetheine and coenzyme A (see Function). The disorder, called pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration, is characterized by visual and intellectual impairments, dystonia, speech abnormalities, behavioral difficulties, and personality disorders (15)."
"Foods rich in pantothenic acid include animal organs (liver and kidney), fish, shellfish, milk products, eggs, avocados, legumes, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes."
B5 & B2 is found in (unsulphured blackstrap)
Plaster to reverse baldness. "U.S. Pat. No. 5,288,485 to Kukuta et al. ( discloses a hair growth promoting agent comprising an extract of the plant  hypericum erectum thumb, a Chinese medicinal herb...Leaf, stem, root, fruit, seed or flower can be utilized. (Note, hypericum may reduce sperm, so use after change of life.) U.S. Pat. No. 5,000,949 to Bias teaches the use of a hair growth composition comprising petroleum jelly, an oil extract of cactus, glycerin and oil of clover. In the preparation, cactus leaves and other solids are removed as by filtration and straining.  The present invention...enables the effects of alopecia to be eliminated or reduced, and in particular enable hair growth to be induced or stimulated or its loss decreased. The composition also exhibits benefits advantageous to the human skin such as relief from dryness... invention relates to a cosmetic composition containing hydrophilic biochemicals contained in lantana leaves and potato skins (vitamin D). The composition is easily prepared & is stable for a number of days when properly refrigerated."  Protocol is to message "hair and scalp of the individual and leaving the composition on the scalp and hair...for at least about 4-8 hours. In a preferred embodiment, the administration of the cosmetic composition is least 2-3 times a day."
"The leaves of the lantana plant contain, as well as lantanine..., lantadene B..., icterogenic, essential oil with citral and other sesquiterpenes..., caryophyllene..., phellandrene..., dipentene, terpineol, geraniol, linalool, cineole, eugenoI, furfural, tannins, resins, dyestuffs, reduced sugars, lantadene methyl-3-oxo-ursolate...lantanol acid & lantanic acid.  Lantanine is known to depress circulation & lower body temperature...
All parts of the plant are very toxic.  Children have been poisoned by eating the berries."
Probiotics for Trichotillomania or Hair Pulling - Probiotics on the brain 10/12/2014 probiotics-brain/DnnE6myX75vTfK6U3aolQP/story.html
"Dr. James Greenblatt, chief medical officer of Walden Behavioral Care in Waltham, is a proponent of probiotics...
'Thank you, you’ve never even met me and yet you’ve changed my life.' That was the sign-off in an e-mail from a man named Mike that arrived at the office of Dr. James Greenblatt, a psychiatrist and the chief medical officer of Walden Behavioral Care in Waltham, on July 24. Greenblatt is not unused to such effusive gratitude, but usually it comes from his patients. Mike, though, lives in Colorado, where he had read an article online about how Greenblatt had treated a young woman with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder using traditional psychotherapy & medication coupled, less traditionally, with probiotics, capsules filled with live 'good' bacteria. Within 6 months, her symptoms were gone.
Mike also had issues with anxiety, he’d started obsessively pulling his hair out 15 years earlier, but no one had been able to help him. Mike began treating himself by taking the strongest over-the-counter probiotics he could find.  After a couple months, he noticed the urge to pull had disappeared. 'IT WORKED.' Mike later wrote in a blog post.
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The idea that microbes in the body can affect the brain has gone in and out of fashion.
In 1896, physicians writing in Scientific American concluded, in the language of the day, that “certain forms of insanity” could be caused by infectious agents 'similar to typhoid, diphtheria & others.' But after Freudian psychoanalysis became popular in the 1st half of the 20th century, the microbial theory of mental illness was largely forgotten & stayed that way for decades.
Today, however, scientists know that trillions of micro-organisms live in your digestive system, where they outnumber your human cells many times over and may make up as much as 3% of your body weight.
The evidence that these bacteria affect a dense network of neurons in your gut, often called the '2nd brain', is vast & growing.
In recent years, a microbial imbalance in the gut (called 'dysbiosis') has been associated with chronic fatigue, obesity, certain types of cancer & other physical ailments.
It’s unclear exactly how or which bacteria cause or cure which disorders & in what complex ways, Greenblatt says, 'but the research is quite clear that the GI tract affects brain health.' In this case, he says, '1+1 does equal 2.'
Research on the microbiome got a kick-start with the emergence of new methods of DNA profiling that allowed doctors to quickly identify various species of bacteria. Now, studies exploring how gut flora may affect health are exploding onto the scene. Once considered 'alternative', maybe even a bit wacky, the field is becoming firmly entrenched in the medical establishment: In 2007, the National Institutes of Health earmarked $115 million for the 1st phase of the Human Microbiome Project, which brings together researchers from several institutions, including the Broad Institute in Cambridge & aims to map the ecology of the gut. In late September, Harvard Medical School’s Division of Nutrition hosted a symposium in Boston called 'Gut Microbiota, Probiotics and Their Impact Throughout the Lifespan.'
It was so popular, there was a wait-list to get in.
All the interest marks a fundamental change in the way scientists and medical professionals view the connection between the brain and the gut. Not that long ago, many doctors believed that the brain was essentially walled off from the rest of the body and protected from infection. 'The dogma when I was in grad school was that nothing crosses the blood-brain barrier,' says Nancy Desmond, chief of the neuro-endocrinology and neuro-immunology program at the National Institute of Mental Health. 'But there are data now that punch holes in that dogma.'
The challenge, she says, 'is to try to get at the mechanisms that underlie this apparent communication between microbiota in the gut & brain function that is relevant to mental health.'
Possible pathways include the vagus nerve, which runs throughout the body, the spinal cord & numerous immune & endocrine mechanisms. For example, a chemical in urine called HPHPA signals a buildup of dopamine in the brain, which in turn 'strongly correlates with psychiatric symptoms,' according to Greenblatt, 'from anxiety to agitation.'
As in irritable bowel syndrome, the culprits here are species of the Clostridium bacteria. Fighting them with targeted antibiotics, along with high doses of probiotics, appears to help ease or eliminate symptoms.

Dr. Kyle Williams, director of the Pediatric Neuropsychiatry and Immunology Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, is also looking at how the microbiome influences the brain & behavior. But Williams cautions that the body’s ecosystem is incredibly complex and that the placebo effect, patients feeling better even if the treatment isn’t actually doing anything, can be very strong in psychiatry. 'There’s a lot of excitement about the microbiome now,' he says, 'but evidence is what helps us transform an exciting idea into therapies. It’s true the blood-brain barrier isn’t the impenetrable fortress we thought it was, but we’re learning more each day about how molecules traffic or are transported across it.'
Though much remains to be learned, many physicians and researchers believe there’s no harm in probiotics, as long as patients don’t forgo conventional medicines and treatments in their favor (where proven benefits are greater than negative side effects)  'Whenever someone says there’s an impossibility in medicine,' says Williams, 'they end up being corrected in a few years.'”

Sesame Seed Oil - -
External "m
assaging of hair and scalp with sesame oil can help in preventing premature graying & helps in retaining the natural colour of hair for longer. In fact, sesame oil has hair darkening properties." (Sesame and Soy are estrogenic for females.)

Sesame and sunflower seeds are among the highest of all estrogenic foods. (Caution males.)
Sesame Seed Oil - at Keimyung University in 2010 -
Black Sesame Oil may help Hair Growth in Alopecia - published in Journal of Biomedical Research.
Sesame oil proved to be equal (if not more effective than RX) 
minoxidil for hair regrowth.

Conventional Medicine

Albert, Dr Michael S Baldness: Why am I experiencing Baldness?
on @ archives - "Estrogen plays a vital role in keeping hair full and strong. But as estrogen levels decrease during menopause & hormones like testosterone become more dominant, you can experience hair loss."  For postmenopausal women "I give a small dose of T3, the active form of thyroid, to help boost the metabolism of the hair follicles.  In some cases, I have a compounding pharmacist make up a penetrating cream with progesterone and T3 (the active form of thyroid hormone) & have that rubbed into the scalp nightly."  (Prescription required)


Laser therapy (EMF) baseball hat -
Shampoo for balding men - - natural protein VEGF enlarges vessels near hair roots



David Herzog - - (edited)

I mean, I have personally shared this several times, but it's so overwhelming to me. I was speaking at 1 of David's events & the woman in front of me, she had hair like mine, grey hair.  I'm watching her as she's worshiping God, and before my eyes, I could see the grey turning brown.  I understand that's not unusual.
Yeah, we've seen that a lot in our meetings, even completely bald heads growing hair, creative miracles, tattoos coming off, people growing taller...that are unusually short for their age, and...the regular miracles: healings, paralytics (walking) & all that.



Bald Man receives a creative miracle of Instant Hair Growth -


Isaiah 3:16-17a KJV  The Lord says, "Because the daughters of Zion are haughty & walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, making a tinkling with their feet, the Lord will smite them with a scab on the crown of the head."  Isaiah 3:17b NIV  "The Lord will make (allow/permit) their scalps bald."  
Isaiah 3:24
24  It shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; instead of a girdle, a rent (tear); instead of well set hair, baldness; instead of a stomacher, a girding of sackcloth & burning, instead of beauty.
luke/12-7.htm 7And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.