Back Problems



Degenerative Disk Disease


Ruptured Disks

Roos, Grace Ryerson - booklet -
Chapter 15 Holding the Blood
- "She had suffered with several ruptured discs in her spine for 5 years.  Her roommate told me the pain was terrible to watch. Her friend could not lift the coffee pot or open the heavy door to their apartment... She decided to 'hold' (apply) the Blood (of Jesus') on her discs. She reported to me, with her roommate standing beside her, that now she was completely free of pain and another MRI showed a perfect back."

Alternative Medicine

CMO = Cetyl Myristoleate by E Elkins  (a Woodland Health Series Booklet)
Back surgery avoided in cases of spinal stenosis by taking oral CMO (sperm whale oil)
Colbert, Dr. Don  The Bible Cure for Back Pain booklet - overview of supplements, exercises + prayer
DeMaria, Dr. Bob Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones Balancing Female Hormones - Part One  at excellent - Discussion of thyroid and liver issues, too.
5/17-19/2010 Balancing Female Hormones - interview with Marilyn and Sarah Hickey Watch Part One Here | Watch Part Two Here | Watch Part Three Here

DeMaria, Dr Bob - Balancing Female Hormones with Dr. Bob - Part 1 - Balancing Female Hormones with Dr. Bob - Part 2 - excellent -
4/2011 - at Watch Online with Blip.TV @
4/6/2011 - Dr. Bob shares that the white potato (a nightshade vegetable) is often a root cause of back pain.
Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care   1-888-622-8221
Water - sea salt - Video - How to Deal with Back Pain - R Batmanghelidj MD recommends specific exercises + 16 oz water before each meal + (sea) salt. -
David G Williams MD, among others, contend that when body PH balance is restored, back muscles respond accordingly.  1-800-843-8408


Baker, Rolland and Heidi - Iris Ministries, Africa -
11/28/05 blog    "The Lord spoke to me that there were 10 women in the meeting who had severe back pain because of issues of unforgiveness.  As soon as they came forward and repented, Jesus healed all 10."
DiOrio's - The Man Beneath the Gift - Chapter 15 - Leo Perras Walks Again

Harfouche, Christian & Robin  8/27-31/2007 - Radio Broadcast 1554 - God reversed deteriorated disks. LISTEN to Thursday at: Real Player M Tu W Th F or Windows Media Player M Tu W Th F or Download M Tu W Th F

Hunter's How to Heal the Sick Chapter 18
Martin, Dave - -
Osborn, Tommy Lee (TL)  Why? Tragedy, Trauma, Triumph Chapter 6 Witnesses Chosen of God shares a woman's back healing that experientially was quite similar to Paul's on the road to Damascus and his subsequent encounter with Ananias.
Art Thomas 7/23/2017 - - - ART: I wasn't allowed to lift more than 30 pounds.  My back would go out 2-4 times a year. I'd be on strict bed rest 2 weeks at a time.  I was miserable all the time, constant chronic pain. But the healing happened in April 2011. I started healing a ministry, however, in August
2009. So for a year and a half I watched other people's backs get healed and watched them receive the miracle that I knew Jesus paid for, for me, and just had to persevere through that and hold fast to the truth that Jesus wanted it.