ASPERGER'S syndrome
(form of autism)


Bethany Place,  Bethany's Buddy program,  World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio

DSI or sensory integration disorder therapy - A Jean Ayres wrote Sensory Integration and the Child showing her therapeutic techniques 9/03


The Out-of-Sync Child - Carol Stock Kranowitz 9/2003


When A Child Can't Relate by Sheryl Flatow  - 2/2/2003 Parade Magazine of Boston Globe -
Mom, Valerie Paradiz, of Elijah, authored Elijah's Cup and meets annually with Autism Network International




The McDermotts - Today, Christopher and Deborah McDermott are the proud parents of 2 normal, healthy children, but that wasn't always the case. Not long ago, their 2 sons, Timothy and James, were diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism respectively. More Info