Liver cirrhosis is an abnormal methionine metabolism. 
The enzyme methionine adenosyltransferase seems to fail to convert methionine in the presence of ATP to SAMe, the main biological methyl donor. 11/2002 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Alternative Medicine

Alcoholism can cause loss of brain taurine activity.  Taurine is best supplemented as NAC, B6, and zinc.
Shark & abalone contain taurine, an amino acid.  Take PM. 
Eva Edelman  Natural Healing for Schizophrenia and Other Common Mental Disorders
Alpha Lipoic Acid, a co-enzyme (manufactured in the body + found in potatoes, and red meats) may protect the liver from alcohol damage.   Sosin, Dr Allan & Jacobs, Beth Ley   Alpha Lipoic Acid
Benfotiamine (altered vitamin B1 or fat-soluble thiamine) may help prevent aging effects in alcoholics per 2/2005 & 12/2011
B3 (niacin or niacinamide) @ - 2023-07-24 - "Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) co-founder Bill Wilson met Dr. (Abram) Hoffer & was 1 of the 1st alcoholics to be treated with niacin. Mr. Wilson promoted the philosophy that alcoholics could recover with treatment that was spiritual, mental, & medical. Dr. Hoffer, who had been treating mental patients with niacin, met Mr.Wilson when he was suffering from depression & anxiety after taking his last drink. According to Dr. Hoffer, Mr. Wilson began taking niacin 3x per day & 'was normal in 2 weeks.'
Mr. Wilson then persuaded 30 of his AA friends to try niacin. 20 of them became well within a couple of months. Those results were shared with AA doctors, who agreed that niacin was an effective treatment.
There was opposition to the therapeutic use of the vitamin by the AA international headquarters, but Mr. Wilson distributed literature to AA physicians nonetheless, including a booklet titled The Vitamin B-3 Therapy, published in February 1968. Mr. Wilson died 3 years later at the age of 75. 
Dr. Hoffer, widely recognized as the greatest authority on the effectiveness of niacin, wrote that the therapeutic use of niacin would be much further advanced if Mr.
Wilson hadn’t died so soon after he began spreading the word about the vitamin. 
Drs. Hoffer & Saul wrote a book, published in 2008, titled The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism, which included his relationship with the pioneer of 12-step programs.
In Niacin: The Real Story, Drs. Saul & Hoffer noted that Mr. Wilson realized that 'niacin helps addicts recover from the anxiety, fatigue, depression, & other discomforts they usually suffer.' 
'This, in our opinion, is the basis for their use of alcohol or drugs,' they wrote. 
(Psychiatrist) Dr. Hoffer died in 2009 at the age of 91."
B3 per -        
Below, in 3 different communications, Bill W. presents The Vitamin B-3 Therapy:
THE VITAMIN B-3 THERAPY: 1965 By Bill W to/for physicians
THE VITAMIN B-3 THERAPY: 1968 By Bill W. + 2nd Communication to Physicians @
1st + 2nd + 3rd Communiation to Physicians (excerpt) @
Titled: The Vitamin B-3 Therapy - A Promising Treatment for Schizophrenia and its high relevance to the field of Alcoholism by Bill Wilson (co-founder of AA) -
Dr. Abram Hoffer on Bill W
Betaine, an amino acid from raw red beet roots, may be helpful in autism & Down's syndrome.
It stimulates the production of SAM-e (S-adenosl-methionine) 
Sam-e is converted in the liver into glutathione to assist in liver detoxification (& thus is good for alcoholics). 
It supports methylation (process of exchanging a hydrogen atom (H) for a methyl group (DH3). 
It helps reduce homocysteine & thus may help in cardiovascular disease.  It can boost the body hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, & may be an extremely good anti-depressant.  2/20-26/2006
(Take after 3PM.)
Glutamine suppresses brain messages that  cause sugar (alcohol) craving.  Isoleucine gets rid of excess leucine which spills vitamin B3 into the urine.  Liver cirrhosis is remediated with methionine (SAMe) + taurine.  Take PM. Other helpful evening supplements are glycine, tryptophan (5htp), phenylalanine, carnitine, zinc, selenium, aspartic acid, vitamin B12 & C per Erdmann's The Amino Revolution.   7/1/2005  Treatment Protocol for Alcoholism
Kuru herb (Latin name: Picrorhiza kurroa - Family: Scrophulariaceae (Figwort Family) - - root is typically used; consider the use of flower petals in salads.
Peyote from a cactus is used as a Native American sacrament once a month.  It is a hallucinogenic drug which may may used to treat alcoholism in Native Americans. 11/4/05 Biological Psychiatry 11/7/05 Discoveries
Silymarin from Milk Thistle can greatly help to improve liver health. 12/2011 Link Between Alcohol & Cancer Death
Taking vinegar or citric acid before, during, and after alcohol consumption may prevent hangovers due to a reduction in acetaldehyde the byproduct of alcohol per Japanese Pharmaceutical Codex (C) 10th edition pg 647.   Try vinegar salad dressing, lemonade, lemon water, pickles, sauerkraut, tachibanas

DETOX - Drug Overdose

Dr. Alfred F. Libby, 520 West 17th Street, Santa Ana, California
"There may have been a great need to concentrate and obtain high levels of ascorbate at synapses to aid in efficient, nerve impulse transmission...If this hypothesis is valid, then the receptor sites should be renamed “ascorbate receptors” instead of “opiate receptors.”  Replacing opiates with vitamin C seems to do the detox trick.  "Sodium ascorbate can be obtained both as the pure crystalline powder and as 1 g tablets. The crystalline powder is very soluble in water, milk, and foods, is essentially tasteless, and a level teaspoon weighs about 3 g. A solution has a pH of slightly over 7. Ascorbic acid, while also quite soluble in water has a very sour taste and is limited in the number of foods to which it may be added because of this sour taste. It has a pH of about 3 and will curdle milk if added thereto. Sodium ascorbate is the preferred substance for the megadosages."  Especially at the beginning of therapy, sodium ascorbate is often preferred over ascorbic acid, because "the presence of high levels of sodium helps dislodge the narcotic from the receptor sites."   Orthomolecular Treatment of Drug Overdose   Brain Receptor Sites
"As previously noted, ascorbate is a general detoxicant for many different poisons, but its mode of action is mostly unknown. Klenner (1974) points out, 'Ascorbic acid can be livesaving in shock. Twelve grams of the sodium salt given with a 50 cc syringe will reverse shock in minutes. In barbiturate poisoning and monoxide poisoning, the results are so dramatic that it borders on malpractice to deny this therapy.' The detoxicating effect of sodium ascorbate on narcotics appears to be so rapid that this very rapidity seems to preclude a mechanism involving direct chemical attack on the narcotic molecule to convert it into some inactive derivative. Also it works on so many different types of narcotic molecules. A more compatible hypothesis would be to view the action as a competition for opiate receptor sites of the brain wherein high levels of sodium ascorbate in the brain prevent the attachment and displace narcotic molecules already attached to these sites."
"Unconscious overdosed addicts are given the sodium ascorbate intravenously, 30 to 50 g while those able to swallow can be given the same quantity dissolved in a glass of milk. This antidote is non specific and works on all drugs, so no time need be wasted in identifying the drug. We speculate on ascorbate's action as due to the high levels of sodium ascorbate in the brain as competing lot and displacing the narcotic from the opiate receptor sites. If this be the case, then it might be possible to use this phenomenon postoperatively on surgical patients to quickly bring them out of anaesthesia."
"In the initial phases of the procedure, sodium ascorbate is administered at 25 to 85 g per day or more, along with high doses of multivitamins, essential minerals, and protein hydro-lysate (a predigested collagen amino acids). Under this treatment, the heroin or methadone is stopped and no withdrawal symptoms are encountered.
As a rough rule-of-thumb means of judging dosage: a $50 a day habit needs 25 to 40 g sodium ascorbate, $ 150-200/day about 60-70 g."
"After about 6 days, the dosages are gradually reduced to holding dose levels (about 10 grams sodium ascorbate a day) and the ex-addict is now ready for rehabilitation or psychotherapy programs."

Conventional HEALING

100% of all alcoholics have a deficiency in a liver enzyme "acetaldehyde dehydrogenase", and most are deficient in "adenylate cyclase"  and "monoamine oxidase" per Hampsch in Healing Your Family Tree.
Fricks, Larry of Cleveland, Georgia, USA - Testimony is in chapter 6 of Richard M Cohen's Strong at the Broken Places book.  He has (had) a dual diagnosis (alcohol addiction + bipolar). (Typically patients self-medicate with alcohol.) With medication plus monitoring by self and mate, he is living with purpose and zeal.  
One may want to check out Cohen's MP3 radio archives at
or listen Sundays 6:05-7:00 PM at 77AM radio or online at
Chapter 6 gives good insight into the medical establishment's attempted theft of the soul/mind/emotions/personality/identity of patients, by it's divorcing the spiritual part of humanity and calling spiritual encounters lies/imaginations/delusions/insanity.  The human is 3 parts - mind + body + spirit.  Spiritual encounters can be heavenly or demonic; nonetheless they are typically real and not imaginary.  Most tribes would verify this.  Modern medicine is violating it's oath to do NO harm.

Spiritual HEALING


Dvorak, Becky – 12/23/2019 - The Prophetic and Healing Power of Your Words with Becky Dvorak – Part 1
Dvorak, Becky – 12/24/2019 - The Prophetic and Healing Power of Your Words with Becky Dvorak – Part 2

Kenneth McAll MD in Healing the Haunted chapters I Thirst & Cool My Tongue relates men's healing of alcoholism after a healing mass for aborted/miscarried children.
Savard, Liberty  Breaking the Power of Unmet Needs, Unhealed Hurts, Unresolved Issues in Your Life  Symptoms Versus Sources section of chapter 4 Wrong Behaviors, Word Curses, and Generational Bondages shares deliverance testimony. 
"I prayed for 20 years that an alcoholic friend would lose his taste for alcohol...Nothing happened. 
Then I began to pray, binding and loosing...within a few weeks, this man declared that alcohol didn't taste good anymore...I then realized that for 20 years I had prayed against a symptom - the taste for alcohol.  Nothing 'happened' until I began binding this man's will to God's will and loosing the strongholds protecting the source or reason that he drank...You do not have to name the symptoms or identify specific sources in your binding and loosing prayers."
Yaraei, Suzy  8/10-16/2009 - Jesus delivered Suzy from both alcoholism + death by airplane disaster.


Bob Bassler (New Life Deliverance Center, Indiana, USA) contends that nicotine is a doorkeeper which opens the door to demons who use alcohol, drugs, marijuana & cocaine to enslave people. Jan/Feb 2006 Voice magazine
Walden, Franklin (senior) 
The Unmistakable, Visible Anointing- Following God's Calling for over One-Half Century
Chapter 4 Running from God "I had tried everything I could think of to drown my problems, so I wouldn't have to face them...At the same time I was trying to drown my problems, they were learning to swim."
Worley, Win - The Alcoholic Syndrome - Booklet A,B,C -


Inside My Heart - Robin is wife of Phil McGraw, TV's Dr Phil, and daughter of a former alcoholic.