Air Borne/Lung/Respiratory Diseases

Oxygen added to the air may remedy air borne problems such as black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum).
Building hardware such as the AranizerTM may help.  Other popular methods are HEPA filters, electrostatic, negative ion generator, ozone generators, UV - ultraviolet, activated carbon, ionizer, ULPA, Gas & Odor Filtration, Gas Phase Filtration, zeolite, electrostatic precipitator technology, electrete @
Alternative Medicine
Fulvic acid, Nascent iodine &/or Zeolite @ CAUTION on suppleent sources. 
Also, CAUTION on meditations from religions that work with/worship/invite demon spirits.


Anthrax theory by Dr Lorraine Day +
Legionnaires Disease
ung infection caused by Legionella bacteria -

Dr. Carl Fliermans solved the 1st part of the puzzle when he discovered that Legionella pneumophila lipids resembled those of the thermophilic bacteria he’d found in the thermal regions of the Yellowstone National Park, & that this bacteria tended to live as biofilm (scum) associated with certain species of algae. Subsequently, Fliermans began poking around aquatic habitats & found this bacteria was residing in thermal waters discharged from a nuclear reactor at Savannah River Laboratory. This bacteria was later found to be living in natural hot springs all over the United States &, most importantly, in air-conditioning cooling towers.  
Once the bacteria were known, special stains for soil bacteria & special culturing techniques solved the Legionnaire’s mystery.
Military Weaponization of Weather or full @  6/1970
+ watch video @ approx 39:39 on dial @


AgION - - commercial products such as for building construction industry - 60 Audubon Road, Wakefield, MA 01880 + Phone: 781-224-7101 + Fax: 781-246-3340 -
Israeli salve for sick buildings     
New Israeli tactic makes deadly viruses commit suicide 12/2022


Ozone & RCI Technology Technology portable units (1 of many retail solutions for where there is adequate air filtration/circulation/ventilation + fresh air input) VPB_ 9950089D_VA-01238B_0620.pdf ( @  (Typically most air cleaning units should NOT be utilized during premise occupancy, especially in bedrooms.)
UV upper room low intensity lighting at 8' high - Conoravirus & TB remediation -
Upper-room UV lights, "combined with adequate air mixing, or negative air ionization with special large-scale ionizers can prevent most airborne tuberculosis transmission (to guinea pigs exposed to hospital room air)...Furthermore, the UV light approach might provide a relatively low-cost intervention for possible use in waiting rooms and other overcrowded settings where patients with undiagnosed, untreated tuberculosis, individuals who tend to be highly infectious, are likely to come into contact with other susceptible patients, health care workers & visitors." 3/2009
UV installitation guidelines - -
ltraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), which consists primarily of shortwave (254 nm or UV-C) energy, for inactivating a wide range of aerosolized microorganisms. Based on these & other data, UVGI technology is widely used as a protective measure to limit the transmission of airborne pathogens. To prevent spread of infectious agents within rooms, upper room (rather than UVGI within ventilation ducts) is the optimal implementation mode, using wall or ceiling-mounted fixtures (above 7') that direct UV-C energy above the heads of room occupants. Existing or added mechanical air mixing within rooms delivers infectious aerosols into the germicidal beam & wh returns disinfected air back down to the breathing zone."  (CAUTION. Install near vents & above 8' in public rather than private areas to reduce skin/eye irritation or perhaps use only when area is vacant/locked.)
UV install - -
1. Select fixed louvered units when installing in rooms with a minimum of 8 ft (2.7m) of floor to ceiling height .
2. Select open units with a cut-off to minimize UV in lower room for ceilings over 10 ft. (greater than 3m)
3. Require safety switch to deactivate units when servicing to prevent exposure –Require electronic ballasts with capability to adjust output by dimming.
4. Test fixtures for performance (output & distribution) using a UVC radiometer.
Wool Filters - -
Change regularly.