Asbestosis (non cancerous lung disease due to asbestos)


An Air That Kills - How the asbestos poisoning of Libby, Montana, uncovered a national scandal - Schneider and McCumber
Authors explain that asbestos, vermiculite and tremolite are culprits contributing to cancer and lung disease. Landscapers, insulators and building redevelopment workers are prime candidates of these airborne hazards. Older clothes, filters, cosmetic talcs, and buildings (roofing, flooring, pipe and home insulation, plus siding material) may contain asbestos.

Asbestos poisoning in Libby, Montana, USA - WBUR radio -

2005 Movie name = Libby, Montana

Try bentonite clay powder instead of talc for diaper rash, says 5/2005 Delicious Living magazine. - Be careful, because Bentonite is absorbent aluminium phyllo-silicate (swelling sodium bentonite and/or non-swelling calcium bentonite). Aluminum is implicated in Alzheimer's.


Litigation - 3/6/2012 - Elizabeth Warren worked to end asbestos consumer safety suits - "Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren publicly supports a consumer protection platform, but records show she received more than $100,000 to help suppress personal injury lawsuits against an insurance company accused of misleading the public about the dangers of asbestos...Elizabeth...supported all insurance proceeds being put in a (pierceable) trust rather than fighting lawsuit-by-lawsuit until the money ran out...'Asbestos is the most lethal substance ever widely used in the workplace,' Kennedy said in a 2006 statement."