When Prudence was born, her paternal grandmother wanted her dead.
In Zimbabwe, disabled children are
believed to be the result of witchcraft.
In extreme cases, families (remove/abandon or) kill them, to remove the 'curse' from their family.  Prudenceís mother kept her & fed her. Cast out of her husbandís (Prudenceís fatherís) home, she brought the baby to her own motherís rural home. 4 years later, she left...
The child was (then) raised by Rachel Ncube, her maternal grandmother. Grandmother Ncube taught her to sing. A working farmer, she would strap the little girl to her back as she worked the fields. But when Prudence turned 7, she knew she couldnít school her. So she sent her to live with her father and his new family." 
At 18 she had her legs amputated, to facilitate her medical care.